tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHank & His Neighbors Ch. 05

Hank & His Neighbors Ch. 05


Two of Mina's slave girls were in deep trouble with her, having lost track of time in the kitchen that night. They ate each other out when they were supposed to be using Pastor Gilbertson. She punished them rather severely later that evening, when she caught them red-handed. They were made to perform cunnilingus on her, but she refused to do the same for them. There were supposed to have been at least four women besides Mina fucking Guy, but he only did three that night counting her.

The next morning, she flogged both girls several times before letting them go home to their unsuspecting husbands. They knew that their duties as slaves included helping Mina seduce their husbands, which was fine with them as long as they got to service her themselves. Meanwhile, as summoned, Guy and Karen Gilbertson showed up that Sunday afternoon. They were both ready to service Mina. She also called her newly discovered son Lewis and his sister/girlfriend Candy.

She was his half-sister, the daughter of that same uncle, and they had fucked each other as swinging lovers for a couple of years before they found out the truth. They had simply refused to let that get in the way of their relationship. Both of them were promiscuous, so nothing consensual, whether orgies or incest, would bother them.

Anyway, Mina decided to go ahead and invite the entire family as well as the pastor and his wife. Hank was very pleased to hear that and he especially wanted to fuck Candy again (they had their trysts together, naturally, over the past few months). Mina wanted him to fuck Karen. That was just part of her plan that she suggested that night after a large barbecue dinner.

"I want to make us a complete sexual circle, with everyone here knowing each other's needs and desires as well as satisfying them. All of us here have already fucked someone else, but Lewis has not had Penny, Sally, Yasmin, or Connie, for that matter. Hank has not shagged Karen, and Sally, Yasmin, Connie, and Penny have not fucked Karen or Candy, either," Mina announced.

"Good points, my future mother-in-law. You're right. That should change. Has Karen fucked Candy?" Hank inquired.

"Yes, on several occasions, most recently last night," she informed him.

"Good. How about we go ahead and make this an orgy?" he suggested.

"Sounds great, Hank. I especially want to fuck Penny, as I have not really done that yet," she told him.

Hank dropped his pants and motioned for Karen to come over and suck him off. The pastor's wife eagerly obeyed him, getting on her knees and moving her mouth over his manhood. She got him quite hard in minutes. Then, he commanded her to bend over, so he could fuck her pussy and ass.

He did not ease into her, either, but rather rammed her rug ruthlessly. She squealed a bit. However, she evidently enjoyed the penetration of her cunt by this seemingly heartless "infidel", as she had once called him. He reminded her of her negative comments about him in the past, even as he drove her crazy with painful pleasure.

Hank thought proudly, here I am, cuckolding the man who cuckolded me!

Guy was too busy to care, as his mistress's daughter was riding him hard. She did not give him any break from the determined sliding she did on his South Pole. She was Mina's daughter, after all, and evidently felt that she was entitled to borrow the rights to her Mom's slave. Sally kept taking him further inside her and flexing her cunt's muscles, until suddenly the pastor exploded into her womb.

Lewis fucked Penny doggie-style, while Connie fingered his ass. That was something his Mom had done to him a few times, but his aunt was just as good at it. Hank had by this time graduated to Karen's butt, fucking it feverishly after having come inside her twat.

Candy dominated Yasmin. She used her fingers first, sticking one into her pussy while another penetrated Yasmin's ass. Then she graduated to a dildo and made Yasmin suck both after they were in her. Finally, she took out a strap-on and shoved it up Yasmin's pussy.

This caused Yasmin to gasp with excitement as the fake dick filled her. Candy was using her missionary-style, mounting her as she played the man's role. She also greedily kissed Yasmin, even using her tongue.

Connie was now under Lewis, as he pushed his sizable cock into her cunt. Penny was not free of her sexual "duties", either. Mina now sat on her face, getting into a 69 with her, while shoving a vibrator up her ass. Hank's soon-to-be ex-wife was getting the rough treatment. She grunted and winced at the pain in her posterior, but she dared not defy Connie by resisting her sister.

Just as soon as Hank emptied into Karen, Guy came into Sally's hungry throat. Candy finished with Yasmin, while Lewis shot his sperm into Connie and Mina climaxed together with Penny. It was almost uncanny how simultaneously they had all been relieved. They had to relax a bit after that orgy, of course.

That lasted for an hour, as Sally suggested that Lewis, Candy, and Yasmin fuck each other. They also discussed their current lives and what it felt like to found out about one's siblings. Sally was now experiencing what Lewis and Candy had and she found it exhilarating to have a brother she had never met. She also really wanted to fuck him, so she whispered that to Hank, who indicated his approval.

"Sweetie, we're all swingers here. You know that. I won't hold it against you, if you want to fuck Lewis. The same goes for Yasmin," he reassured her.

"Thank you, Hanky panky!" she said, reinforcing her happiness and love with a sloppy wet kiss.

Lewis straddled Sally, entering her from on top. Candy moved her mouth and tongue back and forth between his balls, his ass, and Sally's delicious derriere. Yasmin, meanwhile, leaned over so that both Lewis and Sally could eat her out. She sandwiched herself between his face on her ass and Sally's on her cunt. They both went to town on her, getting her worked up.

Candy now fingered Lewis and devoured Sally's ass. Sally came quickly after that, triggering Lewis's balls to release his cum as well. After resting his sore cock and balls again, Lewis mounted Yasmin, making her experience what she had been wanting for a while now. That sort of opportunity was a major reason for her submission to Sally, along with her lust for the girl herself.

Connie was all turned on at this point and she arranged with Mina for Penny to fuck Karen and Guy in front of everyone present.

"Guy, get on your belly. Karen, bend over in front of him. I want you to rim Karen's ass while you fuck Penny. I will fuck your ass with my strap-on dildo while you do her, of course. Naturally, I expect you to be rough with her. Show her no mercy," Mina instructed Pastor Gilbertson.

Guy forcefully entered Penny, much harder than he had in the past, making her wonder if she ever really knew the minister who had seduced her. Even so, she enjoyed the rough sex as much as she had ever liked the gentler lovemaking style that the pastor had once used with her. Even though he now behaved as wildly as Hank frequently did, she had never minded that style as much as she had once claimed to despise it. That was just an excuse to withhold sex from Hank at Guy's behest. Now, of course, she was not in a position to deny anyone.

Hank, for his part, had finished resting and applied some lube to Connie's ass. He slid his cock into her rear, only stopping for a few seconds to let her adjust to the entry of his dick into her derriere. Feeling the sizable cock in her bottom, Connie welcomed it thrusting upward to take more of it inside herself.

Hank couldn't help but delight in the tight, hot hole he was eagerly fucking. Connie wasn't making it easier, either. She wanted him to cum in her ass, as she loved a hard cock in her backdoor. Mina and Sally were lucky, she thought to herself. Any women with regular access to Hank and his dick were lucky.

Speaking of anal sex, Mina lubed Guy's ass up and slammed her strap-on into it. The pastor winced once again at the ruthless penetration of his sphincter. His Mistress was never easy on his butt. She seemed to love sodomizing and whipping it for some reason.

Guy tried to concentrate more on giving it to Penny instead of taking Mina in his ass, but it was hard to do when he was sore. What made matters worse was the effect that the dildo had on his prostate gland, which was being stimulated to the point that he couldn't keep fucking his former paramour much longer without. There was no guarantee that she would ease up on him once he had pulled out of Mrs. Leicester's cunt.

Finally, after much excited fucking Lewis came in Yasmin's pussy. The experience of his cum inside her cunt caused the girl to climax herself, squirting her juices lavishly on his dick. Now, quite sore from so much sex, Lewis determined to rest his cock yet again, lying on top of Yasmin as his limp member slid out of her sex.

Sally, getting rather aroused from the steamy action in front of her, sneaked up on Candy from behind. She found Lewis's other half-sister to be too sultry and slutty to resist. Turning her over, she planted her mouth on Candy's pussy, sucking her clit with all of her power. This oral attention made its recipient extremely wet, as she saw the other woman who shared a fraternal bond with Lewis eat her pussy.

"Fucking Christ, you're turning me on, Sally!" Candy exclaimed gratefully.

"That's the plan, Sis!" Sally winked at her while still munching her muff.

"Sis?" Candy inquired, barely getting that question out with all of the excitement going through her nerve endings.

"We share a brother in every sense of the word, so we are sisters, right?" Sally teased her before returning to work on her new partner's clit.

The constant rush of pleasure made Candy reel and buck her hips in response. Sally was one of the best cunnilinguists she had ever known. The girl sucked a clit like it was a full-fledged dick, never letting up. She had her goal in mind: a massive orgasm from Candy.

As for Guy, he was being pushed further toward his release, as Mina continued to bugger him. While painful, this use of his ass made him hornier than hell. He couldn't keep himself from cumming anymore. His cock gushed cum out into Penny, filling her with his seed once again.

When she felt this, Penny exploded with her own climax. She always loved fucking Guy. In fact, she had become hooked on the sensation of having him cum in her, imagining that she was going to carry the pastor's baby. The whole scandal of it appealed greatly to her. She was reluctant to give up his cock for very long at all.

As Mina pulled out of Guy, she promptly shoved a butt-plug in him. This was to remind him that he was not an equal in this group activity. His ass was at her disposal, and she wanted him to remember that fact. It would serve to keep him in line.

"If you even think about disobeying my orders, bear in mind that I can use any part of your body that I wish. If you decide to defy me, the facts about your lifestyle will become public knowledge. Is that clear, slave?" Mina sternly declared.

"Yes, Mistress," Guy replied docilely, quite chastened by his sore bottom.

Hank, who had been reaming Connie's ass out with his large cock, finally shot off his load into her. The delicious feeling of having her butt fucked by her niece's fiance was enough to get the woman off. She was happy to have serviced him so well. She craved the chef's dick even more than his dishes, and she was a regular patron of his bistro.

"Thank you, Hank! Oh, God, that felt wonderful!" Connie shouted.

"You're quite welcome, Connie. I hope to give you more of the same in the future, in fact," Hank remarked as he recuperated.

Candy, in the meantime, had cum at last due to Sally's efforts. She looked at her brother's sexy sister and wondered how many times she would get to fuck her. She definitely wanted it to be more, now that she had experienced Hank's future wife.

At such an unlikely moment, of all possible times, the doorbell rang. It was Reginald, the scumbag who had dumped Sally recently because of her "excessive enjoyment" of the threesome with Yasmin. Hank answered the door and found Reg there to his chagrin.

"What the fuck are you doing here, asshole? You've got a hell of a lot of nerve coming here after what you did to Sally," Hank angrily told him.

"I'm here to apologize and talk things over with her. I overreacted to her behavior during that threesome. It was my idea, after all. I was just afraid of losing her to Yasmin," Reginald explained anxiously, as he was a bit scared of the chef.

"Well, prick, you can apologize, but I doubt that she's interested in getting back together with you. She's engaged to me now," Hank informed him.

"How dare you! She's my girl! I deserve a chance to get her back!" Reg yelled furiously.

While Hank and Reg argued, Sally and Lewis walked up to the door in order to see what was happening. Sally took one look at Reg and got mad at him all over again. So, he thought she would just take him back, did he? She'd teach him a few new facts indeed.

"Reginald Clayton Bartwell, do you really think that I'm gonna have you after what you did to me? You slandered my name with talk of necrophilia and abortion! I wouldn't go back with you if all other men's dicks fell off! Besides, you're not really my type! I like real men, such as Hank here. Forget it!" Sally screamed at him.

"Sally, be reasonable! Can't you forgive me?" Reg begged her.

"I could never forgive what you did to me! I couldn't forgive myself if I left Hank and went back to you! I love Hank, plan to marry him, and am having a lot more fun with him anyway. He's a lot better man than you. You can go to hell!" Sally said as she slapped him on the face.

"I didn't deserve that!" he complained.

"The hell you didn't! After spreading lies about her, you deserve to get the shit kicked out of your sorry ass! I'm still trying to think of another punishment that won't leave dying! If I beat you up, you would die!" Hank declared with some evident outrage.

"And before you claim domestic violence, let me remind you that I'm not your girlfriend anymore," Sally added.

Lewis, who had been boiling over with rage as he heard this conversation, finally put in his two cents, "You damn, sniveling, groveling butt hole! Sally was nicer to you than other girl would have been! She treated you with respect and love, but you had to throw it away because she enjoyed what she did as a favor to you! You need a serious lesson in ethics and manners, you stupid, motherfucking imbecile!"

"Good idea, Lewis! What do you suggest for him?" Hank grinned at last, but more with malice than with humor.

"I hear that this prick is rather small, and I don't just mean the guy himself. Is that true, Sally?" Lewis wickedly asked her.

"Well, I'd be exaggerating to call it small, but it is not as large as he wishes. He is quite shy about it, as well as his own lack of experience. I tried to reassure him, but he let his insecurity get the best of him, I suppose. Now, I'd agree that we should use that against him somehow. What do you think, Bro?" Sally replied mischievously.

"How about 'penalizing' him the way he mistreated you? Spread a rumor about the size of his dick! He'd hate that, as he would have more trouble getting dates in the future! We could claim that he is only 3 inches long, which would really scare the girls off! He is probably more like 6 or 7 inches, but you won't hear that from me!" Lewis urged them.

Reginald began to turn red in the face, as he realized what the group had in mind for him. A sexless future in the town or a move elsewhere would be his only options. He couldn't stomach either choice, so he decided to make peace with them.

"Please, guys, don't do that to me! I don't deserve such a bad reputation!" he pleaded.

"Neither did I, but I got one anyway, thanks to you! What else do you suggest as a penalty?" Sally demanded of him.

"It's simple, my love! I say that we turn Reg here into a sex slave as well, for either Lewis or Candy! Maybe both of them could dominate him, in fact," Hank answered her.

"I don't mind dominating him, but I think that he should belong to Candy, since I might be too rough on him after how he treated Sally. Besides, it's poetic justice for him to be owned by a woman, given how he has treated women. Since I am the head of my household, with Candy as my slave, he would still be under my control to some extent. He would simply answer to Candy directly instead of me. How does that sound, folks?" Lewis suggested.

"How does what sound, my son?" Mina asked as she came to the door, only to see the extremely disagreeable face of her daughter's ex-boyfriend.

"Reg here has three choices: he can skip town forever, he can do without sex for the rest of his life due to the gossip we're going spread about his dick size, or he can be Candy's sex slave for life. What do you say, Reg?" Lewis grinned.

"I can't be a sex slave! I have a future and that kind of thing would damage my career if it got out!" Reg shouted.

"Then you'll just have to leave Libertine or give up sex!" Lewis reminded him.

"But I have needs and my future is here in Libertine! Everyone I knew is here, especially my friends!" Reg complained.

"Too bad. You have 3 choices! You may not like any of them, but they are what you have now. What do you say?" Mina impatiently demanded.

"Okay, I'll be Candy's sex slave! I don't like it, but I will put up with it. Does this mean I can't fuck other girls, though?" Reg finally agreed.

"I doubt it. Candy is nothing if not fair, so she probably won't hold you to a double standard. That's not like her," Lewis stated.

"Why, thank you, Lewis! I'm glad that you feel that way about me, Bro," Candy responded, indicating that she was now inside the crowded doorway as well.

"Well, I do. In case you're wondering, Reg here has agreed to be your sex slave. I was assuring him that you will be a good Mistress for him to serve," Lewis informed her.

"Oh, definitely! Wow! I've got myself a boy-toy! This is gonna be a lot of fun for us, Master! I can't wait to have him suck your cock and fuck all of my girlfriends! In fact, this may solve all of our financial problems for good! Not only will I continue to turn tricks for cash, but Reg here will be my gigolo and I will be his Madam.

"I also want to take his anal cherry with a strap-on dildo. That should be quite a new experience for him as well as me. From what I've heard, he has been a very bad boy, so we'll have to be a little strict with him for a while. In time, he can earn better treatment," Candy reacted to the news.

Reg paled upon hearing all of this, but he knew better than to renege on his agreement with the group. If he did, things would be a thousand times worse for him. He looked closely at his new, blonde Mistress, who was totally nude, and decided that things could be worse for him- a lot worse, in fact!

His thoughts were interrupted by Candy's silky voice, saying, "Reg, my boy, why don't you kneel for forgiveness from Sally and Mina. That will bring things off to a good start."

Reg did as he was ordered, but that apparently wasn't enough for Candy. She pushed his face into Mina's pussy, followed by Sally's, causing their juices to rub off onto him.

Hank at this point grabbed Reg and shoved his own cock into his mouth. Candy and the others laughed at this, and when he tried to expel the dick from his throat, his new Mistress gave him a look that warned him to keep sucking it. It was the first time he had ever seen that side of the girl known as the school slut.

After Reg sucked his cock for a while, Hank offered his place to Lewis, who also made the guy suck him off. Then the group dragged Reg into the house, closed the door, and held him down as the others joined them.

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