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Happy Birthday


"Babe, so what do you want me to wear for your birthday?"

My 24th birthday was approaching and my fiancée, and girlfriend of four years, never failed to ask me what I wanted her to wear for my birthday.

This year, the plan was to go to a salsa nightclub and do some dancing. And of course, the choice was hers. I had never been much of a dancer, much less with salsa music.

She had been nagging that she wanted us to take some salsa dancing lessons so we could enjoy some fun nights of sexy dancing, but we just never got around to it.

"Why don't you wear some of those shiny, liquid leather leggings? You look amazing in those."

She really did. But it wasn't just those pants that she looked stunning in, she looked stunning in just about anything. She is a girl who will make you fall in love with her smile, but yet it is also impossible to ignore her beautiful, round, and plump bubble-butt. Not to mention her gorgeous legs which look amazing on a petite figure like hers. I usually catch guys checking her out, but lucky for her I am not the jealous type; unlike her ex-boyfriends.

Well, maybe a little jealous... or maybe the opposite. It tends to vary.

Somehow over the years, I had a certain fantasy grow on me stronger every day. It was so strong that I had to tell my fiancée about it, and I did... during sex. I fantasized about her past sexual experiences and started obsessing over wanting to know everything she had ever done. When I first told her about it, she thought I was crazy and was initially shy about telling me about her ex-lovers. Over time, and sometimes against her will, she told me many things which now make me go crazy, but the good kind of crazy. It turns out she wasn't the good girl she appeared to be, as she had had twelve different sexual partners before me (might I add that we started dating when she was 19, and she is now 24).

I felt a little bothered at first that my fiancée, my future wife, the love of my life, and possible mother of my future children had been close and intimate with so many other guys, especially since she has been the only woman I've been with. Yet somehow my feelings took a 180 degree turn when she started including details in her confessions. Over time, she learned to feel comfortable sharing details about how crazy she would get during sex sometimes. I will never forget when she confessed that she begged one of her lovers not to wear protection, and to come inside her because she had been dying to know how it felt. I will also never forget when she confessed that she gave her "high school sweetheart" a hand job under the sheets (which was the first dick she ever touched) while they were watching a movie in their hotel room during a school field trip...while all their friends were there. Or my favorite confession, about the stranger (now her friend) with whom she got intimate with during a frat party in college, and who she claims was so good in bed that he almost gave her a heart attack because he did her so good that he made her squirt.

But she is a very classy woman with a great job, a college degree, and overall a good reputation, despite her past, which she left behind once we started building our relationship. And although she had many, many adventures with many guys, (mind you I only talked about who she slept with, not who she messed around with; that's a whole different story) she did not have a bad reputation. Most of the guys she slept with or messed around with pretty much kept their hook ups with her to themselves, and so did she.

So my fantasy kept on growing, and I felt guilty about wanting what I wanted. But my only wish was to have my fiancée, my one and only, to get extra friendly and intimate with someone other than myself.

It took me a while to man up and tell her about this new and evolved fantasy I had, but I did. Of course, she reacted exactly the way I thought she would. She said it was hard enough to tell me about her past lovers, and that if I really loved her, I would not want to share her with anyone else. This made me feel even worse, but me being the persistent person that I am, still had hope to play out my fantasy in real life.

"Okay, so I guess I can wear the leggings. They're so comfy, you love them...everybody loves them! Win-win," she said with a beautiful smile, followed by a naughty little wink.

I adored the way she looked in her black leather-like, skin-tight, smooth leggings. It made her beautiful long legs and her round bubble-butt so shiny that whenever and wherever she would wear them, she would be the center of attention. Sometimes she wouldn't want to wear them for that same reason. She didn't want to draw too much attention since she said that she felt "over the top". But of course I didn't mind. Every time she would wear them, I would catch guys staring (so did she) at her amazing legs and her perfect bubble-butt.

The day of my birthday arrived, and I was a man with a plan. I had my fantasy of her being unfaithful in mind and just maybe it would happen tonight. To my advantage, she was always extra nice on my birthdays, and she was always willing to do just about anything to please me on my special day. Of course I would use this to my advantage.

"I went to the mall and bought this outfit. What do you think?" she asked as she walked into our apartment. She mentioned she had also gotten a manicure and pedicure. She was looking stunning already. "I got some heels, a cute little spaghetti shirt, and a cute blazer. I hope you like it," she said as she gave me a small kiss. She stepped in to shower and it was finally time for the party. After she finished cleaning up, she dressed up, looking amazing in her flirty, yet elegant and classy outfit. She put on her new little blazer, with a small spaghetti shirt under, liquid leather leggings, some sexy and flirty heels, along with some fancy jewelry. She decorated her beautiful lips with a shiny pink lip gloss that just flirted with whoever was lucky enough to stand in front of her; a total "hottie".

I invited some of my friends to my party, but most of the invitees were friends of hers, which was totally fine by me. More girls, more fun, right?

A couple of my friends got there, many of them were my friends from the gym who were very good with the ladies. I don't want to say I was an exception, but it was different as I am in a relationship.

"Hey you want some drinks?" I asked my fiancée. She loves those margaritas and she wasn't going to say no to them on my birthday. I counted her having at least three of those by 11:15 PM (the club closed at 2:00 am). I was also drinking, but also trying to stay on top of things.

I had to stay on top of my game. My plan was to play cupid tonight, and I wasn't going to back down.

I tried not to stop and think about what I was about to do, as my plan was to hook up my fiancée with one of my buddies. I didn't want to feel guilty. Tonight was about fun, and it was about me. It was about bringing my fantasy to real life.

I tried dancing with her for a little while, but I gave up as she only wanted to dance the difficult songs. I couldn't keep up. I could notice her slight disappointment, but she kept insisting that it was okay. She also insisted we should really take those dance lessons.

By around 11:30 PM, most of the guests had gotten to the club and we were all having fun. My fiancée was on her fourth drink by now. She was happy and she was enjoying herself. She gets social and very, VERY friendly when she drinks, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to make a move.

"Hey baby, have I introduced you to David? He's my friend from the gym"

David and I work out together regularly. He had never met my fiancée since we barely hang out outside of the gym. He is very respectful to girls, and as a result he has a lot of them after him. I really like David as a person, because of all of his good qualities. So much that if I had to choose someone to share my girlfriend with, it would be him. And I did. He was the chosen one.

David had mentioned that he loved to dance, and one of the reasons why he got a lot of girls was because of that reason exactly, because girls LOVE a man who knows how to dance. Of course he is also a personal trainer and his physique is impeccable.

"Nice to meet you, David" my fiancée said to him wearing a huge grin on her beautiful face. By this point, David had been drinking for a little while too, so he was a little more social and talkative than he usually is.

She leaned in to greet him with a cheek kiss. My little experiment seemed to be starting with a step in the right direction.

The three of us hung out for a while, and talked about how the club was so fun and how the music was fun and so different from other nightclubs around town. We talked until I felt that they felt comfortable enough with each other to carry a conversation on their own.

"Hey I'll leave you two alone for a bit, let me go get some more drinks for the guests," I said as I very lightly pushed him a little closer to her.

The guests had finished the bottle of vodka on the table, so I really did have to get more drinks for them. As I went to the bar, I asked the waiter to take another bottle to our table, but I decided to have a drink by myself at the bar and sit back and watch my fiancée and David talk with each other. They must have not even noticed I was gone as they talked and laughed with each other. She kept putting her hand on his shoulder, almost as if she was flirting with him. They were getting along perfectly.

About fifteen minutes went by, and I decided to go back and check on them, just in case they were being shy with each other.

"Baby, has he told you he is amazing at dancing salsa?" I asked.

"Really, friend!? Why didn't you tell me? I love dancing!" she said to him, wearing a huge smile.

"Dude come on, show her how good you are" I said before he could say anything.

"Are you sure, man? Are you cool with that? I don't want you getting mad," he said.

"If she's okay, I'm okay," I responded.

"Babe it's just dancing it's not a big deal!" she said as she quickly grabbed his hand and led him to the dance floor.

They danced like they had been dancing with each other forever. She kept on smiling, so happy. She kept looking up at him with her perfect smile as he swung her stunning body from side to side, grabbing her by the hips, with her hand on his shoulder. They kept saying things to each other, every time which ended with her laughing so hard while looking at him in the eyes.

They came off the dance floor holding hands, after dancing two songs straight. I couldn't help but notice that they were being perceived as a romantic couple by everyone at the club, including myself.

"Wow! Why didn't you all tell me you were professional dancers?" I asked them sarcastically.

They both looked at each other and laughed.

"I'm going to go get some more drinks for us," I said as I walked over to the bar.

I asked the waiter to take them some drinks, while I sat at one of the bar stools and watched them socialize.

When their drinks got there, they didn't seem notice it wasn't me who brought them the drinks, but the waiter. They quickly grabbed their drinks and took a sip. Then they did something that caught my attention. I noticed she took out her phone and punched in some numbers, as did he. My experiment was taking on a whole new level.

They were exchanging numbers already. So soon after meeting...

They were both instantly attracted to each other, obviously, since they couldn't wait until the end of the night to get each other's number. This was the point where I felt that my fantasy was starting to come true. I didn't know how to feel as I was not used to my fiancée giving out her phone number to another man, especially in front of me. I felt scared, jealous, and a little angry, but my excitement took over all of those emotions. I could not believe what I was seeing. I looked around to see if any of her friends, or my friends were still there. Many of my friends had left the club, but I could tell many of her friends were bad-mouthing her since they could all see how shamelessly close and friendly she was getting to my friend David... in front of them and in front of everyone. We all saw them exchange numbers after dancing with each other exclusively for a number of songs, not caring about who was watching, I didn't want any rumors to spread about my fiancée, but it seemed inevitable at this point. I thought to myself, "No risk, no reward."

I went back to them and started making small talk.

"Are you guys tired of dancing already or what?"

"Of course not babe! Let's go dance, friend" my fiancée said as she grabbed David's hand and led him to the dance floor one more time. I went to the bar to grab a drink to sit down and enjoy the show once again. There was nothing more exciting to me than watching them dance. I enjoyed watching them getting more comfortable with each other's bodies with every song. Every song meant they would get closer together, tried riskier dance moves, and created more sexual tension between each other.

After about three songs, they came off the dance floor.

I noticed her go to our table and take off her blazer, as well as her shoes. Apparently her high heels were becoming too much of a problem to dance in comfortably, and her blazer was becoming a problem too as she was sweating profusely.

With her soft bare feet, perfectly pedicured toes, leather leggings, and spaghetti top that showed off her beautiful breasts, she grabbed onto David's hand and led him back to the dance floor to enjoy of him some more.

The last song to play was a romantic ballad, and it didn't look at all like they were planning to get different dancing partners. By this time, all our friends had left, and who knows what they had been saying about my fiancée among themselves. I was still at the bar, and had paid for all their drinks so we could go back home as soon as they finished dancing with each other. As the slow romantic ballad played, I noticed that they weren't laughing and smiling now. The mood had changed to a more luscious and romantic one, with them constantly looking at each other in the eyes. I could feel the sexual tension between them two, and so could everyone else in the club. My fiancée and David were whispering in each other's ears, faces touching, confessing their admiration for each other. She would tip-toe in her bare feet just to reach his ear since he was that much taller than she is.

After the song ended they headed back to the table and so did I.

"Wow you guys look like you had fun," I said with a smile.

"Baby he is amazing! I LOVE my new dancing partner," she said laughing, as she looked at him.

"Let's go back to my place and have a little after party on our own! " I suggested.

"Okay, but one of you has to carry me to the car! I don't want to ruin my pedi!" my fiancée said as David quickly picked her up without giving me a chance to do so myself. She clinged on to him since she didn't want to put her shoes back on, and didn't want to get her beautiful feet dirty either.

We all jumped into my car, since David had been dropped-off at the club and didn't have his car with him. He had to go home with us.

David put her down in the back seat and as he did, he walked toward the front passenger seat to sit next to me and be my co-pilot.

"Hey! Where are you going?" my fiancée asked in a sad voice. "Come sit with me friend, I don't want to sit alone."

David being the respectful guy that he is, looked at me for permission. Without saying anything, I knew what he was thinking. He was drunk but he still wanted to respect me.

"Come on man, you heard her. Don't abandon her now," I said with a smile.

It was about a fifteen minute drive from the club to my place, and throughout the drive home, I could not resist looking at the rear view mirror and notice her getting close to him.

"I'm so tired from dancing!" she said as she leaned her head on his shoulder. He put his hand over her for the first ten minutes. Within the last five minutes, I looked through the mirror again and saw something that took my excitement to a whole new level...

Not only was his arm around her. Not only was her head on his shoulder. They were holding hands...just like a loving couple.

By this point, they looked as if they had been in a romantic relationship for at least a few years. I was not sure if to ignore this, or to let them know that I knew what was going on and also approved of it.

We all walked to the front door, with them holding hands on the way to the door. I was now one hundred percent sure that not only were they into each other, but they weren't going to keep their hands off of each other just because of the simple fact that I was there.

We walked inside our apartment.

"I'm going to clean up and get some shoes" said my fiancée as she walked over to the restroom to get cleaned up. David and I stayed in the living room area.

"She's into you bro. Do what you have to do to make her happy and don't stop because of me," I told him.

"But she's your fia..."

"If she's happy, we're all happy," I interrupted him.

The look on his face was priceless. He didn't know if I was being serious or not, but yet he took my word for it. I went to the fridge and got some drinks for us (they were for them actually) and put them on one of the tables in the living room.

"He likes you a lot" I text-messaged my fiancée while she was in the restroom cleaning up. I wasn't sure if she would see the message or not, but I just wanted to make sure that they were on the same page. I was playing cupid after all.

It turns out, she did see the message while she was cleaning up.

"I do too! Can you tell?" she responded, being up front about it. She is usually shyer, but all those drinks gave her a different personality. I wasn't complaining.

"Okay I am back and squeaky clean!" said my fiancée as she came back with some flip-flop sandals that showed off her perfectly pedicured feet, a beautiful and tight ponytail, her lips perfectly glossed, her little spaghetti top, and her sexy liquid leather leggings.

"I still feel like dancing," she said while looking and David. I could tell she was now about one drink away from getting drunk. The tone of her voice just gave it away, even though she looked as perfect as ever. She sat next to David on the couch.

I knew exactly what to do.

I grabbed the remote and put some slow, romantic music on the TV stereo. My two test subject behaved exactly according to plan.

I felt my fantasy was about to come to life...

David got up and grabbed some of the drinks I had left for them on the living room table. "One for me and one for you," he said as they opened their drinks and took a sip. He then grabbed her hand and pulled her up to dance. She followed without thinking about it twice. I was still in the kitchen, watching from afar. I grabbed a drink and sat down to enjoy the show, one more time.

They started dancing slowly, just where they had left off at the nightclub. His hands on her hips, and her hands around him, slowly caressing his hair. They were talking to each other very quietly, while looking at each other in the eyes. This went on for about two songs. The third song was when the magic finally happened.

They started dancing as close as they could physically be to each other. His wandering hands were not on her hips anymore, but they started moving into her lower back and a little bit more south right to her perfect bubble-butt.

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