tagIncest/TabooHappy Birthday! Ch. 02

Happy Birthday! Ch. 02


I woke up the next day with a woody. Surprise! Well, okay, not so much. I was eighteen, what do you expect? Boys are nothing but walking erections at that age.

The good part was I heard Jill in the shower. Perfect! I got out of bed and arraigned my shorts around my flag pole and headed for the bathroom door. It was unlocked, so I opened it and went in.

Jill was just climbing out of the shower, a towel wrapped around her head and nothing else on. Wow! She really was gorgeous! She shot me a dirty look when I walked in, and that should have been my sign to beat a hasty retreat, but I managed to ignore it. There was still this thing with the woody, you see...

She looked down at the tent my shorts were making, and frowned. See, that right there was sign number two. I guess us males were not only single minded, but maybe we had a little problem taking a hint. I got wiser as I got older, but it wasn't a lesson easily learned.

"Jack," she said, as she was wrapping a towel around herself. "What the hell?"

"I just heard you in here, and thought I'd maybe join you in the shower."

"Yeah, right. You wanted some help with that thing in your shorts. Right?"

I watched with a bit of disappointment as those big beautiful boobs disappeared under the towel. Things like that, they belonged on display, not covered up. Sigh.

"Jack," my dear sister told me, "I am NOT your personal toy. Downstairs, well, all that's great. Trust me, I love it! But I'm not going to give you a blow job every time you get hard. Okay? You understand what I'm saying?"

I did. I hated to admit it, but I did. But I could still dream, right? Nothing wrong with dreaming...

I told her I understood, and that was cool and all. And the woody wasn't a problem anymore, anyway. As she'd been talking it was headed south. Okay, so I'd tried to sail this fleet into my sisters port, but we'd run into a bit of heavy weather. And the flag was definitely flying at half mast now. And loosing more ground every second. This thing was going down faster than an Italian Cruise ship.

I beat a hasty retreat, got dressed, and beat Jill downstairs for breakfast. Mom and Dad were both there, so this was one of the rare days when we all ate breakfast together. It didn't happen very often. Mom was up to it, with pancakes and sausage patties. We all dug in.

One thing that surprised me was not a word was said about, well, you know. All of our 'extracurricular activities', I guess you could call them. Mom kept looking at me and grinning, but I wasn't sure why. Maybe she was remembering the other day? Maybe she was looking for more? Hell, for all I knew she just had gas...

But the grins continued, so I held out some hope there for later.

I went up to my room, and started to work on the rules for the game. I'd come up with a few more ideas and wanted to get them down on paper before I forgot them. I was about done when dad came into my room.

I looked up at him like he was some kind of three eyed monster or something. He never came into my room! Never. So something was up, and I was about to find out what.

Turned out it wasn't any real big deal.

"Your mother wanted me to have a talk with you," he started out by saying.

I grinned. Couldn't help it. Mothers only sent dads in to talk to their sons about sex. Thats it. No other reason, period.

"Okay," I told him.

"Listen, Jack, we want you kids to know where we're coming from on all this. I guess I'll start with my family. We've always had this thing about being able to disconnect sex from love. I mean, as far as who you do it with. Just because you, well, do it, with someone doesn't mean you don't love your wife or husband anymore. It's just sex. You know what I'm trying to say?

"Sure. It's okay as long as long as it's just for sex, and you're not running away with the person. Don't intend to marry them or any of that. Right?"

"And you don't hide it!" Dad pointed out. "It has to be out in the open."

I nodded my head. This was nothing new to me. Rather the attitude I'd had all along.

"Even between family members?" I just had to ask that. He wanted everything out in the open, and so did I. No misunderstandings allowed.

"Sure. A lot of people frown on that, or worse. But I don't see the difference. I grew up with people who thought the same way as I did. But it wasn't until I turned eighteen that I found out for sure what was going on. Then it was a real eye opener, that was for sure!"

I was just nodding my head, letting him talk.

"Your mother, well, she took it farther than I ever had. I like it, don't get me wrong. But your mother is a little, well, lets say adventurous, than me. She loves the thrill of having people see her do it. I go along with it because I love her, and it's what she wants. I'm getting used to it anymore. Hell, we used to do it in the bleachers at ball games! I'd unzip and she'd sit on my lap bouncing away, still cheering for the home team. Everyone around us getting an eye full!"

I had to smile at that. Why didn't people do that when I went to ball games? Hell, I'd have cheered them on!

"So anyway," Dad went on, "we kept it to ourselves until you both turned eighteen. Now we're not going to hide it anymore, and you don't have to either. But just remember, don't ever hurt anyone. Not physically, not mentally. It's like a sport to us, I'd guess you'd say."

"I understand," was all I said at first. Then I had to add one more thing.

"So, with Mom? I mean me and her?"

Dad laughed harder then I'd ever heard him laugh before. When he'd calmed down some, he explained.

"You and your mother can do what you want. But I'll warn you there. She's got an appetite for sex you wouldn't believe! I've never been able to keep up with her. I like it, sure. But three or four times a day? Bit much for me. So if you can take some of the pressure off, I'd be mighty grateful!"

"I'll see what I can do," I told him with a grin.

"You do that. I've never seen a woman that liked to get fucked like that woman does! And when she's horny, it doesn't even have to be a man. She likes girls, too. And family members, of course. That's the kind of family she's from too."

I was smiling like an idiot, I'm sure. Go from never being with a girl, to anything I, and they, of course, wanted? Heaven, for a guy my age!

"It's just strange, Dad. We're all so, well, shy. How come all of a sudden we're all okay with this all of a sudden? Seems weird."

"Maybe because we all come from two families that love sex, and are open about it. But we don't show it until everyone is of age. That's important. Don't forget it. Other than that, you and your sister did what a lot of us have done in the past. Held it in as long as you could, and then cut loose all at once. It happens for people like us. You're mother has been watching for signs, and she saw it coming in your sister. We knew something was going to give, but you two surprised us anyway!"

He looked away for a second, grinning.

"That was hot, you know? What you kids did in the basement that first night. Hell, I didn't even resist when your mother decided she had to have it right then and there!"

"We saw you going at it."

"We know. That's what really gets your mom off. People watching. And having our kids watching really made her come!"

We both laughed again. I had one more thing I wanted to make sure of.

"So mom told you about me and her, in the park?"

"She sure did! Damn, she got wet just telling me about it! She rode me cowboy style like she thought I was a real bucking bronco! You get her going like that for me again, and I'll see about getting you that car you've been begging for!"

I didn't know if he was serious or not, probably not, but I started to think about it anyway. I HAD been trying to get a car for a while now...

"So, we clear on everything? Oh, one more thing your mother told me to talk to you about. Your little, uh, business you're trying to start. We should have seen that coming, I guess. The whole group of you are so damn smart, we should have known you'd find a way to make money off of it once you got started. We're good with it. But keep it real, you know what I mean? No real wild stuff, no one gets hurt. And don't go advertising it around the neighborhood. Some of the people around here would join in if they knew about it, but the others would just try to cause trouble if they thought you were having an orgy in the basement. So get the people in and out without embarrassing the neighborhood, okay?"

"Got it, dad."

"Good. So we're done here?"

"I guess so," I told him. "Oh, is Jill..."

"Getting this talk from her mother? Yep. As we speak."

I just nodded my head that I understood it all, and Dad left my room. A few minutes later Jill came in and sat on the bed beside me.

"Get the talk?" she asked me.

"Yep. So now at least we know what the rules are."

"Yep," she said. "Listen, Jack, about this morning."

I patted her leg.

"No problem, Jill. I was out of line, and I know it. Won't happen again."

She shook her head at me.

"I meant what I said, Jack. But it's not really like that. If you need me, ask. But don't just assume, okay? You have to ask."

"Got it sis," I assured her.

She smiled, and I thought it fit her face perfectly. She really should smile more. It really lit up her face.

"Okay, one more thing," she told me. "I want to clarify something I said the other day. About my strap-on being bigger than the one you gave me. That wasn't really true. It wasn't mine. It was mom's. I found her stash of toys a few months ago, and me and the girls have been, uh, borrowing them."

"So," I asked her, picturing in my head yet again the girls, uh, borrowing moms toys. And using them. Oh, yeah! Such a nice picture.

"Just want you to understand what's going on around here, is all."

"So now I do."

"I don't think so, Jack. You think mom's the only kinky one in the house? So answer me this. Why would mom need a strap-on in the house, when it's just her and dad here?"

I had to admit it. I hadn't even considered something like that.

"So mom's doing dad with a strap-on?"

"Bingo! Got it in one. Dad's a little freak, just like the rest of us."

She laughed when she said it.

"I mean that in the nicest way, of course," she said, and then went on after a few seconds pause. "But this family's not normal. Thank god!"

"So dad's getting it up the butt from mom? Wonder what that feels like.."

"You just may find out," she said with a grin.

We talked for a few more minutes, and then she left. I went back to typing up the rules for the game. Everyone was on board with it, including our parents, so why not just do it?

Sounded good to me!

Our next 'party' wasn't until the next Friday night. But we did get some things done and ready before then. The rules were finalized, for one thing. And Jill had run into Kevin and they'd talked. Kevin, it seems, had gone and taken a good look at my website. And changed some things.

I got a little pissed off about that, so she brought Kevin over and the three of us had a talk. Turns out he really does know computers and hacking and all that web stuff. All the changes made sense, when I'd calmed down enough to look at it logically.

Googles web crawler had found the site, so anyone typing the right words into Google had been able to find it. I still hadn't come up with a good name for it, so I'd just called it 'Jack and Jill's Playhouse'. Final name was still to be decided. Well, I'd gotten a couple of hundred hits from my website. But after Kevin's changes that jumped up. A lot.

He'd added a few pages that described the game and how it would work, and told about people being able to come here and join in, for cash prizes, no less. He'd even asked for peoples thoughts about it, and told them if they thought they would pay for a site like that, to leave a comment. He'd gotten a few comments. Oh boy, did he ever!

Forty one thousand page views in three days. Over two hundred asked where to send the money. Not how much, mind you, just where to send it. Seven thousand comments from people all over, most seemed like our kind of people. Shy, reserved, but young and ready to kick it up a notch. Seems there were A LOT of shy nerds out there that just wanted to know what sex would be like, if they ever got the chance to find out.

That decided it for me. Kevin was in charge of the website.

Kevin and Jill had looked right at me, during that little talk, when Jill announced why Kevin hadn't wanted to join us during the game he'd sat and watched.

"Kevin's gay," Jill had said, in a serious tone of voice.

They looked a bit befuddled when I just answered with one word.


"So? That's it?" Jill had asked me. "You don't have any problems with that, do you?"

I laughed.

"Of course not! To each their own."

It seems they may have thought I'd go crazy or something. Why should I care? Just leaves more pussy for me, way I saw it. And he WAS one hell of a website designer!

"Glad that's out of the way, Jack," Kevin had told me, looking relieved. "I still want to watch, and help you guys out. And maybe if you someday have a game with all guys there, maybe I could be in it?"

"Sure! Don't see why not," I told the two of them. "So we have one signed up for that already. Cool."

That pretty well wound up that conversation. All the pieces were in place, and all there was to do was wait until the party started. Damn, I got another woody just thinking about it!

Was I going to live with one 24/7 from now on? Hell, could be worse, I guessed. At least now I had help making them go away!

The palm of my hand was very glad to hear that.

Party night!

Thank god. I'd gone two whole days without sex and I thought I was going to go nuts, no pun intended. Never underestimate how horny a shy nerd could get once he's had a taste of pussy. It sure opened my eyes!

Everyone wondered in over a thirty minute period, until we were all grouped in the basement. I looked around and saw a few changes. For one thing there were erotica posters hanging on the walls. Those I'd never seen before. An area rug was on the floor where we held the circle. Looked comfy, but I wondered how easy it would be to clean. Might get a bit sticky after a while. I kept that thought to myself. Never try to undo a womans interior decorating. Good way to get cut off, and I had a lot of woman here to do the cutting. Wasn't gonna take the chance!

Another thing different was a table set up over in the corner. A computer, mine, as a matter of fact, was set up on it, along with four LCD monitors. Kevin was setting behind it, typing on the keyboard. He must have seen me looking at it.

"Control station for the cameras," he told me. "Got complete control over recording, pan, tilt and zoom. It's all here. Even on the fly editing."

I nodded my head. I had to admit it looked pretty cool. I assumed, and later I found out I was correct, that he'd be working all that stuff while the party was going on.

I started to pay attention to the girls. All of them were dressed normally, with no cheating that I could see. No extra clothes or any of that crap. About the only difference was on me. I had my shorts on, and the shoes wouldn't matter. Wasn't going to start out that way again!

Melody looked delicious, as always. Tiffany still didn't have a chest or ass, but looked sexy to me! Candy looked good enough to lick, something I was hoping to have the chance to do, here in a bit.

Jill was, well, Jill. She'd taken a little extra time to fix herself up, and looked real good for it. I was looking forward to seeing if that was a push-up bra she had on, or if they really always looked like that. I was betting on the push-up, but I could be wrong. Guess I'd find out.

Before we got started we went over everything again. It's a game, and you have to have rules to make a game. And we'd changed a few things.

"Okay," I told everyone. "Here's what we have. I'll start with a simple rule. Everyone starts out with no shoes or socks. We take them off first. No sense wasting two rounds just for them. Now, the game. You draw a card. You get a given amount of points for doing what it says. You get nothing it you fail. You get that number of points deducted if you don't even try. And you can always say you pass. Just count on losing the points if you do."

"If the card calls for a partner, they get half the number of points you do if they do what the card says. They get nothing if they fail. And if you call on someone and they pass, they lose that number of points. So, again, you can pass, but it will cost you."

"As far as the contest goes, we'll hold them once a month. Five or six people in each game. If we don't have enough people coming, some of us fill in. We hold the contest for three months in a row with new people. The fourth month the winners from the previous three months come back and we hold a semi-finals between them. Then it'll be back to three months of new people."

"So at the end of the year we'll have three finalist come back again for the big one. Winner of that takes the cash home. Got that? Nine months of the year it's qualifiers, three times it's semi-finals, and then a finals. Thirteen parties a year. Oh, the qualifiers pay their own way here. We just don't have the money right now. The semi's and finalist's we'll pay for them to come back."

"Any questions?"

I was anxious to get through this and get to the game, but I needed to make sure everyone understood what was going on. When no one had any questions, I continued.

"So this is going to be recorded tonight. It won't be live. This will be the last one like that. I'm hoping we can get people here for the next one. Anyone who's paying for the website will see this in full on the website tomorrow. Kevin will pull shorter clips from it and post them for new people to see when they find our website. Get them hooked, we hope."

"Uh, Jack?" Kevin said.


"We have some paying subscribers right now. Why can't we stream it live to them?"

I didn't know that! We had people who had already paid us? Damn! Nice.

"How many?" I asked Kevin.

"About sixty right now. Most said in the forums they'd be on tonight to see if it's going to be live. I didn't know what to tell them, so I just said check and see."

I looked around at the others.

"Any objections?"

No one had any, and as a matter of fact they looked like they really wanted it to go out live. I should have stopped and asked myself why that was, but I didn't. Sometimes I just let things pass right over my head. Always to my profound regret, I should add.

I sat down, and Tiffany spoke up next.

"We've added some things to the cards. You'll see what as we go along. We're trying for some things to push people into trying new things, as Jack mentioned last time. So I'd expect a few people to refuse a few things tonight. It's designed that way, so don't take it personally. We've also included some toys into the game."

She was smiling like a cat who lived in a pet shop and had figured out how to open all the bird cages. Again, I miss things sometimes. Trust me, you would too if you were sitting there where I was, surrounded by all that female flesh that wanted you. Don't shake your head! Yes you would have!

It was only later that I had the thought that maybe I should have put myself on the committee that made up the cards. Live and learn...

No one had any questions, so it was time to get things started.

The room lights adjusted, apparently at Kevin's command, and the background faded out, the walls disappeared mostly into the background, and the circle got brighter. All taken together a real nice atmosphere for what was going on here. No big shadows on us, but we were left in a, I guess I'd call it, a pleasing and flattering light. Yeah, that about describes it.

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