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Happy Birthday


She couldn't resist standing in front of the full length mirror to get a complete look at her new dress and make some final adjustments to the belt and neckline. Austin had bought it for her birthday, today. He said he had seen it in a window downtown and had gotten excited thinking about how the rich purple silk would lie on her beautiful body.

He loved her body and she was pretty happy with it herself. She studied her figure in the mirror. She was 40 today. Her breasts weren't large, but they had held up well. The dress had a modest neckline, but the heavy silk lay deep into her cleavage and showed her shape well. When she moved, she could feel the material against her nipples and they would show themselves. That was what had worried her a little about Austin's request that went with the dress. He had requested that she be completely naked under the dress -- nothing there to interfere with the lines of her body so accentuated by the fabric.

She decided that she wouldn't worry about it. He liked it and the thought of it made her feel a little naughty and she liked it. She just wanted to check the entire package out to make sure her "naughty" wasn't too obvious. She had a narrow waist that the belt of the new dress emphasized and, although she wasn't heavy, she had nice curves in her hips and a round ass that her husband adored. He had been right. The dress hung perfect on her body and displayed every curve of her sensuous figure.

Still studying herself in the mirror, she caught site of Austin watching her and grinning. He was getting dressed, also, but was still in his t-shirt and boxers. He walked towards her as she continued to gaze into the mirror. When he got behind her, he placed his hands on her hips and bent his head down to whisper in her ear how sexy she looked and that he was glad she thought so, too. She felt herself blush a little and he kissed her neck and shoulder softly.

He must have heard her breath quicken slightly and maybe he had seen her nipples harden and show through her dress. He must have because he continued to kiss her lightly and, as she watched him in the mirror, his hands slid gently down the sides of her hips. He bent slightly and when his hands reached the bottom of her dress line, he slipped his thumbs under the edge of the hem. She could feel the warmth of his hands on her soft skin. As he brought his hands back up her legs to her hips again, the dress came with them.

She could feel so many things. She felt her breath come in and out, her hard nipples against the soft dress, his hands and the dress as it was pulled up her body. When his hands reached her waist, the bulk of the dress fell forward and she felt the cool air on her ass. As she watched him in the mirror, he bent down on one knee and placed a kiss at the base of her spine. She gasped. He began to kiss the cheeks of her ass softly, tenderly. As he did, his left hand slid around her waist to her belly. It felt like his hands were almost hot. Slowly, his fingers dropped down from her navel and found the mat of coarse hair between her thighs.

He explored and played with the hair and it was as if each one rejoiced at the touch of his fingers. Her breathing was rapid now and she knew that he could sense her excitement. She knew that he would feel the dampness between her legs.

She watched his face as he stood up and hers as she trembled and chill bumps ran up her legs. He dropped his boxers and stepped up against her and she could feel his warm stiffness in the cleavage of her ass. Her breathing, and now his, was audible.

He wrapped one hand gently around her waist and placed the other lightly on her back. Instinctively she bent over slightly, her hands on the mirror and her face so close that it fogged her view. She felt him as one hand went to her hip and the other guided himself inside her. She began to feel weak in the knees. The hand on her hip came around to find her wetness and he hit the spot that sent her into waves of orgasm as he buried himself in her one more time.

They stood there seconds that seemed an eternity, catching their breath. He held her up. When he sensed she was okay, he backed away and allowed her dress to slowly caress her ass and legs on its way back to where it had been when he started.

Her mind was still absorbed in the feelings and the sensory overload of the last minutes, but she saw him smile at her in the mirror and heard him say that they would be late if they didn't hurry. If her birthday ended at this very moment, she was happy, but she knew her husband and knew that it was just the beginning.

When she got downstairs he was waiting. He was wearing a silk shirt the same color as her dress and a tailored black jacket and black slacks. He held out his arm and they walked from the apartment to the elevator. Her self-consciousness had been replaced with confidence and she knew that she was drawing attention. She liked for people to look at her, but usually she dressed to blend. Austin had catered to her desires tonight and she would not only accept it, she would embrace it. She watched as the doorman, the taxi driver and those in the lobby stared at her with appreciation or, maybe, lust in their eyes. She might be 40, but she could still put on a show!

They arrived at their favorite restaurant and the Maitre d' called them ahead of the crowd waiting and told Austin he had the requested table ready. The place was packed and he had chosen a quiet table in the back. Austin whispered in her ear how beautiful she was and she knew from his smile that the table choice was planned to play to her tinge of exhibitionism. She caught the looks of many as she moved her ass to and fro between the seated tables and she felt that wonderful dress as it brushed her naked body underneath. It was a wonderful walk on her usually repressed wild side.

The dinner was amazing and now, Austin had revealed, they were headed to the opera. It was one they had seen before, but every time it came to town, they went back. They both loved it. The surprise was that he had borrowed a private box from a colleague and, this evening, they would have it to themselves. When they arrived, she was greeted by flowers and chilled champagne. Their location was perfect and the box was like a large balcony overlooking their own personal stage. It was perfect!

The opera, the champagne, the flowers, it was all a most wonderful birthday celebration. She noticed and was touched by the fact that Austin seemed to be getting more joy from watching her happiness than any of the events of the evening. His love for her was obvious and she liked it more than the stares she had been getting.

Austin got up to get more champagne she thought, but when he came back, he put his hands on her shoulders and bent down to whisper in her ear again. Listen to me, dear. You have seen this opera now several times. I want you to close your eyes and listen to the music. Imagine yourself as the words and the music, as part of the story, but don't open your eyes. I know you would rather watch, but not this time. He kissed her neck again and, for a moment, she was back in her bedroom this afternoon and the memories excited her again and began to move her body.

She closed her eyes. The music was in a building mode. It was leaving melodic and heading for frenzied. As she listened, she could feel the tympani in her breasts when it boomed and the woodwinds seemed a breeze across her face. She felt his hands on the back of her calves and knew from where they were that he had to be facing her chair. He pulled on them and she slid forward, resting her head on the back of her chair. She kept her eyes closed. The music was building.

He laid his hands on her knees and again she noticed their warmth. His gentle touch has always made her feel alive, but here and now every nerve ached to feel him. His hands gently moved up her thighs, taking her dress with them and she could feel his warm breath on the inside of her leg. She didn't look, but she knew that she was exposed to him and she quivered ever so slightly. He kissed the inside of both legs as he spread them apart. He kissed her again just below her navel and the warmth of his lips felt wonderful. In succession, he kissed her lower and lower until his tongue played in her hair, parted her lips and ran circles around her clit.

Without thinking, she grabbed his head. The music climbed in volume and in fervor. He placed his lips around it and began to massage it with his tongue.

She didn't know if she could stand it any longer. The music was wild, her senses were on fire, she was pulling his head in tighter to herself, the music exploded in cymbals, he buried his tongue in her and she exploded in pleasure and release.

There was clapping, an unbelievable amount clapping and she began to imagine them clapping for her and she found herself clapping and, much too soon it was over. It was quiet but for her breathing and the sound of people as they talked together of the opera on their way down the isles. She felt her dress being pulled back down to its proper place and heard Austin's deep, but soft voice call for her to open her eyes.

He sat opposite her and asked her what she thought about the latest production. She replied in all honesty, if still a bit dreamily, that it was the best she had ever attended!

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