tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHanks Heaven - Sophie's Descent

Hanks Heaven - Sophie's Descent


Hank walked into his wife's bedroom, completely naked and his 8inch erection proudly jutting out. It was 5:30 in the morning, and he had awoken with a wonderful morning glory which he intended to make full use of. A busy day ahead, Hank decided he could take 10 minutes to start the day with a bang.

Celine, his third wife and over 25 years his junior, lay in her satin sheets, her tousled hair spread across the pillow. Her once firm breasts had just started to sag, and despite the plastic surgeons work last year, her ass wasn't as firm as it was when he had first married her. Hank knew that in a year or so, he would divorce her. He wanted a trophy wife, young, firm, and the envy of every man whenever she walked into a room on his arm. But for now, he wanted to bury his hard cock in her pussy.

Celine was making delicate snoring noises, as Hank slid beneath the sheets. He firmly grasped one of her breasts and started to roll the nipple between his finger and thumb. At the same time, his other hand was pushing Celine's left thigh away from her right, spreading her legs for his entry. He heard her breathing change, and when her left nipple was firm, he transferred his hand to her right breast, repeating the process.

As she started to stir, Hank moved above her, and pulling her panties to one side. The minimal foreplay with her breasts had worked though. She must have started to have an erotic dream, as Hank could feel the damp on pussy lips, as he worked first one, then three fingers into her. He knew that Celine hated early morning sex when she was not fully awake, but frankly, he couldn't give a shit. It was all about what he needed. And right now, with no other options available, he was going to fuck his French wife hard and fast.

As he plunged his cock into her love tunnel, Celine finally stirred, as her brain finally responded to the physical sensations, and Celine realised that this wasn't a dream. In her dream, the gorgeous chauffeur had been feeding her his 12inchs, pounding her senseless, as he had in fact done, just the day before. It wasn't that Hank didn't fuck her, just that he chose the when and the where, and rarely worried about her orgasm. The chauffeur though, he had gone on and on, and she had orgasmed 3 times before he finally shot wad after wad of cum across her tits.

"What time is it?" She mumbled, her eyes stubbornly refusing to open.

"Time for some sex, honey." Responded Hank, as he mauled at her tits, slobbering over the nipples now that she was awake.

As Celine opened her mouth to speak, Hank forced his down on her, and started to prod his tongue into hers. Far better that than listen to her whine for the next 2 or 3 minutes. After all, he paid for everything, absolutely everything she asked for, so in his mind, her putting out when he needed, was only fair.

As he pumped in and out of Celine, she knew from bitter experience, that the sooner she brought him off, the sooner he would leave and she could get back to sleep. As Hank transferred his mouth back to her tits, Celine moaned "Oh. Oh, oh God! Fuck me Hank, Fuck me hard! I'm so close, make me cum you stud!"

Celine moaned and panted, faking her own pleasure. Knowing it would feed Hank's ego, and heighten his arousal, thus speeding his orgasm. Reaching around his girth, Celine raked her fingernails across Hanks back. She didn't do it our of eroticism, but rather, as a way of paying Hank back for waking her like this.

"come on Hank, Fuck me baby. Fill my pussy with your spunk!" Celine breathed into his ear, before nibbling at the lobe. In fact, she bit hard enough that Hank would have a bite mark there for the next 3 hours, before prodding her tongue into her ear. She knew that hank loved it, and that this would push him over the edge quickly.

Barely a minute after he had started, Hank spurted his orgasm into Celine's pussy. She had been sterilised after their second child, at Hanks insistence. No way was he going to lose pleasure through using a condom. If she didn't want any more children, then she could deal with it. There were plenty of medical solutions available.

Celine cried out, faking her own orgasm. The pig simply got off her, wiped his dick on her satin sheets and with a "see you tonight" left her room.

As Celine sat on the bidet, cleaning herself. She mused on the phonecall she had received a few days ago from Hank's PA. The plan was starting to come together, and if all went well, she would not need to tolerate this much longer, 3 months, 4 at the most.

At 11 that morning, Hank strode into the executive boardroom on the 51st floor of the downtown office. Today would see the conclusion to nearly 18 months manoeuvring to close this deal. His team had identified the business fit nearly 2 years ago, and after 6 months of detailed analysis and investigation, had arrived at a valuation, and made a formal offer. The target business had conceptualised a software database, which effectively partnered clients with service people. Maids, cooks, nannies and gardeners primarily, but had started to broaden out. Basically, clients put in their requirements including days and hours, and the software then allocated work to its subscribers, who could maximise their earnings by being assigned the right combination of jobs.

However, Sophie who owned the company, had not wanted to sell. In her early thirties, she had visions of driving the company into a major organisation. As career focused as Hank and his team, she had politely thanked them for their interest, before stating that the company was not for sale. As her company was privately funded and owned, Hank could not use his usual predatory tactics on the stock market. Instead, he had been forced to spend over $20,000 to find her weak spots.

Similar to any start-up, Sophie was mortgaged to the hilt, and had large loans with several banks. However, the business was growing, and she had so far, been able to stay on top of payments. Therefore, Hank had made a second offer, just over 12 months ago. This time, not only increasing the purchase price enough to give Sophie a significant financial reward, even after paying off the loans, but offering her a VP role in Hanks team, to oversee the new segment which would be formed. Sophie had once again thanked Hank, but been firm that her company was not, and never would be for sale.

Hank had then decided to force her to accept the deal. Hiring a private detective, who specialised in more nefarious intelligence gathering. Hank had gained a list of Sophie's clients, as well as the service people who had subscribed to her business. From there, a two-pronged attack was launched. Firstly, Hank had used his, and his boards connections, to influence key clients into dropping Sophie's company. Spreading rumour and innuendo of theft, blackmail, and sexual assault. At the same time, Hank had used one of his segments to lure away staff from Sophie. Offering significant pay rises to the maids, cooks and gardeners. Over a nine-month period, Sophie had seen her business inexplicably grind to a halt.

Struggling to make payments, Sophie had tried to get further financing, only to find that no bank would offer her credit. Starting to despair, and unclear on the reasons why her business had so suddenly turned bad, Sophie had turned to her accountant for advice. That advice had been straight to the point. Accept the deal from Hank Sanchez, it was her only way of clearing her debts, and having her career move forwards.

Hank sat at the head of the mahogany conference table. Of the twelve leather executive chairs around the table, only three were filled. Hank himself, Watkins, the Chief Financial Officer, and Griggs, the mergers and acquisitions Executive VP. Hank had dragged out the process, so that this meeting was 4 hours before a major bank loan was due to be paid up. Quite simply, Sophie Riley would have no choice but to accept his terms. In front of him, was the contract, ready for signature, where Hank had lowered the financial deal to cover the outstanding loans only, and be paid in installments as those loans became due over the next 18 months, ensuring Sophie would have no choice other than to work for him.

The doors opened, and his PA showed Sophie Riley into the boardroom, offering her a seat half way down the conference table. Sophie was dressed in a light grey business suit, with a pencil skirt which came to just below the knee. Sophie wore 4inch black heels, giving her extra height, but also tightening her calves and buttocks. Her blouse was white silk, and she had deliberately left the top two buttons undone, to show her impressive cleavage. Her blonde hair framed a dolls face, which had been carefully made-up for maximum effect that morning. Her long black lashes, delicate tan eye shadow, and pink lipstick, all helped to enhance her beauty. Sophie was used to get adoring looks, and no stranger to using her sexuality to gain an advantage. Today, she wanted every edge she could get.

"Good morning Mr. Sanchez."

"Good Morning Ms Riley. Let me introduce my colleagues. Tom Watkins, Chief Financial Officer on my left, and Gary Griggs, VP for M&E on my right." Both gentlemen nodded to Sophie, speaking a quick "morning Ma'am."

"Now, lets get down to business. I trust that you have had your lawyer check over the contract?"

"Yes, and I am ready to sign."

"That's good Ms Riley. However, I have one additional condition before we can proceed." Hank stated, as he withdrew a slim manila envelope from the breast pocket of his suit jacket. Placing the envelope on the table, he slid it down towards Sophie. The envelope stopped one place early, forcing Sophie to lean forward to reach for the envelope.

"We had agreed everything, you said the deal you offered me was still valid!" She protested.

"Yes well, the financial element, and the job offer remain exactly the same. However, as I have invested so much time and effort into this deal, and seeing as you can either accept, or go bankrupt and lose everything, I have decided to some extra conditions. Nobody needs know about it other than the three of us. If you agree, you can slide the envelope back down the table. If you don't, well don't let the door hit you in that pretty little ass."

Sophie, bright red spots of anger blossoming in her cheeks, stretched forward and grabbed the envelope, giving all three men a fuller glimpse of the tits than she had planned when walking in. As she pulled out the envelope and read what was written, her jaw dropped in astonishment, and her anger blossomed to its full extent.

She wanted to blurt out, "You fucking son of a bitch! No way in hell am I going to agree to this!" But the sick feeling in her stomach slowed her tongue. She had known walking in that she had no cards left to play. She had also heard rumours about Hank Sanchez and his inner circle. It was why she had been so adamant that she didn't want to sell to him. The only problem, was that nobody else was offering half of the deal he was.

Instead Sophie spat out, "You cannot do this! We had a deal. This was never part of it!"

"Honey, the deal is the deal that gets signed. Right now, this is the best deal you will get. I have included a non-disclosure in the contract. Nobody here will be able to discuss this ever. If you want to try to negotiate, then go ahead. I have another envelope in my other pocket, which you will get at 11:30, if you haven't complied by then." Hank smirked at the clearly frustrated blonde. "Trust me when I say that you will like the terms in that one far less."

Hank's cock had started to harden in his pants. Closing a deal was always an aphrodisiac, but today was going to be a red-letter day. He was going to bring this beauty down, and he doubted she would ever be able to look anyone in the room in the eye ever again.

Sophie steamed, and her brain ran at a thousand miles an hour. Surely there had to be some way to get out of this? Some angle she hadn't considered yet? But just as quickly, she knew she didn't. With less than 4 hours until the banks foreclosed on her loans, she couldn't get the funds any other way. Her eyes once again looked over the words on the paper.

Strip off your clothes until you are in only your underwear. Make it sexy, and as you are losing the clothes, tell us how you will be showing us your gratitude. Then, crawl on your hands and knees to the end of the table. Obey every instruction you are given, and the contract will be signed.

Finally Sophie's brain hit on an idea. She would appeal to Watkins and Griggs. Surely they would not tolerate this type of abuse. Hell, blackmail even. As she looked up to appeal to them, she noticed Watkins adjusting his crotch, and saw with horror, that he was sporting an erection which was tenting his trousers out.

Hank watched delightedly as the emotions warred across Sophie's face. He saw her turn to Watkins, and the O her mouth made when she realised the horn-dog was already sporting a stiffy. He gave it another minute to allow the reality to settle, and as he saw Sophie's shoulders slump in defeat, he slid the contract down the table.

"Sign it Ms Riley. Then after you comply with your instructions, I'll counter-sign it." He instructed.

Sophie reluctantly pulled the contract towards herself, and then at a brief loss, looked for a pen. Before she turned to rummage in her handbag, Watkins slid a gold fountain pen down the table.

"There you are doll face. Lets get a move on shall we. I want to see the quality of the 'extras' we are purchasing!" Watkins teased as he leered at Sophie's breasts.

Defeated, Sophie scrawled her signature across the page, before turning to Hank.

"Please not this. Please, I will do anything for you in private, just not here with all three of you in public!" She pleaded.

"This isn't public honey, we can quickly call in the rest of the executive team for public. That would be an extra 7 cocks and 2 pussies you would need to take care of. Like I said, the next envelope will be far worse for you, and you only have 10 minutes left to comply with this one. Your call sweet cheeks!" Hank gloated. He had a couple of predatory lesbo's on his team. Not particularly out of choice, but in the modern day, you were supposed to be diverse, and these lesbo's were all too happy to get their share of young snatch, just the same as the rest of his team.

Sniffing back tears, the blonde stood up, pushing the chair back with her thighs, so that is scooted across to the wall of the room. Sniffing back tears, she turned to face the three lecherous men. Not one of whom was good looking, and each one well into their fifties. This was so degrading. There was no way she would ever consider sexual intercourse with anyone so old. She was no virgin, but she was no slut who slept around either. Two boyfriends, the second of whom had broken off their engagement when he realised she was more committed to her career than their relationship was all. More so, sex was something for the bedroom, on the bed, preferably missionary. Oh God, what were they going to make her do?

As Sophie wiggled her hips, slowly pulling her suit jacket off her arm, she mumbled "Let me show you how grateful I am." Turning and fumbling to place her jacket on a chair, Sophie was shocked into stillness as Hank's voice barked out, "Honey, I have no idea what you just said, but if you are not committed to working with us, then we can tear up this contract here and now!"

"Put your jacket back on and sit back down. I want you to think about things, about what we expect from you. If you want to close this deal, then be convincing."

Trembling, Sophie did as instructed, and watched in horror as Hank picked up the contract and held it ready to tear in half. Her mind racing even faster now, Sophie remembered the instruction to make it sexy. Clearly they wanted her to put on a show for them. She had seen strippers portrayed in movies.

Working her courage up, Sophie gyrated her hips, thrust out her breasts, wiggled her ass and pouted her lips as she removed her clothing, letting it fall all around her. As sexily as she could, she said "Boys, I'm going to show you just how grateful I am to all y'all for this opportunity!"

Crawling on her knees to Hank, Sophie tossed her hair backwards, arching her neck up as she approached his chair. She noticed another note on the floor.

When I ask you if you really want to do this, you will say yes Daddy. You will then unzip my pants and suck on my cock.

As the true horror of what would happen started to sink in to Sophie, Hank asked in a concerned tone of voice, "Honey, you know you don't need to do this, are you sure you want to?"

"Yes Daddy!" Sophie responded, as she tremblingly unzipped Hanks pants, allowing his cock to spring forth to its turgid fullness. Sophie had watched porno's with her boyfriend, so she had the concept of a blow job, it was just she had never had a dick so close to her face before. The first thing she noticed was the rank musky smell of man, and second, the pre-cum dripping from Hank's eye.

Leaning forward, she traced her tongue across the head of Hanks cock, licking the pre-cum away. She was relieved that the taste wasn't gross, and continued to lick the shaft of Hanks cock.

Another note was pushed in front of her eyes from the left, and as she pulled away from Hanks cock, she was able to read it, whilst also seeing a pair of naked legs to that side.

Have a good long snort, it will help you enjoy this.

She turned her head fully, and saw Griggs sporting an enormous erection, easily 10 inches long, and thick, thicker than she had believed possible. Lined down the middle of his cock was a white powder. Sophie suspected it was cocaine, and wanted to protest that this was going to far, but realised she was in too deep now, and one hit wouldn't addict her. Comforting herself with that, Sophie snorted the line of powder. Almost instantly she felt the hit, the chemical running into her system, over-riding her feelings. So that when she turned around, and Hanks cock had a similar line down it, she snorted that down as well.

Her head buzzing, her horniness rising powerfully, Sophie felt her pussy start to leak as she wrapped her lips around Hanks cock and started to bob her head up and down his shaft. She felt first one and then a second hand maul at her tits, kneading then and pulling on her nipples. At this, her pussy simply started gushing down her legs.

"Oh my, she is one horny slut Hank! You should see how wet she is back here!" Came the voice of Watkins, who had had pulled her knickers down and slid a finger into her pussy. Sliding it in to the second knuckle, as he wiggled it about, the squelching sound was audible to everyone. Sophie felt one hand removed from right breast, and then after briefly removing his finger, Watkins was back, sliding two fingers into her willing pussy. He started to pump those fingers in and out, building the heat in Sophies loins.

"oohhh, hmmmm, oohhh, uggghh, oohhh" became the rhythmic panting from Sophie as she continued to work on Hanks cock, which was now coated in saliva. As she bobbed down, Sophie felt a hand firmly placed on the back of her head, pushing her further down, forcing the cock past the back of her mouth and into her throat, tripping her gag reflex. At the same time, Watkins took out one of his fingers from her pussy, and pressed gently on her asshole, using her own juices to lubricate its way into her back passage. He quickly pushed up and past her sphincter, and now had a hold of Sophie in both holes, rather like a bowling ball.

With the Cocaine making Sophie hornier and hornier, she bucked her hips back, pushing the fingers more deeply into both her holes. God she wanted to cum. Her pussy was burning with fire, and she needed satisfaction! Why had she been such a prude all those years? She wished she had gotten it on far more often, she couldn't remember ever being this horny.

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