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Happy Birthday


The entire weekend was dedicated to celebrating her 18th birthday and the beach house was full of family and friends, all wishing her a fabulous birthday and the best in the years to come. The group had headed down the coast to Mariano's for dinner, but she started feeling queasy after too much cake and too much wine so I offered to take her back home. By the time we got to the house, she had fallen asleep. Rather than wake her or carry her all the way into the house, I put her on the bed in the cabana and I stretched out on the chaise by the pool, intending to finish my last beer and go to bed. Her cell phone started ringing and I jumped up, running inside to silence it. Her boyfriend Bobby's name came up in the caller id. I let the call go to voicemail and tucked the phone back into her purse. Bobby. . .what did she see in that creep?

We first met nine years earlier when I was 24 and had been out and on my own for a while. She was a kid and barely knew who I was then. However, I had noticed her and been sexually attracted to her even at her young age, so I deliberately kept my distance. Of course, we had seen each other over the years, you know, holidays, birthdays, and had a friendly, cordial relationship. Seeing her again this weekend though had ignited those old yearnings and, with a sharp stab of jealousy, I wondered if she was having sex with Bobby, imagining what it would be like to be with her.

I watched her sleeping as I unzipped and absently stroked myself, fascinated by her burgeoning womanhood and sexuality, remembering how she was the last time that I had seen her. My last visit had been four years ago and she had been a young, slender tomboy with naturally curly, reddish brown, shoulder length hair tied into a ponytail. Her hips and breasts were now beginning to fill out, and she had long, shapely, athletic legs, huge brown eyes that sparkled when she laughed and the longest, thickest eyelashes I'd ever seen. Damn, what a difference four years had made.

I heard her whimpering in her sleep and knew she was likely having an alcohol-fueled nightmare. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her, whispering that she was safe, that I was here. She turned in my arms in that blissful state of half sleep and clung to me, burying her face in my chest. Even in her distress and anxiety, I wanted her. I held her, brushing her damp hair from her face, feeling my arousal grow. Before I realized what I was doing, I lifted her face and kissed her warm, trembling mouth. She instinctively gave in to the kiss and opened her mouth as my tongue hungrily invaded that warm, moist place. She moaned when my hand moved under her shirt to her breasts and gently caressed her hardening nipples.

A soft, faint mewling sound escaped her lips and, in my eagerness and excitement, I roughly pinched her nipples. Her eyes suddenly flew open as she realized what was happening. She looked at me with confusion that swiftly changed to comprehension. Her body stiffened and she tried to pull away, but I tightened my hold and rolled on top of her, pinning her beneath me and holding her wrists above her head with one hand. She kept struggling under me, inadvertently getting me even more aroused, telling me to let her go.

With my leg thrown over her's, I began again to fondle her breasts, face, stomach and eventually between her legs, gently stroking and rubbing her clit, letting my fingers slide between her slit but not inside of her. I let my whole hand caress her, becoming wet and sticky from sliding between her thighs, brushing over her closely trimmed mons. Slowly at first and then with increasing pressure, parting her, teasing her until I heard the faintest involuntary moans escape. I think she was surprised and embarrassed by her unexpected sighs and groans of pleasure because she started struggling again, trying to push me off her.

I tightened my grasp on her wrists and she winced. I told her angrily to stop fighting me, that we were going to have sex and I didn't want to hurt her. After a short time, she calmed and just lay there, her eyes closed as tears slowly trickled down her cheeks and into her hair. Her initial sense of betrayal and shock, along with her struggling, had only left her exhausted and with the realization of what was going to happen between us regardless of whether she fought or not. She opened her eyes and looked into my face but said nothing and, in that moment, I knew she would never let anyone else know about our intimacy and I knew that she wouldn't fight me anymore. I kissed her again and released her wrists before she let me remove her shirt, freeing her breasts. I lowered my head to her breasts and kissed, sucked and tongued them until her dark pink nipples were long and peaked. Slipping my hand into her panties, I teased her clit until it was swollen and pushing out from its sheltering hood and her sweet pussy was dripping wet.

I sought her warm, moist woman's place and possessively licked her there, tasting her juices and inhaling her scent as her sexual arousal grew. Each time my tongue flicked over her swollen pink clit I could feel her hips imperceptively rise and lower as she involuntarily sought the source of her pleasure. She was mine . . . there was no more resisting. She hesitantly opened her legs for me, silently offering me everything I desired. I spread her legs wider and buried my face, circling her clit with my tongue, sucking and licking it until she literally trembled. My cock was so engorged by now that it was becoming uncomfortable and difficult for me to keep from kicking my jeans off and pounding into her. . . I knew I wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. She had emotionally and physically surrendered, and in her submission to me, she tossed aside her rapidly fading innocence. Her long slender fingers tangled in my hair and she lay there, quietly humping my face as I tongue-fucked her to the edge of an orgasm before pulling back.

I stood up and moved to the head of the bed. My cock sprang free and I smiled inwardly as I watched her eyes widen at the sight of my erection, its huge bulbous red cockhead glistening with pre-cum. I removed my clothes and moved towards her, fully intending to have her suck my dick, but stopped when I saw that shadow of apprehension cross her face. I could only imagine what it would feel like to have her mouth on my cock, but I moved away; with everything else that was happening tonight, I wouldn't force her to suck me . . . not yet. I moved back between her legs, removed her panties and mounted her. My cock was fully erect and pulsed with the anticipation of claiming her. When I positioned myself to enter her, she pushed against my hips with her hands in a futile attempt to prevent my penetrating her.

I brushed her hands aside and forcefully pressed into her, almost cumming from the thought of the anticipated warmth and tightness. With a slow, shallow inward stroke, I felt her stiffen and heard the sudden intake of breathe when my cock met resistance. I had assumed she was letting that stupid jock of a boyfriend fuck her. Was I her first? That explained so much; her fear, the inexperience, and the tears. She was a virgin.

I stopped moving when my brain registered that she had not had a man before, and with that knowledge, I felt my cock grow harder. I covered her mouth with one hand and at the same time I took one hard, deep push and thrust all the way into her no longer virgin pussy. She screamed in pain when I tore into her and began to fight me again, contorted face, fists pounding, nails digging into my shoulders but this time there were no more tears just anger. I began to fuck her, ignoring her whimpering and soft pleas to stop. Even as she cursed me, I groaned deep in my throat as my hips began stroking again, becoming deeper, harder and faster with each stroke.

After a short while, her body seemed to soften and her arms went about my neck as her legs tentatively opened even wider to accommodate me. I lifted her legs so she could encircle my waist with them and I pounded into her as if this were the last fuck I would ever have. I felt her suddenly tense and begin to shudder uncontrollably as her first powerful orgasm swept over her. She screamed and clung to me, but this time her scream was with pleasure and sexual awakening. As her pussy walls contracted around my cock, slowly squeezing and releasing, I came hard and high up inside of her.

We lay there motionless, my cock still buried inside her, my head on her breast, my cum just starting to drip from her lovingly abused pussy. For a moment, I felt an inkling of remorse. . . I was sorry things had played out the way they had, but did I regret it? Hell, no. I already knew I was going to fuck her again. I already knew how I would teach her to please me and be pleased by me. I already knew how I would teach her to suck my cock the way I liked it. I already knew how I would train her to take it in her tiny, brown bud when I wanted it that way.

I had wanted this, lusted for this since I'd first laid eyes on her at the wedding of her Mother and my Father nine years ago.

Happy Birthday . . . little sister

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Call me sick, but...

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