Happily Ever After

byadam applebiter©

* * * * *

"Pinch me... Ow!"

"You did ask me to."

"I did, but I didn't mean that hard, or anywhere that sensitive."

"Why did you want to be pinched at all?"

"To see if I'm dreaming."


"I think I'm really awake. So this... all this... is really real."

"It's real. I'm real. You're real. That wedding ring is real."

"It is, isn't it?" Kelsey admired her ring, fingers spread and arm held out. It gleamed in the moonlight.

"And this..." Eric paused to touch her swollen belly. "This is as real as anything ever gets." He spent a lot of time touching Kelsey's baby bump. It was pretty clear he was looking forward to fatherhood.

"I love you." Kelsey's hand pressed his more firmly over her navel.

"I love you." He kissed her. It lingered a long time. Long enough for Kelsey to slowly fall backwards, held by Eric's free arm, onto the padded seats around the bimini. "and I love you." Eric whispered to the taut dome of Kelsey's bare belly as he eased his way down her body.

Kelsey giggled coquettishly at his overt sentimentality, then sighed as his mouth found it's spiritual home, between her thighs.

The sail flapped noisily in the wind as the boat drifted with nobody at the helm. The newly-weds ignored it, lost in each other.

* * * * *

"Oh my god... Oh yes... YES!"

"Shh... You'll wake the kids."

"They're not asleep... oh my... They're doing what you're doing... only not... as well... Oh god!"

"You like that?"

"Yes... Now shut up and fuck me... Please!"

Parry shut up and, spurred on by Meg's very direct request, upped his game, putting on a spurt of energy that took Meg's breath away. His gaze fell on the juncture of their bodies and his glistening cock sliding in and out of Meg's waxed smooth, stretched labia. It was a sight he never tired of: Meg's ass in the air and his manhood buried in her quivering pussy. He'd thought all those years of gentle missionary sex had been good but now he knew better.

He gazed with unashamed lust at her tiny, puckered anus and thrust harder, bumping into Meg's cervix with each forceful stroke, making her gasp as she writhed on the bed, impaled on him. He let go of one of her hips to press the ball of his thumb to her sphincter.

Meg didn't like anal sex. She'd been persuaded to try it once and decided 'never again'. Parry, she said, would just have to content himself with his daughter's ass, or B's or Kelsey's. It wasn't a bad compromise.

She didn't mind what Parry was doing now though - massaging and caressing her ass -- because it always turned him on so much and, truth to tell, she rather enjoyed non-penetrative anal play.

Parry had been Meg's first lover. He'd been her only lover too, until comparatively recent times. All those years that he'd enjoyed her exclusively, he'd contented himself with her suburban, picket fence boundaries and made gentle, heartfelt love to her because that was what she wanted. Then Eric came to town. Ok, so Helen was really to blame but Eric was the first man to go where only Parry had gone before. And away went that picket fence morality.

Parry had always loved Meg but now he got to show her that love in so many ways he'd never thought he'd be able to share with her. Like right now, taking her hard and fast from behind, feeling totally dominant with her whimpering into the pillow and so submissively offering her body to him.

His cock throbbed as he watched his own thumb circling her butt hole, making it contract reflexively. He steamed into her with all the strength he could muster, wanting her to cry pax, wanting her to not be able to take the full force of his lust.

Meg could take it though. She screamed in exultation as her climax washed through her, making her seize Parry's cock deep inside her vagina. Parry had been waiting for just this moment. The pressure of his thumb on her ass increased sharply and the tight ring of muscle yielded. With a suddenness that took Meg by surprise, her husband's thumb was deep in her anus. He didn't miss a stroke, forcing his hardness harder into her hot body, using that thumb grip for balance in a perverted parody of a rodeo rider. Her climax just kept rolling on, surging back through her senses every time it appeared about to wane, until Meg was barely conscious. There was nothing left but the delirium and ecstasy as she yielded to Parry's total and utter dominion over her.

And darkness.

Meg's senses followed her consciousness into oblivion.

Slowly... Slowly...

The world came back for her. It was vague but familiar. She could still feel Parry deep inside her, but he'd stopped moving and the loudest thing in the room was his laboured breathing. Then something was moving. Not Parry but... Yes, it was Parry. Parry's thumb at least.

Parry had been concerned when Meg went limp, but not too concerned. It wasn't the first time she'd passed out during sex... not even the first time she'd passed out during sex with him... but he hadn't wanted to carry on fucking her because he didn't want her to miss his climax and, anyway, unconscious pussy is boring.

Meg softly broke the silence, with a resignation borne of long contemplation of this moment and with a hint of pleading because she really did want to be entirely his... "If you're ever going to do it to me... do it now."

In the past, Parry might have said "Are you sure?" In the past, but not now. He eased his thumb and his cock out together, leaving Meg's pussy gaping for a moment. He took that moment to watch her muscles contract back, closing her vagina, then he pressed the slick, cum covered head of his cock to her ass and urged his hips forward.

It wasn't their first try at anal, but the one previous attempt had been short-lived and quickly curtailed. This time, Meg was resolved to endure, even if it wasn't comfortable. Parry couldn't last long Anyway... Surely. She took a deep breath as she felt his cock touch her ass then forced herself to relax. There was a moment of almost unbearable pressure then, as sudden as his thumb, his penis was several inches inside her rectum, his hands gripping her hips for support.

"Slowly." She'd seen how excited Parry could get over anal and she wanted him to remember he was in virgin territory.

Meg needn't have worried. If she'd spent a long time thinking about this, Parry had spent a lot longer. He'd fantasized about this moment for decades. He took her with the deliberate gentleness he'd taken her hymen with so many years before. He wanted the moment to last. He wanted the moment to be memorable. He wanted it to go on forever. Meg's ass was the tightest place his cock had ever been and he was finally balls deep in it. He eased back and thrust slowly in again, letting Meg get used to the intrusion. Soon, she relaxed more and it got easier for both of them: Easier for him to thrust in and easier for her to take it. By tiny increments, he quickened his thrusts, looking for the comfortable limit of Meg's endurance.

He didn't find it. This was too long anticipated to last long. Parry's orgasm would wait no longer. He sprayed the contents of his balls up into her bowels with a triumphant roar.

* * * * *

"What's wrong?"


"Nothing doesn't make you cry."

"It's just.... me being silly."

"Silly doesn't make you cry either."

"Are you?...."

"Am I what?"

"Are you bored of me?"

"No...." David pulled Rebecca's face gently up to meet his mouth. He kissed her firmly before asking, "Why would I be bored of you?" He guessed he knew the answer but he played dumb.


"Ooooh! Because! That makes things so much clearer." His sarcasm was offset by his boyish grin.

"Because I'm not like them!" Rebecca almost spat the words at him. She was definitely not going to let him mock her.

"No, you're not like them... But you are a lot like you. Which, incidentally, is why I'm here and not there." He tried for levity again.

"So you don't want Ellie or B or Helen?" So that was who 'them' was tonight.

"Ellie's with Robbie. Even if I did want to bed her, I'd never do that to a fraternity brother. B and Helen? Been there, done that, got the pin. Call me crazy but I get a kick out of having the mysterious girl that nobody but me has seen naked.... Ok, so Ellie's seen you too, but she won't tell."


"Really. Rebecca, it's not a secret in this crowd that Meg made a play for you. Not knowing what's so special about you is driving the rumour monkeys crazy." He was grinning like Alice's cat now.

"There's nothing special about me."

"You say."

"Ok, Mr Smartypants. Tell me what's so special about me."

"I don't have to wait in line for my turn." He reached between her legs, encountering no resistance as he massaged the cotton of her pants against the velvet of her labia.

"Gross!" Despite herself, Rebecca cracked a smile.

"And then there's your finger."

"My finger?" Rebecca was truly puzzled by that. Sure, her finger had played poke-the-prostate a few times with David but she was pretty sure that Helen and B wouldn't baulk at such intimacies.

"This finger." He lifted her own left hand up between them and suggestively stroked one small digit as if he was hoping it would get longer if he excited it enough.

"This finger?" Rebecca folded the others into her palm, leaving just her middle finger pointing at the ceiling, giving David the bird.

David seized the impudent finger between his lips, sucking hard on it . It was the moment he'd been waiting for. While Rebecca's attention was on his mouth, he reached under the pillows and retrieved.... Let's not spoil the surprise.

"Your finger..." He gave it another quick suck. "This finger right here, is just the right size."

"The right size?" Rebecca guessed he meant the right size for sticking up his ass, but she was willing to play along. He was doing a good job of cheering her up and if that ended up with her finger in his ass, that was OK by her.

"The right size for this." He slipped the ring onto her saliva-slick finger. It was a pretty good fit.

Rebecca's mouth moved but there was silence. She was definitely not expecting that tonight.

"Rebecca?... Rebecca, Darling. Will you spend the rest of your life arguing over décor colors and new drapes with me? Will you find out all my bad habits and try to change them, but still put up with me when you find you can't?"

"Yes." Rebecca had often imagined being proposed to. It had generally involved less words and a more direct question but David was doing just fine. She was crying again but it didn't matter.

"Good. Let's get married."

"Yes." The force with which she hit him, tipped David onto his back with Rebecca on top of him. Her mouth was pressed against his and her tongue darted past his teeth. David went with it. Rebecca didn't often take the lead but he always enjoyed those rare occasions when she did.

With him pinned down, she broke off their kiss almost as suddenly as it had started.

"Just one little thing." She flipped him the bird. The ring gleamed. "This is the wrong finger."

"Oops." David's apologetic grin earned him instant forgiveness.

Rebecca allowed her head to be drawn back down until their mouths met once more.

* * * * *

"Is that a shooting star?"

"No. It'll be a satellite passing over."

"I wonder if it can see us."

"Probably not."

"But some satellites can, can't they? Or is that just in movies?"

"Some can, but most satellites aren't for that. That one could be bouncing phone calls across the planet or just telling us where we are."

"I don't want to know where we are. I want to be lost at sea with you."

"Shoo!" Eric waved at the twinkling dot of the satellite. "There! It's going away now." He turned over to take a closer look at his bride. Kelsey was smiling indulgently at him.

"You're crazy, but I love you."

"I'm crazy? You're the one who married the AntiFeminist."

"You're supposed to say you love me too."

"I love you two."

"I don't believe you." Kelsey idly circled one of his nipples with a fingernail.

"I'll prove it." Eric raised himself and settled between her thighs. They spread to accommodate him and he took his weight on his arms to avoid squashing Kelsey's big belly. His penis nudged at her bottom until Kelsey's fingers guided it to the right spot.

"Go on then. Make me believe you." She'd already been made love to for over an hour and was still very sticky. Eric had made her come three times before he filled her with his warm seed. His earlier libation now lubricated his route back into her body.

Slow but unstoppable, like continental drift, Eric's cock slid deeper and deeper into her until he pressed gently against her cervix. He rested a moment then eased back a couple of inches only to slide in again. His eyes held hers, making sure he wasn't hurting her. She just sighed with the inestimable pleasure of being so completely filled. She'd never doubted Eric's love and never would. But if proof were needed... which it wasn't... then that proof would be the look of absolute adoration on his face right now. That couldn't be mistaken for lust.

Reaching behind his head, Kelsey pulled Eric down until their lips met.

There lovemaking was an adagio; two bodies moving with sensual deliberation against each other. The stars wheeling overhead seemed positively frenetic by comparison. This was the most gentle intercourse either of them had ever experienced and neither of them seemed inclined to hurry things along. Kisses lingered for minutes and caresses, light as the breath of angels, drifted glacially over erogenous zones, precipitating sighs and moans of mutual ecstasy.

Eric made his case well, refuting Kelsey's tremulous response to his very pertinent arguments and concluding his defence with the irrefutable evidence of his love, which oozed warmly between their cooling bodies as they rolled onto their sides, still coupled.

Kelsey never felt Eric leave her. She drifted off to sleep with him still deep inside her body.

Eric eased out of her embrace and lifted her gently off the deck. Kelsey murmured something incoherent as he carried her below to their cabin and laid her on the bed, covering her with a light sheet.

He left her alone for the few minutes it took to secure the errant sails, check that they weren't actually lost at sea and set the rather clever auto pilot to hold their position until morning. That done, Eric joined his bride in bed and, shortly thereafter, in the Land of Nod.

* * * * *

Bodies littered the moonlit beach. Their revels ended, most had not made it to their beach huts, eschewing the luxury they offered in favour of the simple comfort of white sand, stars overhead and the surfsong lullaby of the waves.

Helen and B lay face to face, sandwiched between a couple of Phi Kappa Delta's finest. The young men were products of B's social development program and would soon end up working for Parry. Many fraternity brethren had been flown in for the wedding, some as waiters, some as guests. These two had been here as Escorts to the Pantheon, namely B and Helen. It was their prize for graduating top of their classes and bringing academic honour to Phi Kappa Delta.

The young men were fast asleep, but B and Helen were still wide awake, communing through intimate touch and meaning-laden glances.

"What?" Helen became aware she no longer had B's undivided attention. Her lover was watching something in the distance.

"Aunt Tittie." B explained.

"So? She's a night owl."

"She's naked." B elaborated.

"Really?" Helen sat up so she could turn to see this for herself. Titania was the oldest person at the wedding and, although she was used to the casual debauchery of Eric's household, she had always maintained her sense of decorum. She had finally been persuaded to pose for Eric, for a study titled The Fallen Caryatid, but that was the one and only time she'd shed any clothes. That is, until now.

"Hi Auntie" B kept her voice low to avoid waking the boys. Tittie had noticed Helen sitting up and had come straight to them.

"Hasn't this been fun?" Tittie gazed at the naked bodies all around her and spoke as if she'd actually been part of the orgy. "It takes me back to the 60's." Then she seemed to notice that the girls were looking at her naked body. "I dressed like this a lot back then." her tone was wistful.

"Is that why you're in your skin? Old times sake?" Helen was never very diplomatic.

"No child. I'm going for a swim and I didn't pack a bathing suit."

"You should wear skin more often Auntie." B suggested.

"Nobody wants to see my skin, child." Tittie actually sounded like she was speaking to a child. "Not when they can look at you two instead." She looked down at her own breasts, small but so old even they had sagged. Her pubic hair was silver grey too and unkempt. The moonlight did make the silver in it shine but it wasn't much compensation for such long lost youth and vitality.

"Well I do." B said, getting to her feet and hugging the old lady gently but firmly, skin to skin from knees to neck. "A swim sounds like a good idea. May I join you?"

"Why not?"

"Helen?" B extended a hand and an invitation.

"Not for me, thanks. I'm too tired."

"We won't be long." B turned away and took Aunt Tittie's hand instead. Together, the two women walked down to the waves.

* * * * *

The water was cold at first but refreshing. B dared to follow Titania's example and plunged in, experiencing the shock of the chill all over at once. She surfaced with goosebumps everywhere and nipples as hard as bullets.

"Whoo whee!" She exclaimed, brushing wet hair back from her face.

"I used to bath in the ocean every morning when I lived in California." Auntie was having the same goosebumps. "But the Atlantic is too cold. I miss it."

"Well I'm glad this water's cold." B reached out and playfully tweaked one of Tittie's nipples. Old as she was, they'd reacted just as obviously as B's.

"Last time somebody did that, you weren't even born." Auntie looked suddenly terribly sad. Maybe it was the dimness of the moonlight but the shadows on her face seemed so forlorn.

"Oh, Auntie." B felt for the old woman. She moved closer, chest high in the cold sea, embracing Titania again and gently, ever so gently, kissing her. It wasn't a passionate kiss; B wasn't coming on to her, just sharing what she could of herself.

"Thank you." Titania murmured as their lips parted. "Time was... I'd have been the one kissing you."

"So kiss me." B barely breathed against Titania's lips.

It wasn't the most ardent kiss B had experienced, not even the most ardent she'd had tonight, but it hinted at something... Long banked fires in Titania's past were stirring and B felt it.

B made a decision. She reached behind her, disengaging one of Titania's arms from it's embrace and guiding the old lady's hand between her legs. "Would you wash me, please?" B gave Titania her most innocent look. It always aroused older men, she could only hope it worked on older women too. After all, Titania had made no secret of her sapphic preference.

Titania moved her fingers against B's sex, hesitantly. It had been so long and she'd never expected to do this sort of thing again. Now, here she was, cupping the vagina of the girl from that picture over her mantelpiece. She'd never told anyone but B's pictures and the daydreams they engendered had given Titania her first reason to touch herself in many years.

B reached out under the water and touched the springy mat of pubic hair that protected Titania's sex. In moments, her fingers curled against Titania's labia, just as the woman was touching her.

"Yes?" B asked... actually asked for permission.

"Yes." Titania husked. So long... so, so long...

Their mouths met. Their fingers moved. Locked in each other's embrace, the two women shared an intimate embrace in the cool, dark water.

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