Happily Ever After

byadam applebiter©

It was... different, but it sounded like fun and Eric's friends were used to eccentricity. They cheerfully joined in.

* * * * *

"David?" Rebecca had been very quiet since they came down to the beach. David had let her be alone with her thoughts.

"Yes?" He turned at the sound of her voice and put his arms around her, drawing her close enough to hug as he looked down into her blue-grey eyes.

"I don't want to be such a bitch... It's just..."

"Shh." He buzzed her lips to shut her up. "B told me. It's OK."

"No. It isn't OK. You want to be in that album and you're only staying out of it because I made an issue of it. It's not OK." There were tears in the corners of her eyes. "I... If you want to... you should..."

"Hey! You two." Ellie interrupted their heart to heart. "Whoa!" she saw Rebecca's teary eyes and immediately cranked down her exuberance. "What's up, Sweetie?" She eased Rebecca out of David's embrace and took both the girl's hands in her own.

"Nothing." Rebecca sniffed and tried to smile. "I'm just..."

"It's that album deal again, isn't it?" Ellie surmised. She didn't wait for the nod that Rebecca answered with. She glanced at David, who was hovering like an over-solicitous waiter at her elbow. "David, I left Robbie over there." Her eyes pointed the way. "Be a dear and keep him out of trouble. A beach isn't a very safe place for him." Ellie didn't pay David any further heed. She hugged Rebecca and cooed softly while her new friend sobbed.

"I know I'm just being silly." Rebecca mumbled, trying to get a little control over her emotions. She was embarrassed at melting down in front of relative strangers like this.

"No. No you're not. But... Have you had a chat with Helen recently?"


"Only, she had an idea..."

* * * * *

"I've been sent to keep you out of trouble." David walked up behind Robbie, who was facing out to sea, for all the world, as if watching the sun go down.

"You're well out of it." Robbie didn't turn as David stopped beside him. A blind man never learns the habit of looking at those he's speaking to.

"I know. Robbie? Would you say Ellie was high maintenance?"

Hardly." Robbie actually laughed. "I'm the high maintenance one in our relationship."

"I guess."

"Why do you ask?"

"Because whenever I think about me and Rebecca, that's a label that springs to mind."

"And that's a problem because?" Robbie was being rhetorical.

"I know. It shouldn't matter... And it really doesn't, but sometimes I wish it wasn't so hard being in love with her."

"Good answer." Robbie did turn towards David now. "Helen's talked Ellie into helping me be in the album." it was a rather sudden change of subject. Or was it?


"And if I had to guess, I'd say right now Ellie is telling Rebecca that."

"If you had to guess."

"Actually, That's why Ellie left me standing here and ran off to talk with your girlfriend."


"And when was the last time you had a hand job?"


"Yeah." Robbie was grinning.

* * * * *

"You're sure?" Ellie gave Rebecca one last chance to change her mind.

"No. But I'm going to do it anyway." Rebecca was clinging to David's hand for moral support. David found himself hoping her grip wouldn't remain quite so tight.

"Thank you." Robbie said. He had good cause to thank Rebecca too. If she didn't go through with this, neither would Ellie. That was the deal the girls had made with each other: Ellie was adamant that her new friend wasn't going to be the odd one out.

Rebecca took a deep breath then, "Ok. Let's do it."

The four went into Eric's studio together.

Glancing up at them, Eric asked, "Search party? I was just about to go find my bride and join you all for the sunset."

"Is there still time for a couple of photographs?" David looked Eric right in the eye and smirked. It wasn't often he'd seen Eric look so surprised.

"Sure." Eric recovered his composure quickly and picked up a camera. The look he gave Ellie was... hungry would be a good word for it.

* * * * *

"I can't believe I'm doing this." Rebecca's whispered mantra caressed David's ear. Mantra? Well, she'd repeated it over and over since they'd entered Eric's studio, throughout the photo shoot and all the way along the beach.

The photo shoot had ended when Kelsey had arrived in the studio, finally free of her wedding dress, barely more than naked in her wedding night negligee. It was definitely negligible attire. Eric hadn't even needed prompting to set down his camera and take his bride by the hand. And so they made a procession of six down to the beach, Bride and Groom leading, then David and Rebecca, with Robbie and Ellie bringing up the rear. David and Robbie still proudly wore the erections that Eric had been snapping away at. Pyjama pants are decidedly not restrictive.

The sunset pyjama party was in full swing, as befits any event hosted by B and Helen. As Eric and his bride wandered into the midst of the gentle Saturnalia, Ellie touched Rebecca's elbow, and nodded in the direction of the quiet end of the beach.

And so the four found themselves alone amid the black, volcanic rocks, far from the mating crowd. The girls had some unfinished business with the aforementioned erections and, when Ellie snuggled up with Robbie and continued where she'd left off, stroking his firm, proud flesh and nibbling at his earlobe, Rebecca found herself following that example, much to David's delight.

"I can't believe I'm doing this." Rebecca whispered.

"Me neither... But I'm so glad you are." David shut her up with a kiss. Rebecca could easily over-think this game into extinction.

David, for his part, was fumbling his way down the line of buttons between him and his sweetheart's majestic bosom. He could just make out her nipples through the satin fabric of her PJs but he wanted to be sure they were properly awake and that required a taste test... as he always insisted.

David had his back to Robbie and Ellie but Rebecca could clearly see Ellie peeling off her top and pressing Robbie's hands to her pert breasts. There was a time, not so very long ago, when Rebecca would have envied Ellie's small, firm tits with their perfect shape. There was a time... before David... before he took such obvious delight in Rebecca's very prominent bosom. David's infantile bias towards her breasts made carrying them around in front of her all the time much more worthwhile.

A small part of Rebecca's brain thought she understood just why Eric had looked so hungrily at Ellie and not her. Ellie was... perfect. Rebecca had never felt perfect, even when David went to such lengths to praise her curves: The sincere desire of one man just couldn't compete with all those fashionista images of girls like... OK, say it, girls like Ellie.

"...away." David's voice reached her in mid day-dream.

"Sorry. What?"

"I asked if you're OK? You were miles away." Even in the gathering gloom, David's look of concern was clear as day.


"It's OK." David gently but firmly moved her hand off of his penis and hugged her close. "I don't ever want you doing stuff you aren't comfortable with." He held her tight while he got all noble. "Want to head back to the bungalow?" He gave her an 'out'.

"David, no..." She wasn't sure if she wanted to stay here on the beach but she was sure she didn't want to go back to their room. Maybe the sight of Ellie's pants heading south made the decision for her. She did want this. She wanted David to make love to her here, now. She pushed him backwards, going with him, mouth glued to his.

Horizontal, she took charge of her own PJs, dragging the jacket off. "I need this." She guided his hands to her swinging bosom, moaning as he squeezed her flesh gently.

David went with it, rolling the two of then over to put Rebecca on her back in the soft white sand and kneeling between her thighs, urging her pants down. Rebecca raised her legs high to allow her lover to drag her one remaining garment off over her feet.

They had some catching up to do. Judging by the noise Ellie was making, David and Rebecca were quite a bit behind. David seemed intent on catching up though and as Rebecca's legs came back down, either side of him, he moved forward, sinking easily into her body. Christ! She was wet. He didn't mind foreplay but he loved it when he found her this ready. It always played out the same way when Rebecca was this keyed up: He'd start slow and she'd keep demanding more until David fucked her like a jack hammer.

Rebecca couldn't see their friends any more but she did notice that David made no attempt to glance over to where all the noise was coming from. That was one of the things that made David so special: Most men, six feet from a naked girl as hot as Ellie, would sneak a peek. Not David. Rebecca had his undivided attention and was appreciating it more with every thrust of his hard hips, every bruising impact of his glans on her cervix. The havoc he was causing inside her helped stop her over-thinking. She gave up thinking entirely and surrendered wholeheartedly to her ravisher.

* * * * *

Lying in the darkness, on the sand, all passion spent, her head on Robbie's chest, Ellie listened to the soft but slightly laboured breathing of four people. If she had to guess, which she decidedly didn't, she'd have guessed Rebecca had enjoyed their mutual adventure as much as she had. Guesswork had been rendered unnecessary though. Rebecca had been... vocal. Now, Ellie had been known to make a fair bit of noise... would even be willing to admit that tonight had been just such an occasion... but Rebecca? Rebecca really had a pair of lungs on her. Still, it was good to know that chest had something other than big boobs in it's favour.

Ellie was a little bit jealous of Rebecca's bountiful bosom. If she was honest with herself, she was kind of glad Robbie couldn't see them: If he could, Ellie would probably feel really under-equipped to hold his attention.

Paranoid? Maybe just a little bit.

"Rebecca?" Ellie broke the silence.

"Hmm?" Rebecca was just a shadow a few feet away: A very contented sounding shadow.

"Have you ever done that before? Been that close to another couple?"

"No... No, this is definitely a first." Rebecca actually sounded like she was blushing. Like it hadn't been embarrassing until somebody mentioned it then... crimson cheek syndrome!

"Me neither." Ellie eased herself upright, still straddling Robbie, his flaccid penis squished under her haunches.

"I have." Robbie sounded smug.

"Yes Dear." Ellie sounded almost maternal. "We know you have. You were B's love slave."

"Until you rescued me." Robbie spun the facts of the case just a little.

"And now you're my love slave." Ellie patted Robbie's chest affectionately. His hand found hers and squeezed.

"David?" Rebecca had noticed his silence.

"I feel like Robbie." David said.

"You can't have him. He's mine." Ellie joked.

"I just meant its so dark." his hands were wandering all over Rebecca's body under cover of that darkness.

"Welcome to my world." Robbie sounded just a little wistful.

"Sorry Buddy. I didn't mean to bring the mood down." David realized, too late, what he'd said.

"Forget about it." Robbie forced some levity into his tone.

"I need to pee." Ellie announced, standing up. "Oops!" As she rose higher than the surrounding rocks, the just rising moon lit her from the navel up, taking her by surprise.

If she hadn't said oops, David would have missed it, but she did and everybody's heads turned towards her.

"What?" Robbie couldn't see the moonlight.

"Nothing Darling." Ellie turned away from everyone and moved up the beach in search of a secluded spot to squat.

"David?" Robbie wasn't satisfied with 'nothing' as an explanation.

"Ellie just found out it's only dark behind these rocks."

"Oh." Nobody could see Robbie's grin, but both David and Rebecca could hear it.

"Guys!" Rebecca felt a little solidarity with Ellie was in order.

"So this is where you're all hiding." B's voice came from the rock above David and Rebecca.

"Hi B." David looked up past Rebecca's hair. B was butt-nekkid and bathed in the same moonlight that had startled Ellie.

Rebecca rolled off David, further into the shadows under the rock, her natural modesty prompting her to seek cover.

"I've been looking for you. The happy couple are about to leave." Without waiting for a response, B bounced off her rock and was gone, presumably back up the beach.

* * * * *

Eric carried his bride onto the 'Honey B' and set sail on their honeymoon by moonlight. Along the dock, their friends and family, half in PJs, half naked, cheered and waved as the boat eased away from its berth with the happy couple sharing the wheel. There was one final surprise as the mainsail unfurled: It was emblazoned with the slogan "Just Married". That got another cheer.

As the yacht got out of earshot, if not out of sight, the wedding guests drifted back to the beach and their various flavours of debauchery. Robbie, Ellie, David and Rebecca snuck away from the beach, back to the bungalow.

Many of the guests were actually billeted on the beach, in huts built just for this occasion though, given the luxury of their furnishings, 'hut' is perhaps a misleading word. Robbie had got one of the few main bungalow rooms because of his navigation issues and David had made it into the bungalow as Best Man. When they got back there, they found it deserted.

Nobody wanted to go to bed just yet. Probably nobody wanted to split up their little group after their adventure on the beach. Instead, they gathered in the family room and David raided the bar for a bottle of champagne and four glasses.

"Is this a private party or can we join you?" Meg was stood in the doorway with Parry a step behind her.

"Hi Meg." David wasn't surprised to see them. "Hi Parry. Champagne?" He went for more glasses without waiting for an answer.

"Thanks David." Meg gravitated to the third sofa, arranging herself decorously on it with Parry's arm around her. In any other household, the fact his hand immediately cupped one breast might have seemed incongruous. Here, it barely got noticed. Barely...

Rebecca noticed. She was always alert around her boss, since Meg had made it clear she wanted to bed her PA. Rebecca hadn't had to fend off any unwelcome advances since hooking up with David but she often caught Meg glancing down her blouse. Clearly her boss still wanted her.

And, if there had been any doubt in Rebecca's mind, Meg dispelled it with the look she gave Rebecca as Parry tweaked her nipple.

"I think today went well." David handed Meg and Parry full glasses then joined Rebecca, drawing her into a good snuggling position under his protective arm. He knew Meg made her tense and figured it was time to be all manly and protective.

"It was all perfect." Meg opined. "Did you have fun down the beach?" Coming out of the blue like that, she caught them all by surprise.

"Meg." Parry admonished quietly. "Don't tease the children."

"But Darling," Meg spoke to Parry but loud enough to include everyone. "I just want them to be happy." She probably really didn't need any more champagne. Meg was just a little bit inebriated.

"Yes dear." Parry's eyes delivered an apology around the room.

Ellie was the first to answer. "News travels fast on this island." She'd never expected it to stay secret but she also hadn't expected the gossip to go around so quickly, what with everything else going on on that beach. Who had time to gossip?

"It does when B catches you in flagrante." Parry offered.

"We weren't in flagrante." Rebecca's voice was a little too loud. She was blushing all the way to her bosom too.

"We had been, but B was too late." David said. "Ouch." Rebecca's elbow punctuated his statement.

"Well, its probably a good thing. People were starting to worry you might feel besieged by our wanton ways." Parry illustrated his point by slipping his hand inside Meg's nightdress to tweak her nipple more directly.

"Because we don't run around naked and fuck anything with a heartbeat?" Rebecca's anger got the better of her.

David cringed at the outburst. He knew how Rebecca felt about Eric's lifestyle but he'd hoped to get through this weekend without their usual conversations about it.

"Oh dear!" Meg pushed away from Parry, stood and crossed the room to kneel beside Rebecca. "Have we made you feel that uncomfortable? I'm so sorry." She took Rebecca's hand in both of hers, encountering resistance but ignoring it. This was Meg in full mother-mode.

"It's just..." Rebecca couldn't quite find the right words.

"It's not about sex, Rebecca. It's about freedom and respect. Everyone here... including those hedonists scaring the turtles on the beach right now... believes in freedom of choice. If your choice is to stay monogamous... we all respect that. Heavens! That was my choice for so many years. Parry was my first and only lover until... B." she almost said Helen but that information was still on a need to know basis.

"It doesn't feel all right." Rebecca had gone from all out anger to defensive. "I always feel like the odd one out."

"Why?" Meg guessed she already knew but it would do Rebecca good to have to name her demons.

"Because I can't be like you... all of you... I can't..." she started to cry. David drew her closer and kissed her hair, making soothing noises. He just wanted to take her to their room and cuddle her until she fell asleep but Ellie had something to say.

"You're not the only one." Ellie had everyone's attention. She went on. "But, Rebecca? Meg's right about respect. I've felt nothing but welcome and..." She squeezed Robbie's hand for moral support. "This evening... On the beach... was the first time I've ever done anything even remotely like that."

"Really?" Rebecca sniffled. She found it hard to imagine that Ellie was being entirely truthful.

"Really... But it was fun... wasn't it?" Ellie asked a loaded question.

"...Yes." Rebecca grudgingly admitted.

"I'd been kind of hoping it wasn't over but..." Ellie had been secretly fantasizing about reprising their adventure and now seemed a good time to raise the issue.

"Darling?" Parry got Meg's attention. "We should leave the kids to work it out for themselves." he got up and offered her a hand to help her off her knees.

"Yes dear." Meg took her cue from him. "Goodnight all."



"Good night."

"Sweet dreams."

* * * * *

"D'you think they're OK?" Robbie asked. He and Ellie were getting ready for bed. David had taken Rebecca to their room as soon as Parry and Meg had left.

"I'm sure they'll be fine. Toothbrush." Ellie passed Robbie his brush, already loaded with toothpaste. It was easier to rely on her than to learn his way around an unfamiliar bathroom.


"I have to say... I can relate more to Helen and B after tonight though. I mean... I see why they're so 'out there'. It really was kinda hot... having and audience."


"Don't get your hopes up..." Ellie knew Robbie had a past with B... and Kelsey... and what he was thinking might happen, was never going to happen. "All I'm saying is... If David and Rebecca are OK with it, I'd do what we did again." She stood and flushed.

"Maybe we should go and check on them? Rebecca was very stressed out. Maybe a massage would help her relax?" He made it sound like such an innocent question.

"Or maybe you should offer your long-suffering girlfriend a nice, relaxing massage to help her to relax?"

"Just how relaxed do you want to be?" Robbie grinned and flexed his fingers. A couple of knuckles cracked loudly.

"Very, very relaxed... at least twice." Ellie took the massage oil in one hand and Robbie in the other, all but dragging him into the bedroom.

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