tagInterracial LoveHappy Anniversary Darling Ch. 02

Happy Anniversary Darling Ch. 02


The morning was as normal as every morning getting the children off and Joe leaving for the office. Cleaning up from the night before Nicole was putting everything back in order when she came across the tape of her hypnotic rape by the Thomas Brothers just 3 weeks earlier. Not remembering the ordeal being conscious only by what she seen on the tape she got a strange feeling in her gut. Watching it a few times with Joe and then alone she had mixed feeling about it all. She felt invaded which she was but also felt an erotic feeling about it all.

She did remember the feeling she felt between her legs for days that followed and also the pleasurable pain she felt in her butt. She felt stretched out and sore.

Before putting it away she ran through sections of it and stopping at the part where all three men where taking her at the same time. Slowing the tape down she watched very closely at her expression on her face. If you didn't know she was hypnotize you would think she was enjoying the ordeal. A frightening thought came over her to think the power of hypnosis can make her do such a thing that she would never do under her own control.

Putting the tape in a place where it cannot be found she finished taking care of the house and putting everything in order.

Her neighbor and friend for the years she had lived there was coming over to visit.

Pam had recently had a baby and was finally getting some help from her mother in law to give her some free time and some rest.

Pam's husband Rob was out of town on business so it was a good time to have his mother over to stay with her.

Looking forward to the company during the day Nicole had a nice lunch prepared for the two of them and then maybe go to the mall and do some shopping.

The doorbell rang just as Nicole was finished getting dressed and applying her makeup.

She opened the door to find Pam a beautiful full figured 28-year-old blonde 5'5' 125 pounds of perfect woman standing there with a large envelope in her hand.

"Found this on the doorstep." She said as she entered the house.

Nicole looked surprised that there was an envelope there and Joe missed it when he left. She welcomed Pam into the house and started to open the envelope when the phone rang.

She answered the phone to hear a voice say "Good morning how is my slut doing today?"

Nicole was shocked and asked who was it and the voice said "Didn't you get my envelope?"

She immediately opened it to find several pictures of herself in bed naked with three black men.

She was startled and frightened. She hung up the phone and just sat there forgetting that Pam was still in the room. When Pam spoke she snapped back to reality. "What' s wrong Nicole? "

"Oh nothing Pam. I'm sorry it was the wrong number come in and sit down."

The women sat and talked for a while then ate lunch, but the phone call and the pictures shook Nicole. What is going on she wondered?

After lunch the women left for the mall trying to put the morning episode from her mind and enjoy the day but it was an effort.

Spending a good two hours walking through the mall and going in some of the shops looking for bargains they decided to head home.

As they approached the front door Nicole can hear the phone ringing, rushing into answer she was shocked to hear the same voice talking to her. Who is this she questioned. "Don' t you remember me slut? I'm the one with my cock in your mouth!" Very shaken now Nicole hung up the phone. Pam again was very confused watching her friend getting very upset with the call.

In a matter of minutes there was a knock on the door and then it opened. The two women standing there in disbelief as three large black men walked into the house.

Before the women can do anything the men grabbed them and threw them onto the couch.

Pam started to cry and Nicole held her close to her.

Leroy the oldest of the brothers took Pam by the arms and stared into her eyes. Standing there with fear in her eyes she stared back. Within a minute Leroy had her walk to the other side of the room as Nicole was fighting off Rondell and Jamal.

Leroy took control and told Nicole not to fight him because he will hurt them both. Meanwhile

Pam stood in the far side of the room with her hands at her sides staring at Leroy.

Leroy walked up to her and looked her over and remarked what a beautiful girl she was and what a remarkable body she possessed.

Nicole was shouting to leave her alone and leave my house. Jamal hit her and she fell back against Rondell.

Both men began tearing at Nicole's clothing, releasing her breast and pulling off her shorts leaving her in her thong.

Leroy was holding Pam by her shoulders pulling her lips to his. She didn't react as he kissed her and putting his tongue deep into her throat. Leroy pulled up her tank top revealing very large breast held together by a black-lace bra. Her deep cleavage showed she had at least 38 D breasts milk white and very large nipples. Unhooking her bra released beautiful round breasts with long nipples that were very erect. As he put his lips to her breast she shuddered and let out a moan.

Sucking one nipple then the other into his mouth she started to respond.

Working his way down to her flat stomach he kneeled in front of her and gently pulled down her shorts. After dropping her shorts to the floor he proceeded to kiss her belly, ran his tongue over her thong to her inner thigh. She gasped and held his head pushing it into her love box.

Pulling off her thong he was facing a very well trimmed pussy with just a strip of hair. Her lips were puffy and already wet.

His hands reached for her butt cheeks and pulled her towards him. Sucking on her clit he entered a finger into her and she let out a load moan.

Still fighting off the other two aggressors Nicole was losing her strength and was submitting to the aggression.

Not giving up though she was screaming for them to stop and leave her house.

Jamal left the couch for a few minutes and came back with some cord and tied Nicole' s hands and took her bra and pushed into her mouth and laid her on the couch. She was instructed to lie still as they take her friend on an adventure she will never forget.

She continued to kick and try to roll off the couch. Rondell held her down as Jamal went to Leroy and Pam and as Leroy was between her legs Jamal was mauling her breasts.

As Nicole watched her friend being raped she felt helpless and realized what they had done to her. Pam had no control over what they were doing. Nicole realized she didn't look into Leroy's eyes like she had done before. Reason for being conscious of what was happening.

Nicole lay there helpless and the men ravished over Pam.

Pam looked so willing enjoying the attention she was getting by the men in front of her.

Leroy picked her up and brought her to Nicole' s bedroom. Soon to follow was Nicole being carried by Jamal.

All three men were now in Nicole' s bedroom with Pam on the bed and Nicole tied to a chair mouth gagged watching the ordeal they were putting Pam through.

When Leroy took down his pants Pam seen the huge bulge in his boxers. She gasped as he dropped his boxers to the floor. His cock was the largest cock she had ever seen. The head looked like a large plum with a black veined shaft that was very wide and long.

As Leroy kneeled between her legs he took her knees and spread her thighs. Her heart was pounding as she opened as far as she can with fear in her eyes. Leroy spread her pussy lips apart and aimed his huge helmet to pussy lips. Slowly he entered her and she let out a scream. He withdrew then lunged forward going halfway in. She felt the pain and it showed on her face.

With long hard strokes he was all the way in to parts of her she didn't know existed. She could feel the head hitting her cervix. Her muscles were holding his cock tight and like lips sucking it deeper into her. Her hips started to rise to meet his lunges. She was in a state of complete satisfaction.

Rondell kneeled at her head and took his cock rubbing it across her face smearing his precum on her. She was in ecstasy and opened her mouth to capture the huge snake teasing her face.

Putting his cock deep into her throat and rubbing her nipples so hard they felt like they were on fire.

Pam was bucking wildly against Leroy and taking all his cock into her pussy. With Rondell stuffing her mouth with cock she was having her second orgasm. Rondell had his first orgasm filling her mouth with his seed. She swallowed all she could before starting to gag as his cum was dripping from the sides of her mouth.

Leroy was pumping away like a jackhammer into her and filling her unprotected pussy with loads of cum that would fill a large container.

Nicole sitting there helpless crying as the men took her friend to another level of orgasm.

Jamal was recording the action taking place on the bed and waiting for his turn at this luscious blonde and her white pussy.

When Leroy came off the bed leaving Pam in ecstasy he approached Nicole and finished to tear her thong off leaving her naked.

Leroy left the bedroom and returned minutes later with a white cloth in his hand. He went to Nicole and put it over her face. Before she knew it she was out cold.

Hours must have passed when Nicole was being wakened by Joe her husband.

Like a mad man he was cursing and carrying on.

What the fuck happened in here today. I come home and find you tied up and naked, dry cum all over your face and tits and Pam out cold in the same condition?

Nicole trying to clear her head and focus on Joe but couldn't talk.

He was wiping her down with a towel and washcloth.

Feeling the cold water on her head the cobwebs were going away she started to cry, "The Thomas brothers were here, they forced their way in."

Joe was beside himself, he felt the urge to track them down and punish them for what they had done.

Pam was just waking up and Nicole tended to her. Not knowing what had happened Nicole was explaining it all to her. She sat in the bed weeping and pounding her fist into the mattress.

Calm down Nicole was saying and we will figure out some revenge for what has happened.

After they were all cleaned up and thinking rationally Joe was coming up with some ideas.

We have to know how to find them first then we can see what we will do.

Calling the police was not even a thought to them. Revenge is what they wanted.

Fight fire with fire Joe was saying. The only way these people will understand is through violence.

Pam was embarrassed and fighting mad all at the same time. She didn't want her family to know and especially her husband.

Oh yes, they left a tape to really rub salt in the wound. Victims of violent men and so violated.

Fear of being pregnant was Pam's biggest concern. The tape showed she was penetrated deeply by all three men. A very bad feeling went through her body.

There was someone she had to tell about what happened and he would know what to do.

Her brother was involved with what they called the "FAMILY" from the city. He did some work for them and they treated him well.

Her thought was to ask him to talk to someone for any ideas.

Joe agreed, he knew Alex, Pam's brother and he would talk to him for her. She was embarrassed to face her brother with it. Once he knew she didn't mind talking to him about it.

A week went by and Pam got a call from Alex and he said he looked into things and found out who they were. They have done this to many families and have been getting away with it for some time.

He said he spoke to the " FAMILY" head and he said they would take care of it, just be patient.

Two weeks later when Joe opened the daily paper the headlines read "THREE MEN ATTACKED BY BAT WIELDING MAN ALONG RIVER BANK"

The article read as follows," Three men were found beaten and left for dead on the bank of the river early this morning. Thomas brothers Leroy, Rondell and Jamal from the east side of town were found with broken bones and severed penises by man walking his dog.

After questioning at Union Hospital were they will be for some time, they couldn't identify the men who beat and tortured them. They did say they were white men with olive skin.

Anyone with information please notify this newspaper."

Joe put down the newspaper and called his wife.

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