tagGroup SexHappy Birthday Eva

Happy Birthday Eva


Sarah and I arrived at the party almost an hour late, getting a little lost in the neighborhood. I was pretty sure it would be a sex party, given all the wonderful stories in Selina's blog, and also given that we were asked to bring an inflatable bed, just in case it was needed, but Sarah's attitude was to not get my hopes up too high. (Afterwards, Selina noted: Sarah is obviously new to my world - not a sex party? What was she thinking?)

We had brought a fruit tart, a birthday cake which had "Happy Birthday Eva" written on top, and two bottles of wine. When we got there, Selina was busily setting up the food wearing a short dress that showed her ass cheeks every time she bent over even a little, Don was cutting up mangoes, Martin was downstairs doing the laundry, and the birthday girl Eva was helping set up, wearing frilly pink lingerie along with the cutest black knee sox with pink crossbones up the back.

After hanging out for a while, I remarked that I wished Sarah had a short skirt like Selina was wearing. Selina said that she had lots of fun clothes for all of us. Selina took Sarah into the bedroom where she helped Sarah change into a short Catholic schoolgirl skirt with a sleeveless top and a tie. So much the better to flash her hairless pussy! Eva and Selina asked whether Don and I would be willing to dress up, and we both said "sure." It wasn't really my thing - I'd rather be naked - but I was willing to try it. We let Eva and Selina guide us, and I was dressed in a corset and a thong so small that my balls kept sticking out, while Don wound up in a black lacy combination garter-belt and stockings.

Our gathering continued for a while as a normal (if cross-dressed) party, eating the yummy food, drinking the wine, listening to music and watching glam videos, until Peter and Adrianna arrived. They both appreciated our outfits. Peter immediately got naked (no surprise there) and Adrianna exclaimed her delight to find herself at a sexy underwear party, and stripped down to her sexy bra and panties, which she had chosen for the day.

With Peter and Adrianna at the party, the energy level changed. We all went to the bedroom to get Peter a sexy outfit. It was weird seeing Peter dressed, since his thing is to be naked as much as possible! Sarah switched into a red frilly teddy, and I put on her skirt, which became a kilt for me. Eva put on a strap-on.

Around this time, our wonderful host, Selina, started to feel sick, and had to lie down on a bed which had been placed in the living room. She thought it was because she had two drinks without eating, but it turned out to be some kind of bug, and she pretty much missed the rest of the party. Sometimes she was around, participating a bit, but more often asleep with everything going on around her. Because of this, I wrote this blog entry on her behalf.

We all went back to the living room, where the touching started. People were forming and re-forming into groups of 2-4 people sharing sensuous touch. Eva put on a the strap on, and Martin kneeled down and asked if he could suck her cock. She said yes, and he started sucking it, getting direction from her and Peter. Then the party transitioned to "real" sex, with Adrianna and Eva playing with Peter's beautiful cock. Then Adrianna was standing on a chair, lifting her leg over Peter's shoulder so he could lick her pussy.

Selina, who was still with us, reached a languid hand up to play with my cock, first through my kilt, and then under it - she said she liked the effect on the kilt. I liked the effect on me! On the other side of the room, Adrianna, Martin, and Peter had made a circle around Eva and were caressing her. Then Sarah and Don were touching each other, and I joined them. I removed Sarah's teddy so I could have full access to her beautiful hairless pussy. It was difficult to keep track of who was doing what to whom.

Adrianna and Peter went over to the couch and started fucking. I took Sarah to the smaller couch and started eating her. Martin asked to eat her pussy, and proceeded to do so. Watching him eat her pussy got me turned on, so after a few minutes, he stepped aside so I could fuck Sarah, which wasn't easy on that little couch! We got into a rhythm, and got some attention from the crowd, but the position was too hard on my back to keep going for more than a few minutes.

Sarah moved to the other couch, and Peter sat down next to her. Sarah started playing with his cock, and giving it the occasional lick. I knelt on the floor in front of him and started licking him. I asked him for some tips on blowjob technique, and he said I was great, but that I should use just my mouth, and not hold his cock with my hand. I asked whether that was so he could see his cock thrusting into my mouth, and he said that was right. I told him I'm the same way! Sarah didn't mind me taking Peter's attention, because Adrianna had come over and started making out with her.

Then we switched. Sarah and I sat on the couch, kissing, with Peter and Adrianna on the floor in front of us, him sucking my cock, her eating Sarah's pussy. We must have been quite a sight!

After a couple of minutes Peter moved on, but Sarah was busy getting her pussy eaten by Adrianna, so I got up and asked Eva whether she was interested in my previous offer of a birthday pussy shave (I'm a big fan of hairlessness, and have removed all of my pubic hair via electrolysis). She said yes, so we took the supplies that Martin provided and went into the bedroom. I sat her on the towel on the edge of the bed, with her legs spread wide. She had a thick black bush, trimmed to about a half-inch long. I didn't have a beard trimmer (note to self: bring shaving supplies to all sex parties), and I didn't want to use the kitchen scissors, so I started with the razor. Eva was very concerned about being cut. I assured her that I had done this before, and my technique, when I got to her labia, would be to shield her clit and inner lips with one hand while shaving with the other hand. The shaving was tough since her hair was so long, but I made steady progress. The hardest part was that Eva was extremely ticklish whenever I got close to the crease of her legs. As I was working, the entire crowd came in to watch. People were telling bad jokes to distract her from the ticklish spots.

When I finally finished shaving her pussy, and she was washed off with a towel, her pussy was laid bare, and you could see her inner lips, long, curvy and convoluted, and her clit piercing. I was caressing her entire vulva, and I asked whether I could eat her. She said yes, so I dived in. While I was licking her, the other people on the bed were caressing her breasts, arms, face and hair. I ate her cunt for a while, and then gave Martin a turn. Then I asked Eva if she would like to use the dildo from the strap-on. I put a condom on it, and lots of lube, and handed it to her. She inserted it slowly into her vagina.

While Eva fucked herself, I was resting from my labors, so Sarah took the opportunity to stick her right foot in my face. I started licking her toes. Eva was watching me, and said that it was really hot. I was excited to realize that Sarah was into foot play! Sarah really does it because it turns me on so much, but I could see that Eva would like it. By the time I finished with Sarah's foot, Peter was moving the dildo slowly into and out of Eva's pussy, who started rubbing her clit. I peeled the black knee sock with the pink crossbones at the back off Eva's left foot, placed her foot into my mouth, and started licking. I licked every toe, and between the toes. Eva has a pretty little foot, with short nails and no polish, just the way I like it! After her foot was nice and wet, I removed it from my mouth, and thrust my penis through the space between her big toe and the next toe. After a little of this, I put her foot back in my mouth and licked all over. While this was going on, everyone was caressing Eva. Peter was thrusting the dildo into her, and she was playing with her clit, and she came! As she was coming down, I felt compelled to initiate a round of "Happy Birthday"!

Eva got up from the bed, but I was still turned on from the foot play and the entire scene, so I reached for Sarah and got on top of her and started fucking her. We went for a few minutes, and then I asked her to get on top. Everyone was in the room watching us, with a few helping hands, but I couldn't tell who was doing what. Martin remarked about my cock going into her beautiful pussy. Peter knew what to expect next from his adventures with me and Sarah. I came inside her with a loud scream, and when I returned to reality, everyone was applauding. What a wonderful ending for exhibitionists like us!

Later, in the living room, we finally ate the desserts, and I told Selina (who was now awake, but had missed all of the fun) that she throws the best parties. I hope to be invited to more of them!

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