tagIncest/TabooHappy 30th B-Day

Happy 30th B-Day


It's my 30th birthday and I'm back living with my mom, a good woman, strong and passionate. After my divorce was final I was laid off, so I took some writing classes and bought a dictionary and thesaurus. Now was as good a time as any to start a new career.

My dad, Andrew, passed 3 years ago while on vacation in Paris, a heart attack at 54. They were visiting my stepmothers, Alexandria's, parents. They met when I was about 5; Alex was a 17 year old au pair from Belguim, and my father was an up and coming 30 year old contract lawyer, with a son. My mother died giving birth to me.

I'm my 20's attending college locally, communting back and forth. I'd have my late nights out and walk in the door at 2 a.m.. Every now and again I'd catch my stepmother coming out of the shower, walking into the bathroom after her and my dad had fun or just hear them have sex down the hall. She was a hell of a screamer. While in college I met my future wife, graduated, then moved 300 miles away. It had been years since I was home and seeing Alex was something I was looking forward too.

"Dan! Give me a hug, you hunk-a-man you." Her arms opened as I put my bags down, my arms reached for hers. Alexandria looked better than I had remembered and smelt divine. "Looks like the divorce has treated you well?"

"Yeah I can't complain, she got the house and I got my freedom. Are you sure it's ok? I can stay in a hotel for a few days, till I can find an apartment."

"Don't be silly. I set up your old room. Take those bags upstairs and get settled, I've got some steaks going on the grill."

"That sounds good. Thanks". So that was what I did, passing her to go down the hallway then up the stairs. Very little had changed, my room at the end of the hall was repainted but in the same blue color. The four post bed had the finest sheets money could buy. Looking thru the rear window of my room I could see the yard. She had fixed it up, some newly planted trees, stoned patio, chairs and table to make one of those outdoor kitchens. It was nice and I was glad Dad had taken care of her with the insurance money. Just off to the right of the patio was a Jacuzzi that my body was going to take advantage of.

Changing into a dressy pair of shorts and polo shirt, I met Alexandria out back. She was flipping over the steaks. I stopped to gaze at her for a long moment, before opening the sliding glass door. Alex had gotten better with age it seemed. She wasn't a size two and that was fine with me, probably a 10 would fit her best. Alex's opened toed heels made her legs thick and firm, her ass curved perfectly beneath a black skirt. The white tank top showed her waist, breasts were about a 36DD. She has these green eyes that just sucked you in, her chin was daintily pointed, high cheek bones and thick, wavy, shoulder length blonde hair. My stepmother looked delicious.

"Are you coming out or do I have to feed you?" She joked.

Her voice broke my train of thought, so I slid the door open and walked to the table. "Sorry. It's been awhile. The house looks great, you...well....you look incredible Mom."

"Thank you. I took me some time after your father left us. But with our friends and family, I got on my feet after a few months. I still do miss him."

"Me too. Have you been dating? Seeing anyone? It's been over three years."

"Dating? It's never even been a thought"

"Why the hell not? You're a gorgeous woman and your only what? 43?"

"44. Oh and speaking of age, Happy Birthday", she got up to put a kiss to my cheek then head over to the grill to check on the steaks.

"Don't avoid the question" I followed her to take a serving plate. "I've been divorced a year and started dating a few weeks ago."

"A death and a divorce are two different things Dan." She puts the two medium well steaks to the plate.

"No they aren't, they both take time to recover from and then you move on. It's a new beginning, a new chapter. Dad would not want you sulking for the rest of your life, Ale.....Mom"

"It's alright, either is fine. I know I'm not your mother, but I do love you like my own"

"I know and thank you", from behind I kissed her cheek, her ass grazed over my crotch.

"I've thought about it", we both sat, while she spoke and I served the steaks. "It's something I've never done."

"Look, you can cook, your kind, your drop dead sexy." I had a hard time believing I had said that out loud.

"Really? You're just saying that"

"No, I'm not Mom. You are gorgeous, a classic reubenesque woman. Any guy would kill to have someone like that. Hell, I'd give my left ball to have someone like that."

"Well......thank you" Her legs crossed underneath the table.

"You know I would hear you and Dad making love." That was said on purpose, I wanted to test the waters of her sensitivity to sex. I began to eat my steak.

Nearly choking on hers, she answered. "Daniel! Oh my, I'm so sorry"

"What? It was fine. I kinda enjoyed listening, it wasnt like I was getting any myself", I smiled eagerly.

"Your father use to put a pillow over my face. Andrew was afraid I'd wake the neighbors." We both laughed and then it made me think of doing the same to her. During the rough patch of my marriage I would go online for bondage sites, D/s, S & M, chat rooms, etc. My book would be based on it in some form.

"Can I ask you a personal question Mom?"

"Sure, you know I'm an open book."

"Were you and Dad...'adventurous'?

"Adventurous? What do you mean?"

"Well, kinky, you know, tying each other up, spanking, stuff like that"

She turned cherry red, "Your father was quite the kinky man. We had our fun. We never swung or anything like that, but he would, well, have his way with me. Why do you ask?"

"Well, I've started writing again. Ellie was never into it and the women I've dated since were too prudish to even consider it. It's interesting to me, the power exchange. It gets me going and what better to write a story about that something that, 'peaks' my interest."

"Very true Dan. Well I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, as long as I'm anonymous."

"Oh absolutely, thanks.", our dinners were about done, so I would help with the cleanup.

"I want to run out to the store and get some notepads and such. Give me an hour and I'll meet you out here? Is that alright?"

"Sure", she winked as I placed the plates in the sink. Putting a kiss to her bare shoulder I headed out for the errands.

I would up being more than the hour, but not by much. Putting swim shorts on I headed to the kitchen then out to the yard. Some Enigma was playing in the background and candles were lit upon the table, an opened bottle of wine had one glass beside it.

As the door is opened I can hear a slight bubbling from the tub. "Pour yourself a glass. It's my nightly ritual". So I did, taking a few sips then refilling the glass with the white wine. There she was, sitting in one corner of the 8 X 8 Jacuzzi, the water line was just above her chest.

Taking a few steps towards her, "Oh no Daniel, there is a no clothes policy for my tub. Get naked".

To say I was stunned was an understatement, but I obliged, tossing my clothes onto a chair. "Ready to be interviewed Mom?" I caught Alex's eyes looking at my cock.

"Why do you think half the bottle is gone?" She grinned and winked at me.

Stepping into the tub was easy enough. I found a small digital recorder while shopping and this was the perfect time to use it. "So lets us begin. First state your name and your age, and yes I swear you will be anonymous, it's just so I can keep track of my notes and who said what".

"Alright, my name is Alexandria Brannon, I'm 44 years old"

"How were you first introduced into the 'lifestyle'?"

"I was first 'with' your father when I was 20. Not many people knew our relationship started that early, but he was attractive, cared for me, gave me opportunities that I would have never had if I stayed In Belgium. He never mistreated or took advantage of me. I loved him very much.

Andrew would tie me up, call me slave or slut and I'd call him Master. He would call me from the office and give me commands to pleasure myself while he listened. It turned me on, made me...wet. After awhile I wanted it as much or if not more than he did. I was at his beckon call, we'd have sex on his desk after hours, in the car, or on the kitchen table, we had a vibrant sex life." She took a long sip of wine.

"Interesting." My cock got hard within seconds; the tip would poke thru the top of the water every now and again.

"It seems it works for you as well Daniel," he smiled mischievously and pushed herself from her side towards mine. "It's been such a long time since someone has called me 'slut'."

"Are you a slut, Mother?" My eyes met hers. The recorder was rolling and my arms were stretched along the sides of the tub.

She nodded and got closer. Alex was now floating on her belly, her hands resting to my legs, then creeping up my thigh til her finger tips circle the head of my cock, her mouth just inches from my cock. "Use me like one Daniel. I miss it so much". The ends of her hair were wet now, she had no clue I had a water fetish as well. Sitting upright, one hand would reach for her hair and get a good hold of it from the back, Alex wouldn't resist, only smile wide.

"So you were my fathers whore", with the last word she was dunked under the water and onto my cock. I'd make sure she swallowed it all and kept her there for a few seconds. Pushing her up and down a few more times, I yanked her up.

"Is that what 'my' whore wants? Cock? How bad does she want it?"

"Please, please Daniel, I want it, I need it. I served your mother, I wanto service you. Please...... Master?"

Calling me Master, only made me want to take more advantage. Her eyes peaked thru soaked locks that were now strewn over her face, her chest gasped for air. So down my mother, the whore, went again, my dick poking at the back of her throat. I'd keep her under for a few seconds more than the last time. Her arms rose from the water and patted to my chest, she needed air, but I'd still wait. My father pushed her to the edge; I'd see how far I could go. Her arms flailed a bit more till she came up.

"You're very good at that mother"

"Thank you, Sir. Your slave needs more; can I have it, can I?"

"Tell me want you want whore?"

"I want your cock in me Daniel, please fill my cunt with your cum. Fuck your slutty mommy, please?", she was nearly begging.

"Turn around", then she did as he was told. She moaned and cooed while bending over. My hands opened her ass cheeks to look under and see a glistening, dripping, shaven cunt. My stiff cock slid right in, allowing her to let out a soft and long 'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'.

"Get under whore, you get what you wish and I get what I want." She did as told, dipping her upper body and head underwater. I sat on the edge of the tub and brought her cunt to me, doing my best to hold off my load as long as possible. With each thrust, a burst of bubbles would explode atop the water with each of her screams. Soon her hands began to look for something to pull herself up or air, so I'd move forward allowing my mother to grab an edge and pull herself up. When I felt she had enough, I backpedaled from it and back under she would go. I don't know which got me harder, the tightness of her pussy or seeing her golden locks float like strands of silken ribbon in the tub.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccck" I think was uttered,mixing with some inaudible screams, came through the bubbles. My mother's body shook, then her muscles tightened around my cock, she was cumming hard.

So now it was my turn. Giving her one more chance for her to get air, she panted.."Give it all to me Master, mark your property." Back down she went and I stood up to finish myself off, her legs were wrapped around me as my load filled her cunt. "Yesssssssssssss Fuck YES!!"

Pulling her off me, I let her body just fall into the water. Mom turned instantly around and went back under to clean my cock off while I sat. Once Alex was done, she came up and put a small kiss to my cheek.

"Tomorrow night I will demonstrate how he used toys on me, if you like Master. Same time, same place?"

Getting out and grabbing a towel I reminded her,"Don't forget the rope. I've learned some tricks I'd like to practice on you Mother."

"Did you like your Birthday present?" Her arms were folded under her chin as she rested to the edge.

I winked back and went inside.

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