tagErotic CouplingsHappy Birthday, Do Me!

Happy Birthday, Do Me!



I was already awake when my alarm went off, my head spinning with excitement. For most of my peers, it was just a Friday in late September, with the anticipation of the start of the school year long since replaced by the dull routines of homework and after-school jobs. But for me, this was a day like no other, a day I'd been eagerly anticipating for months: my eighteenth birthday!

I didn't feel any more grown up than the day before, but by many standards, I was now an adult. I sprung out of bed and over to the full-length mirror on my closet door to see if I looked any more mature, any more responsible. Nope, I laughed to myself. Same Kylie as yesterday! High school senior, honor student, captain of the cheerleading squad.

I had just finished getting dressed when the two-way radio on my nightstand buzzed. There was only one person it could be. Jonathan lived next door, and we'd been buddies for as long as I could remember. Our parents had gotten us the walkie-talkies years ago, so that we would stop hollering out our bedroom windows at each other whenever we had something to say. He was a year older than me, and taking this year to work before going off to college.

"Good morning, Jonathan," I spoke into the radio, then waited to hear his reply.

"Happy Birthday, Kylie! Can I come over? I have a present for you!"

"Aww, you're too sweet! Sure, come on over!"

No more than a minute later, Jonathan knocked on my bedroom door, and I told him to let himself in. My hands were full putting my long blonde hair up into a ponytail, which I tied with a blue ribbon.

"Wow, Kylie, you look amazing in that uniform!" I always wore my cheerleading uniform to school on game days. He tossed a small wrapped gift onto the bed.

"That's the Bulldog alum talking, you'll never get the school colors out of your system!" I playfully spun around for him, giving him the full view of my cheerleader skirt and sweater, blue with white and gold trim.

"No, really, Kylie, you are sensational."

"What do you mean?" He had never talked to me like this before.

"I mean, silly, that you have a great body. Your tits look amazing in that sweater, and I can't take my eyes off your tight ass and gorgeous legs."

"Wow, um, Jonathan, I don't know what to say!" Not only had Jonathan never said anything like this to me before, but nobody else had either. Tits and ass?

"No need to say anything, why don't you just come over here."

I took a few steps towards him, and once I was close enough, he wrapped his arm around my waist and swiftly pulled me close. As soon as I looked up into his eyes, his lips found mine. Oh my god, was this going to be my first kiss? With Jonathan? I felt weak in the knees. His hands now pushed their way inside my sweater, and I moaned at the new sensation as his fingers squeezed my breasts.

Without knowing what I was doing, I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders, pulling him closer, and I could feel a bulge growing in his pants, pressing against me. Surprised, I dropped my hands and pulled away from him slightly. I was very nervous, but also very curious, as I let one hand come to rest on the front of his sweats, gently feeling the bulge, feeling it grow bigger and harder under my touch.

"Don't be afraid of it, Kylie. That's it, just move up and down against it."

Fascinated, I pulled away from him even further and dropped to my knees in front of him, the bulge now directly in front of my face. I looked up at Jonathan for more direction, not sure what to do next. He smiled, and then brought his fingers to the waist of his sweats, pushing them down to his knees, and I was amazed at what I saw next. It was at least seven inches long, hard, and throbbing.

"Do you like my cock, Kylie? Do you want to touch it?"

I looked up at him, smiling, and said, "It's so big!!"

He laughed, then sighed as I took it into my hands, moving back and forth as he had instructed earlier. After a few moments, he took one of my hands gently in his and led it to the base of his - what did he call it? - his cock, and showed me how to fondle the two balls that dangled there.

"That's it, Kylie. Just like that. Do you want to suck it?"

I tore my eyes away from the object of my fascination and gave him what must have been a shocked look. Suck it? I had never imagined such a thing. But I had no reason not to trust Jonathan, not to do what he suggested, so I leaned in, tentatively at first and then with more confidence, and put his cock into my mouth.

At first I just held an inch or so in my mouth, but then, drawn in by the warmth of his skin, his wonderful scent, and the obvious pleasure my touch brought him, I let myself move back and forth with more enthusiasm, so that I was bobbing up and down on it, taking more of it into my mouth with each stroke. After a few minutes of this, I felt his body start to move more roughly, and at first I pulled away, but he urged me to keep going. "No, Kylie, don't stop, please just keep doing exactly what you're doing, it's wonderful, trust me!"

"Ummmm hmmmm," was all I could say in response, my mouth full of cock, his hands now clutching at my head and shoulders to control my movements. A few moments later, Jonathan jerked, let out a huge moan, and I felt something warm shoot into my throat. Pulling away quickly, more of the warmth hit my lips, and then my face, as I realized that the substance was coming out of the end of Jonathan's cock.

Jonathan pulled up his sweats, then helped me to my feet, saying, "Well, Kylie, how did you enjoy giving your first blow job?"

"Is that what that's called?"

He smiled, nodded, then added, "Looks like we'd better get you cleaned up before you go off to school." He took me by the hand into the bathroom next to my room, and gently cleaned off my face with a moist towel. I managed to lick some of the warm, sticky liquid from my lips before he could remove it, and was surprised that I actually enjoyed the taste. Salty and tangy.

"Yum, it's good! What is it?"

"Most guys call it cum, Kylie. And believe me, if you like the taste of it, you'll be very popular."

I gave him a quizzical look, not sure exactly what he meant, but before I could ask, he spoke again.

"You'd better go, Kylie. I don't want you to be late for school! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Oh, and your present is that CD I know you've been wanting."

"Oh, cool - thanks, Jonathan! You're a great friend."

I ran out the door after giving him a quick hug and peck on the cheek, hollered to my parents that I'd see them later, jumped into my car, and started my drive, my head reeling as I went. I had never so much as held hands with a boy, and now I had given a blow job to my neighbor, one of my best buddies from childhood. I guess a lot had changed overnight, after all!


6:45 am

Lost in thought, I was almost all the way to school before remembering that I was supposed to make a stop on my way. The dad of one of the kids I babysat for had run out of cash to pay me the day before, so had asked me to come by on my way to school today so he could make it right. I pulled over, waited for traffic to pass, then made a u-turn to head back the other direction, towards Mr. Swift's house. He was a really nice guy, but as a single dad, he often was scrambling to keep things in order, and it wasn't the first time he hadn't paid me on time.

"I hope I'm not too early, Mr. Swift? I have to be at school by 7:15, so..."

"No problem at all, Kylie. I have to leave for work soon myself, so your timing is great. Come on in, I'll get you the money. Sorry again for not paying you on time!"

"Oh, that's OK - it happens!"

He disappeared into the kitchen for a moment, then returned with two $20 bills, my pay for the past few weeks. I eagerly took the cash, and turned back towards the door to leave, but stopped when he spoke again.

"Kylie, if I may say so, you are absolutely beaming today. I don't think I've ever seen you look so happy. Is it a special occasion?"

I turned, smiling, to answer him. "Yes, actually, today's my eighteenth birthday!"

"Oh, wow, really!"

"Yes, I'm pretty excited."

"So am..." he started to say something, but his voice dropped off.

"What's that, Mr. Swift?"

"Oh, nothing. Can I just tell you, eighteen looks good on you. You look phenomenal in that uniform."

I laughed, then said, "Funny, you're the second person to tell me that this morning!"

"I'm not surprised, Kylie. You're stunning."

His eyes dropped from my face to my chest, and then to my waist. Without thinking, I took a step towards him. Also without thinking, I let my eyes fall to his crotch, curious if I would see the same bulge that I'd seen on Jonathan just an hour earlier. As soon as I did it, my cheeks flushed with embarrassment. I shouldn't look at Mr. Swift that way!

"It's OK, Kylie. Why don't you come over here," he said, reaching for my hand and leading me across the room to the sofa. "I just thought of a way to thank you for your patience over my late payment."

He turned me around so that I was facing the sofa, then gently pushed me down so that my forearms came to rest against the sofa back. I couldn't see what he was doing, but quickly felt his hands on my ass, rubbing me through my cheerleading skirt, then after a few more moments sliding underneath the skirt and firmly kneading my skin through just my white cotton panties.

Any thought I had of objecting quickly flew out of my head as I started to feel some completely new sensations. Wonderful new sensations. I went weak in the knees again, but not like before, because a cute guy was kissing me. This time it was because I was suddenly overwhelmed with a warmth and tingling between my legs. When Mr. Swift's fingers reached exactly the place where that warmth and tingling seemed to be coming from, I sighed and let my weight fall completely against the sofa.

His fingers now worked their way underneath my panties, so that they were directly against my skin, and I felt my hips begin to move against his touch, seeming to have a mind of their own, making the most of the feelings of pleasure which were slowly building inside of me. He now got down on one knee behind me, and I felt something new against my skin, a new moist and warm touch which I soon realized must be his tongue.

I had never imagined being kissed down there, and was amazed how my body was responding. As he licked and kissed and even nibbled this very sensitive skin, he started - slowly at first, then more aggressively - pressing his fingers inside of me. It was then that I started to move against him more forcefully, in response to a powerful heat which seemed to be building from inside of me. I felt muscles that I never knew I had begin to squeeze against his fingers, and felt a wetness ooze out of me and onto my inner thighs as I cried out in response to pleasure I'd never dreamed of.

So, that must be what Jonathan felt when I gave him the blow job. Wow. Totally amazing. I turned around, straightened up, and asked Mr. Swift, "Did I cum?"

"Oh, yeah, Kylie. Would you like to taste your cum?"

I was very curious, so eagerly nodded as he stood up and put the fingers that had been inside of me into my mouth. I slowly licked his fingers completely clean, and noticed that my cum was salty like Jonathan's, but had a different taste. Maybe everyone's is different? I looked up at Mr. Swift as his fingers fell from my lips, and could think of only one thing to say.

"Thank you."

"You're very welcome, Kylie. I hope we have the opportunity to continue this later, but for now, we'd better get you off to school. I don't want you to be late!"


11:45 am

The day seemed to creep by as I went from class to class. I always had trouble concentrating on game days, but today I had another reason to be distracted - the tingling sensations that occasionally built up deep inside of me, and the wetness that was now ever-present between my legs.

It wasn't until Mr. Golding called on me, and I not only did I not know the answer, but I hadn't even heard the question, that I realized I needed to snap out of this attitude. After all, Mr. Golding was my favorite teacher. I loved his class, and I didn't want him to think I was disrespectful. I managed to say something coherent in response to his prompt, and he moved on with his lecture.

Much as I had told myself I would focus, concentrate, show my teacher the attention he deserved, I couldn't help but let my mind wander again. I watched Mr. Golding from my front-row seat as he walked back in forth in front of the class, trying to keep everyone engaged by his lecture. Until today, I had never thought of him as anything but a great teacher, the one who always challenged me to do my best, and kept things fun and interesting in the process.

But now I found my head filled with completely new thoughts, thoughts about his body, thoughts that went nicely with the warmth between my legs, and the memories of my encounters with Jonathan and Mr. Swift earlier that morning. I was so lost in my own world that I didn't immediately respond when Mr. Golding again said my name. When I finally responded, he was standing directly in front of me, and I realized that the rest of the class had left. I also, suddenly, became aware that I had uncrossed my legs, and that as my teacher sat down on the edge of his desk, he could easily get a view of my panties as he quickly glanced down.

"Kylie, I think we need to talk. I've never known you to daydream through a whole class. Is everything OK?"

Yikes, I never got in trouble with teachers, this was terrible! "I'm sorry, Mr. Golding, I don't know what's going on today. It's a game day, and it's my birthday on top of that, I guess I'm just a little distracted!"

"Oh, I didn't realize it's your birthday! Well, happy birthday! How old are you?"

"Eighteen," I replied, blushing as I caught him glancing down under my desk again. I crossed my legs.

"Eighteen," he repeated back to me. "An important milestone!" Then, changing the subject, and returning to more of a stern, teacherly voice, he said, "Would you mind staying for a bit? I'd like to discuss your progress in this class."

Wow, so I was in trouble. "No problem, Mr. Golding. I have lunch now, so it's not like there is another class I have to get to."

"Good. Why don't you join me in my office."

He stood up, and I followed, walking around his desk and to the door at the back corner of the room. He always joked with us that the little room behind his classroom was more like a closet than an office, but at least it gave him some privacy when he needed to work on grading.

As soon as I entered the crowded little room behind him, he reached around me and shut the door.

"Now, Kylie, would you like to explain to me why you felt it necessary to show off your wet panties during my class? Do you realize how distracting that is when I'm trying to lecture?"

His comment took me completely off-guard. I knew I would be apologizing during this conversation, but didn't think it would be for my wet panties.

"Um, I'm sorry?"

He smiled and moved in closer to me. "That's OK, Kylie. I'm just giving you a hard time. Because you gave me one."

I smiled back at him, but then had to admit I didn't follow what he was saying. "Um, what?"

"Here," he replied, still grinning as he took my hand and placed it firmly on his crotch. "Feel that? I've been hard for the last 20 minutes, watching you."

"Oh, now I see what you mean! So, what can I do about that?"

He didn't answer with words. He took both of my wrists into one of his big, strong hands, and pushed my arms up over my head, holding them there gently but firmly enough that I couldn't move them. He then leaned into me, his weight pressing me against the closed door. With his other hand, he quickly unfastened his belt and unzipped his slacks, freeing his hard cock in just a few moments, and pressed it between my legs, where it rubbed against the wet fabric of my panties.

I moaned for a few moments before he leaned down and locked our mouths together in an intense kiss, tongue and all. As he kissed me, his hand reached under my skirt and pushed my panties to one side, so that his hard cock was now rubbing back and forth directly against my skin. With one smooth motion, he pressed into me, my cry of pain captured in his mouth as he continued to kiss me.

Once I had recovered from the initial shock of having his huge cock buried inside of me, I began to feel the wonderful new sensations as he moved slowly in and out. Instinctively, I stood up taller, even on to the tips of my toes, to help balance our height difference. Perhaps sensing this, Mr. Golding released my hands from above my head, positioned them around his neck, and hoisted me up by the waist so that I was now riding him in mid-air, my legs wrapped around him.

He was so strong that this new position seemed effortless for him, and the pleasure I felt was amazing, as he penetrated me even more deeply than he had before. I began bouncing up and down on him on my own now, no longer relying on him to set our rhythm. I was so turned on by the sounds and smells filling the room that I knew it wouldn't be very long before I was completely overwhelmed with pleasure. I hoped I could make him cum too, because after all, it would make me very happy to please my favorite teacher!

As my climax came, I continued riding him fast and furious through each wave of pleasure, pleasure ten times the intensity of what I'd felt earlier that morning with Mr. Swift. His lips caught mine, once again muffling my moans and squeals of pleasure. After I'd finished, he gently pulled me off of his cock, and encouraged me to get down on my knees. I eagerly reached out to stroke him, and after just a few moments of attention from my hands, he encouraged me to put my mouth on him to catch his cum.

"Mmm," I couldn't help but saying after I took it all in and swallowed. "That's even yummier than what I tasted this morning!"

"I thought maybe you'd had a busy day, Kylie! I'm glad you liked it. Now, get yourself cleaned up and get to lunch. You must be hungry after such a workout."

"Thank you, Mr. Golding!"


1:30 pm

The morning was already a blur, my body tingling with new sensations and my mind racing with new images. I found myself almost overcome with the desire to explore these new feelings again, as soon as possible, but wasn't sure how to make that happen. After all, until this morning, I had absolutely zero experience!

My best distraction from this, well, distraction, was the fact that people kept wishing me a happy birthday. It really was nice to get so much attention, I had to admit. When I arrived on the football field for a quick practice before the game, my fellow cheerleaders surprised me with a huge balloon bouquet, including one that said 'happy 18'. I was so impressed with the sweet gesture that I even let the team off with a short, easy practice, in spite of the fact that I was usually a perfectionist before a home game!

Oh well, I thought to myself as I packed up our gear after letting the other girls leave. Truth was, I couldn't take my eyes off a couple of guys from the football team who were still working out on the field, the quarterback Ray, and one of his receivers, Mark. They were both seniors, and both older than me. I'd watched them hundreds of times before with nothing but admiration for their playing skills. Now, today, I found myself watching them with completely new thoughts, such as how it would feel to have their cocks in my mouth, or to have them touch me.

I stalled so that I would end up walking towards the locker rooms at the same time they did. "Hi Mark! Hi Ray!" I said, waving to them as they went into the men's locker room and I took the next door into the women's.

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