tagIncest/TabooHappy Birthday Ch. 03

Happy Birthday Ch. 03


Disclaimer: All characters are 18 or older.

Content Warnings: Story contains unrealistic anatomy, huge cocks, huge breasts, excessive cum, incest, cum-drinking, exhibition, cervical penetration.

Chapter 3: Christina's Turn

John barely had time to yank up his dress shirt and cinch his belt tight, pinning his monstrous, throbbing member against his rugged abs, the flared crown pulsing just short of reaching his powerful pecs, then yank his shirt down again, just in time to conceal the fearsome weapon as he was half-pushed-half-dragged through the ballroom doors and into the parking lot. The night air was cool and quiet, and the ballroom was far enough away from the street to avoid wandering eyes, but still, adding another charge of indecent exposure to his record would rather effectively spoil the celebration. The ABCs whined impatiently, two tugging at his arms while the third pushed him forward from behind, the identical, incorrigible redheaded triplets eager to start a night with their favorite cousin. He probably could have planted his feet, stopped himself, and taken the time to properly conceal his monolithic cock, but three sets of big, round, emerald-green puppy-dog eyes and big, round, freckle-dusted basketball-sized tits, half-bursting out of tight, backless emerald gowns, were very persuasive. Together, the triplets guided their studly cousin across the parking lot, toward a big green SUV sitting on the asphalt.

John heard the hurried clacking of heels on pavement behind him and twisted in the triplets' grip, catching sight of Aunt Christina rushing to catch up. The mature, copper-haired beauty was elegant as always, somehow managing to make her rushed pace look smooth and graceful, purposeful and controlled as a queen striding through her court. That is, if you ignored the way her titanic tits shook and wobbled with each stride, her diamond-hard nipples threatening to come bouncing out of her emerald dress with every step. And the way her thighs and fingers glistened, slick with her own womanly nectar. And the way her knees trembled just the tiniest bit as nearly a half-gallon of her nephew's thick, creamy cum sloshed in her belly.

Next thing John knew, his cousins were throwing open the back door and practically shoving him inside, before swiftly piling in after him. The backseat was spacious, a single enormous leather-upholstered bench seat, but it simply wasn't made to hold four ridiculously overdeveloped teenagers. Abby was first, sidling past him, only to stumble as she passed, burying his face in her pale, freckled cleavage, lingering for perhaps a moment too long for it to be entirely accidental before settling into the far seat. Betty was next, taking the seat by the door, sliding in to sit as close to him as she could, her full breasts resting against his arm while she nuzzled her cheek against his shoulder. Cherry moved to join them, only to find all the seats in the back taken, her sisters smirking triumphantly at her as they snuggled up to their favorite cousin. She glared at her siblings in annoyance for a moment, lingering in the doorway, until an idea occurred to her that turned her look of annoyance into a smug grin. Ignoring her siblings, she flashed John a broad grin and climbed on in, stepping over Betty to smoothly plant her perfectly round ass squarely in John's lap She gave her hips a wiggle as she settled into place, backing the smooth globes of her ass up against the monolithic shaft pinned to John's abs, before leaning back against his chest, offering the taller tennager a spectacular view into the valley of her pale, freckled cleavage. As the monstrous shaft pulsed against her bountiful backside, her sister's looks turned from smugness to surprise, then resigned annoyance as they realized they got out-played.

The massive vehicle rumbled to life as Aunt Christina buckled into the driver's seat, adjusting her mirror to glance into the backseat, her nephew almost completely hidden from her view below the neck, his powerful frame nearly buried by her daughter's nubile young bodies. "Now, girls, don't tease him too much before we get home..." She chided with a soft smirk.

The ABCs exchanged a glance, playful grins spreading across their full lips. "We~ won't~!" The girls replied in a chorus of sing-song voices, before giggling in a way that made everyone else a little nervous. Christina narrowed her eyes slightly, glaring sternly into the mirror for a moment, before heaving a sigh that made her monumental melons bounce, shifting into gear, and pulling out of the parking space, rolling the enormous vehicle toward the road. The backseat was silent for a long moment, John surrounded by the redheaded troublemakers as they grinned playfully. They were planning something, that much was certain, the only question was what, and just how perverse it would be.

Once they were well underway, John felt Cherry shift in his lap, rips rolling on his thighs. It might have seemed like she was just readjusting, if she didn't keep doing it over and over, inching her round backside back to grind more firmly against his towering, never-softening cock. With each passing second, her movements grew more intense, more forceful, and more blatant, forcing John to grit his teeth to avoid letting out a soft groan at the sensation of hotdogging the teenage temptress. Glancing to Cherry's sisters for support, he found only wolfish grins, Abby and Betty not-so-subtly wrapping their arms around his limbs, burying his shoulders in their spectacular cleavage as they watched the show with a mix of lust and envy. Cherry soon gave up all pretense, stretching her arms up and back to wrap them around John's neck and give herself the leverage she needed to give him a proper lap-dance, lewdly gyrating against him, grinding her perfect ass up and down his monstrous, pulsing length.

John finally let out a soft groan at the sensations, prompting Christina to glance up from the road and into the backseat, eyes widening at the lewd scene unfolding right behind her, her daughter grinding against her nephew like a wanton whore. She gaped for a moment, something deep in her core twitching as her thighs grew even wetter, only to suddenly realize she was drifting and sharply swerve back into the lane, the spell broken. "Girls! We JUST talked about this! I thought I told you to wait until we got home!" She scolded, but the usual harsh, unquestionable authority was gone from her voice.

"No you didn't~!" Abby shot back in a teasing, sing-song tone.

"You said not to tease him!" Betty continued, grinning wickedly.

"And I'm not teasing..." Cherry purred as she rolled her hips against John's, feeling his shaft throb between her ass-cheeks.

"What do you call that, then?" Christina demanded, frustration in her voice as the girls lawyered up, trying not to look back at the scene unfolding behind her... at least, not for more than a glance. Or two.

Cherry grinned. "It's not teasing~!" She replied, playfully.

"It's called foreplay." Betty elaborated, a lusty purr in her voice.

"It's not teasing if we make him cum." Abby concluded, nodding sagely.

Christina gaped at the blatant leap of logic. "You- You can't have sex in the car! I'm trying to drive!"

"Well, we can't stop now!" Abby replied.

"Yeah, that would be teasing~!" Betty giggled, squeezing John's arm tighter.

"And we're not... allowed to tease." Cherry finished, having to pause mid-sentence to bite her lip and stifle a soft moan.

"It's not like it'll stop you from driving." Abby chimed in.

"All you have to do is not look." Betty smirked wickedly.

Christina bit her lip, trying to stay focused on the road while puzzling out some sort of logical reason for them not to fuck him other than 'I'm jealous'. "You- You'll ruin your dresses!" She finally managed.

The girls exchanged a glance, grins widening. As one, they reached down, grabbed the hems of their gowns and pulled, the shimmering emerald material peeling away from overdeveloped teenage bodies until the triplets were completely naked. Six freckle-dusted, basketball-sized breasts suddenly swayed free, pale pink, suckable nipples standing proud and hard as diamonds, their inner thighs glistening with wetness. Together, they threw the abandoned dresses forward, casually tossing them into a pile on the passenger seat as they turned their attentions back to John, playful hunger gleaming in their eyes.

Christina swallowed as she saw the dresses flutter into the passenger seat, biting her lip as she forced herself not to look back at the lewd scene surely unfolding behind her.

Cherry took the opportunity to spin around in John's lap, straddling his thighs as she looked him in the eyes with blatant lust. "Your turn..." She purred, reaching forward to the growing wet spot on his shirt, where his trapped member drooled clear, slick precum into the material. She leaned forward suddenly, kissing him forcefully, full, soft lips pressed against his, her tongue probing forward as her talented fingers did the same, swiftly finding the buttons of his shirt. One by one the buttons came undone, each one parting to reveal more and more of the towering totem of manhood pinned against his chest, the crown gleaming with precum already. Hands snaked around his waist from either side, pausing to squeeze his grapefruit-sized balls through his pants for a moment before working together to take hold of his belt and undo the tight leather band. With the belt unfastened, John's steely shaft sprang forward, no longer bound against his chest, to smack heavily into the deep valley between Cherry's monumental melons, burying itself in the redhead's cleavage. She purred into the kiss with satisfaction, wrapping her arms around her bountiful bust and squeezing the pillowy mounds together, engulfing the throbbing pillar of cock in the silken embrace of her freckle-dusted tits.

"Don't hog him!" Abby whined, suddenly lunging toward Cherry. She pushed between her and John, forcefully breaking their kiss, until her own milky, creamy melons pressed against her sister's, both pairs of perfect teenage breasts deformed by the force as they squished together, trapping John's towering cock between them.

"Well, don't leave me out!" Betty interjected, pushing forward and mashing her own melons into the mix, wedging herself between her sisters until John's monstrous member was trapped between six basketball-sized boobs.

Cherry gasped in surprise as she was forcefully pushed back, her lips leaving John's with a soft smack, only to glare as her sisters tried to push her out. "You're not gonna get rid of me that easy!" She objected, pushing into the mix just as strongly as her siblings.

The three sisters pressed against each other forcefully, unintentionally squeezing John's monstrous cock ever-tighter between six supple breasts. It was the perfect mix of tightness of pillowy softness, his length already slick with precum as the warring siblings titanic tits squeezed and roiled around it, a sea of soft, warm, womanly flesh. John couldn't hold back, letting out a deep, rumbling groan of pure pleasure, the sound snapping the triplets out of their little spat. The three looked at him, then one-another, a wicked smirk spreading across their lips in unison. As one, their attention shifted from competition to cooperation, the sisters wrapping their arms around one-another's shoulders to help squeeze even tighter around the mammoth member in their midst. They began to move in unison, sliding up and down the towering pole like strippers, stroking their breasts up and down the massive cock in a three-way titfuck. His shaft throbbed between them, giving a particularly forceful lurch as it spat another gleaming dollop of precum, the trio's tits swiftly starting to glisten as they grew slick with copious cock-juice.

Christina, meanwhile, was barely maintaining her composure, her fleeting glances into the rearview mirror swiftly becoming longing stares, her mouth watering at the sight of the pussy-pounding prick thrusting proudly from between her daughters' collective tits. Her thighs squeezed together in a futile attempt to relieve the aching need between her thighs, her nipples hard enough to cut glass as they strained against her gown. The blaring of a horn snapped her back to reality as she yanked the wheel to get back into her lane. "Come on, girls, can't this wait? I don't want cum all over the car..." She pleaded, weakly.

"Mmmm~ okay, mommy~" Cherry replied, a wicked grin on her lips as she locked eyes with John.

"You heard Mom, you're not allowed to get cum on the car." Abby giggled, leaning forward to lick the gleaming, pulsing knob before her.

"But we can't tease you either." Betty reminded, moving in to join her sister, sharing the heady taste of his potent precum.

"Which just means we can't spill a drop." Cherry concluded, giggling.

The ABCs moved in perfect synch, bodies moving up and down in unison, six basketball-sized breasts squeezing around John's superior shaft, pumping along his length, diamond-hard nipples dragging over his veiny cock as they moved. Abby and Betty craned their heads forward, lips and tongues eagerly worshipping the gleaming, swollen head, polishing it with long, lustful, swirling licks or planting lewd, sucking kisses. As soon as Abby pulled her lips away with a soft smack, Cherry moved in to fill the gap, moaning softly as the taste of his sweet, sticky precum exploded across her tongue.

John groaned again, head lolling back as he gritted his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut against the waves of sensation from the busty triplets' luxurious triple-tifuck. It was too good. Everything about this moment was too good. The sensations, the cock, the girls, the situation, his whole family... His life was too good. His reality was beyond the wildest fantasies of a normal male. Everything was too big, too extreme, too intense, too impossible for them to even imagine, let alone believe. Even if he could brag about his life without inviting legal trouble, nobody would believe him without seeing it first-hand.

Still... even if he couldn't talk about it, John could still enjoy ever second of his decadent erotic existence. He brought his hands forward, one on each side, until they found the smooth, round globes of Abby and Betty's thick, juicy asses. His fingers probed forward, following the generous curves to slip underneath the redheaded beauties, only to abruptly curl up as they encountered matching patches of wetness between soft, pale thighs. Thick digits suddenly spread the girl's drooling nether-lips as they pushed into their hungry pussies from below, drawing soft gasps from the eldest sisters as they continued to tit-fuck and tongue-polish his monstrous member. Two thick fingers began to slowly, teasingly pump in and out of the girls' eager holes, his pace matching theirs as they slid up and down his shaft, rewarding their efforts to please him.

"Mmm.. You like that, huh?" Abby purred, rolling her hips on his probing fingers before dipping her head back into the middle of the three-way titfuck, practically shoving the other girls out of the way as she swirled her tongue over his cum-slit hungrily.

Betty pulled back for a moment, making way for her sisters as she licked her lips clean of his sticky precum. "Mmm... Delicious." She hummed with satisfaction as she bounced a bit on his fingers, before plunging in once more.

Cherry pulled away to let Betty in, her lips leaving the gleaming crown with a soft smack, before curling into a smirk as she locked eyes with John. "I bet you're the only man big enough for this kind of treatment..." She purred, before diving back into the fray.

"Fucking hell, girls..." John groaned, hips rocking uncontrollably, sliding his super-sized shaft through the embrace of the triplets' pillowy tits, a third finger pushing up to join the two already pumping into Abby and Betty's hungry pussies.

Abby backed off with a giggle, the trio finding a rhythm that kept them from literally butting heads over their prize and let her thrust her hips down onto John's hand, forcing those thick digits that much deeper inside her "Not even porn stars measure up!" She exclaimed, plunging forward once more to take over the tongue-polishing as Betty moved out of the way.

"You're just so fucking big! And hard!" Betty gushed, literally and figuratively, soaking her cousin's palm with a flood of nectar and biting her lip as she watched the mouth-watering shaft thrusting through their collective tit-press. Cherry pulled away, letting Betty move in to wrap her lips around the tip of that gleaming knob, cheeks hollowing as she sucked and slurped hungrily.

"You've spoiled us, you know..." Cherry purred, locking eyes with John. "You and this big, fat, perfect cock." She added, before her words gave way to a soft moan and she dove in where Abby pulled away, flicking her tongue over the flared ridge of his crown.

"You're the only one who can satisfy us now..." Abby added, hips swirling atop John's thick digits, before pushing forward again as Betty made room, the incomparable cock throbbing hard between their tightly-squeezed breasts.

"We're addicted to your monster cock! Hooked on your delicious cum!" Betty half-moaned, half-whined as she bounced on John' fingers, shoving her head in between her sisters' to add her tongue to the mix, all three wet pink muscles licking and slurping at the gleaming crown for a moment before the huddle ejected Cherry.

"Come on, cum for us! We need to taste it again! Let us drink down every last drop of that huge, creamy load..." Cherry pleaded, half-moaning, eyes locked with John's as the cock pinned between the three sisters throbbed violently, the flared head swelling even larger than it already was.

John groaned, gritting his teeth to stave off the all-but-inevitable climax he could already feel building inside his core for just a few moments longer as the sisters squeezed and milked his monolithic member with six truly spectacular tits. Sex with the triplets was always a wild ride, a dizzying whirlwind of massive tits and soaking pussies and gleaming copper hair and round asses and full lips either wrapping around his cock for a mind-blowing blowjob or purring the hottest, nastiest words of lust and encouragement imaginable. Everything about them screamed of sex, and everything they did together always led around to sex, no matter how innocent it seemed at first. It was all but impossible to resist them when they worked together, and there was one thing they always agreed on, and that was fucking John's brains out as hard and as often as possible. To be entirely fair, though, it's not like he tried all that hard to fight it.

Once more, it was proving impossible to resist the ABCs for long. John's monolithic member lurched and throbbed wildly between the triplets' tits, the swollen, gleaming head pulsing threateningly, looking ready to explode. His fingers curled, fingertips pressing hard on the girl's g-spots as the dam burst in his core and raw, molten pleasure surged forth, rolling through him in a cataclysmic wave, a white-hot tide accompanied by a deep, primal groan of lust that forced itself from his throat. His massive balls tightened, squeezing tight as a flood of seed boiled up his length, surging along his titanic shaft, his cum-channel swelling to accommodate the sheer volume of potent teenaged spunk, until it reached that gleaming tip and blasted forth like a geyser.

Abby was already there to catch the first blast, luscious lips wrapped tight around as much of the monstrous tip as they could manage when a sudden deluge filled her mouth in an instant, drowning her tongue in that familiar, intoxicating taste. Salty, musky, rich, and purely male, John's very essence, distilled. Her cheeks ballooned almost immediately, threatening to overflow with his monstrous load, her eyelids eyelids fluttering with delight as her throat worked relentlessly, swallowing over and over, gulping down the super-thick cream as fast as she could manage. The first spurt tapered off just as Abby reached her limit, a faint rivulet of spunk drooling from the corner of her plush lips as she struggled to hold it all in.

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