tagBDSMHannah Ch. 02

Hannah Ch. 02


Later that night they arrived at the restaurant and were shown to a table at the back. Tom had obviously been there before and seemed to know most of the waiting staff.

Hannah looked at the attractive guy sitting opposite her.

"Did you really like what I did earlier, I mean was I OK?"

"It was great, you were great," Tom smiled.

"Wasn't it a bit scary for you, you were completely helpless?"

"Completely at your mercy, I know, that's what made it so much fun." he replied.

Hannah looked a little embarrassed, "It feels strange, I've locked you up, put my underwear in your mouth and sat on your face, and now we're just sitting together in a restaurant."

"And you still have me locked in chastity." Tom reminded her.

Hannah had forgotten and checked that she still had the key in her dress pocket.

"You still have it?" he asked.

"Maybe," she giggled.

Tom watched her carefully, "It seemed as though you were enjoying yourself too."

Hannah looked down at the table, breaking their eye contact. "It was amazing, I mean, err yeah."

"So what did it feel like when I was chained up in the trunk and you were practically sitting on my face?" Tom asked.

Hannah blushed and tried to compose herself.

"Hey, I'm the dominatrix, I ask the questions here."

Tom held his finger to his lips.

"Sorry," she whispered.

They paused the conversation as the drinks arrived, this time carried by another waitress that Tom seemed to know. Although after giving her a quick smile, he returned his full attention to Hannah. Her dark hair was hanging around her cute face and she had an entrancing expression, a mix of excitement, embarrassment and arousal. "You look great," Tom said, "I love the way you look in that dress, you have no idea what effect you're having on my locked up cock right now. Hannah smiled coyly.

"And I love the way you giggle with excitement when you lock a padlock or cuffs on me. And I even love the way that you lock the cuffs far too tightly." he continued as he pulled up a shirt sleeve to reveal his red and sightly bruised wrist.

"It serves you right for trying to escape," she replied

"Escape? No one could ever escape from your cuffs Hannah."

"Well then, do as you're told." she smiled.

As they walked home, Hannah was desperately thinking through her next move. She would love to invite him back to her place and make out with him. But he hadn't shown any interest in her before she'd become his dominatrix and so if she dropped that act now, then he was bound to lose interest in her again.

Also, while she would have loved to sleep with him and start dating, she was also excited about the prospect of continuing to dominate him. He seemed to be so besotted with her as a dominatrix, she really could whatever she wanted to him. At her whim, he could spend the night in cuffs, or locked in the trunk, or with the panties that she was wearing right then stuffed in his mouth. Her mind started to play through the various scenarios, which unconsciously brought a smile to her face.

When they reached their apartment block, Hannah had made up her mind and took Tom by the hand and led him down in the building's underground parking area. Here each apartment had a car parking space, although Hannah didn't have a car, and a small secure storage room. She opened the padlock, slid back the bolt to open the barred door to her storage room. Inside there was her bike and a few suitcases.

"Sit here," Hannah ordered as confidently as her nerves would let her.

Tom had no idea where this was going, but so far he had enjoyed everything Hannah had done to him, so he played along.

She then unwrapped the old chain that she used to lock her bike from around her saddle. She then looped the chain around one of the building's steel columns and Tom's neck. Finally she took the combination padlock that was hanging on the end of the chain and used it to lock the chain in place. By the time she had finished, Tom was securely chained up and Hannah was shaking again from nervous energy.

"A combination lock, do I have to guess the number?" Tom asked.

"You'll never guess."

"It's your bra size, isn't it?" he joked.

Hannah responded by using the toe of her shoe to press down on his balls.

"Ouch! Sorry."

"Bad boy! For your punishment, you can massage my legs," she said as she lifted her dress up and over his head so that he was inside her dress.

It felt nice to have his head rubbing up against her thighs, but just as importantly, it made sure that he couldn't look at her in that sexy way that made her almost fall apart.

Tom wasn't complaining though, he had had worse punishments. Inside her dress it was warm, soft and fragranced, in fact everything that the storage room wasn't. He started to massage her legs using both his hands and his face. When he reached her butt, he ran his fingertips up inside her black silk underwear.

Tom slowly rubbed his mouth against the front of Hannah's panties and smiled to himself as he heard the inevitable response. He teased her by stopping and starting a few times before gently pulling the material aside and using his lips and tongue on her. He knew exactly what he was doing and by the time he had finished thirty minutes had passed and Hannah was panting.

She stepped backwards so she could see him again and sat down on one of her suitcases. "Wow," she mouthed breathlessly."

"Does that earn me the key to the chastity cage?" he asked hopefully.

She smiled. "Why, is it getting a little tight in there?"

"Hannah, you rub your butt over my face and ask if my chastity cage is tight?"

Hannah giggled, "Good it's supposed to be tight."

Tom looked up at her in the half light of the storage room. She looked different to yesterday, the innocence was fading and her eyes now had a mischievous, teasing look. She was increasingly enjoying the power she had over him. Her confidence was adding to her control, with Tom now having less and less influence over what she did to him.

He watched her take the key from her pocket and hang it on a hook on the far wall, well out of his reach.

"It's just over here," she purred as she returned and sat down on his lap with one leg either side of his body.

"What's the combination?" he asked.

"I'm not telling," she whispered into his ear.

"Just the first number?"

"69." she giggled and rubbed herself over his locked up cock.

In a moment of weakness Tom tried to kiss her, but she leant back and out of reach. She whispered into his ear again. "I'll do you a deal. Its 11pm, if you can escape and get to my apartment by midnight, then you can kiss me."

With that, Hannah stood up and walked over to the storage room door. She closed it behind her and blew him a kiss through the bars. She then strode confidently away, trying hard to hide her excitement.

Tom watched her long legs and swaying hips disappear out of sight before turning his attention to the combination lock around his neck. Only three dials, Hannah would be able to open it in seconds, he hoped to crack it within the hour. Although after only a few tries Hannah turned off the lights and he was plunged into almost total darkness.

It was starting to get cold, when at 11.30pm, the lock clicked open. '7-4-5, easy' he smiled as he jumped up and grabbed the key to the chastity cage. He pulled down his trousers, unlocked the padlock and finally freed his cock, over 24 hours after Hannah had first locked him in.

He then pushed the storage room door, but it was stuck and so he tried to slide the bolt back. Only then did he see the second combination lock, this time with 4 dials. He kicked at the heavy barred door and reached his hands pathetically through the bars. He'd totally fallen for her trick. He picked up his phone and dialled.

"I'm waiting for you." Hannah purred as she answered.

"Oh you're good," he smiled as he lay back against the cold, hard bars.

"Don't tell me you're giving up already."

"A second lock, that's not fair."

"Please, Hannah what's the number?" he openly begged as he randomly turned the dials with his free hand.

"Have you tried my bra size?"

Hannah then hung up but two minutes later walked back into the underground parking area. She was wearing high heels and black leather jacket underneath which she wore a very short black silk nightie. The jacket was unzipped, but she held it closed with her hands in her pockets. She walked up to the bars and looked down at where Tom was slumped on the floor.

"Wow, you look fantastic," Tom said.

"I see you've removed the chastity cage without my permission." Hannah replied.


Hannah smiled, she was feeling more confident. She felt that she finally had some real power over him, over and above that afforded by cuffs and padlocks.

"Please Hannah, what's the number?" he begged as he automatically kissed her shoe that she'd just pushed though the bars.

"Put your chastity cage back on." she ordered.

Tom tried to clear his mind, but the bars, her figure standing above him, and the smell of her leather shoe that he was kissing were overpowering. He pick up the chastity cage and slowly and as gently as he could, locked his cock back inside.

"Put the key in my panties." Hannah ordered as she opened her leather jacket a little.

Slowly Tom reached through the bars and slipped his slightly numb fingers into her black silk underwear. It was warm and right then he wished his whole body could slip inside. Reluctantly, he let go of the small key which dropped down into her crotch. He removed his hand and she quickly reclosed her leather jacket.

"Goodnight," Hannah smiled as she turned to leave.

"Hannah, I thought we had a deal?"

She smiled and walked up to the bars. "I didn't say I was going to let you out."

Tom was close enough to reach the key he needed to free his cock, but he didn't. Although this was way past anything he'd done before, he realised that her power was intoxicated him. Right then, looking at her semi naked body through the bars, she could have done anything she wanted to him.

"There are blankets and some of my old clothes in that suitcase."

Tom looked up and smiled resignedly.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you." he breathed.

Hannah started to smile, but stopped herself. "Enjoy your night behind bars," she replied as seriously as she could manage. He watched her silhouetted shape walk away as his numb fingers started to turn the padlock dials.

Hannah had given Tom the benefit of her sexiest walk as she'd left the basement, although once back in the warmth of her apartment she immediately questioned whether she'd done the right thing. She removed her leather jacket and looked at herself in the full length mirror.

It had seemed sexy at the time, but surely Tom couldn't be happy spending the night locked in that cold storage room. As she put her fingers into the front of her knickers and pulled out the chastity key she felt embarrassed, why had she made him do that? Why had she locked him back into chastity? She put the key down on her bedside table and sat on the edge of her bed.

She sat there playing with her high heeled shoe, slipping her foot in and out. She had to go and free him. But maybe she shouldn't, and anyway maybe he'd already cracked the combination. Wearing only her very short black nightie, she sat on her kitchen bench top and poured herself a glass of wine. And then another. After the second glass, Tom's fate was sealed.


Tom was woken at 10am the next morning by a knock on his front door. He wrapped a towel around him, walked to the door and found his neighbour standing there in a short black flared skirt and low cut stripy top. She looked slightly uncertain and was staring at the floor.

"I brought you some coffee?" Hannah said hesitantly, holding up two takeaway coffees.

She studied his reaction eagerly, but his smile told her that maybe she hadn't gone too far the night before. They sat down on the bar stool in the kitchen and started to drink.

"I don't think I'll ever forget the look of you in that black leather jacket, and not much else, through the bars." he smiled as he took a mouthful of coffee.

"How long did it take you to get out?"

"Long enough, it turns out 4 dials is much harder to solve than 3."

"What time you get out?"


"Oh my god, that's long. All you had to do was turn them to 9-4-6-9."

Tom smiled. "Nice skirt by the way."

Hannah smiled and slowly crossed her legs for his benefit.

"Don't do that!" he smiled as he pointed to his crotch.

"Nice chastity cage by the way," Hannah giggled as she pulled the towel from around Tom's waist and let it fall to the floor.

"Any chance of letting me out Madam, Mistress, whatever?" he asked.

"Mistress, I like it." she giggled.

"It's aching like hell."

"Kneel," she ordered as both of them tried not to smile.

Hannah stood up from the stool. "Find the key and I'll unlock you," she said, "but you can't use your hands."

Tom smiled and looked up and down her body checking for pockets, but there were none. It had to be in her bra. He ran his lips over her breasts and slowly worked his way all around them, cheating only slightly with his hands.

"And no tickling," she giggled, almost spilling her coffee.

"Enjoying yourself?" he asked as he put his lips over her erect nipples.

"Get on with the job in hand, if you ever want to get out of that thing."

"They're not here," he finally complained.

"Yes they are, keep looking."

He knelt back down and with his hands behind his back, put his head up inside her skirt. Again in no hurry, he ran his lips very gently around and inside her white silk underwear. He soon felt the key inside and used his tongue to let the key fall out and on to the floor.

Hannah pushed him backwards on to the floor and sat astride him, rubbing herself against the steel cage for several moments before unlocking him.

"Thank you," he cried as his cock immediately became hard.

"It looks as though you wanted to get out of that for a while."

"I did, but the key was inside your panties," he replied.

"Shame," she giggled as she sat back down on the stool, again playing with her shoe.

Hannah finally stood up and threw the coffee cups in the bin as Tom lay down on the sofa, put a blanket over him and closed his eyes. He opened them a few minutes later as he heard Hannah picking up his keys and phone.

"Let me cook you dinner at my place tonight, to thank you for the meal last night," Hannah said.

"What are you doing with my keys?"

"I don't want any distractions while you get your beauty sleep."

Tom watched as she took the key, knowing full well what she was planning. He watched her position the chastity tube and the unlocked padlock on the table, the key to the padlock was nowhere to be seen.

"Make sure you dress for dinner," she purred, pointing to the steel chastity device.

"And make sure you take the spare front door key from that drawer," he smiled.

Hannah then blew a kiss and left Tom's flat, dead locking the front door as she went. Tom lay back down on the sofa. Locked inside his own flat. Ironically, he had given the woman in the flat opposite his other spare key and now Hannah had his other keys. He was now the only person on the floor who didn't have a key to his flat.

He didn't even have a phone. And a few seconds later he didn't even have electricity, as Hannah switched off his power from the meter box in the hallway. He had no choice, but to lie there, think of Hannah and wonder what surprises his newly inducted dominatrix had planned for him that evening.

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