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Happy Anniversary - Amy's Story


I've written this sad story about the destruction of a family after a wife cheated and her husband became an "accepting cuckold" for a very short time. He was too weak and scared to confront his wife and her lover on their holiday.

Although this story was inspired by a tale written by goo_62, it isn't a sequel.

Please understand I enjoy writing in the narrative although there is dialog. Before I forget........there's very little sex.

I'd like to thank Glenda_Fiddich for so much valuable assistance and advice.

For Mike and his brother.

Happy Anniversary – Amy's Story

By Sid0604

I was stunned when James opened the door and walked in on Michael and me fucking. At first it seemed like Michael didn't realize James was there in the room with us as he was concentrating on pounding my pussy so hard but I was finally able to push him off me just as he was cuming deep in my cunt.

In the months that followed I realized that he was so close to cuming in me that he was determined to do so no matter what happened. He must have suspected James would do nothing after he'd fucked me every day and night on our cruise. His cock was still squirting cum as it left my pussy when I sat up.

At first I was speechless but then managed to say, "James, what are you doing here? I...I can explain everything."

I felt stupid because that's all I said. The look on James's face told me I'd hurt him so badly.....so deeply and at the time I didn't comprehend the depth of his pain.

All he said was "Don't bother coming home Amy. You can have your divorce; you win. You two can have each other for all I care; just like you did every day on the ship."

My mind was in turmoil as I thought, "How could the man I loved with all my heart for 15 years say that to me? Michael was just sex to me; well that was a lie. I loved him a little otherwise I wouldn't have let him fuck me again but it was nothing like how much I loved James. This was going to be the last time I was going to see Michael; he was fucking me as his birthday present to me; maybe flowers might have been more appropriate but after our affair on the cruise I couldn't resist his special present."

When my mind cleared a little I realized he had said, "You can have your divorce; you win."

What was he talking about? I'd never divorce him. He was just angry; that was all.

Then as James stormed out the door it hit me what else he said, "Just like you did every day on the ship."

"Oh my god no! Oh shit! Please god no!"

He can't have known about us fucking on the cruise. We were so careful and he was back in our cabin sick the whole time. I always went back to our cabin to have sex with him after Michael was finished with me every night but he was always asleep and I didn't want to wake him up because he had been so sick.

I wanted to chase James into the car park to explain; I would have run out there naked to catch him. I wish I had; if I had caught up to him I could've told him I loved him, but Michael grabbed my wrist and pulled me back to the bed and pushed his cock back into my cunt and started fucking me again.

I struggled until Michael told me, "A few extra minutes won't hurt now will it? Beside if he has known this long and he knew we were fucking every day on the cruise then he couldn't be serious in what he said; in fact he probably got his jollies knowing what we did. He loved the thought of your fucking me then you going back to him every night. Amy, don't you get it? It turns him on! Some husbands are that and James must be one of them."

I wanted to believe him when he said that James hadn't been hurt by what I'd been doing and I soon forgot about him as Michael made me cum continuously for what seemed like hours. I was in heaven and lost track of time and I thought Michael had the stamina of a superman. When I had time later to think about my last time with Michael I suspected it was most probably just Viagra.

Next thing I knew James opened the door again; I wish we'd locked it. My four children came running in and the door slammed shut; James didn't come in this time.

But why did he send our children in when he knew I was in bed with Michael? If he liked what I was doing with Michael why did he do that? Something wasn't right in what Michael had told me.

My children stopped and stared at Michael and me as he kept fucking me. My kids had never seen James and me making love; but Michael had no shame.

It was Laura, my oldest who brought me back to earth just as I started to cum when she screamed, "Mummy! You're disgusting! You're nothing but a common street whore. No wonder Daddy was upset and crying!"

I felt cheap as Laura described me when Michael finished cuming in me; he wouldn't stop thrusting into me and I couldn't push him off me this time. When he was ready he just rolled off me leaving my pussy gaping with his cum running out.

My children were now crying and with Michael off me I could now see them staring at me; at my nakedness.

I didn't know what to say to them; I was so humiliated and disgusted in myself. I covered my mouth and raised my arm to them but they just stood there. Then I realized I was naked and covered in cum.

In my complete and total shame I covered myself with the cum covered sheet we'd been fucking on as Laura ushered the other three outside.

I got off the bed and went to the bathroom to quickly shower and clean up and as I showered I remembered everything James had said when he walked in on us fucking earlier and I knew I had to find him and tell him that he was the only man I loved.

I said goodbye to Michael and I felt even cheaper when he laughed as I grabbed my suitcase James had thrown into the room. I left knowing what I had done was so wrong; I felt so used.

The door slamming shut behind me was so symbolic; I just didn't realize how much at the time. I stood there looking around the car park hoping James was somehow still there, waiting for me. Tears came to my eyes when I finally grasped the fact that he was nowhere to be seen; he was gone.

I could hear my children in the car crying as they waited for me to take them home but in my shame I couldn't look at them knowing what they had seen me doing with Michael.

My memory of the look of horror on their faces and their hatred for me in their eyes was burned into my mind. When I shut my eyes the recollection of their reaction and James's words kept repeating in my head and made me shake in fear for what was coming.

I was brought back to earth by Laura screaming out to me, "We hate it here and we hate you! We want to go home!"

I was shaking uncontrollably as the reality of what I had done to my family set in. I put the suitcase in the back of the car then it took me a couple of goes to start the engine before we sped off for home.

My children were all still crying and were refusing to talk to me; I sensed that even the youngest knew what a cheap whore I was. I wanted to explain my actions if that was possible and tried talking to them the whole time but they refused to answer me or even acknowledge I spoke.

They refused to talk and my mind drifted back to what had happened to cause the apparent destruction of my marriage.

We had finally saved up enough for our dream cruise. It seemed like every time we'd been close to affording it previously something came up; some expense we hadn't planned on. If it wasn't that it was one of the kids getting so sick we couldn't leave them with anyone. Finally our opportunity arrived and we were able to go on our South Pacific cruise.

Things didn't go as I planned. James was sick every day and night from the moment we left port and stayed in our cabin until the morning we disembarked. I'd dreamed for years that I would dance the night away every day and still wanted to dance so went by myself. That was something I truly regretted now.

I had plenty of offers to dance with the strange men around me and then I met the nicest man; it was so romantic and I soon found myself out on deck with him. We walked in the moonlight around the decks as we held each other closely then he kissed me and I forgot about my sick husband waiting for me in our cabin; we ended up in his bed together.

Maybe I could have blamed the alcohol or the magical atmosphere but at the end of the day I still cheated. James was sick the whole time so I spent every moment I could with my lover. I told myself it was only a holiday thing and I would make it all up to James when we got back home; except it didn't happen.

I loved James so much but I still hated his touching me. We hadn't had sex since he got me pregnant with the twins; I wouldn't let him even hold my hand. My feelings of guilt only made it so much worse for me and when I found myself wanting some loving I would freeze up and push him away from my fears of having more babies.

When we got home I tried to make love to him every night but my guilt from straying made me so sick I would end up vomiting before bed. James missed out again.

He never seemed the same after we arrived home; there was a sadness in his eyes I'd never seen before. His moods changed quickly and the placid husband I had before the cruise was gone; there was definitely something on his mind eating away at him. Deep down I wondered if he somehow knew I'd cheated and was having trouble dealing with it.

What James had said to me in the motel confirmed that he knew of my illicit affair on the boat. Why didn't James stop me if he knew what I was doing?

It felt so good to make love to Michael after so many years going without sex but why couldn't I make love to the man who meant so much to me?

The afternoon with Michael had been a total surprise and until James came in I had enjoyed the excitement and the raw sex again.

I'd been at home when my cell phone rang; it was Michael, "Amy, I'm in town on business for the day and I want to visit to give you a special present for your birthday."

I refused his wanting to come to our home in case the neighbours became suspicious and told James.

Maybe I wondered if something would happen; or maybe I wanted something to happen; more likely the latter. As much as I loved James, I missed Michael's cock and his pounding me relentlessly.

I replied, "I'll meet you at your motel in 30 minutes. I can't stay long. We usually have a special dinner on my birthday," and I left to seal my fate.

Michael was waiting for me when I arrived; he was naked and his cock was already hard. My mind was screaming for me to stop but my lust had taken over and I stripped off and Michael did whatever he wanted with me; for the moment I was his to fuck and I forgot James again.

I had no idea how James knew I was there with Michael. My god I'd messed up my life; I prayed it wouldn't cost me my marriage. I recalled that one day on the boat Michael and I had just come on deck after fucking like rabbits in his suite and for some reason had discussed marriage and divorce.

I remembered we'd just been fooling around and I had said something silly like, "Just think, if we both got divorced we could live together and fuck like we've been doing every day."

He'd told me how nice that would be but we both knew we didn't mean it. Both of knew it was just a cruise romance and we'd never see each other again. There were so many people around us but we knew none of them so I didn't care if they heard or not; I'm sure some of them did. I had actually felt quite wicked knowing they heard we were lovers and were making love every day.

The journey home seemed to take so long and when we arrived home I rushed inside to find my husband; the man I needed to hold. I ran to the bedroom and heaved a sigh of relief when I saw that all of James' clothes and toiletries were still there so I knew he hadn't left me. I still had a chance to save my marriage.

I fed the children and they had their baths then finished their homework before going to bed. They all refused to kiss me good night and kept crying and calling for their father; I kept telling them he'd be home soon.

Our special dinner warming in the oven was ruined while I waited in the lounge room for James as the night grew later and later. I desperately needed to tell him how much I really loved him and how much he meant to me. It must have been years since I'd told him that. I tried his cell phone every few minutes since I arrived home but it was switched off all the time.

William, one of my twins woke me in the morning so I could make his school lunch as he ate his breakfast; his stomach was like an alarm clock. I'd fallen asleep waiting for James to come home.

I'd had nightmares about James all night; it was like he was there with me but he looked so pale; so haunting. The sadness in his sunken eyes and the look of sorrow on his face had scared me. All I wanted to do was to reach out to touch him but my hand went right through him. I became desperate and tried to hold him and he just kept slipping through my arms like I'd lost him forever.

I rushed to our bedroom and everything was as I had left it the night before; James wasn't in our bed and now I was seriously worried about him. In all our 15 years the only time we had spent apart was when I was having our children.

Laura just glared at me if I went near her but I finally got all the kids in the car and to school then returned home to wait for James but he didn't show up. I needed to talk with him; to explain Michael meant nothing to me and I loved him more than anything else in the world; that my life was meaningless without him.

I decided to phone his work and they told me he'd had Thursday off to surprise me for my birthday; they asked if we'd a good time. He had surprised me all right. Before I could ask if I could speak with him they asked me if he was sick as he wasn't at work. I was shocked as he never missed a day at work in his life and I lied and said he'd been ill all night and I'd get him to phone when he came home from the doctors. They asked why I called and I told them he had asked that I phone them to say he was going to the doctors and I'd forgotten to phone earlier.

I rang my parents, his family and everyone we knew to see if they'd seen him last night and I told them we'd had a small disagreement over nothing and he didn't come home; I was so worried about him. No one had seen or heard from him but they promised they'd get him to phone me when they did.

Our closest friends confided in me that James had organised a belated birthday party for me combined with an Anniversary party for us on Saturday and had invited everyone we knew so I realized I'd see him by then and he was probably just staying away to clear his head after seeing me fucking Michael.

I convinced myself Michael must have been right that James enjoyed watching me have sex with him, but I still needed him and wanted to hold him. All day I had a terrible feeling of complete loss; it was a total emptiness I'd never felt before. If Friday was the longest day of my life, Friday night was worse as I tried waiting up for him again.

As I had wandered around the house without purpose on Friday while I waited for James to come home or at least telephone me, I found everything for our party stored neatly in the shelves and in the refrigerators in the garage; he'd forgotten nothing. He'd even remembered his favourite diet sarsaparilla; I knew then he'd be home soon; I couldn't wait. I finally wanted to make love to him again after so many years.

I had everything ready for the party as all of our friends arrived with their children on Saturday. My own children finally immerged from their rooms and left the house to play with the young visitors; but still without saying a word to me.

I overheard my nosey sister-in-law asking my youngest two if James had been home yet.

The twins answered together like they usually did, "Daddy came to see us the last two nights while mummy was asleep. He told us he would always be there to keep an eye on us and make sure we were ok."

My sister-in-law just said, "That's good. Does your mummy know?"

They just shook their heads then she walked away to join the other adults.

"James must've been home each night to see their kids but something must be seriously wrong; maybe he's moved out. It must be bad. Maybe he'll tell us when he gets here."

I heard what she said; what a bitch!

I was getting worried about James again but was also somewhat angry he hadn't shown up for my party he'd organised. I still wanted to hold him so badly now and tell him how much I missed him and that I really did love him. I wanted to make it up to him somehow; all of it; I wanted him to make love to me.

I thought back to how I had denied him for the past six years and then cuckolding him on the cruise; I had so much to make up for even if what Michael had said was true.

I was busy with some guests when the doorbell rang and my dad went to answer it. He didn't come back so a few minutes later my mother went to get him thinking he had probably fallen asleep on the lounge like he usually did; she didn't return either so I went to get them thinking they were probably having a little tiff again.

I walked in to see my parents both sitting on the lounge crying with two policemen standing next to them taking. They all looked up at me when they saw me come into the room and one of the police suggested to my mother that she make some tea or coffee.

As I approached them one of them looked at a photo in his hand. It looked about the same size as the one of me that James kept in his wallet.

The policeman asked, "Are you Amy Marshall?"

I heart was in my mouth as I responded, "Yes I am. Is James hurt? Is he alright? Please tell me."

My mother burst into tears as she went into the kitchen and I heard the kettle switched on. My father stood up and put his arm around my shoulders and sat me down on the lounge as he sat next to me.

The policeman continued, "Mrs Marshall, we're so sorry but we have to inform you that your husband is dead."

I sat stunned unable to breathe as I saw my friends and family gathering at archway into the kitchen on one side and the door to the family room on the other. They were silently spilling through the doorways, all looking shocked and were holding their spouses tightly; no one was talking. They were all biting their lips or their mouths were open; there wasn't a sound apart from the sobs of family and friends starting to cry.

He resumed, "He left a note for us and a very private letter for you. We opened your letter; I hope you understand we had to read it. It's very personal and he gives you the reasons for what he has done. It looks like he took he own life late on Thursday afternoon. His vehicle was well concealed and it wasn't seen until a few hours ago by some bike riders and he was discovered then. It was too late for him; I'm so sorry. Could we get a member of your family or a close friend to follow us to the morgue to identify his body please? Or if you feel up to it......it's really only a formality now."

I saw his brother step forward and say, "I'm his brother; I'll do it. Our parents are dead and I'm the oldest; it's the least I can do for him."

The policeman looked to me as if asking if it was acceptable to me. I couldn't bear to see James lying dead on a cold slab even though our bed must have seemed like it to him most nights for so long; I knew instantly I wanted to remember him alive, so I nodded slowly.

Then everything seemed to slow down and went black as I felt myself leaning forward and falling to the floor.

I woke some time later in my bed hoping it had all been a nightmare; my parents were in my bedroom sitting next to me on a couple of chairs.

I remembered the words the policeman said as he told me, "James was dead."

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