tagBDSMHannah Ch. 11

Hannah Ch. 11


It was Saturday morning and already 10am. They had been at a friend's house until past midnight and hadn't got to sleep until gone two in the morning. Tom was still tired and slightly hung over, but this would hopefully be a very big day.

As he started to focus, he checked to make sure that he was free of chastity cage, panties and anything else that Hannah might have used on him. For once he was unrestrained. He looked at Hannah who was cuddling up against his chest with her long brown hair sprayed out in almost 360 degrees around her head.

He kissed her, eased out of her embrace and got up to get some water. By the time he returned, Hannah was kneeling on the bed, completely naked, with her big brown eyes watching him.

"What shall we do today?"

"It's a secret," Tom replied as he bent over to kiss her.

"Tell me!"

Hannah pulled him on to the bed and sat astride his chest, she would keep him pinned here until she had an answer. She ran her hands over his chest, feeling the muscles.

"You'll find out soon enough, sweetheart."

"Tell me!"

Tom rolled Hannah off, took her by the hand and led her in the shower and turned on the hot water. When they were done, he carried her out of the shower, with her legs wrapped around him, and deposited the cute brunette on the bed. He then opened Hannah's wardrobe and lay his favourite yellow dress on the bed next to her. She had worn that dress the first time she had offered to be a dominatrix, the memory of which was still very clear in Tom's mind. She had also worn the dress on other occasions where she had wanted to be at her most persuasive, such as when she'd locked him in a safe.

Without stopping for breakfast or even coffee, Tom took Hannah by the hand and led her down to the underground parking garage.

"Let's take my car, I'll drive." Hannah said.

The very thought of Hannah's car with its built in smother box turned Tom on and he was already getting hard simply from her suggestion. They would take her car, but Tom would drive for now. He sat in the driver's seat, with the hole beneath him that was usually filled with his head, now filled with a cushion. Tom started the car and drove out of the garage and then out of the city.

He looked across at his girlfriend. Her initial excitement of dressing up and Tom taking her somewhere as a surprise was now tempered by the fact that he was driving. She sat on the 'regular' passenger seat, wishing that she he was underneath her, kissing her, massaging her, making it almost impossible for her to drive. Maybe he was starting to lose interest in that, maybe he was starting to lose interest in her. She hadn't locked him in chastity before they left and he hadn't even reminded her. She crossed her legs and arms and looked silently out of the window. Maybe she was crazy to think that he'd like her and her games forever.

Half an hour later they arrived at a restaurant perched on the side of a hill, overlooking the coastline. The waitress smiled at Tom as they walked in, but then that wasn't unusual. The waitress led them to a private room furthest from the bar, showed them inside and then closed the door behind them.

Hannah walked over to the balcony and looked down over the steep cliff edge to the water beneath. She was about to speak when she turned around and saw Tom on one knee in front of her.

"Oh my God!" she held both hands to her mouth.

"Good to see you're playing it cool."

Hannah didn't react for a few moments, but then walked closer until her dress was almost touching his face.

"Will you marry me?" he asked.

Hannah put her hands to her mouth again and turned away for a moment and then back to face him. Tom looked up at her almost uncontainable excitement. All she had to do now was to say yes, but then Hannah was never that accommodating or straightforward and would never pass up a chance to tease.

"You realised that you would be condemning yourself to a life of.... well, slavery!"

"Slavery? I hardly think so."

"You don't know what I have in mind."

"That's true, but..."

"And complete obedience."

"I'm looking forward to that," he smiled.

Hannah had now recomposed herself, which Tom knew would only make his task harder. She always took advantage of her power over him and he guessed that his proposition would be no exception. Hannah checked that the waitress wasn't in sight before lifting her dress.


She stepped forward and dropped the dress back down with Tom's head now inside. She could be crazy, but that was just one of the million reasons that he was so desperate to marry this fantastic girl. He gently kissed the front of her knickers. Surely no other guy in the history of the world had had to resort to this while proposing.

Hannah knew her answer, but even at a time like this she wanted to exert her power. His kisses felt fantastic. What must he be thinking inside there? How long could she keep him waiting under her dress? At all costs she had to accept his offer before he changed his mind. Hannah stepped back so that her dress pulled away from his head.

She looked down at his hopeful eyes, "Yes, I will!"

Tom jumped up and hugged her, lifting her off her feet and swinging her around. After kissing for a few more minutes the waitress coyly opened the door to give them the wine list. Tom studied the list and quickly ordered. He then asked the waitress for directions to the bathroom.

Hannah was sitting at the table, bouncing her legs excitedly under the table when Tom returned and sat down opposite her. Shit, he was sexy, could they do it here? Tom then dropped a small key on to the table in front of her.

"You forgot to lock me up this morning."

"Yes I did."

Hannah smiled, she always seemed to feel happier when his cock was in lock down. She hurriedly picked up the key, knocking her fork as she did so. She slipped it underneath her and sat down on top.

"I guess today of all days you should own me," he smiled.

The conversation stopped as they both took in their new relationship.

"I've always wanted a house with a dungeon," Hannah finally said, almost to herself.

"With a prison cell?

"Yes, with steel bars and a big padlock on the door," Hannah fantasised.

"And a pool table?"


Hannah gave Tom her sternest look before they both laughed. Tom refilled their glasses and they both studied the menu. Hannah looked up, thinking hard.

"I probably keep you chained or cuffed for three or four hours a day.....umm, so you would be imprisoned for five years out of the next thirty!"

Tom put down the menu and thought about her love of putting her dirty underwear over his head at night, often a couple of times a week.

"And I will have your panties over my face for maybe three year."

Hannah blushed and put her wine glass to her lips. The idea was both sexy and crazy at the same time.

They spent the next three hours in their private dining room, eating, drinking, talking, kissing. By the time they left, a storm was building out to sea. Tom drove as they travelled up the coast to a remote house only fifty metres back from the coast.

Once at the house, they changed and then Tom led Hannah back out and down the steep path to the beach. He was in board shorts and white t-shirt. She was in a short white flowery summer dress that reached halfway down her thighs, but the wind from the building storm meant that it blew up constantly revealing white cotton underwear. In her hand she carried a pair of cuffs, although Tom doubted that there would be much to cuff him to on the deserted, windswept beach.

They reached the beach and Tom picked her up and gave her a piggyback down to the water. Hannah laughed, wriggled and hugged him tightly as he pretended to drop her off in to the ocean. When he finally put her down on the beach, she was looking very sexy and determined.

"Come with me!" she shouted over the noise of the water and the wind.

She took his hand and led him up to the back of the beach. Hannah had seen an old metal sign which she thought would easily be strong enough to secure her fiancé. She positioned Tom next to it and pulled his hands behind his back and chained them around the metal post.

Her face was inches away from his, her long hair blowing out in front so that it touched his face. He studied her excited features, her dancing eyes, her perfect lips that looked as though they were about to kiss, her pert nose that looked just a tiny bit posh. She looked at him, amazed as always that someone so good looking should be so madly in love with her. He looked particularly rugged in the wind and she couldn't help but kiss him.

It was still hot and the humidity was even higher, a sure sign that the storm was approaching. It was starting to rain with heavy drops of water falling. Hannah threw her hands up and danced in front of her helpless guy. Her dress was now soaked and she pulled it off over her head and it blew away before landing on the sand in front of Tom.

Hannah walked seductively up to him, removing her wet bra and underwear as she moved. She pulled down his shorts to reveal the locked chastity cage.

"Oh damn!" she cried.


"Wait here!"

Tom stood helplessly as Hannah, now completely naked, ran back up the steep path to the house. He watched her pert butt bounce away and out of sight. The rain was getting harder and the wind stronger, although he still felt hot, due in part to his incredible girlfriend.

Five minutes later Hannah ran back and this time Tom watched her modest, pert breasts bouncing around. She knelt down in front of him and quickly unlocked the padlock and freed his cock.

"Hannah, my hands," he reminded her as he shook the manacles.

Hannah was already climbing on him and positioning herself to make love, but without him to hold her it was too hard.

"Lie down," she ordered.

With Tom still chained to the post, they lay side by side on the sand and making out over and over. They were both drenched by the rain and the noise of the wind and the water was deafening. After a while when Tom was exhausted, Hannah knelt astride his head and pulled him as close in to her as she could. The wind and rain only added to Hannah's appetite. She tasted slightly salty, they both did as the spray from the sea covered them repeated.

When Hannah finally released him from her thighs, she cuddled up against his chest, sheltering from the wind. She felt safe and protected beside him, even though he was still helplessly chained up. She held him tight, showing no intention of moving.

"Hannah, where are the cuff keys?" he called.

Hannah nestled into him more tightly as they heard thunder in the distance. The storm was definitely getting closer. The evening light was now starting to fade.


His fiancé reluctantly stood up, with one foot either side of his body and looked around. As she did so, lightning lit up her lithe, naked body. She then skipped over him and went to retrieve the key from the pocket of her sodden dress.

Tom lay exhausted in the sand as he looked up into the driving rain to see Hannah's naked form above him, swinging the keys from her fingertip.

"Fancy staying here for the rest of the storm? Or would you like to come to bed with me?"

"Bed! Please."

Hannah put her hands on her hips and looked down at him.


Tom smiled to himself. Marrying Hannah was in many ways like being chained on a beach in a storm; a little crazy, sometimes frustrating, occasionally dangerous and painfully, but always wildly exciting.

Hannah dropped down on to his body, her wet hair hanging down, and released him from her cuffs. They ran back up to the house and into the shower, the water falling on to their already soaked bodies. This would be a night to remember.

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