tagBDSMHannah Ch. 04

Hannah Ch. 04


The next morning Hannah woke and stretched out in bed. She felt the keys lying next to her in the bed and squeezed them into her body and smiled. With only a sheet to cover her, she rolled over and closed her eyes, what a lovely morning. She started to remember the fun that she and Tom had had the night before, the games, making love. She reached out, expecting to find him in the bed next to her, but she was alone.

Finally her memory caught up with her. Oh no! F***! She hadn't unlocked him from the trunk. The poor guy had spent the whole night locked inside, completely helpless and barely able to move a muscle. He had spent the whole night with her dirty panties in his mouth! Was he alright? Even if he was, this would surely be the last time he'd let her lock him up. How could she have been so stupid?

All sorts of scenarios ran through her mind as Hannah threw off the sheet, sprang out of bed and, with the keys in her hand, ran into the lounge. She fell to her knees and peered anxiously through the small air holes in the lid of the trunk. To her immense relief, Tom was still breathing and even better, he seemed to be fast asleep.

Quietly, Hannah took her keys and unlocked the two heavy padlocks and opened the steel trunk. Tom was sleeping and looked amazingly peaceful. Maybe this would be OK after all.

Hannah quickly showered and changed into her favourite blue jeans and fitted pink t-shirt and put her long hair up in a ponytail. She sat on a stool next to the trunk and tried to compose herself. She decided that the best approach was to act confident, as if she'd meant to leave him there all night. But inside she felt stupid, and the sight of her used underwear in his mouth just made her feel worse.

By the time Tom woke, she was sitting as calmly as she could, drinking coffee.

"Morning sleepy," she said as she bent down and pealed the duct tape from around his head.

Tom spat out Hannah's dirty underwear and slowly got his stiff jaw moving.

"What's the time, did I spend all night in here?"

"Yes, all night under my lock and key, held captive by a girl," she said with a slightly false laugh.

Tom however smiled at the thought as he struggled to climb out of the trunk with the fiddle and the cuffs still locked in place.

"Any chance of getting out of these?" he asked rattling the restraints.

"Maybe," Hannah replied as she crossed her legs and turned away to check her phone.

He started to notice the discomfort caused by the lack of movement, particularly in his arms. He knelt down next to her stool and looked up his jailer. Shit, she looked sexy. He loved those jeans, they made her butt look out of this world.

"Oh my, where did I put the keys?" she said, trying to sound as casual as possible.

Tom watched Hannah as she glanced around the room as if trying to locate the keys. Although after a little more prompting, Hannah stood up and pulled some keys from the back pocket of her jeans.

"I hope I haven't bent the keys by sitting on them," she said as she took her time inspecting each key to find the right one.

Tom smiled and raised his eyebrows slightly.

"And if you make one comment about the size of my butt, then I'll lock you back in the trunk," Hannah smiled as if knowing what he was thinking.

With plenty of further theatrics, Hannah slowly unlocked the fiddle and the foot cuffs, but left the handcuffs in place. She then tucked the keys back into her pocket and sat back down, pinning the keys beneath her.

"You forgot these," Tom said holding up his chained hands.

"I thought it might be more fun if you tried to pick those locks."

"Pick these! Have you seen just how complicate the key is? There's no way."

"Now, don't be such a defeatist," she smiled as she stood up and placed her bare foot down on the cuff chain, thereby pinning his hands to the floor, "I'll even give you a hair clip."

As promised, Hannah fetched a hair clip from her room and dropped it on the floor next to where Tom was still kneeling. She then started to walk around her apartment, cleaning up from the night before.

Tom played along and straightened out the clip and inserted it into the lock on one of the cuffs. For a few moments his positive attitude got the better of him and he tried in earnest to open it. However, a few minutes later reality kicked in and he threw the hair clip across the room. It was a pointless exercise.

"Hannah, this isn't going to work."

"That's a shame, I thought we could go out for breakfast," she replied while straightening the sofa cushions.

"We can, the cuff key is in your pocket!"

"I guess if you can't get out of your cuffs, then we'll have to stay in," she giggled.

She was starting to drive him crazy and so he stood up walked over to her. Hannah saw him coming and gracefully ducked under his arms and skipped into her bedroom. Tom, his legs still stiff from a night in confinement, followed her more slowly.

"Hannah, the key?" Tom asked as he cornered her in her bedroom.

"Silly ole me, have I got your key," she giggled as she ducked inside his cuffed arms and kissed him on the lips. Tom gazed into her dark eyes and hardly noticed as she pushed him backwards so that they both fell on to the bed. Hannah finally ducted out from inside his arms, sat astride him and pulled out the key.

"What's it worth?" she asked, dangling it above him.

"Not tickling you to death," he smiled as he lifted her t-shirt and tickled her around the waist.

Hannah burst into laughter and had to slide forward until she was sitting on his chained hands to stop him.

"OK, OK," she giggled as she slipped the key into one of the cuff locks and released his wrist.

However, instead of unlocking his second wrist, she simply relocked the first cuff around the metal bed frame. Before Tom could react, Hannah had jumped up and with her back to Tom, slipped the key into her back pocket and started wiggling her hips from side to side. With one hand tethered to the bed, Tom tried to vain to reach her.

"Looks as though we're having breakfast in, I'll go pick up some coffees."

Once again she had him helplessly chained up, she was getting quite a knack for it.

"Can I have the hair clip then?" he asked.

"Sure," Hannah purred as she blew him a kiss and left the flat.

Hannah returned with takeaway coffees and they sat together on her bed to drink. Once they had finished, Tom grabbed Hannah and pulled her pink t-shirt up and over her head, no mean feat for a guy chained by one wrist to the bed. Encountering little resistance, he started to unbutton her jeans and one handed started to ease them down over her hips. A few seconds later he was on top of her and they were making out.

Hannah finally got to her feet and walked totally naked over to the bathroom. She then stopped, turnarounded and picked up her jeans and threw them out into the lounge and out of reach of the bed.

"You didn't have to do that," Tom said, his plan to distract her and get the keys having failed.

"You've got your hair clip, now get to work." she purred, stepping into the shower.


Hannah stood in the shower debating whether or not she should share her next idea with Tom. It was a bit extreme, but the thought of doing it really excited her. So far Tom had played along with her suggestion, so maybe it would work.

Hannah towelled dry and then, to maximise her chances of success, dressed in the short yellow dress that she knew Tom liked. She returned to the bed and sat astride Tom's waist.

"I was just wondering," Hannah said as she played absentmindedly with the cuff that was locked to the bed, ".... whether you wanted to try something else...... maybe try a safe?"

Tom laughed out loud with surprise. "What? Well, I'm not sure. Anyway I wouldn't fit."

"You'd fit in the one at the advertising agency where I'm temping. It's Sunday so we'd have it all to ourselves," Hannah replied hesitantly, although wishing that she hadn't said anything.

Tom thought of what to say next. So far Hannah's crazy ideas had been fun, but surely this was too extreme. Also was it dangerous? Would he be able to breathe? What if the safe wouldn't open again? What it Hannah chose not to let him out.

At that moment, Hannah slid further up his body, until she was sitting astride his chest. Tom's attention quickly moved from the risks of her latest idea and back to her sexy legs and that yellow dress. Tom tried to kiss her legs, but Hannah kept them tantalisingly just of reach.

"What about we just go and look, I won't close the door unless you tell me."

Still fixated by the dress, Tom just nodded without really thinking.

While still sitting on top of him, Hannah unlocked the cuff from around Tom's wrist. Finally seeing his chance for freedom, Tom quickly pushed her over on to the bed and lay on top of her. It was amazing how different and less threatening she looked on the rare occasions when she didn't have him chained up.

Hannah led Tom on the twenty minute walk to her work. They walked through the unmanned reception, took the lift to the fifth floor and then opened the door with her pass card. As promised, there was a large safe that the agency used to store original designs, although for whatever reason it was currently empty.

Hannah took the key from her boss's office and turned it in the lock. She then typed in a code, which with hindsight Tom wished he had watched, and then pulled open the heavy door. Inside was a space 3 foot by 3 foot and 4 foot high. As Hannah had promised it was easily big enough to accommodate him.

"OK, just sit inside and see what it feels like," Hannah said, with her ankles crossed and nervously slipping one high heeled shoe on and off.

Tom opened the door a little wider and then carefully climbed in and sat down with his knees drawn up in front of him. He looked around at three sides of solid steel and one side of Hannah fidgeting in her yellow dress.

"Well great view of your legs," he smiled as she reached out to touch.

"Not now," Hannah slapped his hand away, "I want to know what you think."

"I'm not sure, it's a bit scary."

"What if I close the door a bit, I promise I won't lock it."

"Umm, well..... OK."

Hannah stepped back and slowly pushed the door until there was only an inch of light between the frame of the safe and the door. Tom reached out a hand to steady it and to make sure that she didn't close it all the way by accident. Hannah crouched down and looked through the gap where the interior was still lid by a small bulb.

"OK," Tom said slightly nervously, that's far enough.

"See you have plenty of room."

"It's not the space I'm worried about, it's the fact that I'd be completely helpless."

"I've had you helplessly locked up before."

"I know, but this is somehow more helpless."

Hannah stood up and looked at the almost closed safe. She was so turned on by the thought of locking him in and was desperate to hear the mechanism click closed. She had already decided that she would sit on top of the safe and masturbate, but all that was academic if he wouldn't let her lock him in.

Hannah was standing only inches from the door, a quick flick of her hips would be enough to push it closed. Oh she was so tempted, but even Hannah knew that wouldn't be fair. She would have to take the other approach.

She pulled open the door and stood in front of the safe with her legs part and her hands on her hips.

"Kiss my foot," she ordered, her sexual energy overcoming all her nerves.

Tom smiled and duly compiled and then worked his way up her legs as directed. By the time he kissed her inner thigh, his head was inside the yellow dress and the dress was working its spell on Tom. Hannah knew the moment was right.

"Are you ready for me to lock you in the safe?"

Hannah had to squeeze her thighs together, squashing his head, to get his attention, but Tom clearly said yes.

"Inside," she ordered.

Completely aroused, Tom complied, his eyes still on her body. Hannah pushed the safe door to and checked to make sure Tom wasn't protesting. She only waited a couple of seconds, but to her that was enough. She stood next to the safe and with a flick of her hips, pushed against the door with enough force to lock it.

"Oh my, silly me," she giggled to herself as she pretended that she'd closed it by accident and was trying in vain to open it.

Hannah's mouth was dry as she pulled off her knickers, threw then to the floor and then jumped up and sat down on top of the safe. Her first touch made her cry out loud. She startled herself, but soon realised that no one could hear. The office was empty and Tom was behind three inches of steel.

Tom sat inside in the dark, unaware of the girl touching herself above him. He couldn't hear or see anything; to him the world had stopped. But to his surprise he wasn't freaking out. All thoughts had left him, he couldn't even picture where he lived or anything else from the real world. The only image filling his mind was Hannah, her voice, her laugh, her figure, her cute face, her legs and the yellow dress. Time was standing still.

What neither of them knew was that Hannah's boss had just walked past reception and was making her way up in the lift. Within less than a minute she would be with them.

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