tagLoving WivesHappy Birthday Hubby!

Happy Birthday Hubby!


Authors note: This is a story of loving wives, in other words married women having sex with other people. If you can't handle it or the explicit language I suggest you don't read it and certainly don't send me any nasty e-mails. Not only will you not get a reply, it won't even be read past the first 2 sentences. If you do however wish to send me positive critique, I'll be glad to read your personal comments.

This is a second part of my experiences with my old school girlfriend. To able to follow the story line it's better to first read "turning bisexual", although this could be read separately as well. Enjoy!

A week after Belinda and I fucked like 2 sluts in heat we agreed on meeting each other after work in a small bar along the way home.

In the mean time, we had been keeping contact over the phone and Belinda was her curious self again as she was constantly trying to find out what my hubby thought of us getting together like the way we did ... I kept avoiding the questions and promised her I would fill her in, in detail, when we saw each other face to face.

I closed my laptop at work around 4:30 pm that day and made sure I arrived at the bar at 5:00 pm so Belinda and I had about an hour to chat before I had to head home.

I saw her already sitting at a table somewhere in the middle of the bar when I walked in the joint. We gave each other a hug before I sat down.

Belinda immediately after leaned half over the table, stared straight into my eyes and said with a wicked smile: "so, so ... tell me, tell me, what happened, what did Bart say? I've been dying of curiosity!!"

I laughed: "you haven't changed a bit, have you?! You are just the way I remember you: no bullshit, no shame, just straight through ..."

"Hey, you know me," she replied "why would I want to change?"

"Are you sure you want to know?"

"Hell yes!" she almost yelled throughout the whole place "come on, stop stalling!"

"OK, ok ... so Bart immediately saw something on my face when I walked in ..."

"What do you lady's want to drink?" a waiter interrupted me.

We were both already concentrated on us and the story I was about to tell, so the bar might as well have been empty for us. We both startled for a second and looked up from where the voice was coming.

The waiter must have sensed he startled us and had an apologetic look on his face, but I ordered my drink before he could find the words to break the silence around our table.

"I'll just have a coke" I said with a smile, letting him know it was ok to interrupt, after all I couldn't have timed it better myself.

Belinda placed her order and we talked shortly about the weather while we waited for our drinks. A minute later, we had our drinks on the table and the waiter continued on his way.

"Anyways ..." I started "Bart was in the front room, looked up at me and immediately saw I had been a naughty girl."

Belinda's face changed from a tense anticipation look to a wide 'cat that had eaten the cream' smile while she was listening to me.

"I thought you weren't going to fuck another guy today!?" he told me.

"And I didn't!" I replied to my husband "I'm going upstairs."

"Not 30 seconds later, my hubby flew into the bedroom, but I had managed to get completely naked for him already. As you well know, my pussy was all blood engorged and swollen from the sex we had earlier and my juices filled the bedroom air with its sex scent. My hubby stopped in his tracks to examine my body. He looked me up and down ..."

"Then what?" Belinda interrupted.

"Then he stepped forward and started kissing me while his hand slid down over my chest down to my steaming bald pussy. First he cupped it before he buried his middle finger up to his knuckle into my cunt. Of course, he could feel how sloppy it was as his finger got sucked in immediately all the way without any effort."

"He broke our kiss: see I knew you got fucked again today!" he whispered in my ear.

"I never said I didn't get fucked today ..." I answered Bart while I looked into his eyes. He looked puzzled for a second, then it hit him and his eyes got all big: "you mean ..."

I paused my story for a few seconds, like it happened at that moment last week.

"And in the mean time, his finger was still in your pussy?" Belinda came in again.

"Yep!" I laughed "he didn't let go of my dripping honey pot."

Then I continued "I just answered him by putting a devilish grin on my face, I took a step back, releasing his hand from my pussy and laid down on the bed with my legs spread. He was still standing in the same spot and looked at me playing with my pussy, pulling my lips open, while I told him you and I had sex pretty much the whole afternoon."

"He just couldn't believe his ears. But after a few seconds to recover from the shock he almost tore off his clothes and jumped on the bed with his face between my legs." I told Belinda in detail as promised.

"I guess you know what followed. We had an incredible intense and passionate sex session in which I told him in detail all the things we had done that afternoon while he pounded away in my cunt, filling me more than once with his salty cum." I finished my story to Belinda.

Now Belinda was almost in shock "Are you serious? Really? Did he enjoy it that much!"

I assured her my story was all real: "He loves watching me have sex. And which man do you know that doesn't fantasies about 2 women together, especially best friends ..."

"In fact ..." I continued.

"In fact?" Belinda asked me.

"You know I told him all about you: how we met, how we grew up, what you like ... But he kept asking more and more questions about you." I said.

"It wasn't long before I figured it out," I told Belinda "he'd like to meet you and see where things could go ..."

"Really?!" was all Belinda could say.

"Yeah!" I laughed "I confronted him while we had just started having sex. His dick was only a few strokes in me when I asked him if he thought he would like you."

"He stuttered, got all red and avoided my questions for a while before admitting to it after I assured him it was ok and actually only normal."

Belinda got an even bigger smile on her face: "I think I would like to 'meet' him too!" she said.

"So I guess I can tell you a little secret then," I said and added before she could respond in words: "once he actually admitted to it we continued having sex while pretending he was fucking you instead of me."

"Fuck that little slut, you know you want it ... You know, she is so nice and tight ... She gives great head ... Call me Belinda ... I told Bart while he was fucking me like a mad man." I confessed to Belinda trying to read her reaction from her face.

"You two are just so kinky!" she replied with a smile.

"So ..." I hesitated for a second.

Belinda caught on immediately "what is it?" she asked.

I took a deep breath and spilled the beans about why I wanted to see her face to face: "Seeing him on the few pictures I've shown you and knowing about him from my telling you about him ... do you think you'd want to hook with him as well?" I asked with a trembling voice.

Belinda laughed: "When I told you earlier that I wanted to, I wasn't kidding ..."

I wondered if this waiter was overhearing us, because right at that moment he came back to our table asking us if we wanted another drink. Again perfect timing, making sure there wasn't an awkward silence.

"I've got a little plan worked out." I said to Belinda after we had our new drinks standing in front of us "if that's ok with you."

"Even though we fantasized about you last week, I told Bart I wasn't sure how you would feel, just coming out of a bad marriage. Now that I know you are on board as well, we can lead him on for a little bit. In a few weeks it is his birthday and what a present you would make, no?" I started to unveil my plan.

Belinda just nodded in agreement.

"Anyway, we can come together like 2 or 3 times beforehand where you act normal to him. You do flirt with him, but without going further. And then on his birthday, when he's convinced we'll only be regular friends together, you can do whatever you want ..."

"Damn, you're a bitch!" she said with an even bigger devilish smile than mine "teasing your poor hubby like that."

"Anticipation makes the catch even more sweet!" was my reply "besides, you should talk ..."

An hour had flow by and it was almost 6 pm, time to go home and spend some time with my husband. I paid the waiter the amount we owed for our drinks and gave him a generous tip for his excellent timing skills, although he didn't realize it himself. Belinda and I said goodbye in the parking lot and 15 minutes later I arrived home.

Bart immediately wanted to know what Belinda had to say, especially if she would be interested in extending our loving relationship to include him as well.

I filled Bart in about my meeting with Belinda while we ate dinner and lied about the fact that Belinda did want to have a threesome with him and I.

"She is coming over for dinner Friday," I said to Bart "if that's ok with you."

His face lit up, realizing it was the first time he would actually see her "Yeah, sure!"

"I must warn you though," I lied "I talked to her about us fantasizing about her and even though she is not completely opposed to it, it's not going to be immediately because she first wants to process her divorce before she hooks up with men again."

"Yeah, I guess I can understand that" my hubby replied to my little white lie.

"You are so sweet and understanding" I told him while I leaned over the table to give him a kiss. I wanted to add: "and who knows, perhaps you'll get lucky." but I didn't want to spoil the surprise, so I didn't.

The next 2 days went by uneventful. On Thursday I had Belinda on the phone to set up a time she would come over and we agreed she'd be there around 5:30 pm so she can help me with cleaning the vegetables while Bart started the BBQ.

Before I knew it, it was Friday 5:30 pm and I was home 10 minutes before Belinda ringed the door bell. I let her in and showed her into the front room.

"Bart isn't home yet." I said "why don't we sit down for a minute, he should be here any minute now."

She sat down on the couch as I got her a glass of cola "I'll give you a tour of the house in a little bit if that's ok with you?"

"Yeah, sure, no problem!" Belinda replied.

Bart opened the front door right as I was handing Belinda her drink.

"Damn, when you say 'any minute now', you really mean any minute now." she said to me.

"Yep, I know my hubby" I said while looking him in the eyes as he walked into the front room.

"Bart, this is Belinda you've been hearing so much about. Belinda, this is my husband Bart" I introduced them.

Belinda stood up from the couch to give him a polite greeting kiss as I studied Bart's reaction when he saw my old school girlfriend Belinda. He looked her up and down. If he was trying to hide his staring, he wasn't quite succeeding.

It was obvious that he liked what he was seeing though. I was too. She was wearing a little bit of make-up to accentuate her pretty facial features, but everything was very subtle. She was wearing just a jeans and a white T-shirt, but the fact that it fitted tightly made her voluptuous body look even better. Her D-cup twins pressed tightly together, sticking out proudly and the way her jeans cupped her ass made you wonder if she was wearing any underwear at all. A perfect combination of teasing and letting you wonder.

"Ah, finally we meet!" Belinda said after the 3 kisses "I've been hearing a lot about you..."

It was obvious she was trying to destabilize my husband. Luckily, he is not very shy either, so he immediately answered with a smile: "Yeah, I'm sure you have! Of course, there is lots to tell about me. I've been hearing quite a bit about you too lately ..."

They both really hit it off from the beginning and we sat down to socialize a bit before I interrupted after 15 minutes or so to say that we needed to get the BBQ going.

Ten minutes later, Bart was working on getting the BBQ lit and Belinda and I were making a salad and cooking some pasta.

Belinda and I were having fun in the kitchen, copping a feel every once in a while and making sure Bart caught us kissing when he came in to get the meat. We acted all shy and blushed like a couple of kids that were caught sneaking a piece of candy.

We knew Bart was watching us from outside and we were having fun going in and out of his line of sight.

During dinner and afterwards while chatting until the BBQ fire was completely out, Bart tried several times to turn the topic to love, relationships and sex, but we managed to skillfully avoid any of those topics.

When it was time to end the evening, we arranged to get back together the next week-end to go out and we showed her out the door, but not before giving her the promised tour of the house.

As soon as Belinda drove off and we closed the front door, Bart ripped off my shirt and shoved my skirt around my waist. I've got no idea how he did it, but in the mean time he had managed to free his rock hard cock.

He pulled my panties of to the side over my ass cheek as he pushed me on the stairs and stuck his cock into my slippery pussy. I was as horny as he was. He had no idea how hard it was for Belinda and I not to go further and to just let her leave.

"You fucking sluts have been driving me crazy all night!" he said as he rammed his cock deep in my cunt.

"AHHhh ... I'm sorry honey ... ahhh ... if it was ... up to me, youuuuuu ... could have joined in ..." I lied in between my moans.

It didn't take half a minute for him to cum and shoot his sticky cum deep into my burning, cum hungry hole. When we both recovered a bit, he redrew his still semi-erect cock from my slit and his cum oozed out of the gaping hole he had left me with.

I didn't bother to try and catch some or to straighten up my panties. I just stood up, let my skirt fall back into place, letting his cum run down over my legs as I wiggled my ass up the stairs and into the bedroom. Bart followed me so closely, his head was almost under my skirt.

Upstairs in the bedroom I let my skirt fall to the floor and laid down on my back on the bed before I quickly removed my panties as well.

My husband sat down on the foot of the bed and lifted one of my legs with his powerful hands to his face. He started licking my toes while massaging my feet before he kissed and licked his way up to his sweet but messy reward.

I think I came twice more before he actually touched my pussy again, just from the stimulation of my feet and legs. But when his tongue buried itself as deep as it would go into my love cave which was leaking our combined juices, I had the most powerful orgasm of the evening so far. I rocked my hips forward and pushed my cunt onto his face as hard as I could. Bart didn't stop once licking up the river of fluids I was producing though. I wonder how he could breath.

After that, he came up to my face and planted his wet face on mine for a kiss while he drove his cock back to where it belonged. He slowly lowered himself into me until I felt his balls resting against my puckered butthole.

It was another incredibly intense, long sex session that followed until we both collapsed (or is it passed out) from exhaustion and we slept till the Saturday afternoon.

In the middle of the next week, on one of my phone calls with Belinda, I found out she also had an incredibly tough time leaving last week-end and that she stopped along the way home to pick up a guy in a bar. The details she would reveal to me on Friday, when we got back together.

The rest of the week seemed to creep by so slowly, but finally it was Friday afternoon. I left work around 4 pm, as I normally do on Fridays. I was home in time to get myself ready for our night out, I took a shower, did my hair and make-up, and chose an outfit to wear.

I was in the process of putting on my black-white-pink party outfit which reacts really cool with black light and stuff when I heard the door bell. I ran in my thong downstairs to open the door and let Belinda inside.

She was wearing a pair of stylish, gray-white, 7/8 length, hip slacks that allowed people to see her thong ride up her ass every time she bent over slightly or was sitting down. As a top she was wearing a black, low cut T-shirt with the shoulder straps around the shoulders instead of over them. Her long black hair was freely blowing over it in the back. That, together with her make-up, made her look terrific, she was classy but sexy.

As soon as she saw me she had a big grin "I thought we weren't going to do anything today, only tease your hubby a bit more than we did last week-end ..."

"You dirty minded little perv!" I replied over my shoulder while walking back upstairs "I'm only just getting dressed ..."

Belinda came with me upstairs and watched me slip into my sexy, clubbing outfit while we talked about last week-end. I told her how Bart and I had sex as soon as she left and pretty much the whole rest of the week nonstop. And Belinda told me how she masturbated in the car as soon as you was out our street and how she picked up this stranger in a bar to fuck her.

It's a good thing Bart walked into the house when he did, because no matter how good we tried to be, I don't know if we would be the retain ourselves if we were alone for another 10 minutes more.

I don't think Bart could hear us when he walked into the house, but he knew immediately were to find us. Belinda and I made sure we were at least a few feet away from each other when he walked in.

The expression on his face revealed that he was at first a little disappointed that he didn't walk in on us, but that changed quickly when he saw how we were dressed. I knew he loved the outfit I was wearing: a tight fitting top without arm pieces. The top closes tightly around my neck like a collar, but there is an oval shaped opening in between my tits to show off some flesh. The pants that go with it clamp tightly around my legs, like a pair of stretch pants, and stop right above my ankle.

He clearly approved of Belinda's outfit as well.

After Bart took a shower and got dressed we left to start our night. It was almost 7 pm, still way too early to go to a club, but still early enough to catch a movie.

We had quite some looks at the theatre, dressed the way we were. Guys looked at us with piercing eyes, mentally undressing us and their women were shooting us nasty looks. Bart of course also noticed how jealous the other boys were looking at him, so he was holding us tight in each arm, smiling an enormous grin as we walked along.

We went to see X-men 3, but I must admit I didn't catch too much of the movie. I made sure Bart was sitting on my left and Belinda on my right. When the lights went out, Belinda and I had more interest in each other than in the movie and in the mean time I had to keep my hubby on edge as well. I'm sure you can imagine how that went ...

After the show, we got back in the car and headed for a club named "Café Central". It's a well known club with funky, tripping music, but also more mellow corners were you can sit and chat.

On the way over, Belinda who sat is the back, was leaning in between our 2 seats. Her perfume and shampoo was intoxicating us. Bart had managed to get her to talk a bit about her marriage and some previous relationships, but it was kept real clean. You could see the real questions that were burning in his mind though: how often do you have sex? What all do you like? Ever cheated? What are your fantasies? ...

We arrived at the club around 11 pm and the place was just starting to get busy. We ordered a couple of drinks and went to the dance floor. My outfit had the desired effect, I saw men looking at me from every corner in the room while I was dancing. Pretty soon some came up to me to dance and chat (or chat as much as you can when the music is blasting ...) with me, feeling me up whenever they had the chance. In the mean time, Bart and Belinda were also going round the room: dancing, chatting with some people, flirting here and there.

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