Hanging on by a Thread


He said, "Hello my darling daughter, I have come to teach you everything you need to know to please me. Todd, he was like a wild man. I was wearing a tee-shirt and panties to sleep in which was my usual sleepwear because we couldn't afford nightgowns or pajamas. I didn't want him tearing off my school clothes, so that is why I was so scantily dressed. He didn't take my tee shirt and panties off; he ripped them off again just as he had the first time he raped me. He must have loved beating my ass because that is how he began, after tearing off my clothes and fondling my whole body he beat me with a small tree branch until my ass was bleeding. Then he starting sticking as many fingers as he could into my vagina. It felt like he was going to rip me open. I tried to reason with his drunk mind and told him that if he kept stretching me out like that, it would not be as good for him. I couldn't believe that it worked, but he never did that to me again."

Emily started sobbing uncontrollably, so I just pulled her to me and held her until she recovered control of her emotions. I looked at her and asked, "Can you go on now." She nodded her head yes and continued on with the unnerving tale of her abuse by her own family.

"Todd, I had no idea that this would be so hard for me to tell this story to someone else. I have often thought about the possibility of going to the police, but I was afraid of what would happen to my mom and as of yesterday, also my brother. I have felt out of control because my stepfather controlled my inheritance from my birth father, and he told me that if I wanted to go to college, I had better keep my mouth shut and continue to live at home and make sure I keep him happy. After that weekend, he would come back to my room often, and I couldn't do a thing. He no longer made my mother and brother leave the house when he raped me. I tried not to make noise, but sometimes it hurt so much that I just had to yell and scream."

Emily somehow continued, "After my brother raped me last night, I felt betrayed, and I didn't care about any of them any longer. That's why I tried to kill myself this morning. I guess I was desperate."

She stopped for a while in deep thought. Then she started to speak again, "Todd, It's time to protect myself, so I don't attempt to kill myself again. I believe that what I almost did this morning on the bridge speaks volumes to me about the state of my mind and my own desperation."

"Todd, I want to finish telling you about that night just before my high school graduation, and a bit about the next three years. After he tore off my tee shirt and panties that night, I only slept only in panties the next night. When he once again came into my room the second night; I discovered that he was naked, and I had no doubts about what was coming next. I know this is graphic, but it is what happened; he pulled my panties off, and then that man shoved his head between my legs and licked my pussy and violated me with his fingers until I had an orgasm, then he climbed onto my bed between my legs, and he held my legs in the air. Then he forced his penis into me with so much force that I was afraid that he had damaged me. However, I don't think his penis is big enough to do any real damage. When he finished, he got up, threw my legs on the bed, and left the room."

"I went to the bathroom to clean myself and Todd I was bleeding from my pussy. He hurt me so badly that I was sure that I was going to die before my mom returned home. I don't believe that I can cover every detail, but he made me go naked the whole weekend so he could have access to me anytime he wanted on Saturday and Sunday."

"He raped me all weekend long, and he kept on saying that he was giving me a free sex education and that I should be thanking him. He shoved his cock down my throat choking me to the point that I nearly passed out. He choked me so bad that I had bile coming out of my mouth."

"Thank goodness for the pill, or I know I would be taking care of my stepfather's babies by now."

"Todd, he took me in almost every room of the house and then on Sunday afternoon he came in saying that he was going to have my final virginity. My anal virginity. That's when he sodomized me for the first time with no lubricant of any kind. I bled from my ass for a week. Mom wanted to take me to a doctor, but he told her she would regret it if she brought me anywhere near a doctor's office. He got so mad at her he slapped her face and made her mouth bleed. She was so afraid of him. Mom put some ointment on my bum, and after a few days it stopped bleeding and felt a little better."

"After that weekend my life was a living hell for the next three years. Things got much worse when about a year ago my mother walked into my room when he was raping me. My stepfather got so angry that he grabbed her and tore her gown and panties off just as he had done to me about when he first started raping me. Todd, from that night on my mother and I had to sleep in the nude. Then he took all of my mother's sleep gowns and my sleep shirts outside, and he burned them in the middle of the night."

She seemed to contemplate how to continue her story by closing her eyes and thinking in silence, "Todd, the only time I could wear panties in the house was when I was having my period. It was only then that I had peace and a full night's sleep for four or five days a month. Those days during my period were like heaven on earth. Those few days a month and my time at school and in the library studying, was the only enjoyable moments in my life."

She went on, "Todd, I didn't think things could get any worse. However, after mom came into the room that night and he stripped her, he made her do sex acts on me and me on her. As we did, it made him so excited that sometimes he would touch himself so much that he would cause himself to orgasm and then he couldn't achieve another erection. He would then get so mad at us that he would slap and beat us, and then leave the room screaming vulgarities all the way back to his bedroom."

"Todd, I told you that my brother raped me last night. I think he did it because he heard my stepfather doing it to me over and over. I believe that he must have felt entitled or maybe even frustrated by all of the noise my stepdad made during those sessions. As I already said, the rape by my brother, was the impetus for my attempted suicide. So now you know the whole sordid story behind what drove me to the point of no return."

"Todd, to finish answering your question of this morning, I am twenty-one years old and will be twenty-two in ten days. In the fall, I will be a senior with only one more semester to finish my undergraduate degree in advanced mathematics. However, I have no money of my own, and I can't finish school without the money my stepfather controls."

Chapter 4

Throughout her story, I held her hands, and when she would start crying, I would put my arms around her shoulders and hang on to her. We were both exhausted by her story, so I said, "Emily, you look so tired, did you sleep at all last night?"

She looked at me with half closed eyes and said, "I haven't slept in over twenty-four hours."

Standing up from the couch, I reached down and took her hand in mine and led her to my bedroom. I removed my jacket from her shoulders, and after she sat on the side of the bed, I slipped off her running shoes. I put her under the covers and told her to sleep for a few hours while I thought about our next move.

I felt that her story was very believable, however, if her mother didn't verify the fact that she was repeatedly raped since she turned eighteen years old, then it would be her word against the stepfather that it wasn't consensual sex. Also, it was possible that even her mother and brother could back her father's story if they were sufficiently frightened by him. It seemed to me that before the police would arrest her father and charge him with something that would stick, it would take more than just her testimony.

While Emily slept in the next room, I started up my laptop computer to research family incest and rape cases. It almost immediately led me to believe that there was only one viable solution. I became violently ill when I thought about the next couple of days, especially when I knew that the fix would more than likely be worse for Emily than the problem itself. I would need to discuss my thoughts and discoveries at length with Emily, but the very notion of that conversation makes my skin crawl. I let her sleep, checking on her to make sure she didn't sneak out of a window.

On one of my checks, she was sleeping fitfully, and she even let out a little scream. I went into the room and sat on the edge of the bed where I reached down and held her by the shoulders, pulling her close to my chest. I whispered, "It's okay Emily, you had a bad dream. I'm here, and everything is going to be alright."

As she began to awake from her dream, she said, "Oh hi Todd, was I dreaming?"

"Yes, Emily you let out a little scream, are you alright?"

"I think so, but I am still a bit sleepy. Do you think it would be okay for a professor to lay down next to a student if both are fully dressed?"

"Yes, dear sweet girl I think that would be allowed, especially if we keep it our little secret." I lifted the covers and slid under them, and we spooned into each other almost like we had done it hundreds of times before. When we both woke up, it was four thirty in the afternoon.

We sat up in the bed for a brief chat, and I said, "I have been doing some research on situations like yours, and I have some ideas that I've developed. Emily if you called home right now who is likely to answer the phone?"

Emily replied, "My mom or brother would answer. My stepfather never answers the phone."

"Good, I am going to change the settings on my phone, so it doesn't let them know from where you are calling. I want you to tell whichever one answers that you are staying with a friend this weekend to start studying for finals. Would it be unusual for you to spend a night or two away from home?"

"My stepfather will be mad, but it wouldn't be the first time I've spent one or two nights out. On Monday night I will get yelled at and maybe even beaten, which is not unusual, but worst of all he will be desperate to have sex with me. Todd, I'm not sure that I like where this is going, except for the fact I would be with you for two days. I can't tell you how much better I feel just having someone to share the story of my ordeal."

"Emily is it worth the risk of that type of abuse, for you to stay out of your house for two nights?"

She replied, "Tell me your plan, and I will answer your question. Besides, if I go home tonight, my stepfather might rape me and if not tonight, it will soon happen again."

I changed the conversation for a few minutes. Yes, I guess I was being a coward in delaying my planned discussion with Emily. I continued by saying, "Emily, what type of pizza do you like?"

"Todd, I'm not a picky eater. Just get whatever you like on your pizza, and I am sure I will love it."

"I usually order hand tossed Margarita Pizza, okay?" She nodded her head in the affirmative. I ordered a pizza online and took Emily's hand and led her to the bathroom to clean up before our pizza arrived. When she finished she came back to the hallway I led her to the kitchen to got us some drinks. "Emily, while you slept, I did some research on rape and incest cases, and I found some disturbing facts that I would like to discuss with you."

"Right this minute you haven't had sex since you had it with your brother last night. That would be nearly twenty hours ago. Therefore, the evidence may no longer be viable other than by DNA, and it might only result in your brother's arrest. Assuredly, your testimony would carry a lot of weight, but if your mom and brother are frightened or threatened by your stepfather, they might say that you are lying."

"Todd, I thought you were smart. The answer is obvious, all I have to do is go home Monday night, face the punishment and forced sex with my stepfather and then we can go to the police. Silly boy, why didn't you think of that?"

I answered with a sly smile on my face, "Well my beautiful house guest, I did think of that, but I didn't have the heart or the guts to ask you to go back into that hell hole to be abused."

She replied, "Todd, I realized when you saved my life, and when you comforted me when I was dreaming, that you had a heart of gold. I knew you had my best interests at heart. So does this mean that you and I will plot our actions this weekend, and I will be staying with you until Monday morning?"

Todd just smiled and said, "You know, I don't think I have ever met a more adorable young woman than you in my life. Don't get me wrong Emily Watson; you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, but your personality is just so damn cute. You must have inherited an inner strength that is beyond comprehension to be able to maintain your sense of humor and that lovely smile, despite everything you have endured. Let me share my initial plan with you, and then you can add your ideas, and we can settle on a final plan."

Todd continued, "My plan goes like this, I thought that you would go home on Monday after work to face your stepfather. We both know that he will follow his usual urges and when he finishes, I hope he goes to bed and sound asleep. Forgive my indelicacy here, but it is imperative that your stepfather leaves a semen deposit in you. You may have to encourage him to orgasm in you if he is very drunk. I hope he is not too drunk to finish. After he is asleep, you should have time to make your escape. Just grab the essentials and get out of that house. Anything you need after this is over; I will buy for you."

Todd continued, "I planned to meet you near your home after your father visits your room Monday night. You can pack the essentials into your backpack, and slip out like you did last night. Once you are out of the house, I will pick you up and take you to the police to report the crime. From my readings, I believe that they will escort you to the hospital for an exam, take photos of any bruising and then they will collect a rape kit which, through DNA, will conclusively identify your father as your attacker and rapist. At a minimum, they should charge him with rape and incest. Of course, there could be numerous other charges. Hopefully, they will add false imprisonment, assault, and torture to those charges."

"As part of my plan, we will go out tomorrow and buy you a new cellular phone in your name. I don't want anyone thinking that we set up your stepfather in some wild scheme. I also thought that perhaps our next move would be to go out and get you some clothes for the rest of the weekend, and also a nightgown of your very own. I thought that tonight you might sleep in some of my clothes, maybe a tee shirt and gym shorts. You can have the bed, and I will sleep in the living room on the couch."

She looked at me and had an impish grin on her face, and I could tell straight away that she was up to no good. "So professor, since I slept with you this afternoon, are you not going to allow me to sleep with you tonight?"

I looked at her and knew my thinking was right on target. She was up to no good. "First of all young lady, I am a professor, and secondly, I don't usually sleep with students of the university where I teach." I said that with a smile on my face so I knew she didn't think that I was completely serious. I continued, "Emily, in all seriousness, I find it hard to believe that you can you even think about sleeping with, much less having sex with any man after what you have been through for the last three years? I have already told you that I think you are gorgeous and because of that, I don't think I could restrain myself sexually if you were sleeping next to me all night."

"Well, Todd I don't think I can guarantee that I could behave myself either. Todd, I have never experienced anything remotely like love with a man, much less loving, romantic sex with a handsome man like you. If you are worried about your DNA showing up in the testing, you could wear a condom. Also, on Monday morning after we make love over the weekend, I can use a douche to assure that I don't have any stray DNA in me as a result of our lovemaking."

"Emily, before you go too far with planning our evening, I want you to realize that you barely know me. How do you know if I am a good man? I mean, I can tell you that I will care for you and that you can have faith in my good intentions, but the truth is, Emily, you don't know me. How can you be so trusting?"

"In addition to not knowing me very well; it was less than twenty-four hours ago that your brother and your father raped you on the same night. If I were you, I'm not sure I would ever want to be with a man again, yet you act like you want to have sex with me tonight."

Emily smiled and replied, "No Todd 'not to have sex,' I want you to make LOVE to me tonight. You see I have never experienced love or romantic sex with a partner of my choosing, or one that I might even grow to love. As for not knowing you, I know a lot about you, for instance, I know that you are about to be Doctor Todd, I know that you love chemistry, I know that the college trust you enough to allow you to mold the minds of young impressionable students, and the administration has trusted you for years in that capacity. Todd, you are my white knight. Therefore, I believe you can be trusted. God only makes so many white knights, and you already saved me once today. So tell me, what else do I need to know about you? Todd, what more do you need to know?"

"Emily, you look at me as someone that you might grow to love someday? Do you think that you can love someone or anyone for that matter, with all you have been through in your short life?"

"Listen, mister; you saved my life with no fear for your wellbeing, you have treated me with nothing but kindness, and behaved like a perfect gentleman since I met you. Even while I slept next to you, unmolested I might add, you planned a way to stop my abuse and help me get on with my life. Doc, As you can imagine, I don't know a lot about men. However, from what little I do know, I believe that you are my type of man and my hero. How could I not grow to love someone like you? Also, there is the fact that I am not a virgin and haven't been one for three years, you know? Todd, I may be young, however because of the garbage I have been through in my life, I feel much older than my years would indicate."

Emily, "I think this weekend will we will get to know each a lot better. However, I have to confess that I feel like I will be taking advantage of you somehow, then sending you off to 'face the proverbial music' on Monday. That thought scares the crap out of me, sweetheart."

Our pizza arrived, and we went to the kitchen to sit on stools at the kitchen island to eat. I have some beer in the fridge if you are twenty-one."

"Yes, professor dear, I am of legal age to have a beer, remember I told you that I turned twenty-one last April and will soon be twenty-two. Hell, I guess if I am old enough for my father to rape, I ought to be old enough to have a beer. Sorry, Todd, I didn't intend that to be harsh or rude. You are the last person I would want to strike out at in that fashion. After all, you are protecting me."

I replied to Emily by looking directly into her eyes and saying, "Honey, you haven't offended me. You have every right to be angry and even to lash out. We will see that you receive a mental health evaluation, and help if you need it after all this is over. I will arrange it through the school or hell I will pay for it myself. I will do whatever it takes. What you have experienced would have driven most women to insanity, but right now you seem so calm and sane."

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