tagBDSMHannah Ch. 06

Hannah Ch. 06


"How do I look?" Hannah asked as Tom drove.

It was the classic question that guys get wrong. Getting it wrong for most men could mean the silent treatment while they tried to repair the damage that they had inadvertently caused. However, for Tom the penalty for getting it wrong could be much more interesting.

Hannah mystified him even more than the other women he had known, but he somehow knew that responses to these types of questions influenced how she behaved. Given how much control she had over him, responses to her questions could be greatly amplified in their effects.

Perhaps she would leave him chained up for a few more hours than she would otherwise have done, or maybe even leave him shackled all night. Or maybe she would tighten the cuffs just a few extra clicks, so that they bit into his wrists with no hope of any give in the restraints until she returned with her key. Tom had spent many hours under Hannah's lock and key, wondering what thought were going through her head.

Not that he had a problem being held captive by Hannah. Many times he had deliberately made inappropriate comments and then enjoyed watching her beautiful brown eyes widen with surprise and shock. She would then flick her hair behind her shoulders, purse her lips and that cute determined look would come across her face. Her voice would change from playfully to slightly more stern and she would stay that way until the cuffs had ratcheted closed and the padlocks clicked shut.

With Tom again helpless, her body would relax slightly and her smile would return, first just in her eyes and then across her lips. She would then shake her head slightly, to free up her long hair which would again frame her cute face. She would then look directly into his eyes with confidence returning, and then the teasing would begin as she took full advantage of her sexy prey.

How did she look? It was a very easy question to answer. Hannah looked beautiful, with her long brown hair up in a ponytail, her cute face, her short black cocktail dress that extenuated her perfect figure. He particularly loved her long slim legs, crossed twice as they always were when she was a little nervous, covered with thin stockings, held up by a suspender belt, hidden from view under her dress.

"You look fantastic." Tom replied honestly as he took his eyes of the road for a few seconds to admire her.

The look in her eyes and the sudden crossing of her arms suggested that she wasn't entirely happy with the response. And even though Hannah had the keys to his chastity cage tucked in her bra, the dress having no pockets, he smiled, she was a complete enigma.

They were driving to a party hosted by one of Tom's old work mates. Hannah was often shy when meeting new people and right then was sitting in the passenger seat, fiddling nervously with the two silver bangles on her left wrist. She could be a woman of extremes, shy one minute, confidently dominating him the next.

As they walked in to the party, it was clear that Tom knew nearly everyone. Hannah didn't know a soul and held tightly to Tom's hand. He took two glasses of wine and Hannah started drinking quickly to try and calm her nerves.

Although they were talking with an increasingly large group, Tom couldn't help but glance constantly at Hannah. Partly because she looked great, but also because he knew that she was holding the keys to his balls. Every time he looked at her, particularly when she noticed him and smiled back, he felt the pressure build.

Hannah knew the effect that chastity had on him and this was why she 'insisted' that he wear the cage whenever he left her flat. He would occasionally protest, but she would correct these misguided actions by ordering him to kneel down in front of her, a technique that was especially effective when she was wearing a short skirt or nothing at all.

Or sometimes she would order him to lie on the floor and she would sit astride his body, sliding up towards his head if further convincing was required. With Tom still pinned beneath her, Hannah would apply the cage, which by now was not an easy task.

When Tom next looked over, he saw Hannah on her own sitting on a stool by the bar.

"Hi, my name's Tom," he smiled as he walked over held out his hand.

Hannah giggled, but played along, "Hello Tom, I'm Hannah," she replied over her shoulder, while still facing the bar.

"Do you come here often?"

Hannah turned around on the stool to face him and recrossed her legs. As she did so, she took the keys from her breasts and let them fall to the floor.

"Silly me," she smiled.

"Allow me."

Tom knelt down and picked up the keys. As he did, Hannah uncrossed her legs so that Tom could see up her skirt, although she only allowed him a fleeting glance before recrossing them.

"You don't seem to have any pockets, would you like me to look after these?" Tom offered, still kneeling on the floor.

"That's very kind, but, umm, I don't think so."

Hannah held her hand out.

"Here are your keys Hannah."

"Thank you Tom," she smiled as she very slowly squeezed them back in place

"Nice to meet you Tom."

Hannah then stood, stepped over whether he was kneeling on the floor and walked away. She flicked her hair over her shoulder and swayed her hips all in one seamless move. Tom was mesmerised and only stood back up when another woman sat on the seat above him.

Hannah climbed the stairs and stood on the balcony overlooking the room below. She saw Tom stand up and knock into a blonde in a very short dress who had taken her stool. Hannah crossed her arms as Tom and the blonde started talking.

'He's no good to you sweetheart', Hannah whispered to herself, 'he's all locked up.'

Hannah continued to watch from her elevated position as the blonde moved her leg slightly so that it touched Tom's thigh. Hannah then smiled as she saw Tom discretely rub his crotch in reaction to a failed erection. Hannah watched with interest while subconsciously pushed the keys further into her cleavage.

Tom walked to the bar and looked back at the sexy blonde that he'd just blown off. Shit that cage was effective. He was used to the idea of wearing a chastity cage and Hannah having the key, but with such a blatant come on from the attractive blonde, he was now getting used to the full implications of what the cage really meant. He physically couldn't go with that blonde even if he wanted to. He was also a little concerned that Hannah had been watching and would no doubt respond in her own unique and unpredictable way.

Tom climbed the stairs and walked up behind Hannah and made her jump by kissing her neck.

"Did you enjoy watching that?" he asked.

"Probably more than you," she purred as she grabbed his chastity cage through his cotton trousers and twisted slightly.

Tom grabbed Hannah's butt, pulled her closer and kissed her. Hannah kissed and then gently bit Tom on the lip. With Tom distracted, she took her cuffs from her purse and ratcheted one around the hand that was holding her butt. Tom instinctively reached down with his other hand to try and stop her, which only made it easier for Hannah to cuff the second hand as well.

"Hannah! The key!" Tom whispered as he stood up against her with his chained wrists hidden between their two bodies.

Hannah just ran her hands up his arms and over his biceps. She loved his muscled arms and she loved the fact that all of that strength was useless against her handcuffs. She also loved the look on his face when she told him that the cuff keys were back at her flat.

Tom looked down at his cuffed hands. "There are many ways to tell your partner that you want to leave a party, but this one I think is unique to you".

"Stay if you want," Hannah shrugged her shoulders and stuck her tongue against the inside of her cheek.

Tom looked down at his shackled wrists in semi disbelief.

"And you certainly won't want me to be in a bad mood on the drive home." Hannah reminded him.

Tom smiled and ran his cuffed hands up the front of Hannah's dress. Yes, the drive home would be fun.

It was just after midnight when they carefully an discretely walked back to where they had left Hannah's old car at the back of the car park. Tom had assumed that she would trade it in when she bought her new car, but Hannah had had a better idea. It had taken Tom a couple of weeks to make Hannah's specific changes and he had had to buy a new seat, but it was how Hannah wanted it and this was their first time using the finished product.

Hannah took the car key out of her purse and unlocked the small two door car and lifted up the driver's seat as if getting into the back seats. But the back seats had been removed leaving an open space that lead into the boot.

"OK honey," Hannah smiled as she hugged herself and moved slightly up and down on the spot trying to keep warm.

"Now?" Tom asked, just to see the reaction

"Now!" she cried impatiently as she pushed him towards the car.

Struggling slightly with cuffed hands, Tom climbed in and lay on his back on the floor of the car, so that his head was underneath the driver's seat.

"OK," he said as he looked up at the beautiful brunette above him, her slightly dishevelled hair silhouetted in the street light and her silver earrings reflecting the light.

"I don't want any 'under' seat drivers," Hannah giggled.

She then lowered the driver's seat back down, which due to minor modifications, closed neatly around Tom's neck. Tom was now pinned underneath the seat with his face semi protruding through a hole that he had cut out of the middle of the seat.

"The world's first smother box in a car, I feel very honoured," Hannah said as she placed one high heeled shoe on the inside rim of the car and looked down at him.

Tom knew from their earlier testing that there was no way that he could reach the lever to lift the seat back up. Hannah knew this too and was in no hurry as she swung her hips further into the car and knelt one knee on the driver's seat just next to Tom's face.

"Hey, why are you keeping me waiting?"

"It's a long way home, it may even take us all night." Hannah purred as she ran her fingers up dress and around her black silk underwear.

Tom tried to reach up to touch her, but with the seat resting on his shoulders he could get nowhere near. Seeing his frustration, Hannah climbed back out, closed the driver's door and walked around to the passenger side. She climbed in and seductively sat her cute figure down on the passenger seat. She then proceeded to twist and turn and rub her butt into the seat just inches from where Tom was trapped.

"Hannah!" Tom cried out as the brunette pulled the chastity keys from between her breasts and ran them between her lips.


The car was cold and little goose bumps were forming on her tanned arms. Her nipples were also starting to create indents through her think black dress. Hannah reached back over the seat and started to unbutton Tom's trousers.

"Hey, are you taking advantage of me?"

"You're not that lucky.... not yet anyway."

She then took a padlock and slipped it through the handcuff chain and pulled it down to the chastity cage. Tom swallowed, his mouth dry from the excitement of his increasing predicament.

"I know how much you like being cuffed to your balls,"

Hannah had a half mean, half mischievous smile on her face as she padlocked the cuffs to the cage. She was breathing quickly, both excited by the prospect of the drive home and slightly nervous that someone might see them. Tom was past caring and was once again falling under her spell.

"OK, your turn," she finally smiled as she threw a blanket over his body and returned to the driver's side of the car.

This time, without much delay or theatrics she pulled up her dress and sat down in the driver's seat and looked down at Tom's cute face between her thighs.

"Why aren't all cars made like this, I love you down there."

Hannah loved his brown expressive eyes, even if they tended to make her fall apart. In her increasingly turned on state, she was glad that she could control the force of those eyes.

Which is what she did right then, as she closed her legs together and rubbed the back of her thighs across his face. Tom was moaning to himself, his chastity cage about to explode. He had thought about asking Hannah to unlock him for the drive home, but he knew from experience that that this would only prolong the predicament.

"And now for the real fun...."

Hannah pulled the lever and slid the seat forward. As she did so, Tom's face moved closer into her crotch. First his mouth disappeared from view and then his nose pushed up against her clit.

"Oh yeah," she cried as she moved the seat slightly forward and then slightly back multiple times.

Hannah then moved the seat further forward, her silk underwear sliding over Tom's face until she was sitting squarely on top. She settled down over his features and waited for the inevitable struggle as the air ran out. Only when the struggling became desperate did she slide the seat back so that she was sitting only on the lower part of his face, with his nose pushed up against her underwear.

"Now I suggest you think twice before commenting on my driving tonight."

Tom tried to reply, but she couldn't make out the words or decipher the tickling.

"Perfect you can't speak, I think we'll always travel this way from now on."

Hannah turned the key in the ignition and the engine turned over, but failed to start. Tom felt Hannah's butt muscles tense slightly and looked up. Hannah quickly closed her legs, she had Tom's mouth sealed up and certainly didn't want him expressing any opinion with his sexy eyes. She tried the car for a second time. On the third attempt the old car started.

Hannah pulled her dress back down and started to make her way out of the car park. She was now just a regular girl driving home from a night out.

Tom had been watching Hannah all evening, her body, her butt, the way she moved, trying to image what this would be like. Reality was ten times better. The vibrations from the old car felt strong on the floor and his face felt like it was acting as a shock absorber for the woman sitting above. The noise of the engine combined with the music from the old radio in the warm, scented darkness.

Ten minutes later they had left town and were driving along an unlit road. The feeling of Tom underneath her was starting to become a distraction for Hannah and on a couple of occasions she nearly veered off the road. Tom could feel the car sway and Hannah's body swaying in an attempt to keep the car on track.

It was over an hour later when Hannah pulled into her flat's underground car park. She turned the engine off and sat there trying to control her over aroused state. Tom had no way of knowing where they were, perhaps she could start up and keep driving.

However, she finally pulled up her dress, pushed her sear back and looked down at Tom between her thighs.

"We can sell my new car, this is the only way to travel," she said with a breathless hoarse voice that surprised even her.

Tom was also breathing deeply as he took advantage of his first fresh air.

"You won't believe how ready I am for you now...."

But Tom was cut off as Hannah moved forward and sat right on his face.

After a short delay, she pushed her chair back and giggled. "Sorry, you were saying?"

"Just wait until I get you inside." Tom gasped, absolutely desperate to pick up his beautiful girlfriend and carry her in to her bedroom.

"I can't wait," Hannah said as she opened the door and climbed out, throwing a scarf over his head to hide it from sight.

"Hannah, no way!"

She blew a kiss and then locked up the car with him still inside.

Inside the car Tom was going crazy. If only he could reach the lever to lift the seat, then he could get out. He could see it but wearing the cuffs there was no way to reach.

Tom was started to think that he'd be spending the night in her car, when he heard the locks click open and saw Hannah standing above him wrapped in her back silk robe. She opened the door and pulled open her robe to reveal her naked body.

She had showered and smelt of both soap and perfume. She had a very slight bikini line around her waist, but not around her breasts, which were slightly more pert than usual from the cold. Her hair hung down just below her shoulders.


She stood there thinking though her options. She watched his reaction as she put her hand on the seat lever, but didn't push it up.

"Who was that woman at the party?" she finally asked.

Tom swallowed, not sure whether she was serious.

"No one important," he replied hopefully.

Hannah looked unconvinced and then thought for a few more seconds.

"Can you hold your breath for one whole minute?"

Hannah checked that the car park was still empty and then pulled up her robe and turned to show Tom her naked butt. She then swung her hips inside the car and sat straight down on Tom's face. She started to count. In her aroused state, all her inhibitions were gone.

By the time she reached fifty, Tom was trying to turn his head, but his nose was too deeply buried for him to achieve any sideways movement. Sixty, she climbed back out of the car and wrapped the robe back around her body.

"Fuck that was amazing." Tom gasped.

Hannah smiled, pushed the lever and lifted the driver's seat. Leaving the car door open, she walked barefoot out of view and back to her flat.

Tom struggled out of the car, his hands still connected to his balls. Holding up his trousers with one hand, he carefully walked up the stairs to Hannah's flat and through the open door.

Hannah was sitting cross legged in the middle of her made double bed, completely naked other than the keys that she was playing with between her fingers. She slowly stretched up and climbed gracefully off the bed. She walked around Tom twice, looking him up and down before dropping his trousers and boxers to the floor and unbuttoning his shirt which then hung from his cuffed hands.

"Nice." Hannah rubbed her body against him and gently bit his ear.

Knowing exactly what would happen once he was released, Hannah excited fumbled and dropped the keys. She picked them up and unlocked his wrists and chastity cage. The second that the steel restraints fell to the floor, Tom grabbed her butt and with one leg either side of his body, lifted her up to him. He carried her so that her back was up against the wall and she started to kiss him madly. They started to make out and were still awake when the sun came up four hours later.

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