Hanging In The Balance


He quickly saw what had happened and pulled her back towards him wrapping his arms around her back and standing her upright on the steps. He quickly untied the end of the rope giving her some slack and loosened the noose enough to give her sufficient air.

Sandra inhaled deep lunges' full of oxygen when the noose was loosened. She was surprised to still be alive. Earlier, when she had been about to cum, she hadn't noticed him removing the dagger, and her powerful contractions during orgasm may have caused her damage had the blade still been inserted. As she got her wits about her, the reality of her situation was once again causing the fear to rise in her. Thankful to be alive, she looked under the edge of her blindfold and saw him moving closer to her.

He knew that it was becoming dangerous to remain in her home much longer. Stepping up to her body, he moved his feet between hers and opened his jeans, letting them slide down his muscular legs. Using his powerful thighs, he squatted down and lifted her firm legs onto his. His needs had been delayed too long, and feeling her sloppy pussy against his cock head, he lowered her onto his shaft in one swift motion.

Holding her upright, she lifted her legs higher and wrapped them around his waist as he supported their combined body weight. He was buried in her pussy to the hilt and she could only help by keeping herself locked onto her attacker, less they both fall. He used his strong hands to lift her ass off his cock and by making short jerks with his legs, he developed a brutal rhythm that drove his hard cock into her pussy with resounding smacks on every drop of her ass.

When he lifted Sandra up onto his legs, she naturally lifted her thighs to wrap them around her attacker. Although it was something a lover might do, her first instinct was just a way to maintain their balance for what she knew was inevitable. And if she complied totally, she knew it might just help her to survive.

She felt his thick cock head at her entrance a second before gravity pushed her body onto his fleshy lance. Wet or not, the sudden thickness spreading her apart still made her gasp.

She leaned against his shirt-clad chest and felt her sore nipples rubbing against the flannel of his shirt as he used his arms and legs to fuck her bound body. The openness of her cunt in this position allowed him to penetrate her fully, and she felt his cock bumping into her cervix on every stroke. Tears formed in her eyes and she grimaced from being fucked so deeply in her now tender pussy, after only minutes earlier she had been fucked by a dagger.

As she clenched her legs around this man-jackhammer pounding into her, she felt him stiffen throughout his whole body, and his cock seemed to bore deeper into her savaged pussy. She cried out as he pulled her harder onto his cock one last time as he spasm'd and then flooded her pussy with a river of pent up cum.

Her attacker's breathing had become ragged, and his strength was sapped from his body. He loosened his grip and Sandra felt her legs slide back down to the floor. She had lost her heels and now stood barefoot on the steps. He held her another minute regaining his strength and his cock slipped from her hole.

As Sandra stood naked on her steps, she still had the noose around her neck and her hands were still bound. She felt him pull up his pants and heard his zipper close. He picked up his knives and put them back in his boot and the other one on his belt. He fiddled with the rope and again the noose grew tighter around her neck. She shuddered as she felt thick wads of his cum dripping down her inner thighs, some falling onto her bare feet.

Sandra listened as he retreated down the stairs, walking around her home for a few more minutes, obviously gathering his things.

She heard him climbing up the stairs behind her, worming his way past her on the step. And then suddenly, he leaned into her and gave a kiss full on the lips.

"Nice fucking you....." He chortled, "I mean meeting you. I'll leave the door—maybe the postman will see you in the morning and let you down. Just don't fall asleep before he gets here."

Stunned, she wordlessly listened to him descend the stairs. The front door opened with a click, a cool draft of air whisked up the stairs to caress her bare flesh. The door didn't close behind him.

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