tagIncest/TabooHappy Birthday, My Child

Happy Birthday, My Child


Let me set up the following story for you. My Name is Amy O'Neil. The following story is, in fact, a true story. When I was younger, and attending School, my father and mother got in a an argument regarding me. You know when your parents say they're not breaking up because of you? Well, in my case, that was obviously not true.

My father argued that I should be able to express myself and parade my natural beauty, while my mother stated that all I should be concerned with at my age was whether or not I was turning my grades around instead of turning heads.

My mother, for a reason I guess I never understood, kicked my father out of the house. He left without a fight, but slipped me a P.O. Box number where I could reach him in the event of a problem. I only contacted him once after that. He never responded.

Much later now, and I am turning eighteen. It's my birthday, I've already received a brand new car, and a year of insurance on the house, but the biggest surprise was yet to come.

During my party, I was in the back yard with a bunch of friends from the High School I attended. My mom said she was going to run to the store to pick up some more Soda. No more than five minutes after I heard her car peeling out, I heard the front door open. My house is somewhat of a shotgun shack at this point, and I can see the front door from the back deck. And to my shock and amazement, I see my father, lost to me for four years, walking through my house and towards the back door. I rush my friends away, telling them we'll get back together later etc., frantically wondering why my father could be here.

When everyone was gone, I returned to the back porch to find my father, slightly less clean than when I'd last seen him, sitting in a chair very serenely.

"Happy Birthday Amy." He said quietly

"Hi Daddy. I haven't seen you in forever. Where have you been?"

"I've been living with some friends, dear. But I knew it was you're 18th birthday today, you're ascent into womanhood, and I had to at least stop by and say hello." He finally looked at me and smiled.

I knew that this wasn't the whole truth because it was way more than a coincidence that he hadn't shown himself until my mother left.

"Mom will be right back dad. I don't suppose that would go over very well." I returned the smile.

He looked away and sighed. "Yeah, I suppose that's true." He was moving so slowly and methodically. "Amy, would you like to spend some time with me, seeing as it is you're birthday and all?" He looked back up.

I was shocked, but at the same time Intrigued. I mean, he was my father, not some stranger. And I was an adult now, able to make my own decisions. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. I left a note for my mom saying I was out with a friend and would be back. I got in my new car with my father, and we drove to the location he told me to drive to, leading us to the Spokane Sunrise Motel.

He explained that a friend of his ran this Motel, and was allowing him to live there in exchange for occasional work. He led me to room 23 and we went inside and sat down.

"I got you something you know..." He mumbled as he disappeared into a dark, dusty closet. He re-appeared with a Pink and orange wrapped box, and handed it to me, He sat me down on the bed, and smiled warmly as I opened it. As I tore off the third shred of paper, It was now strikingly clear what it was.

My father had given me a Pink, twelve inch, realistic looking and feeling vibrator dildo for my eighteenth birthday. I was, once again, shocked. He continued to smile. By the biggest shock of the day was, once again, yet to come.

"You remembered..." I breathed...

"Amy dear," he started. "Try that out for daddy won't you?"

The next thirty seconds were the most awkward thirty seconds of my life up to that point. But then I looked into his eyes. This man had helped conceive me, he had raised me, protected me, and cherished my beauty, and his entire life was destroyed by one argument with my mother. I was well aware that what I was about to do could very well be considered incest, but I didn't care. I loved my father.

I shot him a wry smile. "Sure daddy. Anything you say." And I Unbuttoned my black jeans, sliding them down my legs. A solid, round, rock formed inside my father's pants, and I knew that was the very same instrument that had, at one point, created my existence. How could I deny this man anything he wanted of me? Once my pants were on the floor, I lied down on the bed, and slowly slid my baby blue panties down my legs, inching them further and further away from my newly adult pussy. Finally, I saw my father's eyes train on my cunt, and he started to breath very heavily. I slowly opened the box containing the vibrator, and placed it slowly between my legs. This was a very good facsimile of a very large cock. It stretched the lips of my vagina and put strong pressure on the inside of my wet tunnel. As I squirmed on the motel bed, I pressed the large pink plastic shaft farther up my twat, dripping helplessly onto the sheets. Once It was about seven inches in, I flipped a small switch on the bottom, and immediately let out a shriek, as the vibrations started to massage my wet, tight slit.

The humming and buzzing inside of my oozing hole brought me to the brink of orgasm many times, torturing my cunt with wave after wave of pure stimulation.

I heard a repeating slapping sound of skin. When I looked up, I saw my father, stroking and slapping his own cock as hard as he could. He was breathing heavily, rubbing his shaft.

"Dad, Stop!" I yelled as I put down the vibrator.

"You're a 47 year old Man" I said concerned. "You shouldn't be doing that yourself! Here, let me take care of that for you." And I got down on my knees in front of my father, and Fully realized what I was about to do. I was about to put the same solid pole inside my mouth that my mother had had inside her wet, oozing pussy the day I was conceived. In a way it was like sucking off both of my parents at once. I didn't hesitate.

I wrapped my long nimble fingers around his large, wrinkled cock. I started to jack him off hard, then quickly placed my lips on his head, licking and sucking until he finally forced my head onto his dick. I created a seal with my lips and sucked my father's cock until I was out of saliva. He was so wet, and my snatch was pouring my juices all over the floor of the motel room.

I got up to rest my lips, and saw my father was blushing.

"Dad? What is it?"

"Amy, I want to fuck you. I've always wanted to fuck you. You're mother knew that, and so she kicked me out."

A thousand thoughts raced through my head. It was a lot more clear now, and a lot more obvious that mom was right. But one thought was more prominent than any other. I laid down on the bed again.

"Mom's not here, is she?"

My father's eyes widened slightly as he dick grew at least another inch. Slowly he moved towards me, and, after a brief pause, He mounted me, Hard and Sure, sliding his long, hard cock, dripping with the spit from my lips, Into my wet, 18 year old clit. The clit that my father had dreamed of. He slid In and immediately thrust as hard as he could.

"Amy..." he said confused, "No Cherry? I'm very disappointed in you."

"Sorry Dad, but I had to satisfy those urges somehow."

Without confirmation he started pounding me like a jackhammer. He slammed his long slippery cock in and out of my burning cunt. I felt him slide so far in me I actually shuttered in delight. As He fucked me, he slammed his tongue down my mouth, and I returned the gesture, tonguing my father for long periods of time.

As he slid around inside of me, panting and moaning, rocking up and down, sliding in and out of me, He tore of my shirt, and started Sucking on my nipples. I screamed in delight.

It seemed like forever before he finally pulled out, stared at me, and then walked over to the bathroom.

"Come here, Amy. I have a favor to ask." He jacked off for a couple of seconds and then came long and fast on the bathroom floor. I couldn't understand.

"I've learned today that you are a whore. You just fucked your father on your 18th birthday, and I apparently wasn't your first. So I'm going to treat you like the skank your mother always said you were." He pointed to the puddle of his sperm on the floor. "Lick that up Amy. Suck it all up."

And I did, I got down on all fours, sticking my bare ass in the air, and felt My father fuck my in my sopping cunt until he was limp, as I licked up every last drop of his cum. When I turned around and stood up I was naked, and I had a small bit of jizz dripping from my chin. My father had a camera, and He quickly took a picture of me.

"Just a precaution. Don't you ever tell anyone about this Amy. Ever."

And he Got dressed, Kissed me one more time, said "Happy Birthday. I Love You." and then left.

By the time I was Dressed and down in the lobby, he was nowhere to be seen, so I left.

When I got home my mom was cleaning up from the party. I started to help her and later that night, I finally worked up the courage to ask a question that had been burning in me for a while.

"Mom" I began, "Was Dad a good lover?"

Mom was taken aback, but understood that I was an adult now.

"Yes dear, he was. He was a wonderful, caring, sensual lover. Except... well... he always used to have this one obsession involving the bathroom floor... But I'll tell you when you're older."

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