tagGay MaleHappy Birthday Baby!

Happy Birthday Baby!


It was Steve's birthday and I had surprises in mind for him. Last night my husband and I had arrived at this luxurious desert spa near Palm Springs and I had a whole day of treats planned for him today. First we'd have a special caviar breakfast and take a quick swim, and then, for later in the afternoon, I had arranged for a masseur to come up to the room. I had requested a specific masseur, and not another or a masseuse, because that masseur, I hoped, was going to be a big part of the very special and unusual birthday treat I had in mind for my husband.

Let me explain. Steve and I had seen the masseur by pool side every day, giving guests massages. The guests I spoke with all said Dave just gave the best massages. And he was such a dreamboat too, with a deeply tanned, chiseled body and that blond, blue-eyed surfer look. I guessed he was gay from the first moment I saw him, even though he appeared exceptionally masculine. But there was just something about the glint in his eyes when he checked out really good-looking guys, like my husband. Steve said he didn't notice, but I did. Asking around, another guest I had met, a woman who had been here several times, confirmed for me that Dave was, indeed, gay. But that didn't stop all the horny women from eyeing him all the time, those eyes drifting down especially to the seemingly ever present big bulge in the crotch of his swim trunks.

And hearing this about Dave made me start to think and scheme. You see my husband is straight, but for a long time I'd had these fantasies of watching him make it with another guy, another good-looking, masculine stud like himself. When I once mentioned this to Steve he confessed to me that sometimes he entertained bi-sexual fantasies himself. Naturally, I was very pleased to hear this.

So when I noticed my husband's eyes lingering a little too long when Dave was giving an old dame a massage by pool side, I smiled to myself. I had already seen Dave check out my husband with somewhat hungry eyes; and now I caught my Steve eyeballing Dave with what I thought was a lusty gaze of his own.

And so I began to plot and plan for this very special birthday treat, arranging with Dave to come up to our hotel room and give my husband a massage.

So when he finally arrived, and I opened the door and there was Dave, I could see my husband was surprised to see him, surprised but obviously quite pleased, though he tried to hide it.

"Everyone says Dave is the best masseur working at the spa, and so, for your birthday, honey, I asked him to come up and give you a massage."

I was going to play it all sweet and innocent, at least at the start.

Dave looked my husband over and, again, I could clearly that he liked what he saw. My husband is a lanky, rugged sort, hardbodied and smooth. He's a stuntmen, and has the sort of rough-hewn masculine looks that many women like, and most gay men drool over.

Dave set up the massage table and had Steve get up on it on his stomach. Steve still had his swim trunks on, but I casually pulled them off, much to my husband's surprise. He turned around, trying to protest, but I shut him up with a big luscious kiss. I suppose he felt exposed and vulnerable, laying there on his stomach, with his bare ass staring me and Dave in the face.

Dave tried to hide it, but he couldn't keep his eyes off my husband's perfect muscled ass. He coughed to try and break the spell, then poured oil over my husband's back and began to massage him. I stood by and watched. Dave had moved from massaging Steve's upper back right down to his thighs.

"What about his butt? Aren't you going to massage his butt too?" I asked in an innocent tone of voice.

Dave actually blushed and little, and I thought that was so cute! He had probably massaged a lot of gay men with whom he then had sex, but now here he was with a husband, a straight man, and with the man's wife standing there, next to him, encouraging him to massage her husband's naked ass, staring Dave in the face.

"Let me see you massage that nice, hard, tight ass," I purred, not so innocently now. Dave poured some oil on Steve's buttocks and began to massage them. Steve didn't say a thing.

As Dave worked on Steve's butt, he massaged each buttock in an outward motion. This had the effect of spreading apart Steve's buttocks and revealing his asshole. To a gay man that little hole is the prize, the jewel, and Dave, despite my standing right next to him, couldn't help staring at Steve's exposed butthole. I knew that vivid, enticing hole very well, having had spent much time tonguing it and probing its tight, warm, humid depths with my eager fingers and my collection of toys.

"Like that, Dave?" I asked and he blushed, but then smiled sexily, knowing I was referring to my husband's puckered sphincter. "Steve's very, very sensitive down there between his buns, sometimes I even play with him down in there. Would you like me to show you?"

My husband turned his head to look at me with a startled look on his face, but I just gave him a nice mellow, sexy smile and told him to just lay back and enjoy it all. First I leaned down and, looking right up at Dave, a sassy, almost lewd glint in my gaze, first licked my lips, then leaned lower and began to lick my husband's ass. I knew this was a real favorite pastime of gay men, so I made real show of working my tongue over the helplessly exposed hole, snaking it inside his sphincter, Dave watching it all very keenly.

"Mmmmmmh, I love to lick his ass," I purred seductively, now sounding like a frisky kitten, as feminine as these two were masculine, "and Steve just loves to have his ass licked and played with, don't you, baby?"

Steve just groaned affirmatively, now having surrendered totally to the sensual anal assault.

Next I poured out some oil directly on Steve's asshole as Dave kept massaging his buttocks, and then worked a finger into his crack and slid it slowly up Steve's ass. Dave stopped massaging and just held Steve's buns wide open for me while I fingered my husband's tight asshole. With my free hand I reached under Steve's balls and felt his cock.

"Oooooh, he's hard," I said, looking up at Dave. "I think my husband must like having you massage his butt while I stick my finger up his ass. How about you, Dave? You like kneading my husband's tight ass while you watch me finger him like this?"

Oh, I knew he liked it okay, for I could clearly see the big bulge that had formed in Dave's crotch, much more vivid than anything he ever displayed at poolside. Now I brazenly dug my free hand under the elastic of Dave's shorts and wasn't at all surprised to feel a hardon. But what did surprise, and delight me, was just how amazingly huge that hardon of his felt!

I looked Dave straight in the eye as he tried to avoid my gaze again; he was a little shy and no doubt and taken aback by the scene.

I withdrew my finger from my husband's ass while Dave, still pretending that this was just a 'massage,' continued to work on my husband's buttocks.

But now stunning Dave even more, I suddenly reached over and pulled down his shorts to see his cock standing straight up, like a thick flagpole. From the size of his bulge and the way that stiff bulge had been pushing out his shorts, I was prepared for something pretty oversized. But was I in for a shock! Dave was huge, he was spectacularly endowed, unbelievably hung. I knew my husband's dimensions well. Like most wives, at one point I had picked up a ruler and measured off his erect inches, eight to be exact. But Dave was a good deal bigger. He had maybe two inches on my husband, maybe even more, and he was thicker, and, believe me, my husband has himself a very impressively thick one too!

"Oh my God!" I gasped, wrapping my fingers around the girth of the massive, erect shaft, "Fuck, Steve! You ain't going to believe this!"

I took my sweet time massaging that steely shaft of our masseur's. Dave may've been gay but he sure didn't act like he minded having his dick in my hand, not at all.

"Say Dave? You've given my husband a wonderful external massage today. But it's his birthday today, so why don't we give him a treat? Something special, something he's never had before from a real man. How about you give him an internal massage now? With this beautiful, big massage 'tool' of yours, know what I mean?"

Dave gave me a lusty smile; he knew just what I meant.

Now I took Dave's hand and had him walk over to the head of the massage table, right in front of my husband.

"Lift your head, honey," I told my husband.

Dave's immense rigid penis was staring my husband right in the face as he lifted his head. Steve's eyes went wide with stunned surprise as he took in the panorama of the massive erect cock filling his field of vision. I was so fucking excited seeing this huge, thick sentinel of male virility standing up hard and straight, inches from my husband's face.

"Nice, huh?" I purred sexily as I stroked Dave's cock. "Dave's going to give you a real deep massage with this special tool of his, a rectal massage, I know you like those. That's going to be your very special birthday treat, honey. But first how about you taste this big beautiful cock, baby. Open your mouth wide for me."

Steve opened wide as, holding on to the massive shaft, I brought the big smooth, knob between my husband's lips and watched those lips engulf the cock and begin to suck it. My heart raced as I took in the stunning sight, my husband sucking a cock for the very first time. And not just any cock, but our hired masseur's stunningly huge tool, a tool that had no doubt been sucked by many appreciative men, and now was being sucked by my husband. My eyes wouldn't even blink as I gazed, mesmerized, at the sight of my husband's lips wrapped around the thickness of a man's cock. I had fantasized about this for so long, and now here I was, actually watching my husband give this handsome, extravagantly hung stud a blow-job.

As my husband eagerly wolfed down the masseur's big tool I returned to Steve's exposed bottom and poured more massage oil into his crack. Then I worked one, two, three and, finally, four fingers up his butt and reamed him out as he wolfed down the big cock that was about to be buried up his ass. Just the thought of that send shivers up and down my spine!

Now that I had sufficiently greased up my husband's bottom and reamed out his hole, I took hold of Dave's cock again. My husband was really into his cock feast, and seemed a little reluctant to release that hard hunk of male meat from between his lips!

But I had other plans. I poured a little more massage oil right onto Dave's rigid shaft and rubbed it all over the taut, hard surface until his cock was all slick and glossy. Shit, it looked so gorgeous oiled up like that, so very massive, so very poised to fill my husband's bottom.

"Bet it tastes real good, huh Steve? It's going to feel real good too, all hard and thick and deep inside you!"

My husband stared at that cock as if in a trance. He knew he was only moments away from feeling that big steely shaft he was now staring at buried deep inside him.

"Reach back and hold yourself wide open," I hissed at Steve, as I took hold of Dave's lubed cock and guided it between my husband's cheeks, into his exposed crack.

My husband looked so deliciously, almost obscenely ready, laying there, ass up, reaching back eagerly to hold that ass wide open for for his first real fuck. I rubbed the oiled tip of Dave's cock against the slippery ridge of Steve's asshole. The sight of that just about drove me crazy!

"Go on Dave, give Steve that deep massage he's been needing," I purred as Dave slowly slid his cock up my husband's ass. I held my breath as first I gazed at the big cockhead forcing open David's slick anal sphincter, then watched as inch after inch of Dave's big penis disappeared up my husband's rectum, the ring of Steve's asshole wrapped tightly around Dave's thickness. That was a sight I always relished, when I worked a vibrator or dildo up my husband's ass, the sight of his anal ring stretching and giving way, wrapped so vividly around the forceful intruder, gripping it in its clutch, his asshole forced to surrender to a stiff, thick invader.

"Oh God!" Steve groaned as he really felt it now.

"You love it, don't you, Steve?" I purred as I reached my hand under his stomach to feel that his own dick was even harder now than the last time I checked.

"Go on, Dave. Fuck him!" I demanded, "Fuck my husband up the ass!"

Dave screwed my husband with deep smooth strokes, massaging his rectal innards with his full ten or so thick inches. My fingers were still oily and now I slid a slippery finger into Dave's crack, searching for his asshole. Finding it, I buried the finger up his ass, then a second finger. He looked me in the eye. He may've been gay, and I may've been a woman. But he sure seemed happy digging his cock up my husband's asshole while I dug my finger up his tight mancunt. He even couldn't help pushing back his bottom against my probing fingers, the slut!

"Happy birthday, sweetheart," I said to my husband as our masseur pumped his ass fast and furious, slamming the full thick length of his shaft up my husband's bottom as Steve pushed back greedily against Dave's deep thrusts. He was really pounding it inside him, his balls slapping loudly against my husband's ass as he drove ten thick inches all the way in, to the hilt. Now I saw the beads of sweat form on Dave's forehead, the telltale grimace and then, after forcing it in all the way, he stopped and groaned. Then I felt his sphincter begin to throb against my two probing fingers, and I knew that at this very moment the masseur was unloading deep inside my husband's body, finding his pleasure inside Steve's tight ass, just the way Steve so often found his own pleasure deep inside my own welcoming ass!

Later, after Dave had gone, I spread my legs wide and urged my husband to enter me. His cock was rock hard and he was eager to fuck, so turned on by just having been fucked himself. And as my husband fucked me, I reached around to run a fingertip around the open anal rim, and experienced such a thrill as I felt Dave's cum slowly seeping out of Steve's well-fucked ass, seeping out as he drove his cock furiously inside me.

"Happy birthday, baby!" I purred sexily in his ear, as his cock filled me to the hilt and another man semen continued to dribble out of his ass.

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