tagInterracial LoveHanna the Home Wrecker

Hanna the Home Wrecker


Hi, my name is Hanna, I own a gym and am a fitness expert, I work out daily and keep my black body in shape; recently women have been coming on to me! I mean a lot, not that it never happened before but not like this. Now there is not a day goes by that several women do not hit on me, especially white chicks! I stand 5'11"; have a large bust, and a well-toned body. Perhaps it is the muscles that I have developed? Sometimes I am tempted but I don't want to cheat on my husband.

After getting hot and bothered by the women flirting with me, I had an instructor take over for me and I decided to take my 28yr. old body home and make mad passionate love to my husband. I thought that it would be a nice surprise for him.

There was another car in our driveway; entering the house, I saw no one and quietly crept upstairs. Moans of lust could be heard from the bedroom, some bitch was screaming, it didn't take a genius to figure out what was going on. My first impulse was to barge in and kick the crap out of the motherfuckers, but I decided to play it cool and cracked open the bedroom door; there was my husband pounding some blond white bitch with his big black cock! I fought off the strong urge to kick ass and left the house.

I copied her license plate number and got in the car. On my cell-phone, I called a very good friend of mine at the police station. "Bingo!" Now I was armed with her address and telephone number. Her husband answered the phone and invited me to their home.

I was in awe as a handsome white man greeted and welcomed me in to his beautiful, well-furnished and spacious home. He had the maid serve us drinks, we sat on a large white leather sofa and he opened the door himself because he was anxious to see me. The handsome brown haired blue-eyed man said, "You are probably wondering why I invited you to my home without even questioning you. Well, I've had my suspicions for a while now, little things like, her going out too often, not wanting to make love to me and it was plain to see that she was lying to me most of the time. I didn't want to face it but I knew something was going on!"

I said, "You poor man, take me to your bed and I will take away all of your pain and we can get even with the cheating bastards!" It turned out that his name was Bill; he was 6'2" and seemed so nice. I felt that he deserved to experience some real pleasure and that I was the one to give it to him. Getting lost in his feelings, I almost forgot my own pain.

We tore off our clothes like two sex-starved teenagers. Bill kissed my whole body and kept telling me how beautiful that I was. When he tongue-fucked my hot black pussy, I exploded and saw stars. What an expert tongue! His talented tongue provided one blissful orgasm after another. I pushed him on his back and eagerly sucked his 8" thick cock into my mouth. I tickled his balls as I sucked his stiff dick and soon found myself swallowing his hot cum. I just kept sucking this 34yr. old white man's cock until it was stiff again; then I straddled him and sank my horny hole down to his ready cock. It felt fantastic; I loved the feel of his white cock up my black pussy.

Suddenly!!! The door burst open and his wife was yelling, "Just what do you think you are doing in our bed? I am getting a divorce and you will pay!" As I jumped up, I grabbed handcuffs from my purse. I spun the bitch around and tightly cuffed her. Noticing a large plant hanging from the ceiling, I had Bill reach up and take the plant off the hook; then we lifted the bitch up and the handcuffs fit over the hook. Her blue-eyes were filled with fear as she dangled from the ceiling.

"Let me down, how dare you? You better let me down now! You are going to be in big trouble if you don't let me down now!"

I reached up and stripped the helpless bitch naked. My hands slid up her leg to her wet slit. "You fucking white slut; you are soaking wet, it turns you on watching a real woman fuck your loving husband, doesn't it you stupid slut?" I inserted three fingers in her pussy and finger fucked the shit out of her sloppy cunt. She was moaning with lust as she leaked cum all over my fingers. I spanked her pink ass until it was red. She begged me to let her down. I did, but informed her that the price she would have to pay was to lick my black pussy! I told Bill to get us some drinks and then pushed her face to my hungry cunt. "Eat my beautiful black pussy, lick it and suck on my clit bitch!"

In no time at all, she was licking and sucking with fervor, her little white face was glistening with my pussy juice! I held her face as tight as I could to my smoldering cunt as I reached another orgasm; while Bill was watching, he got hard again. I told him, "You really got turned on watching your white wife eating my black pussy, didn't you?"

"Yeah, it was quite a turn on, I want to fuck you again baby!" We fucked right over her face and I ordered her to lick us while we fucked. The bitch eagerly complied. I poured a little powder that I picked up on the way over to their house; just a little something to make her relaxed and horny as hell, into her drink. I explained to Bill that I would take care of everything and be back later. We got dressed and made her put on her shortest skirt and a flimsy see-thru blouse with no bra.

She informed me that her name was Cathy and wanted to know where we were going. I just smiled and told her that it was a surprise. I was tempted to tell her that it was my husband that she had been fucking but decided it would be best if she was kept in the dark.

I took her into the, Black Beauty Salon, and had my friend Candy cut her hair, I really enjoyed seeing her long blond hair transformed into short spiked red hair! I nodded to Candy and the "BBW" took out her large tits and made Cathy suck them; Cathy nursed on them like a hungry baby and slipped a couple of fingers into her own wet hole. Then Candy took off her skirt and panties, grabbed a fistful of hair, and pulled Cathy to her hairy black cunt! "Time for some chocolate candy little girl; come on baby. Suck hard, Yeah, Yeah, that's it, do it, oh shitttt, drink my cummmmm, oh godddd, yessss!!!" Cathy licked and sucked with passion.

Next stop was at Tina's Tattoos. Tina put a tattoo on Cathy's ass that said, (slave for black cock.) Her tits said (tiny tits.) Her pubic hair was shaved and a tattoo with a heart shape and an arrow pointing to her pussy read, (fuck my slut hole.) Cathy received a tongue ring, a navel ring and a pussy ring. After she thanked Tina with a pussy and ass licking, we headed to a small adult movie studio.

Inside the studio, I had Doug bring us a drink and more powder was sprinkled into Cathy's drink. Doug was well known for making cheap and raunchy films. The scene was supposed to be in a bar and Cathy was portraying a drunk and amorous white girl in an all black bar. A black couple picked her up and took her home with them and they were joined by some of their friends. Cathy was sucking dick and eating pussy; then she was vigorously fucked in every orifice. At that point, I made my departure.

Tomorrow would be soon enough to confront my husband, I reasoned. It felt so good to be back in Bill's loving arms. I could not help but think what a fool Cathy was; she gave up a good man, a wealthy man and a great lover, just for the thrill of a big black cock! Personally, I much prefer Bill to my husband in bed; he makes me feel so divine, to me his cock is perfect, and out of bed, there is no contest. Bill is intelligent, kind, and lovingly considerate. My husband was ignorant, crude and self-centered. We spent the night making mad passionate love and never in my life have I felt so fulfilled; every nerve in my body was on-fire and Bill put the fire out for me!

The next morning, Bill offered to go home with me, I thanked him but said that it was something that I had to do alone. I assured Bill that I would return and it was difficult to leave him as we kissed goodbye. As I drove home, thoughts of Bill filled my mind; it seamed strange that I was so attached to him in such a short time. "Could it be Love?"

My body shuddered as I entered the house, there was no way of knowing what to expect. There was my old-man drinking beer at the kitchen table! He had not shaved and he looked a mess. All he could say was, "Where the hell have you been?

I looked him straight in the eyes and answered, "I have been with Cathy's husband! We both know all about you and your white fuck-slut! I watched her fuck your brains out in our bed, if you had a brain that is. I want a divorce and I never want to see you again."

"I'm so sorry Hanna, it's not what it seems to be, Cathy was not just a fuck, I am in love with her. You can have everything, I'll get out of the house today."

"That won't be necessary, I am going to see a lawyer and I want half of everything not all of it. You keep your car and I will keep mine, we will sell the house and split the profit." I gathered my clothes and personal belongings and hurried back to Bill!

It was so good to be back in Bill's loving arms again. He was pleased that everything went so well with my husband and said that we should take a trip somewhere and get away from it all. I said that it sounded like heaven but I had to get a divorce lawyer and be at my fitness center. We kissed goodbye and both of us looked forward to seeing each other again that night.

Things went well at the lawyer's office; he stated that as long as my husband signed the agreement papers, there was no need for me to provide proof of his infidelity. He said that I would be informed when the papers were signed.

I entered my fitness center and was pleased to see that it was busy; I went to my office to change into my shorts and tank top. I had disrobed when there was an excited yell, "Hanna! Where are you? I have good news, our new business, (Hanna the Home Wreaker) is now open!" Terry burst into the bathroom of my office and stared open-eyed at my naked black body. My 30yr. old redhead, green-eyed friend hugged me, planted a big fat kiss on my lips, and whispered in my ear, "You look good enough to eat, we will have to celebrate the opening of our new business!"

With everything going on, the new business had slipped my mind. Basically, when a spouse believes that their mate is cheating we investigate and make sure that the cheater does not get away with a settlement. Terry and another woman do the investigating, we have a secretary and the lawyer that I went to this morning is happy to get the business. I hurriedly slipped on my shorts and tank top in front of Terry's lustful gaze. I had no idea that Terry was into women!

I lead the 5'4" busty redhead to the weight room and told her to work off her sexual desires. I lifted weights myself and we worked ourselves into quite a sweat. There was only one other woman in the weight room; most of the women were busy on the exercise equipment. A young blond was struggling with the weights; the poor girl was very thin and was trying to lift twice her weight, not a good idea for a beginner. We relieved the girl of her burden and hung the weights on the rack; she was panting for breath and complained of being dizzy. Terry and I helped the exhausted girl to the sofa in my office and offered her water.

The sweet girl thanked us and attempted to stand, she fell right into me and apologized as she rested her head on my bosom. My nipples hardened and grew, goose- bumps ran down my arms and a tingle in my pussy started the juices flowing! I might as well have been in a wet tee-shirt contest; my sweat soaked top did little to hide my erect nipples. Lust filled the girl's blue eyes and she nibbled on my breast. Terry came up behind me and swiftly removed my top and her own as well! Then the sexy redhead took off the girl's top and shorts! She was now sucking my tits like she was dying of thirst and my nipples were a faucet to a mountain spring! It felt so good!

Terry was playing with her ass and tweaking her tiny tits. The girl's little white hand slipped in my shorts and played with my moist cunt! I gasped and moaned but managed to ask, "How old are you and what are you doing?"

She said her name was Cindy; she was 18yrs. old and had never been with a woman before but often fantasized about doing it, especially with a voluptuous black woman. I gazed in to her blue eyes and said, "Who am I to deny your fantasy, suck them good baby!" I hand feed the black melons to her and her sucking mouth went back and forth between my aroused nipples.

Terry got behind me and tugged down my shorts to make it easy for Cindy to finger fuck my dripping pussy. Now we were all naked except for our workout shoes. Terry started finger fucking the blond girl and told her to suck her tits too. Cindy was lost in lust and feverishly sucked on all four nipples. She was like a kid in a candy store. Cindy dropped to her knees and eagerly gobbled our pussies to quaking orgasms. The little blond girl looked so cute with her face glistening with pussy juice. When we were all spent, Cindy kissed us goodbye and thanked us for the best time of her young life. Terry told her that we enjoyed it and were looking forward to seeing her again.

On the drive home, I laughed to myself about my decision to limit membership to women only at the center, to avoid sexual situations, little did I know! Another thing, why did I consider driving to Bill's house as driving home?

As usual, Bill greeted me with hugs and kisses. He told me that he wondered where Cathy was and that he too started divorce proceedings. I gave him a copy of the tape we made at Cathy's movie debut and his attorney felt confident that she would not be able to get his money.

We went out and enjoyed a fine dinner and a great show. I really enjoyed the time I spent with Bill. I could care less about his money. Bill was just a grate guy and a fantastic lover. I told Bill about my other business and he said that the name (Hanna the Home Wrecker) was horrible. Laughing, I explained that my partner Terry came up with the name and that the only people that would have their homes wrecked were the cheaters. I told Bill that Terry would handle most of the work as I financed the operation.

When we got home and relaxed on the sofa, Bill shocked me when he got on his knees and proposed marriage to me. A huge diamond ring was slipped on my finger. I sobbed tears of joy and guilt as the events of the day flashed thru my mind. "I can't marry you Bill! It is too soon; I am not ready for marriage yet! Besides, we are not even divorced yet."

"Hanna, I love you with all of my heart and soul; you took away all of my hurt and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Please say yes, I know that I could never find another you. Don't you love me too?"

"Oh darling, you know that I love you but at my fitness center women have been hitting on me and I have always been curious. Well, today I had a threesome with two white women and I liked it! How could you ever want to marry me?" Bill held me in his loving arms and assured me that he loved me and asked if I remembered how much he was turned on watching his wife lick my pussy. He told me that I could have all the females that I wanted as long as I did not want other men! He added that he would love to watch or join in.

I agreed to marry him when our divorces became final and if he changed his mind, I would give him back his ring. He told me that he would never change his mind. I said, "I love you very much and don't want any other man; as a matter of fact, if you want me to stop fooling around with women, just say the word and that's the end of it. I will never do anything to hurt you."

The phone rang and it was my husband calling for Cathy; no one seemed to know where she was at and he was worried. I told him that I would try to locate her and let him know when I found her.

I called Doug at the film studio and learned that she was living with the couple that made the movie with her. The woman that made the movie let Bill and I in the run down house, she recognized me from the movie set and thanked me for the white whore! We were directed to a bedroom and there was Cathy being fucked doggy-style by a young black stud while a young black girl had her legs wrapped around Cathy's neck and was fucking the white girl's face furiously. We went back to the living room and were told that Cathy was taking drugs and paid for them by fucking. We were offered drinks but declined and left. I felt bad and decided to stop by and see my husband.

We sat in the kitchen with three beers, it was amazing how well my husband and Bill got along. When informed of Cathy's condition, my husband did not hesitate; he said that he wanted to get her back no matter what. That did it; we went back to the run down dump and took her with us. It was surprisingly easy, there was no struggle, they were all too high to realize what was going on. We went to the hospital and Cathy was admitted. Bill told us that after her hospital stay, he would send her to a place to treat her addiction, reasoning that she had been doing drugs for only a short time and that should help when they clean her up. My husband thanked us when we dropped him off and dejectedly walked in the house. I felt sorry for him.

After a fabulous lovemaking session, we talked about Cathy and my husband. I remarked that my husband often spoke of living in South America, he dreamed of making a new life in Rio. Bill looked in to my eyes and said, " After the divorces are final; if Cathy stays off the drugs and if they stay together and marry, I will buy them a nice house down there for a wedding present. With their own home and the money he gets from the sale of the house here, they will be off to a good start making a new life for themselves."

"Oh Bill, You are the most wonderful man in the world! After what they did to you, it is amazing that you would even think of helping them! Where have you been all of my life?"

"Thanks to you, she will not get anything from the divorce. Everyone should be given a chance and I am glad to be able to help them both out. My hurt and pain was short lived, if they had not cheated on us, I never would have known you and your precious love. We will go down there on a vacation and furnish the house and buy them a boat! Perhaps it was not their intention, but they opened the door for you to walk into my life. I am happier right now than I ever dreamed possible and want them to have a shot at happiness as well." We went to sleep feeling at peace with the world.

The next day as I walked to my office, Cindy excitedly waived at me from her exercise bike. Terry called and said that she would be busy with a couple of new cases and would be in tomorrow. April, my assistant entered the office to get a coffee and check with me to find out what was new. I explained to the 22yr. old buxom blond girl that I was in love and would be spending less time at work and suggested that we could hire some one new. The 5'6" beauty offered to pick up the slack and help out in any why that she could. I agreed to her proposal and told her that she was now the manager and would receive a substantial raise. April startled me when she flung her arms around me and planted a kiss on my lips! There we were nipple to nipple and I could feel that tingle again. She whispered in my ear, "I had no idea you were into women! Why didn't you let me know? You are the sexiest woman that I have ever seen; if you let me eat that beautiful black pussy between your legs, I will give you the best orgasm of your life!"

I gasped as I replied, "What are you talking about? What makes you think I'm into women?"

Her brown eyes sparkled with excitement when she replied, "I saw you and two women getting it on, I didn't mean to spy, I just wanted to ask you something but you were much too busy and didn't notice me! One of your friends is out there on the exercise bike right now. No doubt, she wants to eat your pussy again. Hanna, I can eat pussy much better than her! Please let me show you."

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