tagErotic CouplingsHappy Birthday, CJ

Happy Birthday, CJ


Hmmm. It's been a quiet day. People rush in, and out. People need help. All kinds of help. They buy their computers, not knowing what's in them... only hoping they're fast enough, or big enough. CJ stands there at his counter in COMPUTER CHIPS AND DIPS INC. He's a technology consultant. People come to him everyday... for help. Deep inside, CJ wants to be helped. Ohhh wow, does he wanna be helped.

It's my 21st birthday and nobody knows but me. Oh sure, Mike wished me a happy birthday.

"Going home to celebrate with friends? Got a big party planned?" Mike had said earlier as he was leaving the store.

"Going home and get plastered." CJ replied with a sarcastic smile.

"Good for you" Mike said pointing and winking. It was CJ's turn to spend the rest of the eve as consultant, and close the store later. CJ sighed morosely. He wanted to go home, even hope there was a party for him. Well, there's a party deep inside all of us, right? He said pondering as he knelt on the desk. Thirty minutes passed, a guy comes in wondering what he needs to upgrade his processor. CJ can only tell him that processor can't be upgraded. Minutes later, a women with a computer virus. CJ helps with some good advice on an anti-virus program. A few minutes more... an hour later.

CJ goes to get a cup of coffee, watching the traffic slow down. It's getting darker. Hmmm. Could be rain tonight. That could be good he thinks as he sips from his cup. A woman seems to be coming this way. His hand shakes for a moment, almost spilling his coffee. She enters the next shop over. He smiles and reads one of the order catalogs from the store. When no one approaches for another hour, CJ takes out a comic book he was into reading. Glancing up, he still sees no one. As he turns the pages, he hears some quick footsteps. Todd.

Todd is a friend who lives two houses down from him. Well, at least is someone to talk to. Todd approaches grinning.

"Any news on the next super computer?" Todd grins looking around and taking in all the hardware.

"It's .... up and coming, Todd. Look whadaya want here tonight? I'm kinda busy."

"Yeah. Yeah, I can see how busy you are. Todd looks outside and grins. I need some more ram, you guys got EDO ram?"

" Why don't you just give in and get a new computer, man?"

" I don't want a new computer." Todd replied in a weenie-like manner.

" There's still some left over there. CJ yanked his finger over to the far right of the store. Don't blame me if it's not enough. Todd blinked and walked over in to the area. CJ listened to him huffing back in the area, as he browsed. Damn...it's one thing I don't need...he said muttering to himself. He reached for his cup, gulping the last of the coffee down.

"Wondering if you could help me with a small problem...."

CJ jerked his head back to the counter. He had been so engrossed with Todd being in his store, he hadn't noticed her walking in.

She stood there smiling. In a curious manner. A somewhat statuesque woman not much taller than himself. Maybe a few inches shorter. Voluptuous, wearing faded blue jeans and a purple tshirt with the words "Who... me?" emblazoned upon it. If he hadn't noticed her impatiently staring eyes, he would've been stuck on her chest. Her breast seemingly very round... or was it just him?

"I don't see anymore ram here! " Todd's voice suddenly called from the back of the store.

"There ISN'T anymore Todd, check back Friday." CJ replied quickly. Then returning to the girl. "Umm.... what can I help you with?"

She glanced to the back of the store for a moment, smiling and then spoke. Her hair was dark, shoulder-length and pulled back behind her ears. She had wispy bangs, hanging just over her dark green eyes that carefully glanced around the store as she pursed her lips to speak.

"I, um... my computer needs a new graphics card... I dunno, well I've never bought one of those before. I--I really don't even know what I need it for. New software I guess."

CJ's eyes quickly glanced over her features, her fingers nervously grabbing the edge of the counter, Her other hand stroking the strap of her purse. "What operating system do you have?"

She thought for a moment. "Oh, Windoze 2000. Also I have a 600 megahertz processor, and 512meg of ram. Anything else?"

"No... he smiled. No, that's... about it. CJ was almost in awe. Didn't get very many women that knew all that on there computers. He'd gotten even worse. But he was here to help. I think I have a few over here... this way." He gestured to her to follow him to another part of the store. On their way back, he saw Todd quickly leaving.

"I guess I'll have to check somewhere else" Todd said sighing loudly.

"Guess you will, then." CJ replied almost grinning. The girl giggled as they headed to the pc card sector. He went and showed her a few cards picking one up. This one's pretty good... he glanced up at her. She stood only a foot from him glancing at the card and then into his eyes. He handed the graphics card to her. She slowly took it from him.

"It... it has the requirements that... fit your computer, on here." CJ pointed to an area on the back of the box.

" Thank you... is it very expensive? With my classes and all, I'm kinda on a budget." she asked shyly glancing away.

"Its only thirty bucks, I promise it won't set you back. He grinned and bowed. What he thought to himself. Am I doing shows now? They strolled back up to the counter.

They talked on computers for a few minutes and then going into an hour... they laughed and CJ spoke.

"I've never.. met a girl as well-informed as yourself. You must really have a love for all things computers. "

"Yeah, she spoke. That and video games. I'm almost a geek you would say. Maybe I am, I dunno. So... my name's April."

"I'm... uh.. sorry. CJ stuttered for a moment. I'm CJ. Sorry, I choked on some spit." He almost blushed. He put his hand to his mouth clearing his throat. Here was this beautiful girl, and ...

"Oh my goodness... it's eleven o'clock. I should be home by now." April suddenly exclaimed. CJ looked up at clock. The time had passed, and he was supposed to have closed the store and hour ago. He glanced outside. There were few if any people floating around the halls. He would be on his way home... alone for his birthday.

"It's my birthday". He said thinking out loud.

"Ohhhh, how old will you be?" April asked smiling coyly.

"I'll uh... I'll be 21. Yup. I can go out and have a drink with someone... get plastered. CJ mumbled to himself. Suddenly, April lifted up his chin and kissed him, very softly. CJ was in shock for a moment. What... did you do that for?"

"Birthday kiss? April smiled. And... I think you're kinda cute."

" Look... I shouldn't say this but... I'm closing the store, and I'm going home to nothing. I was wondering... if you're not doing anything...." he paused.

" No birthday party waiting for you?" she pouted.

" No... not like I'm expecting one, tho. I don't have that many friends. If you're busy tho, thanks, anyway. It was really neat meeting and helping you...

"Gad, CJ. We can have a party right here." April whispered walking around the counter getting closer to him.

CJ grinned. "Here? Do... you mean what I hope... I mean what I think---"

April softly placed her fingers on his lips and nodded softly, with a secret smile. He felt the other hand, rubbing across the bulge that had appeared in his crotch during their fluent conversation. He'd taken no notice of it til' now.

CJ grabbed her hands putting them together and kissed them. He sniffed her pefume, barely there, and yet intoxicating he was this close to her. He held a finger up for her to remain in place. She watched as he locked the door, ran around the store, quickly dousing the lights. April then watched as he went from one sector to the other, and then returned to her. They went into a room further back in the store.... her directing him more than himself. CJ was still in awe at all that was happening. They were in somewhat of a break room. Chairs, table, coffeepot, snack counter. April knelt on the plush rug beneath them and pulled CJ down. She loosened his jeans, his cock fighting to get out more than he'd realized. Earlier he was just thinking of jacking himself off to a good movie. And now....

"I want you CJ." he heard April speaking. she fingered his stiff tool sniffing his boxers. CJ moaned slightly ... almost shuddering at the whole aspect. As he felt her moist tongue lick his cockhole, he closed his eyes. She reached up and unbuttoned his shirt, kissing him as she did so. Her tongue enveloped his and he could barely escape. As she kissed him CJ listened to her rapidly breathing and felt for her crotch. He eased his fingers into her jeans. She felt his hand prying to get in, and undid them. CJ felt the moistness... her panties... there were none. All he felt was sticky, wet, pussy! He almost choked again, at how much he wanted to sniff that now. At that moment, his shirt and jeans were off. April was removing her t-shirt. Those breasts that he had been staring at an hour ago. They were as round as her eyes.... and they stared back just as hard. April lay down as CJ kissed and licked all over her breasts, he nipples now as hard and taut as bullets. He squeezed them just to see what her reaction was. Aprils lips opened as if to moan... her hands encircling his. He kissed further down until his lips were between her thighs. The deep smell of her pussy rushed into his nostrils, like an ocean breeze. CJ buried his nose into April's bush, intoxicated by the aroma, and tasted her flowing juices. Feeling her thighs wrapping around his head. he began to push his tongue deeper into her pussy, softly licking the juices up. He heard April briefly gurgle, running her fingers thru his hair. His eyes closed as she did so, and he felt his cock harden even more . CJ reached down to finger his balls as he lapped at April's syrupy goodness. Soon... he felt April's thighs loosen from his head. Her fingers still running thru his hair, he crawled over April and looked at her... she lay there with a smile on her face. That secret smile. As he lingered over her, he noticed the way her dark hair spread around her head, wispy bangs slightly askew. CJ knew what he had to do.

CJ pulled her April's naked body closer to him, Holding her thighs tightly, he began to slow fuck her. April's lips suddenly agape from the shock of penetration. He grunted feeling the smoothness of entering April's hot pussy against his cock. It felt sooo good. He'd needed this all day. He'd needed April. He felt her arms grasping for him pulling him closer, and then he began to bang her for all it was worth. April moaned loudly, almost screaming, her thighs locking around CJ's waist. He pressed hard against her, feeling her hot breasts against his chest. He kissed her as she moaned and banged harder. She would bite his bottom lips as they kissed. CJ could feel himself about to come... April at that moment gripped her nails into his back with a sudden thrust... CJ moaned.... spurting his cream into April and down her thighs... he sighed and laid upon her breasts... smiling. Closing his eyes.... mmmmmm....

Before his lids closed... he'd seen April's fingers scooping his come from her thighs, and licking them.

" Mmmmmm, good." she whispered. Another hour went by with them both resting and CJ kissing her now and then.

And hour later, they both sat leaning up against the wall... talking.

"So... did you enjoy your birthday?" April said stroking CJ's chest.

"I still can't believe I'm even here. CJ shook his head, chuckling to himself. Know what I was gonna do, tonight?"

April straightened up listening intently. "What?"

"I was... gonna have a drink, CJ replied somberly, go home, get online. Find some good porn and jack off.... as many times as possible. Maybe until I fell asleep. he said looking down. But... I never expected this to happen."

" Happy Birthday, CJ, " she said rubbing his cheek. Hey, if you still remember me tomorrow.... ummm, can I come over and watch you jack off?"

"April... he sighed . I will never forget you."

April ran her fingers thru CJ's hair briefly and smiled. "You won't have to. I'll be back."


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