tagIncest/TabooHanna's Daddy's Lap

Hanna's Daddy's Lap


Thanks Dale and Secretsxywriter for the editing assistance.

Author's note: This is the end of the sequence of stories related to Hannah's Lap. One night adventures of a college girl and the family of her best friend. All characters should be imagined as consenting adults exploring slightly past their own sexual experience.


"Aum, aum, aum. Ugh, ugh! Aum, aum, aum. Ugh, ugh, ugh!"

How had this happened?

My mouth was bouncing off the sloppy and open cunt of Mrs. Kimmel—Becky—while my pussy was raised high off the mattress with Mr. Kimmel, sliding deeply in and out of it. Each collision of his hips against my ass made me grunt in a loose, hungry moan. My mind swirled with sensation and my mouth ached for the soft swallowing pussy lips hugging my cheeks. All I could do was hang onto Becky's hips and rub my open mouth into her dripping gash as her husband plowed into the folds of my cunt. I was gushing my juices as he pumped into me. My inner folds felt like sheets let out after washing, flapping open and closed as he kept opening me with his man-sized cock.

This all started with Hannah. Seducing me into a frenzy as I was laying on her lap while watching a movie. After sharing orgasms I had to climbed into bed with my sexy friend, and Hanna's sister, June. June was so disappointed that I had played with her older sister before playing with her. I tried to show her how it all just, kind of happened, but I only ended up sliding my fingers into her slick cunt and tasting my first needy, wet pussy with my mouth. The poor girl came so hard I thought she'd wake the neighborhood. Instead she woke her mom and then passed out into a deep sleep. Even though I am a grown woman, I thought her mom would want to punish me for driving her daughter so wild with lesbian play. She did, but not in the way I expected. Every time her flat hand came down on my bottom, I moved closer to a trembling orgasm. Her punishments put me right over the edge and I ended up coming hard again.

I was just about to get the upper hand. I could see that Mrs. Kimmel was filled with bursting lust after my performance. Pushing her back onto her bed, I was just about to see if mom tasted as delicious as her daughter. What happened next shouldn't have been a shock to me, as I knew Mr. Kimmel had been sleeping in the bed the whole time. Just as I crawled up onto the bed Mr. Kimmel stirred and asked forcefully what was going on.

I jumped down off of the bed, hiding at the foot of it. My heart pounded as if I had been caught almost raiding the cookie jar, or in this case Becky's honey pot. Mrs. Kimmel was just as shocked as I was. Her legs clapped together so fast they made an audible slap as she gasped in surprise.

"Hey sweetie. Um. Looks like you caught us a little bit. Do you remember June's friend Tina?" Becky's voice was a bit giddy and apologetic. There was a combination of embarrassment and lusty gravel in the tenor of her voice.

Mr. Kimmel was still rubbing his eyes and trying to figure out exactly what he had woken up in to. His gaze caught mine as my startled doe eyes peered up over the mattress.

"Jesus Rebecca, you found yourself another one." There was a joyful chuckle in his voice as he playfully admonished his wife.

"Well, this one is special sweetie, because I've been pining for her so long." Becky seem to be matching Mr. Kimmel's playful tone and I suddenly felt like a canary trapped in a room with two cats.

"Well, let's just see how much pining you've done for this sweet little beauty at the foot of our bed this evening." Mr. Kimmel reached between his wife's legs and gently open her up again, as he spoke. He slid his hand down her thigh and cupped her pussy with his broad fingers.

"Jesus, sweetie. You've got my wife all kinds of juicy here." He said to me as he massaged his fingers over her cunt.

"Ugh. Fuck yes she does. Hmm," Becky said in a growl of excitement through closed teeth.

"Why don't you climb up here girl and show me what you were going to do to my wife's slippery slit." He was looking at me as he spoke, but I was looking between Becky's legs as he patted her pussy with his fingers.

Her juices had already coated his fingers. There was a wet sound of splattered liquid and her hips jumped every time his fingers spanked down gently. Becky produced far more mucous than her daughters. Their juices were clear and oily like glycerin. Becky's looked thick and rich in her arousal. As Mr. Kimmel spread his fingers, her release looked white and frothy on his digits. Her scalloped lips looked swollen and inviting. The urge was so strong to nuzzle my mouth into that exotic space between her legs, I couldn't help but want to move in closer even though I knew I shouldn't.

My body physically hurt with conflict as I resisted my urge and desire. As I climbed up on the bed and felt compelled forward as if an unseen force was pushing me towards her cunt. I even tried to pull myself back, just to see if I could, but I continue to move forward, crawling across the mattress. My mouth dipped low and I heard myself moan as I breathe in her scent. My chin, mouth, cheeks, and nose, all nuzzled into her at once. I didn't so much eat or lick her right away. Instead I just rocked my face in a back-and-forth motion, wiping my face with her juices. Mr. Kimmel wiped his coated fingers over my brow competing the mask of Becky's cunt nectar on my face. Only then did I start licking and tonguing her cunt in earnest.

"Fuck baby. You've got a hungry one here. God, that's fucking sexy." I felt this wave of heated pride swell inside of me at Mr. Kimmel's praise at my eager desire. I only doubled my intense slurping of Becky's delicious fluid as I heard her moan in response.

I felt Mr. Kimmel shift on the bed and sit up on his knees. I felt Becky shift as she leaned into him. I knew they were sharing a deep kiss and I looked up from her cunt to see. I only saw them for a moment, tangling their tongues with a familiar passion that made me jealous for their obvious connection. My eyes glances to my left and I saw Mr. Kimmel's erection, hard and strong under his loose boxers. Out of the corner of her eye she caught me looking.

"What to take a peek sweetie?" I heard her say and her voice startled me. My attention had so suddenly been draw to the hidden contours of Mr. Kimmel's sizable cock.

All I could do was smile with my mouth still dripping with her juices. She reached over and grabbed his waistband and in one easy movement unveiled his solid member.

It was beautiful. It looked think and heavy. Circumcised and dripping pre cum already down the head I was in awe of the intricacies of its shape. The shaft was rich and textured with veins and my pussy clutched as I thought of that spongy head entering me and my labia spreading and riding over every curve and contour of his cock.

Becky smiled and leaned over to him and drew him into his mouth. I was amazed as I watched him disappear between her lips. My mouth opened a little wider in solidarity with Becky as she opened her jaw and allowed him to slide in. First the deep red tip disappeared and then on inch of the shaft and then the next. Her mouth kept sliding forward and his cock kept finding a place to go. How do you measure a cock? From the scrotum to the tip, or the tip to the pubic bone. Either way I didn't know how she took him all in and pressed her nose to his tummy.

She drew back and then dropped back down, bobbing her head giving Mr. Kimmel obvious pleasure. Her mouth popped off of him and am she took a deep breath of air and grinned.

"Want a taste sweetie?" Becky asked with a breathless, almost drunken voice, pointing the shaft of his cock in my direction.

"I couldn't possibly take all that." I said in a husky whisper.

"Oh, I will help you sweetie. John, sit back baby. Tina here, obviously knows how to swallow pussy. Let's give her a quick lesson on swallowing you hon'." Becky pushed her husband back onto his pillow. He sat with his legs out stretched and his back leaning against the headboard.

His cock sat up like a flag pole at attention between his legs and seemed even larger now that his hips had pivoted below him. I knew that half his length would stop at the back of my throat and any more, well I just didn't know where that would go. I looked over at Beck and she had taken the same posture. Her legs were out and he back was against the headboard. I had that feeling again of being a meal for these two amazing predators. I felt a tremble run through my body.

"Come here sweetie. I want to kiss that sweet nectar from your lips." Becky beckoned me with her hand out to me.

I straddled her legs and put my ass down on her thighs. Her breasts gently tickled against my sensitive nipples. We kissed and she used her tongue to taste herself from my lips, chin, checks. My body burned with excitement. I felt like a kitten be tongue cleaned by her momma cat. It felt so controlling. I felt so submissive to her touch.

"Purse your lips together sweetie." She suddenly commanded, taking my head in her hands and pulling me back slightly.

I pouted my lips together as if to kiss. Becky smiled and snaked her tongue out towards me and pressed between my closed lips. She darted in and out just to my teeth at first. I just stayed still and let her as I felt the wash of warmth drain me of my will and give into her any desire.

Her tongue probed in deeper and her tip tickled. Then she tilted my head and pressed in further. As she opened her mouth wide I opened as well, but kept my lips wrapped around her tongue as it filled my mouth. She speared into my mouth again and again and I felt this ache in the pit of my stomach as her tip tickled the entrance of my throat. I was so caught up in the motion I started suckling on her tongue and it pressed deeper and deeper. When she released me I was breathless and my mouth felt swollen and open from my lips to my throat.

"Hmm. Good girl." She looked at me and admired the daze, trance like expression she had put on my face. "Now. Kiss my husband for me baby. Show him." She was so soft in her command, but so certain and forceful. As she pressed my side to move toward Mr. Kimmel I felt his hand take my elbow and guide me toward him. I moved like a puppet from Becky's lap to his. My legs opened over his thighs. I felt the heat escape from between my legs to the cool air of the room. He took my waist in his hands and settle me down over his thighs. I could feel myself dripping as these two seemed to be playing with me like a horny doll.

I leaned in as commanded and kissed him with my mouth open and my head tilted to one side. I put my hands on his large firm chest. Everything on him was a scale larger than Becky and having played with three woman in the course of an evening I found the size of this man surprising. His wet tipped cock touched my bellybutton. As I leaned in and caught his tongue between my lips, I flushed with the notion that if I let him enter me with that cock, it would press itself that deep into my body. His tongue felt huge in my mouth compared to Becky's. My heart pounded with the thought of being filled by his huge cock and wondered just how much I would be able to take into my slight frame. It felt good though, just wiggling my hips and engorged clit against the base of his shaft, my mouth pulling his tongue into the back of my throat. I was becoming more energetic again throwing off my passive trance. Wiggling my bottom against his cock, pulling his mouth into mine with my hands at his neck.

"Mmm. Mmm. Mmm," I moaned as I pulled him in deep and lifted my hips up his shaft. I stroke length of his cock with my scalloped labia and it felt so good grinding my slippery clit into his steel hard penis. He finally had to pull with effort my suctioning lips from around his tongue.

"Jesus baby, you brought home a wild kitten didn't you?" Me. Kimmel said an air of awe and entranced arousal in his voice. It made me warm and feel powerful.

I sat up further and raised my breasts into his face and he did reflexively just what I hoped. He drew my left breast into his mouth and it felt absolutely delicious. I felt this wash of power and control that made my pussy tighten and drip as it hung now just above his tower of a cock. The power I felt was soon washed away with a wave of overwhelming sensation as Becky's mouth nuzzled in and suckled my right breast. The two of them were like synchronized dancers swirling tongues over my heavy swelling nipples. I couldn't help but moan out in a breathless staccato. They were feasting on my breasts with this amazing hungry energy. I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed as if with each suckle a piece of my decision making mind was falling further away from myself.

As if to prove the point, I felt Beck's left hand on my right hip and then Mr. Kimmel's on my left and they both put even steady pressure. I felt my knees open to each side of his lap and my hips sank. I felt his spongy tip pressing into my inner folds and a cold sensation of uncertainty swept through my body. Even as my lips began to slip over the top of him I wondered if I would be able to accommodate his full cock. I groaned as his slick tip pressed into me and my lips collapsed around is more slender shaft. I couldn't seem to help my body from dropping as I felt my cunt expand and unfold to fit his thickness. As I felt the last inch of him enter me, I had another gush of panicked thought.

It felt like my body had been fitted with another appendage. Mr. Kimmel had filled me with such completion that I couldn't tell where his body began and mine ended. I felt pressure rise and tighten with his cock pressing at the walls of my vagina. The thought suddenly occurred to me that it may have been slender enough to slide inside of me, but what if it was too large to be pulled out? At the very suggestion in my mind, my whole body tightened including my pussy. It felt even more lodged in my cunt that before. My pussy walls were gripping his cock with strength. This time it was Mr. Kimmel who moaned. My body fluttered with sensation and my eyes blink rapidly. In that moment I saw the expression on his face. His eyes had a tint of fear and I wondered in that brief moment if he thought he was stuck inside of me as well.

My tight pussy milked his cock as I lifted my hips up and felt the walls of my cunt collapse behind his retreating tip. The sensations sparkling through my body were drawing my mind down my spine. As I brought his cock back to just as my entrance I felt this amazing emptiness which I just had to fill with him again.

I slide down onto his cock again and my body rewarded me with warm waves of unrelenting pleasure. My mouth was open and didn't feel it could close. Becky took advantage by pulling me to her and kissing my open, softly moaning mouth. With each lift of my hips and then plunge of his cock, Becky pulled my gaping mouth lower on her body. I found myself tipping down to taste her neck, tits, belly and then I'm not clear how we transitioned.

I suddenly found my mouth back open and suctioning into her open cunt. Mr. Kimmel had shifted from below me to behind me. I don't remember his cock ever leaving my cunt. Somehow I just floated around to my hands and knees.

Becky was grabbing my hair with both hands and holding my open, moaning mouth into her slick pussy. Her legs were open so wide I felt I could lick her deep enough to stimulate her spine. I was lost in the ocean of her soft wetness.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kimmel was plowing me deep with that solid member. He was still matching the same slow rhythm of my hips but I could tell he was anxious to start to pound me harder, faster. My cunt was relaxing to his size and even as it hugged against his invading rod, I was craving the collision of his hard driving hips slamming into me.

The higher my arousal grew the faster and harder he began to fuck me. His balls swinging into me and slapping into my clit made my face burn with pleasure. The tingles in my cheeks sparkled against Becky's cunt as I felt my chin driven into her again and again.

I grunted wild as I knew my cum was coming. I felt my cunt begin to contract hard over his cock and my body seemed to melt. I closed my eyes and just bathed in the overwhelming sensation of orgasm. I felt Becky's cunt swallowing against my chin as she matched my climax. The roots of my hair hurt as she pulled me in hard. Her hips were thrusting into my face as pushing my head backward. My tits swung with each collision of the cock and balls burying deep into my trembling slit. Then he just stopped. He cock, was as far into my body as he could press. My soft folds opening for him so that he could nuzzle his hips between my open, trembling thighs. I felt the first hard spurt of his cock splash against the root of my cunt and I squealed hard into Becky's gushing sex. The second spurt put pressure on my trembling folds deep inside and I felt the puddle of cum and juices inside me start spitting down my thigh and begin to river down onto the bed. At the third spurt, I felt emptied of thought and only felt the sparks of full sensation devouring my body.

How long did that moment last? How many spurts did he gush inside of that fisting cunt? How much cum did I drink from Becky's squirting pussy? I can't keep the image in my mind clear enough to say with any certainty. All I know is that once we were done I melted down between them and fell into a deep sleep of a woman released of any need or desire. They touched and stroked my body together in awe of the experience we shared, until I faded from the world and fell into a deep slumber.

When I woke, the bed was empty and I could smell the scent of bacon, toast and coffee. I got up and slipped on a man's button shirt from the side of the bed and headed in the direction of breakfast.

I stopped when I reached the kitchen and saw Hannah and June drinking coffee at the table and mister and misses at the stove making breakfast. They turned around and looked at me with knowing grins as did the girls from the table. My body burned with embarrassment and excitement as I wondered what could possibly come next after the night I shared with all of this happy family.

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