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Hannah & Kay


Copyright Oggbashan October 2003 The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

* * * * *

Hannah is dead. She was a real danger to me, even dead. You can read that story as "Hannah". This is the sequel. Hannah is my friend and Kay's. I thought I was safe from Hannah and happily married to Kay. But with two women loving me, even if one is dead, life can get complicated...

On a Friday evening about six months after our marriage Kay asked me to bring tea through to the living room of our house that used to be Hannah's. Kay wanted to talk to me.

This was different and oddly formal. We talked often. We talked to our dead friend Hannah who answered. Kay didn't make a production of talking to me. Who am I to argue? I made the tea and took it to the living room.

Kay patted the settee beside her. I put the tea tray down and joined her.

"Simon. Today I went to the chemists."


I can be slow on the uptake sometimes.

"I'm pregnant."

A short silence. In a small voice I asked:

"Are you pleased?"

"Are you?"

I couldn't hold myself back. This formal Kay might be odd but I loved her. A baby for us!

"Yes! It's wonderful news, I'm delighted!"


That was a flat response.

"What's wrong? Don't you want a baby?"

"Of course I do. I just..."

"Just what?"

"I wanted more time with you. Just you and us. Now we will be three and soon. Our lives will change. We won't be Simon and Kay. We will be Simon and Kay and a baby. I'm not ready to do all the 'mumsy' things."

What could I say? What she said was true. We had had a year as an engaged couple and six months of marriage. We had wanted to do so much together.

I hugged Kay. She cried on my shoulder. Eventually we poured lukewarm tea.

"We still have some time before you get too large. We can do a lot in that time. We could go anywhere."

That was true. Hannah had left me so much money that neither of us had to work. We still did but we could live on Hannah's money for the rest of our lives and still leave a massive amount to any children.

"I feel so rough. This morning I was sick. That is why I went to the chemists. If I feel like this I am not going to enjoy being pregnant. I won't want to travel."

"Have you told Hannah?"

"No. Hannah may be our friend, but my husband comes first."

"I know now. I think we should tell Hannah and ask her advice."

"Are you sure, Simon? What advice can a ghost give us? She was never pregnant when she was alive."

"I don't know what Hannah knows and what she doesn't know. I do know that she loves us. We ought to tell her."

"All right. We have to tell her sometime. I might as well get it over with."

This isn't the way Kay usually thinks of Hannah. Even though Hannah died because she couldn't have me, sometimes I think Kay and Hannah are closer to each other than I am to either. They have all-girl sessions for hours.

Kay and I put our heads side by side and sent a thought to Hannah. Instantly she was there with us. Kay told her baldly.

"Hannah. I'm pregnant."

"And you don't like being pregnant."

Hannah as a ghost was far more perceptive than Kay's poor boob of a husband. Kay blurted it all out in a rush.

"No, Hannah, I don't. I started today with morning sickness. I feel terrible and I feel deprived of the life Simon and I could have had. I'm not ready to be a mother, not yet."

"That, Kay, is the morning sickness talking and the normal reaction to any major change that affects your life. If you didn't feel like death warmed up," Hannah laughed. She knew all about death. "then you would react differently to your pregnancy. Lie back and let me get to work."

Reluctantly Kay slumped back on the settee. I could see Kay's hair being ruffled by Hannah's invisible hand as she gently massaged Kay's tension away.

"Now how do you feel?"

"Much better. The headache and nausea has gone but I'm still frightened."

"Of course you are. Having a baby is important. Men don't understand just how much it can affect a woman."

I wanted to protest but a warm ghostly hand pressed over my lips. Hannah's voice hissed in my head.

"Shut up, Simon. Let me deal with this. She needs a female now."

Hannah could "talk" to both of us at once or just to one. That remark was for me alone.

"I think Simon ought to leave us. He could go and cook the evening meal."

"I don't feel like eating."

"You didn't. That was before I worked on you. Think again."

"I do feel better. Perhaps I could manage a little."

"Hold on to that thought. I'll tell Simon what he has to do."

"Right, Simon. Kiss her and then start cooking a normal sized meal. Tell me when you are ready and I'll bring her. OK?"

"Hannah. You are a ghost. What do you know about pregnancy and babies?"

"I'm a FEMALE ghost. You should know. You have felt enough of me to know that I'm female. Kay needs a female now. When she thinks of it, and I'll make sure she does, she should talk to her mother - and to yours. Get going!"

I kissed Kay and went into the kitchen. When the meal was ready I thought at Hannah. Kay was in the kitchen a few seconds later.

"Well done!" Hannah whispered.

After the meal, Kay rang her mother and told her the news. They arranged to meet tomorrow morning. Then she told my mother. Their session would be tomorrow afternoon. I began to feel excluded from the feminine excitement. For both mothers this would be their first grandchild.

Despite Hannah's massage, Kay didn't feel too well. She diffidently asked me if she could sleep in the spare room.

"I could sleep in the spare room and you could have the large bed."

I offered but for some reason Kay insisted on me having the large bed. I felt hurt but I didn't say anything.

I went to bed alone. I felt very alone. It was the first time I had been alone in bed since I married Kay. I missed her presence. I was feeling sorry for myself until ...



"Who else? Get up."

I got up, naked. I sleep naked.

"Open my wardrobe."

Hannah still has a wardrobe and chest of drawers in the main bedroom. For a year after her death I had to live in her house and not dispose of any of her clothing or personal belongings. That was a condition of her bequest to me.

The year was long over. One day Kay, Hannah and I had sorted out Hannah's belongings and reduced them to the one very large wardrobe and a dressing table. Hannah said that she needed them to link to the house and to us. I wasn't sure she was telling the truth but it wasn't important. If that is what Hannah wanted us to do, we were happy.

From time to time we washed or cleaned the clothes. We used Hannah's favourite perfume so that they still had her scent. The central drawer of the dressing table still had her cosmetics and perfumes.

I opened the wardrobe door. Hannah's perfume wafted out.

"Get in the wardrobe."


"Go in."

I got in the wardrobe. It was tall and deep. Hannah had been a big woman. Most of the dresses in the wardrobe were ball gowns or full- length dresses. I barely saw over Hannah's shoulder when she was alive. The rail from which the dresses hung was almost beyond my reach.

The door closed behind me pushing me in between two dresses. The one in front of me bulged as Hannah put it on. Her silk clad arms closed around me. The voluminous skirt swathed my legs.

"What are you doing?" I asked. Ever since Hannah had "released" me, we had been friends, not lovers.

"What Kay has asked me to do."

"Kay asked?"

"Yes. She doesn't feel too bright despite my efforts. She knows you are upset. She asked me to take care of you. So I will."

That sounded ominous. Hannah had been too much for me as a woman and as a ghost. What could I do or say?

Hannah answered for me. Her lips met mine. I was kissed gently but firmly. Her hands slid down my back and pulled my hips against her skirt.

"I think we should go to bed, Simon. All you have to do is accept me as Kay's gift to you. You will accept, won't you?"

"Yes." I croaked.

"Come on then."

The wardrobe door opened. Hannah drew me out. In the dimness of the bedroom could see that the dress was empty but I felt Hannah's hand holding mine.

"I don't think I want to go to bed wearing this dress. It is too bulky."

The dress flew back into the wardrobe. A white night-dress came out of the chest of drawers and assumed Hannah's shape.

"There is one condition. Kay didn't ask for it. It is my idea. I don't want her to hear you."

While she was speaking my mouth was suddenly covered with tight silk. More wrapped my lower face. Now I was worried. When Hannah had gagged me before it was a preliminary to a night of near-death experiences. She sensed my fear.

"Never again, Simon. I love you and you and Kay are my friends. This is to protect her, not to hurt you."

I believed her. I still knew the safe word for release from bondage and it would work even if I thought it.

"No it won't Simon."

I had forgotten that Hannah could hear most of my thoughts.

"Kay and I changed it. She knows the new word. You don't. She can release you from me if she wants to. You can't."

Women! I'd been set up.

We got into bed. Hannah held me against her breasts. She removed the silk from my mouth and slid the night-dress down so that my face was against a naked breast. Her nipple sought my mouth and entered. I tongued, nibbled and sucked. I could feel Hannah's content almost as if she was a loudly purring cat. Her enjoyment swamped my senses. Eventually I fell into a blissful sleep with my mouth full of soft breast. Hannah's arms cradled me. Her voice in my head soothed me. As the dawn lightened the room I felt Hannah move. She lifted my head from her breast and the silk gag returned. I felt deprived of her comfort until I realised that she was going to do much more. Her warm hands were gently arousing my tool to an erection. I wanted to stroke her body. My arms wouldn't move. Hannah had pinioned me with bonds I couldn't see.

Hannah's body covered mine. Her breasts framed my head and lowered. My face entered the invisible cleavage covered by her white night- dress. She swayed, gently slapping my cheeks with her heavy breasts. She moved slowly and teasingly down my body until her pussy brushed the tip of my erection. She withdrew, then brushed again. I strained my hips towards her. When I could stand no more she engulfed me. Unlike my first times with Hannah the ghost, when she was as cold as ice, this Hannah was as warm and wet as a totally aroused living woman. She knew just how far to go to keep me on the edge of orgasm. She took me that far, let me subside and raised me again. When I was screaming silently into the silk she rammed me deep inside. I spurted everything into her and felt her reach her own climax. As we peaked together I felt a weird but thrilling sensation. I seemed to be Hannah and as if she was I. I was not penetrating Hannah nor was she absorbing me: we were flowing together as one person with no boundaries that said "This is he: this is she.".

As I relaxed from the peak of sensation I began to feel uneasy about what I had experienced. Was it safe to share so much with a ghost? Was I betraying Kay?

Hannah answered my fears.

"Calm down, Simon. It is safe. You are safe with me. Kay wanted me to do this."

I felt that Hannah was going to say one more short statement but stopped because I wasn't ready to hear it.

"You aren't ready. Yet. Kay or I will tell you soon. It is nothing to worry about."

Hannah's hand was stroking me. My bonds had gone. I was still gagged but I could move as far as the weight of Hannah's invisible body allowed.

"I have to leave you for a while. Kay needs me. While I am gone ..."

Hannah's night-dress collapsed on me like a pricked balloon. Then it moved again and I was inside it and helplessly wrapped like a mummy. Hannah had gone, making sure I would stay where she left me.

I was still conscious of Hannah's love. Her night-dress was a symbol of her love surrounding me. I dozed until she should return. I didn't try to call her. I trusted Hannah.

When Hannah returned she wasn't alone. Kay walked into the bedroom looking rather pale. She sat on the side of the bed. I felt Hannah's weight beside her.

"Hannah!" Kay thought.

"Yes, Kay."

"Unwrap him please. We need to talk to him. He looks slightly ridiculous like that."

"He does, doesn't he? Can't I leave him as he is? No?"

Hannah's night-dress vanished. So did my gag.

Kay spoke aloud.

"Hannah tells me you had an experience with her when you were making love."

"Yes." Kay seemed so matter of fact about it. Her husband had been making love to a ghost and Kay accepted it as normal.

"You felt that you were part of her and she was part of you?"


"What she didn't tell you was that it happens to me as well."

I blinked. My brain was whirling with the implications of what Kay had said.

Kay leant over and kissed my cheek.

"You love Hannah. I love Hannah. She loves me. She loves you."

I knew that.

"She is part of you. She is part of me. I am part of her. You are part of her."

What was Kay getting at?

"You are SLOW sometimes, Simon." came Hannah's thought.

"He is. What I am trying to say, Simon, is that through Hannah you and I are also part of each other. When you make love to Hannah you are also making love to me. When Hannah makes love to you, so do I. NOW do you understand?"

"I think so. Does that mean you knew what happened between Hannah and me last night?"

"More than that. I didn't KNOW about it. I was here with you two. Even though my body was feeling sorry for itself in the other room, I was making love to you. I felt your lips on my nipple. I felt you come inside me. Physically I couldn't have taken your weight on me or ridden you without being violently sick but through Hannah I could."

I hugged Kay and Hannah. We sat wrapped around each other.

"Thank you, both of you, for last night. I was upset and worried. You two changed that. But ..."

"Yes, Simon." Hannah answered my unvoiced thought. "You are part of me because we made love. So is Kay. Kay and I make love to each other. I can feel that it doesn't really bother you."

"It doesn't. I don't know why except that I trust and love both of you and I know you both love me."

"We do."

Kay continued "You have been part of me ever since we first made love. If there is love every act of sex mingles the people involved. You were already part of Hannah and she part of you before ..."

I stopped Kay with a kiss. Hannah, as she is now, is hurt by being reminded how badly she treated me. Hannah's arm squeezed me in an unspoken thank you.

We continued to talk together for a while about unimportant things until I went to make breakfast. Hannah soothed Kay so that the morning sickness abated. Hannah left when she was satisfied that she had done all she could for Kay.

After breakfast Kay and I discussed the plans for the day. Kay would go to her mother for lunch and mine for the afternoon and tea. I could potter around the house but Kay suggested that I took one of Hannah's cars and went for a drive.

"Why not take Hannah with you?" Kay suggested. "She hasn't been out of the house except for a minute or two with us at our work, has she?"

Kay giggled. "I don't think you should let her drive. That might be awkward if someone saw."

The giggle cheered me up. Kay must be feeling better. I thought about her suggestion. Hannah had been a great companion in our early days together. A day out with a ghost? Why not? I smiled.

Kay kissed me. The kiss became more passionate and demanding.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"For last night. I really enjoyed you. At first I was worried about letting Hannah loose on you. She reassured me. I loved having you against my/her breast for the night. When you woke up in the morning I was willing her on. It is a fantastic experience to have an out-of- body orgasm. I want more of them. You won't mind, will you?"

"I married you, Kay, not Hannah."

"You did. Now you have both of us. When Hannah is with you, so am I. Is that so bad?"

"No. It is fantastic. I am not so sure I could cope with you and Hannah together in one bed. Hannah on her own is too much for me. You on your own can be when you are really fired up. Two of you would exhaust me."

"Poor Simon. Poor pathetic little man."

"I can take that from Hannah, but from you - you are shorter than me, and lighter."

"By an inch in our bare feet, and by a couple of pounds. Wearing heels I'm taller. Pregnant, I'm going to be heavier. You had better be careful, Simon. I might smother you with my bigger breasts. I enjoyed using Hannah's massive tits on you. I like my breasts but being able to use Hannah's big knockers when I want as well as having my perky little ones for show is the best of both worlds. Which reminds me. We haven't told you about one of Hannah's abilities."

"Which ability?"

"She can change her shape and size, at least as far as we experience her. We have tried together. She has practised being me. So if I crawl into bed with you in the dark it might not be me. It might be Hannah. Not that it matters. Whether it is me, or Hannah, I will still feel you."

"So I could have two Kays in bed with me at once?"

"Yes. Why not? I might enjoy that. You could eat me and fuck me at the same time. Oops! Reminder for today. While I am with the grannies-to-be, please don't make love to Hannah. I wouldn't want to have an orgasm while drinking tea from fine china. Hannah can check with me to find out when is safe. I don't think I should be driving the car."

We both laughed at that. Kay having an orgasm at traffic lights would be embarrassing. Kay can be very vocal when she is aroused.

I asked Hannah. She was excited at the idea and suggested that we took the Lotus Seven. If she wore a headscarf and dark glasses she would seem to be a normal passenger. Kay went off to her mother apparently happy, although she admitted that she still felt queasy.

Hannah and I had a wonderful day. The Lotus was a delight to drive. We went to Hannah's favourite places. She pretended to be alive but well wrapped up in jeans, a polo necked sweater, gloves and scarves. She even drove the Lotus for a few miles, showing me how to get the best from the car's handling and performance. We returned to the house for a meal because she could not pretend to eat. While I ate my meal she remained wrapped up. I found her much more animated than usual.

After the meal Hannah took me to the bedroom. I sat on the bed. She took off her headscarf and lightly blindfolded me with it.

"I have checked with Kay. She is having a rest at your mother's house. So ..."

I heard Hannah open the wardrobe door and the chest of drawers and faint rustling of clothing.

"You can open your eyes now, Simon, " said Hannah as she lifted the blindfold.

I looked where her voice seemed to be coming from. She was fully dressed in a pastel pink high-necked shift dress with a white scarf over her face and a patterned scarf tightly wrapped around her head. Her hands were in silk gloves. Opaque tights sheathed her legs. She appeared to be a normal woman who had covered her face.

"Well, Simon, what do you think? Does this work?"

I wasn't sure. Hannah had made love to me last night wearing a night- dress. In the dark her invisibility didn't matter. Now - knowing that there was nothing to see behind the white scarf over her face - was it more or less realistic? All I could think was that it would be interesting to compare the sensations.

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