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Hank was pleasantly surprised at how much better April had gotten with the strap on. She always seemed to go too far too fast, making the first couple minutes of the experience painful and awkward. They discussed it together and Hank understood because she couldn't feel anything from the inanimate object protruding from her mound, she could not accurately determine how to initially set the pace. This usually resulted in the hard silicone toy being crammed inside him while he attempted to force himself to relax. You ever "forced" yourself to relax? Than you understand, that's not always an easy thing to do.

They did not do this often, mind you. Occasionally, she would offer and Hank being the kinky husband that he was, would happily accept. This time April suggested a blindfold and it was a new experience to not have to blankly stare at the pillow, awaiting the moment his ass opened and April could start massaging his insides properly. There were times when she offered, and Hank refused since it took so long for the event to be enjoyable to him.

He had to give April credit though, she had seemed to have her patience and timing down. Her entrance was strong yet yielding, allowing his barely used canal time to accept the fake phallic with ease. As if she was aware of each inch as she entered, she would allow him time to accept her a little deeper before pursuing further. Even when she was at full insertion she paused before retreating methodically. The building of her momentum was somehow even and steady. She didn't start full on fucking his ass until he was ready, as if she knew exactly how he was feeling. The new skill of his wife made the first few minutes far more enjoyable than previous times. He was usually soft and tense for the first few minutes. This time from the moment he felt the tip of the strap on touch his sensitivity, his cock started swelling. When April started moving her hips back and forth Hank was as hard as a rock.

As the rush of pleasure started to consume him, he noticed that her new strap on felt more adaptable to his tightness. It was as hard, or harder even than her previous toy, yet somehow had more forgiveness; more natural. He rested his head on his left forearm and cupped his tip with the other hand. Lightning flashed from his balls sending an erotic current swarming through out his body. He tugged on his stiffness trying to keep pace with April's powerful thrusts. They had done this several time in the past, never has it felt so amazing to him. "You like the way I fuck that slutty ass, don't you?" Hank had said those words to April countless times, it felt odd for her to say them to him. What was even more odd, was how her voice seemed to echo from across the room.

He could see nothing from behind the blindfold which was enhancing the sensation of every inch of the toy April was pegging him with. He felt her hands grab his hips as she intensified her movement, he made note that her gardening was depleting the softness of her touch. April's legs audibly announced her reaching the toys fullest potential as they slapped against his backside. Every pass of the pretend penis creating another wave of erotic tingling in his manhood. He was taking everything she could give and starting to feel his inevitable eruption strengthening inside him. "Does my cock feel good?" April's voice again echoing from a distance before hitting his ears.

His moans were getting louder as April rapidly slapped against him. His hand was feverishly caressing his balls and shaft. His orgasm was seconds away and nothing could stop it from happening. Echoing off the walls April's voice rang out, encouraging him. "You going to cum for mamma slut?" he did not know how he felt about being called slut. At this very moment, he did not actually care what she called him. Her distant voice was a call to arms for the liquid army forming inside him to start marching for victory. His back curved abruptly as he arched himself in preparation. April still going full force behind him, he let out a loud and growling howl as he soaked the bed sheet beneath him. April did not slow up or stop, she kept her stride and even seemed to quicken and escalate her velocity. Hank worked every bit of himself onto the sheet below and immediately collapsed on top of his still warm pool.

With his body now lying flat, blindfold still on, he took several gasps of air in attempt to regain himself. He expected April to exit from his backside and lay next to him as always, but she kept going. He could feel her hovering over him, arms by his sides supporting her weight as she remained consistently pumping his ass. He rolled his head to the side to speak in protest, when he felt her make one final descent into him before swiftly taking her leave. At that moment the blind fold was lifted off his head. April was smiling at him holding a glass of wine in her hand as he felt the hot dabs of water land randomly on his back. April leaned down and kissed is forehead, fighting back her laughter she said, "Gotcha".

Hank snapped his head around to see April's Co-worker Mark climbing off the bed while wiping himself clean with a towel. Hank could feel Mark drying on his back as confusion filled his mind. April kissed him again, "I told you I'd get you back." her voice was filled with joy as Hank buried his face in the pillow.

Two months before -- On April 1st

Hank was a handy type man, he liked to build things and was always tinkering in the garage, working on some new contraption. He liked to build bizarre and unique sex toys more than anything. He would spend days or weeks putting together some new invention and April would get to try them out, since they were usually built for her anyway. So, when Hank gave her the Vibrating dildo he made, she didn't think much of it. It looked like a normal toy and despite not knowing why building one was better than buying one, she agreed to try it out for him. April liked masturbating in front of her husband almost as much as she enjoyed watching him masturbate in front of her. They were each other's favorite porn stars; they would often joke.

The night April was to use the new toy was not much different than any other night. A few glasses of wine, some flirting with Hank who was unusually eager, but April chalked it up to him being excited about his creation; she wasn't wrong. The candles were lit, the music was low, a few passionate kisses and it was time to test drive the new toy. Hank's eyes seemed to sparkle with an added air of anticipation that gave April a surge of excitement. She started lightly rubbing the tip of the toy against her creases, as if teasing herself. Slowly she inserted the toy and noticed Hanks eyebrows raise quizzically. She grabbed her breasts and played with her own nipples while stroking her self more and more intensely. The look on Hank's face was new and refreshing to April, giving her motivation to lose herself in the moment for him.

She closed her eyes and rocked her hips as she began to pump herself more vigorously with every stroke. She was surprised at how quickly she worked herself up, with her body tensing and lightly convulsing she looked at Hank. He had a devil's grin smeared across his face and was holding a small remote control in his hand. April was naive in her exciting curiosity, preparing for something wonderful to happen. She picked up her aggression and brought herself over the edge. She bore a look of pride in herself, she always found it sexy to climax for Hank and this one was going to be great!

She looked Hank in the eyes, "I am going to cum baby. Oh baby, I am going to cum for you!" hearing her own voice amplified her climax. "I am Cumming!" she screamed out looking into Hanks eyes. He snickered and pushed a button on the remote control and a loud "BANG" rang out, filling the room. Confetti shot from the exposed end of the dildo and it looked like her pussy was throwing a surprise birthday party. April's orgasm was uncontrollably being unleashed while simultaneously her heart and mind were on full alert as the explosion and confetti were coming from out of her. She flipped the exploding toy across the room and jumped back away from it. Hank's laughter escalated as he rolled over on his side holding his stomach.

"April Fools!" he said as he tackled her naked, dripping and confused body on the floor. Still laughing he hugged her tightly as if that was going to make everything OK. Once she calmed down, she looked at Hank with a cold and piercing glare. "I'll get you back mother fucker, I'll get you back".

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