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Happy Anniversary


Happy Anniversary

For our 8th wedding anniversary I had taken my wife out for dinner. We enjoyed our time away from the kids, and my wife had clearly enjoyed her glasses of wine. Whenever she has had too much wine, my wife would become extremely horny, my mind started thinking about the fun we would have when we got home. On our way home, I felt my wife's hand start caressing my leg as I drove, my cock starting rising to the attention. Her hand made its way to the bulge in my pants.

"What have we here? "she said.

She started undoing my belt and then pulled the zipper down, she pulled back my underwear releasing my hard cock. I was trying to keep an eye on the road as her fingers wrapped around my shaft, she leaned over and passionately kissed my lips, her tongue diving into my mouth. Her hand was slowly pumping my cock, pre cum had oozed out over the head. Her finger wiped the pre cum off, she then licked it off her finger.

We were driving on a rural road, so I was glad there was no traffic about, as it was getting harder to concentrate on the road. She then lent down and licked the remaining pre cum of the head of my cock. I moved in the seat to give her more access, as my cock entered her mouth. Her lips went right down to the base, she held in there as her tongue danced around my cock. She started to move up and down on my shaft, as she got faster her hand caressed my balls. Driving was getting harder as I couldn't resist thrusting my hips to ram my cock deeper into her throat. I'd seen a parking bay up ahead so I pulled over. Now with the car stopped, I grabbed her head and started thrusting hard into her mouth. Her saliva was running down my cock and onto her hands caressing my balls. I pushed my cock deep into her mouth as I exploded, my cum squirting the back of her throat. She held her lips on tight as she sucked every drop out of me.

"Mmm, desert was nice," she said as she comes up and kisses me.

"Well I haven't had desert, must be my turn," I said.

I placed my hand under her skirt, I could feel her wetness through her panties.

"I've got a better idea, come with me," I said.

I did up my pants and hopped out of the car. I lead her over to the table in the parking bay.

"Sit up here," I said as I showed her to the table while I sat down.

With her on the table, her pussy was right in my face. I lifted up her long dress, and pushed her legs apart. My hands followed down her thighs to her cotton panties. I rubbed her pussy on the outside of her panties, I could feel her juices coming through the fabric. I pulled the panties to one side, and rubbed a finger across her wet pussy, coating my finger. I then raised my finger to her mouth, she sucked it clean.

I then inserted two fingers, her hips moved forward pushing then in further. I placed my thumb onto her clit, it was sticking out screaming for attention. Her breathing started getting faster as I finger fucked her and rubbed her clit.

"Fuck me, I'm going to cum," she screamed, "hurry up and eat me."

I leant in and replaced my thumb with my mouth. My fingers still fucking her, I sucked on her clit and teased it with my tongue. She started moaning and her hips pushed her pussy harder against my face. Her hands grabbed my head pushing me into her, I knew she was close. She started moaning, i could feel her pussy tightening on my fingers, I sucked harder on her clit.

"OHH GOD," she screamed as her orgasm hit. Her juices flowed down my hand.

I pulled my fingers out and softly licked up her mess as she comes down from her high.

"Your right, dessert was nice," I said as I sat up.

She had laid back on the table, exhausted from her orgasm, trying to catch her breath. I sat there admiring my wife on the table, her skirt was pushed up, her legs hanging over the side of the table. Her panties half covered her pussy, her puffy lips stuck out the sides, and her juices glistened in the dim light. My cock had gotten hard again, I undid my pants and stood up. She hadn't realised what I was doing until she felt my cock pressed against her pussy.

"Oh yeah, fuck me hard with your cock," she said without moving from laying down.

I pulled her panties aside as i pushed my cock into her wetness. I grabbed her hips and pulled her over the edge, so I could start thrusting harder into her. I could feel her juices on my balls as they slapped against her with each thrust. Her breathing got faster again, and I could already feel her pussy gripping on my cock. She then exploded into her second orgasm of the night. I was fucking her hard and deep, her juices were flowing out of her cunt, her hands grabbed hold of my ass pushing me in harder. Her pussy tighten hard on my cock, this pushed me over the limit, my cum exploding into her. I leant over with my cock still inside and kissed her passionately.

We laid there for a minute catching our breath, my cock going soft still inside her pussy in our mixed juices. I then pulled my cock out, and admired her cream covered used pussy. We both got dressed and headed home.

When we got home, she went inside and got the babysitter so I could drive her home. I had just dropped of the babysitter off when i got a message on my phone. It was from my wife, 'Look at the mess you have made, you better clean this up when you get home', attached with the message was a picture of her panties with my cum that had leaked out of her while driving home. My cock twitched at the excitement, I quickly drove home in excitement.

I walked into the bedroom, there was my wife lying on the bed, naked except for her panties. I quickly stripped off and stood at the end of the bed.

"Your cock is hard already! Well before you get anything you need to come here and clean me up."

I had fantasised about eating a cream pie, but never had the courage to give it a go. I crawled onto the bed between her legs. I could see the stickiness oozing through her panties. My head went down between her legs, I could smell our sex. My hands grabbed hold of her panties slowly pulling them down, I could see my cum smeared all over her pussy lips and panties. I pulled her panties completely off.

"See what you've done, now clean it," she said in a stern voice.

I lowered my head, I took a gulp then stuck my tongue out and gave it a lick. Not that bad actually I thought, as I went for a second lick she grabbed my head and shoved in into her pussy. This was obviously turning her on as much as me. I started cleaning every bit up, tasting our juices mixed together. Our mixed juices were all over my face.I sat up and gave her a kiss, forcing my tongue into her mouth. She moaned as she tasted our juices. I went back down and continued cleaning up the mess.

I needed a breather, so I decided to finger her for a little bit. I stuck two fingers inside, her pussy was too loose for two fingers so I added a third then a forth. I started fucking her with my four fingers, her hand started rubbing her clit.

"Give me more, I want more, fill me up," she panted.

Her pussy by now was extremely wet, I curled up my thumb and started pushing my hand in. She reacted and started lifting her hip off the bed. I keep thrusting in and out just to my knuckles, she started moaning each time my knuckles hit her pussy. Then she grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand further in, I was now fisting her for the first time. Having a full fist inside her sent her over the edge, my hand stayed still inside her while she orgasmed. I could feel her pussy squeezing so tight on my hand. I let her calm down before I slowly pulled my hand out.

My cock wanted some attention, so I crawled up next to her on my knees and stuck my cock next to her mouth. She leant over and took it deep into her mouth. As she went to work on my cock I fondled her breasts. She would pull my cock out, lick the sides and balls then engulf the cock to the base, she keep slowly repeating this. Her nipples were now erect from the hands so I bent down and sucked on one, she loves her nipples being sucked on. The excitement made her start sucking my cock hard, she had one hand holding the base of my cock and the other hand payed with my balls. Her hand then moved to rubbing around my asshole.

Her cock sucking was feeling great, I stopped sucking her nipples and sat up to give her more access to my cock. She put my cock all the way in her mouth and kept it there while she tongued my cock. I then felt her finger push its way into my ass. Her finger started stoking my prostate, I let out a moan as I felt my balls tensing up. She pulled me out of her mouth and started stroking me hard and fast, I could feel a second finger playing at the tip of my ass. As she entered the second finger, my cum squirted out of my cock, spraying everywhere. I had never seen so much cum come out of me, it was in her hair, on her face and over her breasts.

I leant down and sucked on her nipple again, this time there was cum on it, the second time in the night I've tasted my own cum. As I sucked on her nipple her free hand started rubbing her clit. Her hand worked fast on her clit, I could feel her building up to another orgasm. I stopped sucking on her nipple, placing my leg over, I straddled her breasts, putting my ass right in front of her face. I placed my hand at then entrance to her pussy, waiting for her to climax. As she started to moan I inserted my fingers rubbing her G spot. Almost instantly I felt the juices, then she started squirting. Her warm juices started spraying everywhere, I put my face down to taste the juices as they sprayed. My face was dripping and the bed sheets were soaked.

Once the squirting stopped I put my face into her wetness, licking and rubbing all over the spot. My tongue started at her clit, down her pussy lips, then down to her ass. As I licked the rim of her ass, I felt her lift against me wanting more. So I started licking and probing her ass with my tongue, as I did this I felt her tongue press against my asshole. The sensation was incredible, I could feel my cock getting harder again, and so could she. We stayed in this position for a while, until she could feel I was fully erect again.

"Just get on top and fuck me," she insisted.

I hoped off, but first I grabbed her anal plug from the bedside table. With all the playing her ass was ready for it, without much effort it slipped right in. I then positioned my cock near the entrance to her pussy. My cock slid in easily, her pussy felt very loose but I could feel the anal plug rubbing against my cock. I pounded my hard cock into her, the room filled with slapping and squirting noises as our soaked bodies rubbed up against each other. Her nails dug into my ass cheeks, she wanted it harder. Her pussy was started to get tighter around my cock.

"Keep going," she screamed, "Fuck me hard."

I was nearly out of breath from the hard thrusting, I slapped my balls harder against her. She started loudly moaning, I felt her pussy tightly grabbing my dick. As she let out one long loud scream, I felt my cum shot deep inside. I collapse on top, laying on her I could feel us both breathing hard, our bodies covered in sweat. Once we caught our breath, I leaned over and gave her a kiss.

"Happy Anniversary Darling" I said.

I then rolled off exhausted.

"Thank you, aren't you going to clean me up?" She said with a giggle.

"Maybe next time."

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Good story

That was a good little, no cheating, story.

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