tagIncest/TabooHappy Birthday

Happy Birthday


"Happy birthday, Jessica," I announced while handing her a modest pile of brightly-wrapped presents. They included some CDs and other items she had wanted. As she opened the last package, I happily told her, "I suppose you're old enough now for that outfit. I hope you like it."

The box contained a red, rubber outfit that will look oh, so hot on her. The miniskirt was tight at the waist and zipped all the way up. The top was a matching, open-backed vest which will preclude her from wearing a bra with it. A pair of shiny, red platform mules completed the ensemble. As kinky as it was, to the uninitiated, it was just as easily night club gear as scene wear.

She pulled her head back and furrowed her brow. "Ah, thanks, Mom."

Knowing the importance of positive reinforcement, I made sure to be smiling happily when I replied, "Oh, my baby's all grown up."

"What's this for?" Jessica asked, pulling out the Black Magic Tire Wet.

"That's to make the rubber nice and shiny. You can't use oils because they destroy the rubber. Just rub that on with a cloth and it will look great. I hope you like it."

"Don't make any plans for Friday night; we're going out to celebrate."

"Where're we going?"

"I'm not sure yet," I lied with an innocent, happy expression. "Our first mother-daughter night now that you're all grown up. Enjoy your CDs; I have to get back to business."

Friday night came and I encouraged Jessica to wear her new outfit. "Mom, it doesn't fit!" she called out. I came into her room to find her trying to fit the zipper together on the skirt.

"Yes it does, Jess. It's supposed to be tight. It would probably have been easier for her to put it on without panties, but one step at a time. Here, let me help. Suck in your gut. I pulled the skirt tight around her waist and zipped it part way. In good light, you can tell it was probably designed for the zipper to be in the back, but it looks so cute on the side as a thigh slit. "You can do it yourself if you zip it in front part way, and then work it over to the side. Now, how does that feel."

"Ok, I guess. It's supposed to be tight?"

"It's like a second skin. It feels extra special without the panties, too; just skin to second skin."

"Ah, no thanks."

"Do what you want," I replied without any note of disappointment. I mustn't let her feel pressured. "You want help with the top?"

"Yah, probably," she replied.

Picking up the vest, I instructed, "put your arms back." I slipped the vest on her and came around to snap it up. Her big, ripe breasts were squeezed up into beautiful young cleavage. "Now, let's shine you up," I continued, picking up the spray bottle and a rag. I sprayed her new outfit and rubbed it all over, bringing out a high shine and innocently copping several feels along the way. "OK, perfect," I smiled. "You do your makeup and nails and I'll get dressed."

I am SO glad I kept up a strict diet for the past few months. My legs, ass, and tummy haven't looked this good in years and I want to show them off. To complement Jessica's outfit without overdoing it, I bought a simple, black, rubber dress for myself. It was just a rubber version of a standard, little black dress ("LBD") and I played with the concept by wearing a string of pearls and glossy, black pumps with it. Of course, I knew better than to wear anything under the dress, so no panty lines ruined the sleek black shape that tightly encased my recently improved figure. I looked like a version of Audry Hepburn in kinky rubber.

"You ready, Jess?" I called out. "Rub some of the Black Magic on my dress for me." Jessica rubbed the solution all over my dress and I was careful not to let her know just how hot her touch was.

I called a cab and had Jessica run out to it while I locked up. The reason was just a rouse so she would already be in the cab and not back out when she saw me carrying a modest toy bag. "What's that for?" she asked worriedly.

"I'm loaning this to a friend and we're going to drop it off," I explained. Upon our arrival, Jessica asked if she should wait in the cab. "No, Jessica, I waved her out. Come on, I want you to meet a couple of friends of mine. We'll be here for just a little while and get another cab afterward."

"What is this place?" she asked at the door.

Again, I was careful to be very cheerful and encouraging so as not to frighten her. "It's like John's place but without alcohol -- sort of a clubhouse. I want you to see that it's no big deal and that my friends aren't a bunch of weirdoes.

"Uh, I don't think so."

"Jessica, I want you to be exposed to this and dispel the mystery. After this, if you don't want to know any more, that's up to you, but you need to see that it isn't some mysterious sleazy crowd. If you want, nobody has to know who you are. We'll use your middle name and you can call me 'Julie'. Ok?"

Gary let us in and Jessica started to notice the great scene wear displayed for sale. She seemed dubious but didn't try to leave. "Gary, I want you to meet Faye," I smiled. "Faye, this is Gary."

"Ah, hi," she offered hesitantly.

"Come on, let's go inside," I instructed while nudging her ahead.

Jessica walked cautiously in front of me through the outer room, her mules slapping her soles sexily with each step. Her eyes darted all around, taking in the strange, new sights. Stepping into the dungeon, however, she was taken aback and started to retreat. Laughing happily, I reassured her, "Come on, 'Faye'. It's fine."

We went to the bar and I ordered us a couple of drinks. Several of my friends came over soon to meet my 'date'. I introduced Faye and explained that she is a friend who doesn't know much about the scene. Everyone was friendly and complemented her on her outfit. I could see Jessica was becoming a little more comfortable.

Not long after we arrived, Dave showed up. Jessica had met him a few times and was somewhat surprised and embarrassed to be seen by him. I preempted the situation by announcing to him, "Dave, I want you to meet my friend, Faye."

"Hi, Faye," he said, holding out his hand to shake hers. He immediately understood that Jessica wanted to retain some anonymity and readily played along. "It's nice to meet you," Dave said and excused himself.

His playing along and quick departure helped a great deal to calm down Jessica, who I noticed was repeatedly glancing at a scene in the corner, hoping not to be noticed. Her glances grew longer and more frequent, until she was practically staring non-stop at Cindy punishing her husband, Larry. As their scene came to a close, I saw my cue to take Jessica on a tour of the dungeon. She was becoming much more relaxed and started asking questions.

"So, ah ... 'Julie' ... are you like the one who gets tied up or the one who like ties the other one up?"

"It depends. Sometimes, with some people, I'm submissive. Other times, I'm dominant." I replied in a friendly, yet matter-of-fact tone.

"What's this for?"

"It's a horse. The submissive puts their knees in these boxes and their elbows in these ones. These straps hold them down and their butt's in the air back here."

"Oh. So, which way does somebody get strapped up on this thing?"

"Either way; front or back. It's called a 'Saint Andrew's Cross'. If they face the wall, then their butt and back can be whipped. If they face out, then you can do all sorts of stuff to them.

"Hey, John's got one of these curved things, too, but his is nicer. So, do you tie up Dave or does he tie you up?"

"Oh, he's a total bottom, but he's such a wimp. He hated it when I used this paddle." I extracted a big, wooden paddle and nonchalantly handed it to her. Jessica held the paddle in her hand, examining the air holes and feeling its weight. She even slapped it down on her other palm before handing it back to me. Oooh, she's taking to it!

"He likes the crop, though," I continued, handing a riding crop to her. Again, she swatted it at the bench a couple of times and ran her hand along the shaft. "He sometimes likes my cat, too. It's also called a 'flogger'" I added, extracting my flogger from the bag and sensuously running the straps trough my hand. Jessica traded the crop back to me in exchange. She spent a while feeling the cat and swatting the bench with it.

"Cool. Anything else?" I happily plopped the bag on the bench and opened it wide. Jessica was intrigued by the nipple/labia clamps and the pinwheel, though she looked rather disgusted by my dildo and intentionally avoided it.

"Let me show you something." I told her, clearing off the bench. "Dave, come over here." As he approached, I instructed, "Get on the bench." He thought for a second whether to undress first and decided against it; good, let's take this one step at a time.

I picked up the paddle and swatted his upturned ass. Then, Jessica swung the flogger at him. She wasn't skilled yet, but she was eager and that's good for a start. I tried to coach her and she got more aggressive. Time for the next level.

"For a real scene, he shouldn't have so much padding. Take that stuff off, Dave." Jessica was into it enough now that she wasn't fazed by Dave stripping his shaven body nude, nor by his impressive hard-on. "See how nice and smooth, Faye?" Jessica nodded and ran the flogger through her fingers.

With Dave's ass back in the air over the bench, Jessica laid into his back with the flogger, while I worked his legs and ass with a crop. Jessica swung at his ass and a few straps of the flogger reached under to whip Dave's tender nuts.

"Ahhh!" he screamed.

"Oh, did Mistress Faye hurt you?" I mocked. "You have to be careful with their balls," I explained to her. She tried to be careful, but her inexperience was a problem, so it was time for her to stop using the flogger.

"Faye, grab that chair and put it over there, a couple of feet in front of Dave." Jessica shrugged and complied. "Now, stand here," pointing next to me in front of Dave. "Dave, do you like Mistress Faye?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Thank her for whipping you."

"Thank you for whipping me, Mistress Faye."

"Doesn't she look pretty tonight?"

"Yes, ma'am. You look very pretty, Mistress Faye."

"Good, then you can look at her while I finish spanking you. Faye, sit in the chair." Jessica was disappointed but complied.

"Let him kiss your toe to thank you," I told her. She slipped off one of her mules and fed him her red-painted toes. Dave's arms were not restrained, so he carefully held her foot to lovingly worship it. Jessica's disappointment from not being able to whip him anymore gave way to enjoyment of Dave's toe-hungry mouth, eventually closing her eyes and even adding her other foot to the action.

I criss-crossed Dave's ass and legs with my crop, raising lovely red welt lines. Occupied as he was with Jessica's succulent toes, he took a much more severe beating than I had ever given him previously. Curious about how far I could take it, I switched back to the paddle and let him have it hard. That beating will keep him from sitting straight for days, yet he never tried to stop the session. What the hell, I thought. Let's see how much cock his tight little ass can take. I stepped into my strap-on dildo harness and aimed the massive phallus at his ass pipe. Fuck lubricant, he was to take this dry and hard. Sure enough, his sphincter was tight, but I forced my way past it. Plowing in and out of his boy cunt, the back of the dildo worked its magic on my clit, bringing me to a good cum. She and I are going to make a great team! I took off the harness before pulling the dildo out of Dave, then instructed him to clean it thoroughly and put it back in my bag.

My dress hem back down in place, I pulled Jessica up from her chair and hugged her lovingly like we have always hugged. It was important for her to see that our playing together did nothing to change her from being my baby.

She slipped her mules back on and followed me back to the bar. "OK, that was fun," she admitted. "But I gotta pee right now." I pointed the Jessica to its door and Dave was emerging with the then-clean dildo as she reached the door. He was still nude and quite hard.

"Thank you for the scene, Mistress," I heard Dave tell Jessica. "I hope it met with your approval."

"So what hurt worse, the beating or that?" she asked, indicating the dildo.

"The beating was much worse. I've never taken one like that before. The dildo was ok; once I relaxed, it was fucking great. She really knows how to fuck.

"Yah, you look like you enjoyed it. Ah, I gotta pee; see ya." Jessica then disappeared into the bathroom. Dave thanked me as well on his way to put the dildo in my bag.

"Does Faye sub too?" Karen asked me when Jessica was gone.

"I don't know yet. It's up to her. You're welcome to try. Just don't let her cum."

"Ooh, you are vicious," she mocked me.

Jessica returned from the bathroom, strutting across the dungeon with happy confidence. I wasn't sure, but her skirt looked like she had left her panties behind as well.

"Hi, I'm Karen," she said before reaching out to run her finger down the slick rubber on the side of Jessica's skirt. "I love this outfit. Where did you get it?"

"She gave it to me for my birthday."

"You have nice friends. It looks so hot on you with your hair. And I so want those shoes! You look fucking great in this. I was just telling Julie what a hot scene that was. You were great for a first timer."

"Thanks. I got his balls a couple of times, though."

"Serves him right," Karen joked. "You just need some practice on your aim; that's all. You know, I ought to show you some stuff you can do without whipping hard that will completely dominate a slave...exquisitely." Karen stepped behind Jessica and gently ran her nails down Jessica's open back. "You have to sensitize their skin and then catch them with a little slap." [Whack!] Karen spanked one hand on Jessica's ass while she continued to gently scrape the nails of her hand on Jessica's trebling skin. "See what I mean? I can show you how to totally do this with like no practice."

"Yah, cool," Jessica laughed.

"Here, check this out," Karen instructed, leading Jessica off by the wrist to a horse.

"So who are we going to do this to?" Jessica eagerly inquired.

"No, you have to first get a feel for it from the other side. Here, get up on this and I'll show you. Don't worry, I don't play hard." Jessica shrugged and climbed up on the horse. The knee and elbow boxes were mounted high, keeping Jessica's front well off of the horse's top. After securing the straps "for safety, 'cuz people sometimes slip off", Karen blindfolded Jessica, adding, "Your sense of touch is so heightened when you can't see and you can't anticipate where the next sensation will come from."

"You don't need to wear these up here." Karen explained, pushing Jessica's mules off her feet. "How does this feel?" she asked, gliding a pinwheel up Jessica's sole and along her calf. An "ooh" and a chuckle were the only replies. She arched her back when Karen moved her attentions there with the pinwheel, occasionally breathing a long, hot breath across Jessica's back.

"This skirt is really in the way. You don't mind if I unzip it, do you." Jessica didn't have time to answer before Karen unzipped the skirt fully and took it off her captive. Jessica still didn't say anything. Sure enough, she must have left her panties in the bathroom because her perfect, round bottom was sticking out bare and beautiful for Karen's attentions. "Much better," Karen cooed, scraping her fingernails down Jessica's rump. Jessica responded by pushing back into Karen's claws.

Karen picked up a thin, stiff cane and gave Jessica's ass a single whack. Jessica let out a little yelp. Karen stuck the cane under Jessica from between her legs. "But canes aren't just for bruising." She ran the cane over her inner thighs and pussy teasingly, then rapidly flicked the cane between her inner thighs [Pity-pat, pity-pat!]. "See what I mean, Faye?"

"Um hum!" Jessica assured her with a big smile.

"Let's see what we can do with your nipples, shall we?" Karen unsnapped Jessica's rubber vest, freeing her heaving breasts. "Ooh, so nice," Karen complimented, milking Jessica's right boob a few times. She toyed with Jessica's nipple, making it nice and hard. Producing a clamp, Karen secured it to the erect nub. Jessica tensed but didn't protest, and Karen repeated the process on her other breast. Her dangling boobs were just made for a pinwheel, which Karen made sure to use one for a while.

"Even a flogger can tease," said Karen, dragging the edges of the straps ever so lightly over Jessica's back and ass. Without warning, She brought it down with a thud across the top of Jessica's rear, then immediately returned to teasing with it. This went on for little while, punctuating once in a while with a whack. Jessica was in total scene high by this point and hovered achingly close to orgasm. "You're totally under my control, aren't you, Faye?"

"Mummm, yes."

"Do you need to cum?"

"Uh huh, please."

"That's not up to me, you'll have to ask Mistress Julie." This was my cue and I sauntered over to my gorgeous daughter. Karen stayed, teasing Jessica's back with her nails.

"Please let me cum," Jessica moaned.

"Are you glad I let Karen play with you?"

"Uh huh. Thank you."

Figuring 'what the hell', I took the next step. "You have thank me better than that if you want to cum," I told her. Pealing up the hem of my rubber dress, I pulled Jessica's head up by her hair and stepped in.

Jessica was so horny, she didn't wait a second and immediately began licking me in earnest. She was already an accomplished pussy eater and her tongue and lips worked their magic on me with gusto. Her tongue snaked up to fuck me in between gumming my lips and clit. With such skill, I came quickly, nearly drowning her with my juice. Pulling away, I looked down her face, so pretty covered with my glistening cum.

"Alright, Faye, you thanked me well. If you still want to cum, all you have to do is beg me to let you."

"Please let me cum," she moaned.

"No, no," I teased. "When you beg, you have to call me Mistress Julie."

"Please, Mistress Julie, please let me cum."

"Do you want Mistress Julie to fuck you?" I asked, stepping behind her and strapping on my dildo. "Because you're old enough to loose your cherry now." Karen was still teasing her back with her nails, keeping Jessica's in a state of tender need.

"Yes!" she howled. "Please fuck me, Mistress Julie."

I spread her lips apart with one hand and slowly slid the dildo in just slightly before withdrawing. I repeated this a few times, before Jessica was straining to push back to me and begging me again to fuck her. Her pussy was soaked; she is so my daughter that way; and the dildo slid all of the way in, ripping her hymen without resistance.

"Ayeeee!" Jessica screamed when her orgasm hit soon after we began. The excitement of taking her cherry, mixed with the dildo's pressure on my clit, making me cum with her.

Karen helped me un-strap Jessica and I took off my dildo harness so we could hug closely. She held me tight and thanked me for everything.

The next day, I woke to find Jessica trying on some of my leathers. "Whatcha doin', Jess?" I asked in the foggy haze of exhaustion.

"Seeing what will fit," She explained. "Can we go back tonight? We could like dominate somebody together like we did to Dave."

"I don't think Dave's going to be any condition for that for a while, but we can surely find somebody if you want."

"Cool. You can do the hard stuff and I can do like what Karen was doing."

"Sounds great, baby," I smiled. What a team!

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