tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHappy Anniversary Joni

Happy Anniversary Joni


Dean and Joni's 23rd Anniversary was worthy of a special celebration. Joni gave Dean a watch. Dean gave Joni something a little different.

Chapter One: The Arrival of the Gift

I observed with barely restrained excitement, my lovely wife Joni's expression as she stared at the woman in the adjoining room. Her cheeks grew a little rosy, and I was left to ponder the cause of that.

It might have been lust, because the woman who was sitting on the edge of the bed was stunningly attractive. Anybody would want her. Anybody with a pulse that is. Hell, I wanted her too. The only problem was that I wasn't going to have her. Joni was.

It might have been embarrassment. Shame over the thoughts that were going through her mind. The thoughts that she knew I was aware of. When you have a marriage as intimate as ours has been for the last two decades, you get to know what the other is thinking without saying.

The other possibility was guilt, and that was the emotion that prompted Joni to gasp as we looked through the one way mirror into our master bedroom.

"Oh Dean, she's so young!" Joni said as she clutched my wrist, a lot tighter than she probably realized. "She can't be eighteen!"

"She isn't," I said with a smile. "She's nineteen. Almost twenty. I checked."

That was the first thing I had done when I had let the young girl into the house. When she came in and took off her coat, I grew terrified, thinking of how much trouble this could lead to. I - we had worked too long and too hard to throw it all away on something that could lead to us ending up on the front page of the newspapers.

So when I asked the young woman for proof of age, she calmly and quickly provided her drivers license which showed that she was indeed old enough to be here and to take part in what I had planned. Her demeanor was cool and professional as I handed her license back to her.

"Sorry. You get that a lot, I imagine," I had told her downstairs. "You don't look your age."

"That's the idea, isn't it" Kyoko had remarked with a tight lipped smile.

Indeed it was the idea, I agreed, and although our initial conversation had been very business-like, my fears of Kyoko being a clinical and cold participant in the evening's scenario soon vanished.

As I had described to the petite Asian girl what I was looking for her to do, she began to assume the character I was expecting her to be. By the end of our brief meeting, she had morphed into the shy and innocent girl that I had fantasized about.

Chapter Two: The meeting.

"How do I look?" Joni asked as she smoothed the front of her black, low cut evening dress she was wearing for the occasion.

"You look fabulous!" I exclaimed without exaggeration.

The years had been most kind to my Joni. The voluptuous natural blonde that stood trembling in front of me could easily pass for 10 less than her 45 years. The cavernous cleavage that was enticingly exposed by the garment commanded my attention, and the fact that most people who met Joni assumed that her enormous bosom was created in a doctor's office did not bother me at all. They were all real, and I should know, having enjoyed them for about 25 years.

Joni kissed me before we left the room that I would soon be returning to, and her hand reached down between my legs, feeling the erection she expected and acknowledging it with a smile.

"She's everything I could ever dream about," Joni said in an excited whisper. "How about you?"

"I understand she has everything I could wish for too," I admitted.

"Ooooh," Joni gasped. "She doesn't seem the type."

"Well, you'll find out soon enough," I assured Joni as I led her out into the hall.

We stood outside our master bedroom door and exchanged nods before I tapped lightly on the door and turned the knob. The door swung open and Joni entered before me.

Kyoko rose timdly from the edge of the bed she had been sitting on. She was wearing a cream colored kimono that made her long and shiny black hair look even more stunning as it fell on her shoulders.

"Joni, I'd like you to meet Kyoko," I said by way of introduction. "Kyoko, this is my wife Joni."

Eyes down, the petite girl only raised her eyes briefly as she extended her pale white hand. As Joni reached out and took it into her own, I almost expected the electricity to spark as their flesh met.

"Very pleased to meet you," Kyoko said in a tiny voice.

Everything about Kyoko was diminutive, and as she stood face to face with my wife, that was made even more apparent Joni, at about 5'6", towered over little Kyoko, who couldn't be more than five foot, if that. The way that Kyoko looked up at Joni, her eyes level with Joni's breasts, was making my cock throb. As for the terrified look Kyoko had on her face as she looked in awe at Joni's tits, suffice to say that it aroused me almost as much as it did my wife.

"Why don't you leave us alone now, Dean," Joni said in her most soothing voice. "Let Kyoko and I get to know each other a little."

"Certainly," I said in agreement and walked calmly to the door.

I looked back one last time at the sight of Joni, her eyes all but devouring the little morsel I had delivered to her, before gently closing the door. As the door clicked shut behind me, I sprinted the few steps back to the adjoining room and assumed my position in the comfy chair in front of the one way mirror.

Chapter Three: I like to watch.

I like to watch. Even with a wife as voluptuous and stunning as Joni, I'd rather be in the adjoining room watching her with another woman. That's my fetish, or at least one of them.

Much later in the evening and through the early morning, when Kyoko has gone and Joni and I make love, it's more like a celebration of the evening and the satisfying of both of our fetishes.

We love each other deeply, but it's more like a spiritual bonding of two kindred souls. We have become instruments - tools really, in the culmination of our desires. It works out perfectly for us, and I wouldn't want to think about life without Joni, and I'm sure she feels the same way about me.

The room that I hustled into was a creation I came up with, as a result of my occupation. I started out as a security analyst and eventually started my own firm, and the incredible success it enjoys allows us to live the lives in the manner we do.

Designing and building what eventually became the observation area for our bedroom; now that was something I had to do all by myself. Even though it would have been quite easy to have my employees do it, it just wouldn't do to have it get around my firm that I was some sort of pervert, even if it were true.

So now I can sit in complete comfort and stare through what, on my side of the mirror, looks like a clear pane of glass. On the other side, the mirror above the massive dresser appears to be nothing out of the ordinary, unless you know what you're looking for. Few people do, and for the most part, people that end up being observed through it don't care. Either that, or they like it.

When we first built it, we had some couples in to watch us fuck, and vice-versa. Perfectly normal couples who shared the same interest in watching and being watched, but that phase of our lives is behind us. Now we concentrate on doing the things that we really love.

Chapter Four: What we love.

Once Joni and I had become completely honest with ourselves, sharing our inner thoughts and desires, our relationship really blossomed. It's so much easier to let your partner know exactly what it is that turns you on. Easier, I suppose, only when you have the same fetishes, or are able to meld both of yours to create one. That's what we have done.

Joni, as I learned, is very bi-sexual. She admitted that she prefers women, and if it were not for me, would likely never have sex with a man. She loves being checked out by another woman, and when she lures them into her web, she's ruthless. She loves to dominate her prey and exploit her physical dominance.

She's about 5'6" and, although she's filled out slightly over the last decade, she's still incredibly shapely. I don't pretend to understand the inner workings of women, but it's almost like women are intimidated by her breasts. Time and time again I've watched other girls turn to jelly around Joni, and to watch another woman practically drool over her is erotic for me.

For Joni, that's the ultimate turn-on. "It's like an electric jolt going down my spine," is how Joni describes the feeling she has when a woman is admiring her. When the other woman is a petite young thing like little Kyoko in there, it reaches even greater heights. Joni likes them young, innocent looking, and petite.

Strangely enough, so do I. Funny how a guy with my preferences ends up with a woman like Joni, but I guess that proves my love for her. Here I am married to a woman so spectacularly well endowed, and I'm much more attracted to a waif like Kyoko seems to be. Small breasts really turn me on.

Hair too. Not the hair on the head, although Kyoko's long, shiny black locks are very attractive to me. I mean the body hair. Nothing does it for me like a nice thick bush between the legs. You don't see that much anymore. Now it's all these little strips of fur or nothing at all.

Armpit hair. Now that's even more rare. Give me the good old days when you'd occassionally see a girl with a furry armpit. I'm probably showing the fact that I'm almost a half century old, but it's what excited me growing up, and it's stayed with me throughout life.

Joni, as well developed as she is in the other, more traditional areas, got shortchanged in the hair department, although she likes it just the way it is. A natural blonde, Joni only has a modest wisp of golden hair around her labia. Nothing approaching a real bush, her pubic growth looks more like the end result of a bikini wax.

As for her armpits, Joni usually lets the hair grow for me until we have special nights like tonight. Then, like last night, she lets me remove the hair just before the event. I pluck it out with my fingers.

Not a time consuming task, as Joni only has a few fine hairs that sprout out of the center of each armpit. I yank them out individually, enjoying her writhe under the denuding. She says it doesn't really hurt much, but she enjoys the plucking more than shaving, and so do I.

Chapter Five: Showtime!

I reached down into the refrigerator that served as a side table and pulled out a bottle of champagne while watching Joni kill some time. Joni, bless her heart, had this down to a science, knowing how long it would take me to get back to the observation room and get comfortable.

Managing to keep the cork from making too much of a racket as it came out, I poured myself a glass. At the same time Joni and Kyoko were sipping glasses of their own. I adjusted the volume on the speaker in front of me, which was picking up from the microphone on the bedroom night stand. Now I could hear every sound they would make, and since they were only about six feet away from me, I could almost reach out and touch them.

I couldn't have the nerve to do this if I were in there, I thought to myself as I worked my pants down. My underwear was stuck to the tip of my cock, which was quite erect and already seeping. Needed to give the guy some room and some fresh air, because I was already sweating like a pig.

In the bedroom, Joni was setting her glass on the dresser, giving me a peek at her cleavage as she did. Kyoko's eyes followed Joni as she moved, and when Kyoko's eyes looked in the mirror, I flinched slightly like I always did. Time was when I would practically jump out of my skin when that would happen, but I have grown used to having a woman stare at the mirror without seeing me and what I was doing.

I don't masturbate while watching, at least not usually. In the beginning, I would jack off like a monkey while I watched. Then, by the time the company left my dick was as limp as a dishrag. So I made a vow to abstain as best I could.

I don't think it matters either way to Joni, as she likes it if I'm jerking off watching her as much as she does just making me squirm. The fact that I'm watching is enough for her.

She likes watching herself too. The two cameras I installed make excellent diaries of our adventures, and during the weekends we stay home without company it's pretty common for us to watch one of our blasts from the past. The technology is so good now, that the older films seem dated, but they're all good.

Two cameras. One Joni knows about. The other is my little secret. We've agreed that the film get destroyed if we ever divorce, but if that ever happens, there's no way I'm going to jerk off to memories for the rest of my life. These are my Hallmark moments that I want to treasure forever. She can have the house and the cars and the money. Just leave me the movies.

Joni had positioned both of them alongside the bed, so I could watch from their sides; Joni's left and Kyoko's right. Kyoko looks so fragile and scared that my cock is throbbing, and I can tell that Joni is going out of her mind too. Little cracks in that placid and cool exterior that only I can see. Any thoughts that Kyoko would not be a good actress are long gone. If I didn't hire her, I'd believe her, and when I allow myself to, I do.

"Honey, could you help me with this?" Joni asks.

Joni is trying to unhook the string of pearls around her neck. This is a familiar ruse that she uses to initiate contact. Kyoko comes over to her and reaches up to assist. Kyoko's eyes had been locked on to the deep cleavage straining against the low cut dress, but as she unhooks the jewelry I notice her eyes have wandered elsewhere.

"Something wrong?" Joni asks innocently.

Joni's arms are upraised, holding the pearls. With the arms high, Kyoko's face is neat to her armpit, eye level to the gently sloped hollow already glistening with a light glaze of perspiration.

"Your husband," Kyoko said haltingly. "He tell me he likes..."

"Likes what?" Joni asked after a few seconds of silence, already knowing damn well what I like.

"He tells me, he likes the hairs under the girl's arms," Kyoko said uncomfortably. "Your underarms are so smooth, they don't look like they ever have any hairs at all."

Kyoko's hand came up up and approached Joni's underarm, almost as if she was going to touch it. This wasn't in the script, or the list of things I wanted her to do, but that was fine by me. This was too good to be true.

"Her breasts," I had advised Kyoko downstairs before she met my wife. "She loves to have her breasts played with. Her armpits are very sensitive too."

"Go ahead," Joni was now saying softly to the girl, and to my astonishment, Kyoko's fingers ran over the creamy white skin, which contrasted nicely with the light tan Joni had on the outside of her arms.

"So smooth," Kyoko said, her eyes as wide as mine must have been, as her fingers glided under my wife's arm, the perspiration making the road slick.

"That feels nice," Joni said. "Tell me, did my husband ask you whether you had hair under your arms?"

Kyoko was actually blushing as she kept her head down, before giving a little nod.

"And what was the answer?" Joni said, now holding Kyoko's wrist in place.

"Yes," Kyoko said after much hesitation. "I do."

"I can't wait to see," Joni said with the briefest sideways glance to the mirror. "I like it too. Here... why don't you get a better idea of how smooth my armpit is?"

With those words, Joni calmly grabbed the back of Kyoko's head and pulled her forward. The next minute became a blur.

Kyoko's face was under Joni's arm, and her tongue began sliding up and down the moist pit, along the same route her finger had just passed over. Joni's face was contorted, her head falling back on her shoulders and her mouth open in a silent howl while Kyoko's mouth devoured Joni's incredibly sensitive armpit.

Although Joni had guided Kyoko's mouth to her armpit, and was still holding onto the back of her head, Kyoko was a more than willing participant. The oriental girl swabbed Joni's armpit like a hungry cat, licking from the inside of her bicep to the armhole of her dress. Kyoko then went beyond the slow and sensual licking and was now sucking and biting Joni's armpit, almost like she was trying to inhale it.

As for me, I was cumming. My head was spinning as my cock jerked and spasmed in front of me. I almost fell to my knees at one point, having been so engrossed in what I was watching, that I had inched my way to the edge of the chair and was perilously perched there when I came.

Now my cock twitched as the last of my seed dripped onto the carpet. That would be something I would have to explain later, I thought to myself as I stared transfixed at the sight of Kyoko moving over to Joni's other armpit and start to lick that one too.

With Kyoko's head buried under Joni's arm, my wife was able to look directly at me. Her eyes were no longer twinkling and she was not playing and toying with me through the glass anymore. Her eyes were fogged with passion and she was in a world all her own.

As for me, I was dripping semen from a dick that I had never touched. Not bad for the first five minutes.

Chapter Six: Massage.

"I hope you do not think me strange, but I liked doing that very much. Very smooth under your arms," Kyoko said softly, her innocent expression not acknowledging the effect she had on Joni. "You taste and smell so nice. Would you like me to give you a massage?"

"If you'd like," Joni replied, looking a little shaky still.

Kyoko stepped behind Joni and unzipped the dress, pulling the straps off of her shoulders and letting it slide down her body.

"I am sorry if I am nervous," Kyoko said as she tugged the dress down off of Joni's hips. "You see I am have not much experience being with a woman. I hope I am able to please you."

Joni stepped out of the crumpled dress on the floor, and Kyoko's gasp might have been part of her act, but sounded genuine enough to me. The gasp came when she realized that Joni was naked underneath the dress, and when Joni slowly turned to face Kyoko, the wide eyed expression on her face got my cock to twitch again already.

"There's some oils on the night stand," Joni said, reveling in the way Kyoko was staring at her.

Joni's breasts, still firm despite her age and their prodigous size, dominated her upper torso. The full lush globes, with their scarlet-hued, aureolas the size of drink coasters and their thick, thimble sized nipples demanded attention. The fact that they were already erect only added to the effect.

When Kyoko hesitated, Joni reached over at grabbed the bottle of lotion, handing it to the frightened girl who took it in fingers that were shaking.

"Would you like me to lay down?" Joni asked, and Kyoko bobbed her head briskly up and down, still gawking at Joni's tits.

"I am sorry," Kyoko eventually said, after Joni had climbed upon the bed face down. "You are so beautiful, that I was not prepared for such a sight."

"You're sweet," Joni said, peeking over her shoulder as Kyoko climbed onto the bed next to her. "You can take your clothes off too, if you'd be more comfortable."

"Perhaps later," Kyoko said, dribbling some oil unto the backs of Joni's calves and beginning to work her fingers into Joni's shapely legs.

"I can't wait to see what you look like," Joni said. "You're so young and cute."

"Not like you," Kyoko said, her oiled hands working up to the backs of Joni's thighs. "You have such a magnificent body. I wish I were as well developed as you."

"You say the nicest things," Joni said, clearly relaxing as Kyoko expertly massaged her lower torso. "But I like you just the way you are."

As Kyoko reached Joni's ass, she pulled her own kimono up slightly to allow her to put one of her legs between Joni's knees. Almost as if on cue, Joni parted her legs wider, and with that Kyoko squirted oil all over Joni's buttocks and into the crack between them.

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