tagErotic HorrorHappy Anniversary-First Summer Day

Happy Anniversary-First Summer Day


After 40 years a husband is still crazy for his drop dead gorgeous wife.


"Hey, baby, get up. It's a beautiful day, Karen," said Walter turning and reaching around to give his wife a kiss on the lips. "Happy Anniversary, sweetheart."

She was still asleep with her back turned to him and he sat on the edge of the bed watching her sleep. After all this time, you'd think he'd grow tired of her, even a little sick of her, but he didn't. He never did.

The love of his life, she completed him. She made him a better man. She gave him meaning to continue on, even when his new dawns were the darkest and his days looked the most dismal. He wouldn't want to go on living life without her and he hoped that God would take him first, when the time came.

"The power of positive thought, Walter," is what she always said to him, when he was down in the dumps. "Stop being so negative and be more positive. Smile that doom and gloom away."

She made him a better man. She made him the man that he was now. After 40 years of marriage, he was still crazy for his drop dead, gorgeous wife and who wouldn't be? She was so very beautiful and even now more than forty years later, that's how he still saw her. He still saw her as the young, beautiful woman that he wanted more than anything, so very long ago.

With long, lush, blonde hair and brightly shining, blue eyes, they were just kids the first time they met, barely 18-years-old. Dating for years, waiting to complete their education, they finally married when they were both 24-years-old. A time when sex and sexuality wasn't as open as it is now, the time they spent together dating was a long frustrating wait for him. Wanting to get married in the church wearing white, she wanted to remain a virgin, as was her mother and her grandmother, before her wishes, on their wedding days. Out of respect for her, abstaining from having sexual intercourse, they did everything else, of course, but that.

She had big boobs, a C cup that grew to a D cup later in life, after she gained a few pounds. He loved her big tits and always enjoyed showing her off to other men by having her wear low cut blouses or tight sweaters. Everyone said she could have been Christie Brinkley's older sister and she was approached constantly by men, who wanted her to model or have them shoot her picture for this publication or that publication.

He couldn't walk in a restaurant with her without men turning in their chairs to stare. Oh, yeah, she was that good looking and he never understood why a good looking dame like her would want to marry an ugly bum like him. Happy to be his wife and the mother of his children, she turned them all down out of respect for him, as he was a jealous man.

"God, I love this woman. She's so sexy," he said for no one to hear, while he ran his hand along the curves of her sleeping body. "Even after all this time, she still excites me."

This was the first day of summer, their anniversary, 40 years today. He was horny and he was hoping she was, too. There was no better way to celebrate their wedding anniversary, especially one as auspicious as their 40th than having hot sex early in the morning. It's been a while, since they've been as wicked to have sex in broad daylight. She prefers the dark. Still shy and modest, probably because she's gained a few pounds, she still gets undressed and puts her nightgown on with the light off or in the bathroom. To him, she was curvaceous and voluptuous. The extra weight looks good on her tall frame.

"Happy Anniversary, baby. I bought you a surprise," he said not caring that she was still sleeping and talking to her, as if she was wide awake. Lonely without her, he was excited and he couldn't wait to show her the anniversary present he had taken care to get for her. "It's downstairs waiting for you on the kitchen table, along with your breakfast," he said looking at her sleeping so soundly.

He started wondering about her. She's been sleeping more and more lately. She was suddenly always so tired. He wondered if she needed a multi-vitamin. It's been a while, since she's seen a doctor. He'd ask her when her next doctor's appointment was, when she woke up from her beauty sleep.

Beauty sleep? His beauty didn't need any extra sleep. She was already the most beautiful woman to him. She cornered the market on beauty, that's for sure, when God was handing out looks. She could have been a movie star, she was so good looking and even better looking now, he thought, than she was back then.

They had some hard times lately, after he lost his job. Unable to afford to buy oil for the furnace, the winter was a real hardship. The coldest winter they had on record, they thought they were going to freeze to death. It was a good thing they had those extra blankets and down sleeping bags to put on the bed, but it was still cold. Still, that gave him reason to cuddle with her and to spoon her all night to keep her warm and to keep her safe.

Now that it was the summertime, unless he could find a job soon, before the first snowfall, he worried about having to endure another long, cold winter without heat. He wasn't as young as he used to be and the cold tore through his body and ached his bones. He wished he could save some of this summer warmth for the winter. If nothing else, having no heat gave them reason to stay in bed longer, under the blankets, where he hoped to have some hanky panky, but she always had an excuse, mostly she was tired and sleeping.

"You need to get some exercise, sweet cheeks," he said lightly patting her rump and shaking her in his feeble attempt to awaken her. "You stopped walking when the dog died last year. We should go for a walk later. The sun is already shining. Today promises to be a beautiful day. Karen? Hello? Are you still sleeping? I can't believe you're still sleeping."

He thought she was waking up, but she wasn't. It was still early, barely 8am and he had been up since 6am waiting for her to start the day, their special day, with him. He was always up early. He had a hard time sleeping. He was worried about losing the house, but he hadn't heard from the bank in a while, after the last foreclosure notice he received a couple of months ago.

Maybe they forgot about them. Maybe they'll let them slide. Maybe they know his financial situation with not having a job and all and feel bad for them. Maybe with so many other homes being foreclosed on, they'd leave them alone for several more months, until they both could get jobs and get back on their feet. Who knows, maybe he'll hit the lottery and all his problems would be solved.

"If I win the lottery Karen, I'll buy you that kitchen you always wanted and lusted over in those magazines. If I hit the lottery, I'll buy you a diamond ring," he said suddenly feeling sad that he never had enough money to buy her a diamond, instead giving her his college ring, when they were married. They had decided to save for a house instead but, once the kids came, there was always unexpected expenses. He always felt bad that he never bought her a diamond. "If I win the big jackpot, I'll buy you a fur coat, so you'll never be cold again. Okay, doll?"

Unprecedented in the way that this recession hit the middleclass, especially middle management, white collar workers like him, this economy was the worst one they had ever faced. Now they're talking about a double dip recession and a depression like they had in '29. Now they're talking about the housing market totally crashing and collapsing. What the Hell happened to this country with the rich still getting richer and everyone else unable to buy food, keep a roof over their head, afford healthcare, and refill prescription drugs.

He wondered why was it that every time a Republican took office, he was out of work. Starting with Tricky Dickie and Dutch, the Great Communicator, Pappa Bush was the worst, until Bush Junior eclipse him for putting guys like him out of a job. From Vietnam to Reagan's War on international terrorism, to the Gulf War, to Iraqi's Weapons of Mass Destruction, instead of fixing the economy, the Republican's start a war. While the rich get richer, they get poorer.

"Yeah, we should do something today, sugar lips, since it's our anniversary. We don't do any of the fun things we used to do. I can't remember the last time we saw a movie or went bowling. I can't remember, when we had someone over for a barbeque. Are you feeling okay, honey? C'mon, get up sleepy head. Let's do something to celebrate 40 happy years together."

Yeah, maybe that's what I'll do, he thought. I'll invite the neighbors over for a barbeque. I should open the pool this year, too. Last year was the first time we didn't open it. I couldn't get the kids out of the pool, when they were young. Boy, they loved that pool. I have so many memories of us inviting the neighbors over and barbequing.

Now, with his children living their own lives with their families on the other side of the country, we don't see them nearly enough anymore. He tried to remember the last time they visited. It will be two years this Christmas. With airfare rates higher than they used to be and so many people out of work, who can afford to travel anymore?

Only, as soon as he thought about inviting the neighbors over for a barbeque and opening the pool, he remembered he didn't have the money to spare for food and for chemicals to open the pool. With his unemployment exhausted, he needed a job but there were none, especially for someone his age. They all wanted the young guys, the kids half his age and younger. All he had was his social security and that wasn't nearly enough to cover everything.

"You know, Karen, I was wondering, since it's the first day of summer and our 40th anniversary, I might add, if, you know, well, I was wondering, if, uhm, we can start off the summer with a bit of summer lovin', what do you say? It's been a while since big Wally has gone for a ride in the funhouse, if you know what I mean. What do you say? Karen?"

Not wanting to awaken her, but wanting to wake her at the same time, he lightly shook her again. Trying to shake her awake, but to no avail, she was still sleeping. She was out cold. He wondered if she had taken a sleeping pill or a cold tablet. Those pills knock her out for hours. He remembered the last time she took a sleeping pill, he had sex with her sleeping body and she never knew. Maybe he could do that again. Nah? That's just wrong. Maybe she was pretending she was still sleeping, teasing him, but he was ready for that tactic.

He was horny, so very horny. He kicked off his pajama bottoms and started massaging her shoulders and back. He lifted up the back of her nightgown and rubbed his cock all over her naked ass. She always had such a nice ass. She never had to wear a girdle, just panty and bra, his favorite outfit that he couldn't get enough of seeing her wear.

The fact that she wasn't swatting his cock away was a good sign. Maybe she was just as randy as he was. Maybe she had planned on giving him a sexy surprise as her wedding anniversary gift to him. Definitely, without doubt, he was horny and he needed some summer lovin' and some of his sexy baby's hot body.

Actually, she had been complaining about hot flashes lately. Can she be going through menopause again? Cold to the touch, she didn't feel hot to him. Nah, once is enough for anyone to have to go through menopause, including him, especially him.

She was so difficult to get along with back then. Moody, she cried at the drop the hat. She cried all the time. All he could do was to stay the Hell away from her. It was a good thing he still had his old football helmet and earplugs because while wearing that, he couldn't hear her complaining, yelling at him, and crying as much, and the football helmet protected his head, whenever she threw things at him. Glad that was over and done with, that was the worst time he ever had with her.

"Do you feel that, baby? That's my cock, big Wally, and it's hard for you, lover. Do you like my big cock, baby? Tell me how much you like my big prick. I know you want it. Look how big it is, Karen," he said looking down at himself and slowly stroking his cock to an even harder erection, while rubbing it against her backside.

Now that he was naked, he was feeling even hornier than he felt before. He needed to cum. Losing his erection, he stroked himself to maintain the stiffness of his cock, just in case she woke up and was ready for love.

"Can you feel that," he asked rubbing his prick all over her naked ass. "C'mon, baby, touch me. Feel my cock. Put it in your hand," he said leaning down to her and putting his cock inside her hand. This should get her moving, he thought. "That's right, baby, take it, squeeze it, and stroke it. Feel how big it is. Oh, yeah, baby, that feels good, really good. Stroke my cock, sweetheart. Give Daddy a hand job."

With his cock tucked in her hand, he moved his hips back and forth and back and forth. It had been a while since she had given him a hand job. She hadn't been feeling well lately and was a little bit under the weather. Pale and cold to the touch, he wondered if it was her blood sugar. She was diabetic and needed to eat something, whenever she was like this, but she was still sleeping. Yet, with him moving his hips in and out, she was giving him a sleeping hand job now, that's for sure, and he was glad that he was, finally, getting the sexual attention. He so needed to cum.

"Karen, with this being our special day and all, forty years, I was just wondering..." he said thinking before completing the thought. "Can you believe we've been married forty years? Where did the time go? It feels like yesterday, when I proposed to you. Anyway, I was wondering and am embarrassed asking, but do you think, uhm, you know, you could blow me? Please? I don't want you to think that I'm one way. I'll take care of you, too, baby. I will. I promise I will, after you take a shower. You're smelling a little ripe," he said with a laugh. "When did you shower last?"

He waited for her response and when none came, he took that as a good sign that she agreed to blow him. Normally, she had a long list of excuses topped by she had a headache or she's not in the mood or she has to get up early in the morning. It was always something not to blow him, not to take him in her mouth, and suck him.

If he had married Mary instead of her, he'd get blowjobs all the time. She was a bit of a loose woman, if you know what I mean. Then, again, had he married Mary, instead of Karen, he'd probably be divorced by now, as she's working on her fourth husband. Still, he thought how exciting it would have been to be with Mary, instead of Karen, if only for a little while.

Sometimes, when he's really horny and Karen hasn't taken care of him in a while, he masturbates to the thought of Mary blowing him. Any time she came over the house to visit Karen, she was always flashing him her tits and panties with down blouse views and up skirt views. She was a hot firecracker, that one. He'd never cheat on Karen and his priest said that even thinking about having sex with someone other than your spouse is adultery, so he doesn't think of Mary anymore, that is, until now. Yeah, for sure, if Mary was here now, instead of Karen, she'd be sucking his cock.

He needed to cum and he needed to cum in her beautiful mouth, while he fondled her big tits and fingered her hard nipples. It had been a long time, since she's given him a blowjob. New Year's Eve a dozen years ago, when he got her drunk on champagne, was the last time she blew him. Man, that was a magical night but, still, even though she was drunk, she still wouldn't let him cum in her mouth.

"Good girls don't do that," she said, "have a gentleman ejaculate in their mouths."

"Yes, they do, Karen, that's why they are good girls."

Not her favorite thing to do, matter of fact, it's her least favorite thing to do, but this is their anniversary, after all. This is their special day and he should be given special privileges and a blowjob is top of his list. Yet, when she didn't answer him about giving him a blowjob, he got up off the bed and walked around to her side.

Feeling a bit pathetic that he always had to practically beg her for a blowjob, he didn't care. He was horny and with this, his 40th wedding anniversary, he was a man not to be denied the oral satisfaction from his longtime bride. If just this once, she'd suck his cock, that would make him so happy, until their 50th anniversary, he thought with a laugh. He stood by the side of the bed watching her sleep. He knew she was awake. He knew she was feigning being asleep. He figured she just didn't want to blow him.

"Take it, baby. Suck my cock. Suck it, Karen," he said putting it by her mouth.

He took a tiny step closer and pressed it against her lips, gently pushed it passed her lips, and in her mouth. He couldn't believe she didn't resist him. He couldn't believe she had his cock in her mouth and was blowing him. He knew she wasn't sleeping. He knew she was just pretending to be asleep.

"Oh, my God, that feels so good, baby doll. This is, by far, the best blowjob you've ever given me. Suck it Karen, suck my cock. Suck it, baby. Don't stop. Gees, oh, my God, don't stop. Please, don't stop. That feels so good. Give me your hand," he said lifting her hand. "That's right wrap your fingers around it and stroke me," he said moving his hips back and forth with his big, hairy, stiff dick in her mouth. "Oh, yeah, baby, suck it. Suck my cock. Blow me, Karen. Blow me. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum, Karen. Should I pull out?"

Still with her eyes closed, her hand around his cock, and his cock stuffed in her mouth, again she said nothing and he took that as a yes. Finally, he could cum in her mouth. He couldn't believe it. No way. Happy Anniversary to me! After all these years, she never allowed him to cum in her mouth, never, not once, not ever. A first time for everything, maybe this was a start of their new age of sexuality. Now, after being married to her for 40 freaking years, she was going to allow him to--

"Fuck! I'm cumming. Oh, my God, Karen! Where did all that come from? Never have I cummed so much in my life. Man, oh man. Hey, sweetie, sorry, I guess I filled you up, huh? You have some protein dribbling down your chin and on your neck. Let me get that for you," he said grabbing a tissue from the nightstand and wiping her mouth and chin. "Oh, baby, thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you, Karen. Happy Anniversary. You just made me the happiest man in the world."

She was still sleeping and he wondered if that was her ploy. Maybe she was embarrassed that she wanted to blow him, as much as he needed to be blown. Wow, no way. Maybe she was embarrassed that she allowed him to cum in her mouth. Suddenly feeling a bit insatiable, he couldn't believe he was still hard. He couldn't believe he was still raring to go.

"Damn, those little blue pills really do work." He said staring at his wife laying there so still and so stiff. "Look at you, pretending to still be sleeping. You can't fool me, especially after that hand job and that blowjob and allowing me to cum in your mouth," he said smiling at his beauty. "I know your game," he said with a laugh.

He was still feeling horny for her. He still wanted to experience her in the way that a husband should experience his wife, especially on their anniversary and especially on their 40th anniversary. He couldn't believe he was ready to go again.

"Hey, baby, I still have some left for you. Look how big and hard my cock is. Let me show you how much I still love you after forty years," he said giving her a perverted laugh.

Gently, he rolled her over on her back. Again, she didn't resist him, in the way that she usually does. She didn't yell at him to get off her. Finally, after all this time, this is how their sexual life should have been from the beginning. If this was a sexy game she was playing, he liked it.

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