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Hannah Takes It For The Team


I play in a football team, soccer for some of you guys. It’s loosely based around a local pub, although no more than half the players drink there regularly outside of match days. The team’s a good cross section of the area I live in. Young professionals, like me, along with a lot of blue collar boys, a policeman a couple of unemployed blokes. I think that’s why I like it, it makes you believe that Thatcher was wrong, that there is such a thing as society. It’s also pretty good Sunday morning exercise. I certainly don’t play for the glory: to say the team’s average would suggest that we win sometimes, and frankly this is rarely the case.

A couple of weeks back though, we had a new lad join us: Luke, he’s only 18, just become eligible in the league we play in. He’s a skinny little runt really, but boy can he move, and the ball looks like its glued to his feet. He far outclasses the rest of us, he’ll probably soon move to a better team, but the mood in the changing room after we won four nil was amazing. Normally everyone has a quick shower then we head off to the pub to drown our sorrows. That Sunday there were whoops and hollers, everyone horsing around, someone had produced a crate of Stella and the guys were all drinking, not in a hurry to leave and lose the moment.

Hannah often comes to watch me play, provided she’s not too hung-over from Saturday night. We’d had a quiet one the night before so she’d seen the whole match this time, about the only supporter on our side. I guess she was just bored of waiting on her own, but there may have been some deliberate mischief in it, it’s hard to know with Hannah. Anyway she walked into the changing room bold as brass and came right up to me and gave me a kiss.

Someone wolf-whistled, a couple of blokes who were naked hastily wrapped towels around themselves. Derek, a gym toned mixed-race guy was in the shower and carried on washing unbothered. To be honest when your body is as built and defined as his you probably aren’t concerned who sees it. When Hannah looked his way she let out a loud “Phwoorr!” and laughed. Derek laughed to, a little shyly almost. Then, perhaps to cover this with bravado, he shouted:

“Come on then, Darling. Let’s see what you’ve got”.

Some of the boys cheered. A brief chant of ‘Tits out for the lads’ went round, but I don’t think anyone seriously thought she would. As I guess you’re starting to realise though, Hannah is a pretty game girl. She unwound her scarf and let it drop to the floor with an extended arm, just like a stripper would. Then slipped off her coat and hung it on a peg. Someone started to sing “Da na na Na, Da na na Na…” the universal stripper tune which probably no one has ever really stripped to. Hannah did though, she stood up on a bench unzipped her little hoody and let that fall too, now wearing only a tight t-shirt on her top half. The singer continued, joined by others now, a few people clapping in time. Hannah started to wriggle her hips, giving a little dance as she eased the t-shirt up to show her svelte stomach, then a black wonderbra, then took it off entirely. There was a big cheer, and then a louder one as she reached around behind her to undo the bra. She unclipped it and let it drop in one movement. But the guys, who were all gathered watching by now, only got a brief glimpse of her perfect little tits before she raised her hands up to cover them. She was still dancing, and turned her back to us. Then, with her hands dropped, she span around again with breasts uncovered. There’s not an ounce of spare fat on Hannah, and even though her tits could be bigger, she’s really stunning. I felt totally proud, hearing all the guys cheering and whistling for my beautiful bird.

“And the rest,” some one said.

Hannah laughed. “It would cost you a hundred quid to see the rest,” she said.

She climbed down off the bench and went to retrieve her bra. She’d meant it just as a way of saying ‘that’s all you’re getting boys’. But she’d underestimated the mood of exuberance after our victory, and the strength of desire some of the team must have had to see her body. Before she’d even finished putting her bra on a whip round had produced a hundred pounds, which was placed on the bench next to her by Mike, a friend of mine who’s in advertising.

“Is this alright with you?” he asked me.

I shrugged, “if it’s cool with Hannah, it’s cool with me”.

Hannah caught my eye, and I realised that it was definitely cool with her. She had a hungry set to her jaw and I felt myself stiffen slightly as it occurred to me that it probably wasn’t going to stop with the strip.

She had her bra off again in a second and started to push her trousers down. There was no singing this time, the atmosphere was electric. She sat down and held her legs out for me to pull off her shoes and socks, and the trousers bunched around her ankles. Then she stood again, dressed only in a tiny black G-String and twirled slowly around so that everyone could see her firm butt, bulging like a perfect bubble on either side of the thin lace line.

I think the guys would have considered honour satisfied if she’d stopped there, but Hannah hooked one finger either side of her panties and wriggling her hips dropped them to the floor. Everyone clapped and whistled now. She’s got a gorgeous pussy, shaved with just a narrow strip of soft blondish hair left. She started to stroke her thighs and tits, dancing to a music that only she could hear and really getting into it. The tension in the room was palpable now, and I could feel Hannah’s sexual arousal too. She lifted one foot up onto the bench and began to play with herself. Just pretending to start with, but quickly getting into it and rubbing her clit for real.

I was hard as a rock and I noticed that Derek, out of the shower but still naked, was hard too. Bulges in various other towels and pants suggested we weren’t alone.

“I think you’re going to have to fuck me, honey,” Hannah whispered to me. “Come on, let’s put on a show for your friends. She sat back on the bench and opened herself wide, flicking her clit and teasing her nipples with the other hand. She looked amazing, and I dropped my towel to the floor and knelt on it, which brought me to just about the right height to penetrate her.

I never get over the first moments when I enter her, feeling my cock gripped so entirely by her tight little snatch, and the sudden closeness, the perfect intimacy that lets me know I still want to spend the rest of my life with her.

I’d never had sex in public before, but years of porn or natural instinct allowed me to put on what I think was a pretty good show. I tried to keep her body visible to the guys now huddled around us. Hannah moaned and shouted and generally made me look like the biggest stud in the world, which was pretty good for my ego. I shut my eyes to concentrate on not coming. I have an image of an old maths teacher of mine that I favour for the purpose. When the wave had passed and I opened them again I saw that Hannah was now pumping a cock with her right hand, pushing the foreskin back over its engorged length frantically; and holding out her left hand expectantly for it to be similarly filled.

It quickly was, Josh, an unshaven electrician who plays defence almost pushed a couple of other guys over in an effort to get his big dick into Hannah’s hand. She murmured admiringly over it and started to suck it too. I was enjoying myself too much to stop her, but I doubt if I could have anyway, she’d gone into a cock hungry daze.

As the first guy came she turned her head from Josh’s dick to try and get the spunk into her. Most of it splashed over her face, but she managed to swallow some, and demanded more. Another cock was quickly moved to within reach of her grasping hand.

I knew I couldn’t hold back for much longer, so instead of trying to I fed Hannah my dick and watched her large lips pull forward and back on it until I came down her throat.

“Thank you, darling,” she said. “I love you so much. Can these guys fuck me?”

I appreciated her asking, at least it made it look like it was my decision. I nodded and stepped back from her. Then, thinking I might as well look really in control I slapped Derek on the back and motioned for him to take my spot at Hannah’s hungry cunt.

Derek knelt down on my towel, having to crouch slightly being taller than me, to push himself into her. His cock wasn’t that long, but it was fucking fat. Hannah looked in heaven as he forced her further open with every thrust. Her still wanking and sucking on the two cocks by her head. Josh seemed to have stamina but the guy at her other hand came quickly, even before she had a chance to try and swallow it. Instead her blonde hair got coated in his sticky goo.

I could feel myself getting hard again already. She looked like such a slut lying there moaning, covered in cock and cum. But I could see I wouldn’t have my turn again for a while. There was a sort of queue forming, blokes edging to where they wanted to be. Four or five waiting and watching at her pussy, others hanging by her hands where they knew they had more chance of a quick turn. Some of the guys were openly masturbating over the scene, but slowly, anxious not to come until they could have a turn. No one caught my eye, I could have been invisible, I guess they assumed that this was grossly offensive to me. Not knowing that seeing my lovely girlfriend getting fucked is one of the great joys of my life.

“Don’t come in my pussy, come in my mouth,” Hannah said to Derek, pushing her clit further against him as he continued to pummel his beer-can of a cock into her stretched cunt.

She mustn’t have said it too soon because she was presented with his dick and a gush of hot sperm straight away. She licked around the glans, cleaning off all his juice and her own. Josh finally came almost before Derek could get out the way. Hannah really gripped his bulging cock and sucked every thread of jizz into her slut throat. The two guys high fived each other, which made me feel a little sick, something slightly too degrading about it. Their places were quickly taken over by two more.

Luke was at her pussy now. Our young superstar striker. He had a skinny, kids’ dick. I was surprised Hannah would be able to feel it at all after Derek’s massive girth had just been pulled out. But she moaned appreciatively when he finally managed to get it in on the third or fourth attempt.

“Come on fuck me you little barstard,” Hannah snarled between mouthfuls of cock.

Luke looked offended to start with before he realised it was an encouragement not a dis. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost his virginity that afternoon in Hannah’s hot little cunt. His thrusts were erratic and fast paced and he didn’t last long.

Hannah lasted amazingly well. I reckon she fucked seven guys by the time we left the changing room, and pulled or sucked off four more. Only one of the team hadn’t come on or in her: a married guy who clearly took his vows pretty seriously.

The guys all went to the pub, but I couldn’t bear it. I drove an exhausted Hannah home instead. She curled up against me on the sofa all afternoon, with the look of a contented cat on her face. I love her when she’s like that, fresh from the shower and totally sated. But not as much as I love to see her pink little slut cunt getting pounded by strange cock.

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