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Happy Anniversary


My wife and I recently celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary. We had been happily married with all of life’s usual ups and downs without ever really having anything to argue seriously over. We had our problems but always patched things up with a minimum of fuss.

In our 15 years we had produced five beautiful children, two girls and three boys, with ages ranging from 13 down to 6. Our two youngest were twin boys.

We recently bought our first computer with an Internet connection. Jenny was very excited as all her friends had e-mail addresses and she was keen to get her own. I set her up with a hotmail account. She chose her user name, sexymother, and I showed her how to get a password. She didn’t want me knowing her password which was OK by me. When it came to answering a personal question in case she forgot her password she chose the question about her birth month. She asked me how to change her password if ever she felt like it and I showed her that too.

Two months before our anniversary my wife entered an online competition for the chance to win an all expenses paid cruise around the South Pacific. She found out that she had won and that the cruise would go for ten days and would encompass our anniversary, July 11.

We organised to have the kids stay with her parents for the time we were to be away and before we knew it we were flying to Sydney to meet up with our ship, the South Sea Princess.

We boarded and were treated like Royalty from the start. We had a First Class cabin and found out that all our food and alcohol was included in our prize.

The ship left Sydney on a beautiful July day and as it made its way through the harbour I remarked that this would be our longest holiday together since we were married.

Jenny was looking forward to the break and to relaxing without a voice constantly saying, “I’m hungry,” or “I’m bored,” or the like.

On our first evening we ate a great meal and went to one of the numerous bars on board. I was feeling a little seedy adjusting to the motion of the boat. I mentioned this to Jen. She was really disappointed because she wanted to, ‘dance until dawn,’ as she put it. I told her she could do just that, only without me as I was going to bed. She decided to go to one of the nightclubs, The Lobster Room, and see how the dancing was. I told her to enjoy herself and went off to bed.

My last view of her was the back view of her in her ‘little black dress’ that barely covered her bum it was that short. She filled it quite nicely with her 36” breasts and her beautiful ass, what I considered her best feature. She had on her 4” stiletto heeled black shoes that made her legs look fantastic.

I got back to our cabin and went straight to bed without even getting undressed. The next thing I knew it was and hour later and I was feeling OK. I got up and still felt OK so I decided to go and find Jenny so I could have that dance with her.

I went to the Lobster Room to see if she was still there. Sure enough she was, out on the dancefloor having a great time. She was dancing in a large group of both men and women, all of whom looked like they were having as much fun as Jenny was.

Suddenly the pace of the music slowed and a sexy slow dance number came on. Most of the group Jenny was dancing with took a partner. I thought Jenny would have a rest and I could surprise her but a tall, muscly guy from the group grabbed her and they began to slow dance to the music.

His hands were wandering all over her and they eventually stopped at her ass where he had two handfuls of my wife’s beautiful ass. I thought she would protest but she seemed to snuggle into his muscly frame even more. I stood mesmerised by this scene. I wanted to kick his ass but he was much bigger than I was so I decided to see what happened.

Incredibly, one of his hands reached under Jenny’s chin and lifted it up. He leaned down and began to kiss her passionately. I could tell even from where I was at the bar that it was a serious kiss. They kissed for ages still swaying in time with the music. Their bodies seemed to melt into one and I remember thinking that if it were me my cock would be as hard as a rock. If his were too then Jenny would be feeling it just above her cunt as she danced.

Finally they broke the kiss and he said something to her. She nodded and they walked out of the nightclub. I followed at a discreet distance. They strolled leisurely along the deck, stopping occasionally to kiss again. As they kissed both his and her hands went wandering. I remember seeing her hands feel down the front of his pants and her eyes widening. I wondered what it was that made her eyes do that. While she did this, his hands were playing with her tits, gently, and feeling her ass as well as lifting her dress for a feel of what was under the front of it.

When they broke this last kiss they seemed to walk away with some urgency. They walked to a cabin quite near ours that also had portholes out to the top deck of the ship. As I watched he unlocked his door and they went inside. I couldn’t believe it. Here we were, Jenny and I, on a holiday together without the kids at last and she was in another guy’s cabin on the very first night.

I quickly went out onto the deck to see if I could see inside his porthole. I found what I was looking for and found that I had an uninterrupted view inside his cabin. What I saw amazed me. My wife was on her knees in front of him. She had his pants undone and was in the process of pulling them down. They reached his ankles and he kicked them off. He then took off his shirt and Jenny and I saw that he had no underwear on.

Jenny grabbed his hard cock in both hands and proceeded to lick up and down the whole length. It was huge! So this was what had made her eyes widen earlier. Once it was fully wet she took the purple head into her mouth and started to suck. I could see by the way her cheeks bulged that she was working hard on his cock. She gradually took more and more in until she had her nose buried in his pubic hair. I don’t know how big his cock was but it seemed bigger than mine and I am a good 8”, which I’m quite proud of.

So here was my wife sucking on a stranger’s cock that was larger than mine. I should have been enraged but I felt two surprising emotions. I was excited by what I saw (who doesn’t want to see his wife with another man). The other feeling was one of jealousy. Jenny never, ever sucked my cock. In all the years I had known her she had only once put the head of my cock in her mouth for a very short time. This was just after we were married. There was never a hint of oral sex since.

Jenny sucked his cock like it was going out of fashion. She really seemed to be enjoying it. All of a sudden I saw her lover tense and then release a torrent of cum in my wife’s pretty mouth. She swallowed all she could but some spilled out and down her chin. He withdrew his cock and Jenny licked the remaining cum from the tip. She then wiped her chin with her hand and licked the cum off it.

He quickly stood her up and pushed her down onto the bed. He stood above her, put the tip of his cock at the opening of her cunt and pushed. She must have been soaking because about three-quarters of his cock went straight in. He withdrew almost all the way before thrusting again. This time his whole cock was inside my wife.

I was shocked. Not only because of what I saw but that I had cum in my pants without even touching myself. I slunk off to our cabin and tried to get some more sleep.

I woke up late the next morning. Jenny was fast asleep beside me. I hadn’t heard her come in so I don’t know how long she spent with her new friend. I got up and went for a swim, letting my wife sleep. I looked around the ship for her mystery lover but couldn’t see him.

Jenny emerged at about three in the afternoon. We lazed by the pool and I didn’t say anything about the previous night. I simply asked her if she had fun dancing to which she replied that it was OK but would have been better if I had been there. She asked me how I was feeling. I said that I was OK but still not great.

That night we had a quiet dinner and again I said I felt like going straight to bed. The next day was to be our first port of call, in Fiji, and I wanted to be OK to go ashore with her to explore. I expected Jenny to say that she was disappointed but she merely said that she hoped I felt better and took off to the Lobster Room.

I followed a few minutes later. I hoped that I would find her by herself or in a large group again but initially I couldn’t see her at all. As I looked around I saw her with her friend from the night before in a dark corner of the room. My first thought was that they looked like honeymooners. They kissed and cuddled like newlyweds, they danced together as if there was no one else there and they generally played the game perfectly.

I watched from the bar for a couple of hours, growing more and more jealous as time wore on. I didn’t do anything because I wanted to see how far it would go.

Close to midnight they got up and left. I expected them to go straight to his cabin and fuck themselves stupid but they didn’t. They strolled in the moonlight for a while. They exchanged kisses frequently and generally seemed to be getting to know each other better.

After about half an hour of this they made their way back to his cabin. All of this was done with a minimum of fuss. Once inside I took my place at the porthole. Inside I saw Jenny and her lover slowly getting down to business.

She took her dress off to reveal that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her panties soon followed. Once she was completely naked she stood up and stretched before hungrily kissing her mate. Once again I had pangs of jealousy. Jenny never got naked in front of me any more. She preferred to get changed for bed in our bathroom.

She unbuttoned his shirt and trailled kisses down his chest, paying particular attention to his nipples. While she licked and sucked them she undid his pants and pushed them down. He wasn’t wearing any underwear.

His cock sprang free. Jenny immediately knelt down and took it into her mouth. She kissed the knob and licked her way down the shaft. She put the head of the cock into her mouth and sucked. I felt as if I was going to cum so I expected her mate to do the same.

She sucked for a few minutes until her mate stopped her, lay back on the bed and got Jenny to sit astride him. She eased his big cock into her steamy cunt. She must have been really wet because she slid right down to the base of his cock with no trouble at all.

She was in control now and she began to ride up and down his shaft, slowly at first. As she got more excited she rode faster and faster until she was writhing with ecstasy on his cock. Suddenly he grabbed her hips, arched his back and obviously came deep inside my wife.

I had seen enough. I went back to our cabin and got into bed. It didn’t toke much for me to bring myself to orgasm. Once I had cum I lay there with conflicting emotions. It seemed as if Jenny had found a little more than a quick fuck. He looked more like a lover. This scared, but also excited, me.

I decided to leave her alone as much as I could to see what happened. It would be easy to beg motion sickness most of the time. I would begin the next day by letting her go ashore by herself.

I woke up the next morning with Jenny next to me. She didn’t wake me up when she got home so I have no idea how late she was. She was fast asleep so I made a quick decision. I showered and dressed. Then I left her a note saying that I had gone ashore for the day. Then I promptly set myself up at a bar on the ship to see what Jenny did for the day. There were a few other people around who had decided not to go ashore also.

A couple of hours later I saw Jenny outside. I decided to follow at a discreet distance. She went to one of the deserted swimming pools and got herself ready for a swim. I found a vantage point on the deck above and saw that she had been joined by her new friend.

They began to swim, play, cuddle and kiss together. For all intents and purposes they looked like a couple who were on the cruise together. In the pool they got a little closer. At one stage, with Jenny facing the edge, her friend swam up behind her and started nibbling her ear. I know this makes her really horny and she looked like she was enjoying it. They both looked around in every direction except up. Then, he reached down into the water and began to ease the bottom half of my wife’s bikini down. She let it drop and spread her legs. He then took his cock out of his swimming trunks and began to fuck her.

So they wouldn’t look too suspicious they started really slowly. After a while, though, anyone passing would have been able to see that they were fucking. The noise reached up to where I was. Jenny was moaning and saying, “Yes, yes, Michael, fuck me harder.”

At least I found out his name. This went on for a while and they didn’t seem to care that they could have been seen by anyone. Eventually they finished. Michael swam to the bottom of the pool to retrieve Jenny’s bikini bottom. What a gentleman. They got out of the pool hand in hand and dried off. They then began to walk in the direction of Michael’s cabin. I followed and when I arrived I looked inside.

My wife and her lover were both naked. Jenny was face down on the bed with Michael on top of her. He was licking her ear and murmuring something to her. He then grabbed a pillow and put it under her hips. I was astounded. He was going to fuck her up the ass. I couldn’t believe it. It was the one thing I had tried to get her to do since before we were married. She had always refused. Even the week before the cruise I had tried again and she had said that she would never let me do that. She didn’t like thinking about it and considered it dirty. But here she was, with a virtual stranger, about to do something she had never done before.

As I watched Michael got a tube of lubricant, squeezed some on his finger and began to fondle my wife’s ass. She spread her legs and he slowly inserted his finger up inside her. She writhed around a bit but he didn’t stop. He fingered her ass for a while and then took his finger out.

He got his tube of cream out and began to lube up his cock. He leaned over Jenny and stuck the tip of his cock at the entrance to her ass. He looked like he was soothing her by talking quietly to her. He pushed forward and I saw the head of his cock enter her ass. He stopped for a moment and then began to push forward. Slowly he entered her, a little at a time, in then out, in then out, until he was finally completely inside her.

He fucked her ass gently for some time. Then Jenny raised her ass and the action hotted up. He started thrusting quicker and more powerfully. Jenny looked as if she was pushing back to meet his every thrust. In a frenzy they both looked like they came and then collapsed onto the bed. He pulled out of her ass. Jenny rolled around the face his cock and took him into her mouth to clean him up.

I had to leave then. The first boats were coming back from the island so I went back to our cabin. I thought about what I had just seen, and what I had seen on the previous two nights. I decided I didn’t much like it at all. Jenny had done a few things in the two days she had known Michael that she had never done in fifteen years of marriage to me.

She had sucked his cock. She had never done that to me. She said it would make her gag. She had him fuck her in the ass. She told me that it was dirty. Not only that but she had cleaned his cock with her mouth afterwards. It obviously wasn’t too dirty for that. And she got completely naked with him. She had stopped doing that six years ago with me, after our twins were born.

So, what to do? Somehow I decided to finish the cruise and get home before I said anything. There were many other times Jenny was alone without me on that trip. Almost every night I stayed in our cabin while she went out. I went ashore at every stop but Jenny didn’t.

The night that I finally realised that our marriage had ended was the night of our anniversary, which was the last night of the cruise. Jenny had made plans to go out and party without asking what I would like to do. Just before she went out I handed her a package that contained a crystal pendant on a gold chain. She didn’t even open it but took it with her.

Later that night I went to the porthole outside Michael’s cabin. I saw the two of them making love. Jenny was on top and the pendant was dangling between her tits. The note I wrote with the gift said, “Happy 15th Anniversary, the latest of many to come.” She had obviously read that and taken no notice.

Eventually the cruise finished. We disembarked and went straight to the airport to catch our flight home. Jenny was unnaturally quiet all the way home. When we got there I asked her if she had enjoyed the trip. She told me she had the best holiday ever. I said sorry for leaving her alone so much. She said, quietly, that it didn’t matter. She had fun anyway.

The next few days were quiet at home. The kids were excited to see us again. We gave them heaps of presents from our trip. I wondered when Jenny had the time to shop.

Jenny easily slipped back into her old routine of looking after the family. I was a mess, wondering how to go about confronting her.

One Saturday, two weeks after we had returned home, Jenny made plans to go out with the children all day. I hadn’t been included. I decided to go on the Internet. Then I had an inspiration. I would look at her e-mail. I quickly logged on as sexymother but didn’t know her password. I tried numerous words I thought might be the right one but to no avail. Then I clicked on ‘Forgotten your password?’ and answered her question correctly, August.

This showed me that her password was michael. I thought that she must have changed it since we got back. Her inbox had quite a lot of e-mails from donkeyboy60.

I opened the most recent which said, “My darling Jenny, I am coming to Sale (our home town) to see you next weekend. I’m staying at the Princeton. Come and see me next Thursday. I’ll be arriving at about midday. I love you, Michael.” Next Thursday was Jenny’s 40th birthday.

She hadn’t wanted a fuss made so I didn’t organise anything but invited our friends over on the following Saturday for drinks to celebrate. I decided to take a sick day that Thursday without telling Jenny.

On the morning of her birthday I gave her the gift I had bought her, an eternity ring. I thought it might show her how much I still loved her. She cried when she saw it and couldn’t speak. I left for work and went for a drive.

As midday approached I had formulated a plan. Soon after 12, I went home to find the garage empty. I went inside and got out a suitcase. In it I put most of Jenny’s clothes. Then I drove to the hotel where Michael was staying.

I soon found Jenny’s car outside room 27. I peeked inside and, sure enough, the two of them were naked and making love on the bed. I got the suitcase out of the car and opened the door to the room. The two of them stopped fucking and sat up.

Jenny said, “Scott, what are you doing here? I can explain everything.”

I threw the suitcase down and said, “Don’t bother coming home. As of this moment we aren’t married any more. You two can fuck yourselves stupid for all I care. Just like you did every day on the ship.”

I slammed the door behind me as I walked out. It was nearly time to pick up the kids from school. I did that and drove them to the hotel. I stopped again outside room 27 where Jenny’s car was still parked. I flung the door open again and, as our 5 beautiful kids ran inside, I saw Jenny and Michael naked again having taken my advice and continued to fuck themselves stupid.

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