tagBDSMHannah Ch. 08

Hannah Ch. 08


It had been three months since Hannah had first knocked on Tom's door and inadvertently discovered his visit to the mistress. She had known immediately that this was too good an opportunity to miss. He was a fantastic guy, successful and popular, and despite her own good looks, she knew that she lacked the confidence to ever win his attention. Here she had both the chance to exploit a fetish that he hadn't shared with anyone else, and the chance to indulge in games that interested her more than she had ever realised.

They were now living together and while he provided most of the money, the friends and activities, she most definitely controlled him. Her dominance resulted in a sexual attraction that neither of them had experienced before, and that often made it hard for either of them to focus on anything else.

Tom and Hannah left their flat and took the lift down to the underground parking. This was going to be their first weekend away together. Hannah had insisted on organising the trip and had been very secretive about their destination.

"Which car shall we take?" Tom asked.

"My old one," she replied quickly.

Tom raised his eyebrows and smiled, he knew exactly what that meant. He looked at Hannah, who was wearing his favourite yellow dress that just seemed to hug her body so perfectly. He felt himself becoming aroused, at least as much as was ever possible inside the padlocked chastity cage.

"You did bring the key for this?" Tom tapped his crotch.


Tom gave her a friendly slap on her butt that made her giggle, then turn around and playfully stick her tongue out at him. As she walked, she turned around again to take another sneak peek at his chest and abs inside his tight t-shirt.

Hannah unlocked her car and lifted up the driver's seat and waited while Tom climbed in and lay down on the floor. She lowered the seat and looked down at Tom's face which now formed the middle of the seat; the part where she would be sitting.

"Do you like sitting on me?"

Hannah was always a little embarrassed when he was this blunt, even though she knew he only did it to tease her.

"Probably as much as you like being sat on," she replied after a slight pause.

In that case she did like sitting on him.

"Is it far?" he asked.

"You'll find out."

She swung her hips inside the car, pulled up her dress and lowered herself down. She positioned herself so that she was directly on top of her mouth, with his nose up against her panties, or at least where her panties would have been if she had been wearing any.

An hour later, Tom felt the car turn and the road become rough. The car bounced in and out of potholes and he heard branches rub against the sides. It was now just about possible for him to talk as Hannah had finally moved herself back so that Tom's mouth was free. This had been mainly for her benefit and she had enjoyed what he had been able to do with his freed tongue.

"Where are we going?" he asked, inadvertently tickling her clit.

Without stopping the car, Hannah pulled up her dress and looked at his red face, framed between her thighs.

"It's a secret."

Hannah closed her legs so that her thighs were touching as the car went up a steep incline and bounced over a tree root.

"What was that?" came a muffled voice from beneath her thighs.

Hannah held the wheel tightly and steadied the car. With the car back under control she moved forward again in her seat so that her butt again sealed his mouth.

"Anything else to say?" Hannah asked.

The car finally stopped and Hannah climbed out. Tom tried in vain to reach the lever to lift up the driver's seat. But Hannah was too busy looking at the house she'd rented. It was an old two story stone building, just back from a small deserted bay and miles from any sort of civilisation.


"Wow, it's beautiful..."

"Hannah, please."

The sun was reflecting off the calm water and the cliffs rising up either side of the bay. Hannah put on her sunglasses and with her hands on her hips, surveyed the view. She knew Tom was desperately struggling to get out and the very thought turned her on. How much longer could she legitimately wait before releasing him?

After an almost cruelly long length of time, she finally reached in with one hand and quickly flicked the lever to free him.

By the time Tom had climbed out, Hannah was at the old house, unlocking the heavy wooden door with an oversized key. It opened with a creak to reveal grand rooms with high ceilings.

Hannah ran in excitedly, looking in each room in turn. She then opened a small door off the hallway and walked down a steep flight of steps. Tom followed the excited brunette down the steps and into the cellar.

When he arrived, Hannah was standing at one end of the empty space inside what once had been the wine cellar. It was a space six foot square, enclosed on three sides and the ceiling by brick and on the fourth side by old iron bars. The middle third of the bars comprised a door that opened outwards. There was a heavy grill about six feet from the cellar floor that looked out at ground level on to the lawn at the front of the house.

"This is why I chose the house," she smiled excitedly.

Hannah was already standing inside what was would make perfect prison cell. She walked over and pushed the door shut.

"It's perfect, I assume you have a padlock." Tom said from outside of the cell.

"It's not for me!" Hannah exclaimed.

"Oh, I don't know, you look cute in there."

Hannah pushed the door open and walked out. This was one of Hannah's ultimate fantasies, to lock Tom in a dungeon, behind heavy iron bars. The intensity of the situation was actually making her nervous. It reminded her of when they first met and how she had felt the first time she'd handcuffed him. She had locked him in handcuffs hundreds of times since then, but the atmosphere in that dusty old cellar brought back the same emotions.

"You will be my dungeon slave," her very words make her shake with excitement.

Tom kissed her and squeezed her butt with both hands. As they kissed, she pushed him further towards the open door. When she stopped, Tom was inside the cell. She stepped back and swung the barred door closed, a little too quickly and it made a loud clang. Tom reached through the bars and kissed her again.

"Aren't you going to lock me in?" Tom asked.

"Yes." Hannah immediately searched through her handbag.

"Quickly, or I'll escape."

Hannah was starting to get cross with herself, where had she put it.

"Too late," Tom started to push the door."

"No!" Hannah cried as she put one leg against the bars to hold it in place.

Tom pushed a little harder, pushing Hannah slightly off balance. She then used her butt to increase the force and the door clanged shut for the second time. Tom took the opportunity to kiss her, even though he knew such an indulgence would inevitably lead to his imminent captivity.

A few second later Hannah had found the padlock and used it to lock the barred door. She stepped back.

"Wow!" she cried.

Tom rattled the bars for effect as he watched her face closely. The amazement in her eyes stayed, as her mouth slowly turned into a smile. She swallowed and rubbed the palms of her hands over her hips.

"Come here," Tom breathed as he reached through the bars.

Hannah obeyed and walked closer so that they could kiss.

"I don't usually do this, but today you just look too sexy," Tom panted.

He took the key from her hand and unlocked the padlock. He swung open the heavy door, grabbed the excited girl and lifted her up. She immediately wrapped her legs around his waist and started kissing.

He carried her upstairs into the master bedroom and laid her down in the middle of the large four poster bed. While sitting stride her waist to make sure she didn't move, he ran his hand over her breasts and down into her bra. Hannah was already moaning softly as he pulled out a small silver key.

Tom put Hannah's arms above her head and used one hand to pin both of them in place. With Hannah secured to the bed and writhing around in ecstasy, he stood up and undid his trousers and let them drop to the floor. Again with just one hand, he used the key to unlock his chastity cage. Finally free of the cage, he lay down on top of her and smiled as the brunette started madly kissing.

An hour later Tom was exhausted and lay on his back with Hannah cuddled up to him. She was ready to go again and went down on him to encourage him to continue.

"Hannah, I need a breather."

"You know what that means?" she replied looking at the cage.

Tom just lay there as his inexhaustible girlfriend picked up the chastity cage and sat on his chest, with her back to him. He felt her position the cock ring. Tom smiled to himself as he started to exploit her weakness. He reached around Hannah's waist and pulled her backwards until her clit was above his face. He then pulled her down on to his tongue.

"You can't stop me that easily," Hannah breathed.

She dropped the padlock between his legs and by the time she had retrieved it, the cage was no longer in place. After a few seconds of being completely lost in her own thoughts, Hannah refocused and tried to push the cage over his erect cock.

She gently, but firmly pushed it into place, she was desperate lock him up before her next orgasm. It was in place, just. She was breathing harder, oh God. She slipped the padlock through and snapped it shut just in time. She threw the key across the room and into the bathroom as she collapsed down on to his legs.

Hannah rolled on to her side and slid her head between Tom's muscular thighs so that she could admire the cage from all angles.

"Nice try," she panted as she slipped the heavy steel cage into her mouth.

It was Tom's turn to moan, even inside the cage, her mouth could do amazing things.

"OK, let's go again," he breathed.

"Too late for you," Hannah replied kissing the cage.

Tom lay back and relaxed, that was fine with him, she had done more than enough for now. He thought about earlier in the cellar and a smile came across his face.

"Hannah, you must be the world's worst medieval jailer, letting your prisoner escape just because you wanted to make out with him."

Hannah wrapped her thighs around his neck and tightened.

"You're still in my custody."

"But I know your weakness, I can escape anything."

"You're very cocky for a condemned man who's lost his freedom and is about to be incarcerated in a dungeon."

"Do I get any special privileges?"

"Nope! Maximum security from here on, and the guards are pretty sadistic."

Tom smiled to himself as he kissed the inside of the woman's thighs.

"Where is the key to open these?" Tom pulled against her legs.

"No key, just the mind of a crazy woman."

"Piece of cake."

She squeezed harder, it felt nice between her legs. She was in no rush, neither was he.

Tom and Hannah ate lunch together on a picnic rug on the lawn outside the front of the house. In line with their role play, Hannah had locked his wrists, ankles and waist in high security transport restraints, with the cuffs locked a little too tightly as usual.

Tom was wearing only black silk boxers, while Hannah was in short pink cotton shorts and tight white t-shirt. Due to the restraints, Hannah pretty much had to feed him, but given that she couldn't keep her hands off him, it wasn't an onerous task.

Tom lay on his back with Hannah's head resting on his chest, looking up at the blue sky and a couple of birds that seemed to be playing together over the cliff.

"As free as a bird," Tom said as he watched.

"Mmm, just like you aren't," Hannah replied.

"They don't know what they're missing."

"You're my little bird in a cage," Hannah said as she gently bit his lip.

"Unless I escape."

"I'd like to see you try..."

Tom took the bait, rolled on to his front and struggled to his feet. Hannah sat on the rug laughing as he hobbled off as quickly as the four inch ankle chain would allow. She jumped up and quickly overtook him and stood blocking his way, her hands on her hips.

"Nice try, but I'm afraid attempted escape carried serious penalties."

Tom smiled and raised his eyebrows suggestively as Hannah unzipped his fly. However, unfortunately for Tom, she then took hold of his chastity cage and used it to lead him back to the house. Despite his stronger physique, he followed every move made by the slim five six brunette.

"Still thinking of escape?"

They looked at each other as she slowly led him back to the house and down to the basement. Hannah watched the muscular athlete hobble slowly and helplessly behind her. Tom, meanwhile, was focused on Hannah's cute butt moving in her pink shorts.

Why had he been so tired earlier? He would give anything to make love to her again right now, but he knew she wouldn't allow that. But then when they had made love, it was the thought of her leading him to the dungeon that had run around his mind. Maybe Hannah would remove his cage and release his hands so that he could have some relief? No chance he thought, she would ensure he saved himself for afterwards.

Tom hobbled into the cell.

"Kneel down."

Hannah was once again aroused by the dark, dusty feel of the cellar and its solid brick walls and ceilings. To make sure she didn't fall for the urge of making love to him again, she quickly left the cell and padlocked the barred door behind her. She tucked the key into the front pocket of her shorts and then walked back and forth admiring her beloved prisoner.

Tom watched her perfect figure through the bars, knowing that it was now hopelessly out of reach.

"How does it feel to be in there?"

"With you the other side of the bars in those shorts, fantastic."

Hannah smiled, this was gorgeous.

"I have to drive into town for some food, I hope you won't miss me."

"Not at all I may go for a run."

Hannah's stern role play face broke into a smile.

"Sure, you can hobble around your six foot cell all you want."

"Given that you can't keep your hands off me, I'll be out before you know it."

The stern look was back, "Oh didn't I mention that I've sentenced you to thirty years imprisonment. In fact I won't even unlock your cell until three decades have passed."

Even though he knew she was joking, the thought of spending a big chunk of his life in the cell sent a shiver down Tom's spine. He thought about how Hannah could buy the house and keep him there forever. There really would be nothing he could do about it.

"You can have your phone while I'm gone," Hannah said, her attempt at a stern expression somewhat at odds with her cute little shorts and t-shirt and her tendency to giggle.

"This is the phone that you have locked so that the only person I can call is you?"

"That's right sweetheart."

"And this is the phone that you use to send me provocative photos of your body so that I get even more frustrated that I'm locked in a cage?"


"You keep it."

Hannah thought about this for a moment. What if there was an emergency and he needed help. Tom knew what she was thinking.

"Hannah, you have me shackled in a cage, what sort of trouble can I possibly get in to?"

She walked up to the bars and they kissed. Then without a word, she turned on her heels and left. Tom watched her climb the stair and leave the house. He then watched as her sandals walked past the heavy grill and then, within half a second, were gone. The car started up and the noise of the old engine soon disappeared into the distance.

Tom sat down against the wall and listened to the old house creek. He could hear the waves in the bay and the birds that they had watched earlier. He certainly wasn't free as a bird now.

He looked down at the cuffs that held his hands on either side of his waist. He looked at the empty keyholes wondering if there was any way that he would be able to pick them without the key if he really had to. He laughed and looked up above him at the sunlight streaming through the grill.

When Hannah returned, she walked quickly past the grill and went upstairs to the bedroom. She stood in front of the old freestanding mirror and unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She removed her underwear and shoes and took another shower.

She then took her new dress from her suitcase. It was a white shoulderless, knee length dress that she had had specially tailored. She eased it over her naked body and struggled a little to zip herself in. The cotton felt lovely against her naked skin.

The dress managed to be both classic and sexy at the same time. It fitted perfectly around her breasts, her narrow hips and her pert butt, before flaring out down to her knees. She watched her reflection as she twirled and flicked her hips and blew kisses at herself. If the dress was already turning her on, what would it do to Tom?

She finished the outfit with white heeled sandals, sunglasses and a pale wide brimmed summer hat with a flowery ribbon that held her long brown hair back over her shoulders. With her book in one hair and her keys in the other hand, she walked back downstairs and repositioned the picnic rug on the lawn, only a meter from the cellar grill.

Tom watched as Hannah sat down on the rug facing the grill, with her legs and feet together at her side. Her lightly tanned skin looked fantastic against the white fabric She looked classically feminine, he almost expected birds to come down and start singing.


Hannah smiled, she had made a good first impression. She peered into the darkness of the cellar and could just make out the light and shadows falling on his muscular chest and toned forearms. She loved his abs and legs as well, but unfortunately they were hidden from sight.

"Is it time for my exercise time, I have some ideas that you may like."

"Thirty years isn't up quite yet."

"What! Hannah, you're driving me crazy!"

Hannah pulled her sunglasses off a little and winked at him. She then lay down on her front on the rug, facing away from him with her legs tightly together. She propped herself up on her arms and with her legs bent up at the knees and feet crossed, began to read.

"Hannah, please!"

He studied how the dress moulded itself up and over her bottom. This was too much.

"Please Hannah, just throw me the keys."

Hannah just rolled to one side, placed the keys where she had been lying and rolled back on top of them. They felt lovely, strategically positioned beneath her.

Tom swallowed on his dry throat and pulled pointlessly at the cuffs. As he watched, Hannah rolled over on to back, threw her head back and bent one leg slightly. Tom watched with anticipation. She took off her hat and flicked her hair out. She then opened her legs a little more so that Tom could tell what she was, or rather what she wasn't, wearing underneath. Tom nose was now pushed up against the cold steel grill.

After what seemed to be an age for Tom and only a few seconds for Hannah, Hannah stood up, smoothed down her dress and stood with the tips of her shoes touching the grill. She stood there, almost feeling Tom's eyes run up her legs to her naked crotch and back down. She could also see his full body from this angle, his muscles tensing and glistening slightly from perspiration.

She jingled the keys from one hand.

"Only twenty nine point nine nine years to go, sweetheart."

"The last ten minutes been an eternity," he breathed.

"Well you'd better get used to it. I've got the only keys to your prison cell."

Hannah turned so that Tom could see up her skirt to her butt, again almost feeling the heat of his focus on her skin. Then without a word, she clipped off in her heels and a minute later was in the cellar.

She unlocked the cell door, walked in and pulled down Tom's boxers. She un-padlocked the chastity cage and then dropped it and her bunch of keys to the floor. She wasn't going to free him any more than was necessary.

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