Happy Camper


I don't mind camping. That's not to say I'll go out of my way to go on a camping trip. It's more of a case of me not kicking up too much of a fuss when my parents decide we're going camping for a while. (I have to make some sort of protest. I'm eighteen and it's just not the done thing to tamely do what your parents want.)

It was spring and we had a long weekend, what with the Monday being a public holiday, and the current weather and forecast was good, so my parents tossed me in the car along with the rest of the camping gear and away we went. We left immediately my father got home from work on the Friday, heading up into the hills.

Once we were up in the hills we found a secluded spot in the camping grounds and pitched our tents. By the time the camp was set up and we'd had dinner it was late (and dark) so we retired for the night.

I awoke with the birds and that was pretty early, I assure you. I decided that I'd take a short walk before breakfast, thinking that the exercise would do me good and whet my appetite. I strolled along to where a stream trickled through the woods, followed the stream for a short distance, finally coming across a large pool.

That pool looked quite deep and I could see small fish darting around in the waters. Even though it was early the day was showing signs that it would be hot and I made a mental note to get my bathing costume later and go for a swim.

I have no idea where the crazy thought came from. A little imp must have suggested it. Go in now, said the little voice. Test the waters. No bathers, I pointed out to the little voice. So what, it said. Do you see anyone else around? Have you seen anyone at all since you left your camp?

The voice had a point. The area seemed deserted, although that would change as more campers arrived. This might be my only chance to have a private swim. I looked around carefully and didn't see anyone and that pool was so very tempting. I stripped off and dived in.

I know, I know, it was a stupid thing to do. First, because someone might come, and second, because that water was freezing. I mean, like ice. It felt as though it was flowing straight from melted ice. Belatedly I realised that probably wasn't too far from the truth. The warmer weather was melting the snow higher up the mountain and this stream was the result. I bravely stood it for a couple of minutes. Jumping straight back out would have been like admitting defeat and I wasn't having that. Still, a swim across the pool and back was enough for me.

I scrambled out of the pool and headed over to my clothes. Wet or not I was getting dressed as fast as possible. I'd put on dry clothes back at the camp.

"You've got more guts that I have, girl," said this loud masculine voice. "You wouldn't catch me going into that pool before the sun's has a chance to warm it. What about you, Ron?"

"I'm with you, Don," came the reply in another male voice. "That water must be freezing. Look how the girl's nipples have puckered up."

"I'm looking, I'm looking. Nice figure she's got, don't you think?"

By this time I'd recovered from my heart attack and was looking around, desperately trying to hide myself behind my hands and not having much luck. My breasts are a little too big to hide that easily. This was the first time I'd regretted having such a nice bosom.

I was frantically looking around trying to see where these creeps were and I finally spotted them leaning back under a tree, some fishing gear on the ground next to them. Apparently they were going to fish in the pool.

What were they like? Well they were big and fat and ugly and old, with absolutely no semblance of good manners. That was what they were like.

OK, I'll admit that they were both very solid rather than fat, and they were probably on the right side of thirty, but the rest was plainly true.

"Go away," I raged at them. They laughed.

"Go away? Why would we go away? We just got here and the fish are waiting. Um, why are you waving your hands around like that? You're not exactly covering anything up, especially with bounteous breasts like those ones."

"Just go away. I want to get dressed."

"Well, get dressed. I'm not stopping you from getting dressed. Are you stopping her from getting dressed, Ron?"

"No. I'd like to but if she wants to it's her choice. Um, your clothes are just over there in case you were wondering."

Well, I knew that. It's where I'd put them. The trouble was that they were just a little too close to Ron and Don, and those are stupid names. What did I do now? I couldn't just stand there naked and cold. I had to get dressed. I edged closer to my clothes. Grab them and run? Silly idea. Then they might decide to chase me all the way back to our camp. My parents would be horrified. All I could do was get dressed fast.

That presented another problem. If I turned my back on them to get dressed I wouldn't know if they were sneaking up on me. If I got dressed facing them they might take it as a bit of a come on. I'd have to turn sideways so I could get dressed and keep an eye on them.

Blushing brightly I bent over to start picking up clothes. This was promptly greeted with applause and some unwanted comments.

"A very nice breast," one of them said when one breast slipped free of my arm while I was reaching down.

"Swings nicely, doesn't it," came the reply.

Great. They were a pair of sexist clowns. I scrambled into my clothes just as fast as I could and then I was out of there, hurrying back to the camp, pretending I'd never heard any of their disrespectful comments. Actually, their comments weren't disrespectful so much as unwanted. I knew I had a nice bottom. I didn't need them telling me so.

Back at the camp with my parents, dry clothes, and breakfast, I felt a lot better. If I saw those two again I would just treat them with ignore. That'd put them in their places. I settled down to enjoy the day with my parents.

At lunch time my father decided we should wander down to the small diner at the entrance to the camp. We headed off and wouldn't you know it - Ron and Don came strolling along the path from the opposite direction. I didn't deign to even look at them although they did exchange general greeting with my parents. It seemed to me that I could feel their eyes all over me until we were safely past and even then I wondered if they were watching me go. (Just in case they were I added a bit of a swish to my bottom as I went.)

"You've made some conquests, I see," observed my mother as we continued on our way.

"What do you mean?" I asked, all suspicious.

"Didn't you notice? Those two nice young men we just passed couldn't take their eyes off you. They might have said good morning to us but it was you they were watching."

"Really?" I said indifferently. "I hadn't noticed."

(Even if my nipples had puckered up for no known reason.)

After lunch I didn't bother going swimming. I sort of had this feeling that if I did I'd probably find Don/Ron there, fishing, and if I did I just knew they'd be looking at me and remembering. I decided to just explore the general area.

We'd camped in this place before so I found I knew most of the area. I did find one little side trail that I didn't remember so I just naturally wandered down it. (No, I wasn't afraid of getting lost. There were people and trails all over the place. It's not as though I was heading into wild bushland.)

The bush smelt of spring, fresh growth and flowers. Birds were singing, some tunefully and one sounding like a rusty gate creaking. Oddly enough, I knew that one. It would be a Great Tit. Not that I was likely to see it.

That little side trail finished up in a small glade and there were a couple of tents pitched there.

"Fuck," I said, most sincerely. Why? Because one of the Ron/Dons had emerged from one of the tents, meaning that the other one was probably in the other tent. The one that was in front of me, I'll call him Ron for the time being, was only wearing a pair of shorts and he looked might amused to see me there. What was worse than him standing there looking me over was that the front of his shorts was stirring, starting to bulge. I was out of there, and right now wouldn't be soon enough.

"Language," said Ron in what was, I suppose, meant to be a shocked voice, but it didn't hide the laughter.

"Fuck you," I said, spinning around and promptly crashing into the Ron/Don who was standing behind me, also dressed just in shorts.

"Now, now," Don said. "Be polite or daddy smack."

"You're not my father so fuck you, too," I snapped at him trying to push past him and head back down the trail.

I need to add to that big and solid part of my description. Muscular, strong, and fast, are the additional words required. Before I could get past Don (if that was his name) he'd scooped me up and had me tucked under one arm. I squealed and kicked and I don't think he even noticed.

He strolled over to his mate, taking me with him.

"I think a small lesson in manners wouldn't hurt, don't you, Ron?" he asked. (How about that. I got the names right.)

"When you're right, you're right," said Ron. "Still, she's only a little one so we can go easy. A spank apiece should do it."

"Sounds reasonable to me. Does it sound reasonable to you, Darlin'?"

"No. Put me down you oaf."

Instead of finding myself being put down I felt a pair of hands taking hold of the waistband of my yoga-pants. I'd thought yoga-pants were a nice compromise for some exploring. Now I was wishing I'd been wearing tight jeans that wouldn't peel off so easily. That rotten man just peeled both my yoga-pants and my panties down to my knees leaving me hopelessly exposed.

"Like I said this morning," said Don, "it's a nice bottom. Seems a pity to have to spank it."

"Truer words were never spoke," said Ron with a sigh. "Still, that won't stop us."

I was almost having a heart attack, seeing myself getting raped and buried in the bushes. Instead of that a whacking great hand bounced off my bottom. I gave a small scream which was greeted with a laugh and then another huge hand bounced off my other cheek and I screamed again.

"Oh, stop your squawking," said Ron. "It wasn't as though we were touching you here."

With that he started rubbing where he hadn't touched me. I was too shocked to say anything and my heart attack started up all over again. Don, damn him, just laughed and swung me onto my feet, which also had the side effect of dragging my mound very firmly along Ron's hand before it dropped away.

I was back-peddling, trying to get some distance between me and they were watching me with big smiles. I knew from the direction they were looking just what they were looking at and I hastily pulled up my panties and yoga-pants, giving them killer looks the entire time.

"Third time lucky, young lady," Ron called to me while I was steadily backing towards the trail.

I blinked. What did that mean?

"What?" I asked, my confusion plain.

"What he means is that the third time we catch you without your panties we'll accept your kind invitation," Don explained with a smile.

"There was no invitation," I practically howled at them, acutely aware of just how much their shorts were bulging. "No way am I interested."

They both just smiled and I saw their eyes drop. Not very far - just to chest level. My chest. Where my nipples were plainly showing little tents against my top. I spun around and marched off with as much dignity as I could muster, which wasn't all that much when they made some more remarks about my bottom. What was it with them and their love of my bottom?

I managed to avoid them for the rest of the day and that was day one of our camping trip completed.

Rising early the next morning I had breakfast and went for a stroll while waiting for my parents to wake up. As far as I was concerned if I saw Don/Ron I wouldn't even bat an eye in their direction. They were dead to me and one doesn't see ghosts.

Did I see them? All day I seemed to see them. How two men could turn up no matter where I went was something incredible. They were ubiquitous in their presence and although I was ignoring them with everything I had I just seemed to know where they were and I knew, I just knew, they were looking at me and remembering how I looked naked.

It seemed to me that I was a bundle of nerves at the end of day two and I couldn't wait for the next day to be over and I'd be homeward bound. That restless day left me edgy and I just couldn't get to sleep and when I did I had some rather strange dreams which made me perfectly happy to wake up. What with one thing and another I slept in the next morning, finishing up having a very late breakfast.

When lunch time arrived I just wasn't hungry. Too soon after breakfast, I guess.

"Why don't you two go down to the diner," I suggested. "You can take your time and I can start packing everything for the trip home."

"Well, there's no rush to pack," my father pointed out, but he and my mother took my suggestion and headed off for a leisurely lunch.

They'd only been gone five minutes, five measly minutes, when someone greeted me.

"Well, fancy meeting you again," said Ron/Don and I spun around to find the pair of them standing there smiling.

"What do you want?" I demanded.

"Third time, remember?" said Don. (I'd seen enough of them by now to tell them apart quite easily.)

I blanched and had a hasty look down just to ensure that I was dressed. I mean, it's highly unlikely that I forgot to get dressed but I wasn't taking any chances.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," I said haughtily.

"Short memory," sympathised Don. "I'm pretty sure I explained it the other day. The third time we catch you without your panties is playtime."

I dismissed that with a sniff.

"Not going to happen," I told them. "Anyway, it doesn't matter. My parents will be back shortly so I suggest the pair of you take a hike."

"Actually, we just saw your parents. It seems that they're off to a nice leisurely lunch and won't be back for ages. We have ample time."

"But you haven't caught me without my panties," I pointed out, smiling sweetly. "Goodbye."

"Yet," said Don cheerfully. "We just have to undress you to reach the required state. I don't think we put any bans on us undressing her, did we Ron?"

"Now why would we do something silly like that?" asked Ron.

I looked at them, my gaze switching from one to the other and back again, trying to determine if they were serious.

"You wouldn't dare," I said not sure if I believed it. "I'd scream."

"Funny you should mention that," said Ron. "We discussed that very thing and I bet Don five bucks that you would threaten to but wouldn't actually do it."

"Are you kidding?" I couldn't believe he'd said that. And to bet on it? Incredible.

"No, I'm not. Five bucks wasn't it?"

"Five it was," agreed Don.

"I meant you're kidding yourself if you think I won't scream," I said with some annoyance. "What makes you think I won't?"

"Actually, I thought you probably would," admitted Don, "but Ron's the psychologist, not me. He says you won't because while you're slightly scared you're also very curious, probably a little aroused, and won't want us to think we've got the better of you. Too stubborn to scream, he reckons."

I looked daggers at Ron. How dare he say that sort of thing? It suddenly dawned on me that Ron was a lot closer than he had been earlier. So was Don, for that matter. I started to back away while I sorted myself out.

I found out it was too late to back away. Don reached for me in a seemingly lazy manner and I instinctively moved to the side away from him, right into Ron's grasp.

"Just relax, Darlin'" he said. "This won't take but a moment."

He was right about that. I'd barely turned my head to start arguing with him and Don had my shorts and panties down around my ankles. Jeans. Skin tight jeans. That was what I was going to wear anytime I went camping in the future. I turned to yell at Don and Ron took advantage of my distraction to hoick my top up. He had it and my bra off even faster than Don pulling down my panties.

Now what the hell was I supposed to do? Before I could come up with any sort of plan Ron was in action. He simply ripped his top off and pushed his shorts and undies down which, from the eager way his erection sprang into the air, must have been a big relief to that erection. Looking at it I could see how it might have felt cramped inside his clothes.

While I was looking at Ron, Don clamped his hands around my waist and lifted me. I could feel my shorts and panties dropping away and I have to admit to giving them a little kick so that they wouldn't tangle my feet. Don just pressed me against Ron and I could feel that erection pressing against my tummy.

"Put your arms around his neck and wrap your legs around his waist," Don told me and, somewhat reluctantly, I did so.

"You can't do this to me," I was protesting, feeling Don's hands leaving me and then I was clinging to Ron, afraid that I was going to fall.

"That's OK," Ron assured me. "I'm not going to do anything to you."

"You're not?" I asked, not believing him for a second.

His hands cupped my bottom and he lifted me higher. I could feel his cock dragging against me as he did so, and then it slipped between my parted thighs and Ron held me there, the head of his cock just brushing against me.

"No, I'm not," he said. "I'm going to let you do this to me."

I had no idea what the hell he was talking about until I felt the hands on my bottom starting to loosen their grasp. With him not holding me up I started to sink down and down was the direction of his cock. If I sank down I'd sink right onto him. I tightened my grip around his neck, trying to pull myself higher. He simply waited.

I couldn't move. Anything I tried would see me screwed, and I meant that literally.

"Put me down," I hissed at him. "Yeah, that a big effect. He just smiled.

I couldn't hold on. I just couldn't. My body was slowly sinking and I'd try to pull myself higher only to start sinking again. It seemed to me that I'd sink a little lower each time. Actually, I know I did. At the start his cock was only butting against me but now it was pressing between my lips rising up into me. (Well, OK, I know I was sinking down onto it but that's not the way it felt from where I was standing, ah, sitting, oh - whatever.)

"Sorry, woman, but I have to say no. I'm not that sort of man," Ron said with this big smirk on his face. Don seemed to be killing himself trying not to laugh. I hoped he succeeded.

I slipped a little further and now Ron was well and truly starting to rise up into me. My passage seemed to just wrap around him and tried to draw him in.

"Ah, I said no," Ron pointed out. "If you continue it's rape."

My eyes nearly popped out of my head in disbelief. He had to be fucking kidding me. He put me in this position and was now denying it? Um, no, whispered a little voice. Don put me in this position. All Ron did was stand there and try to hold me up.

I took a deep breath and promptly got distracted by the feel of my breasts rubbing against his bare chest. He could count himself lucky that my nipples weren't sharp or he'd have been gored. I also let out that breath with a whoosh which resulted in me relaxing a little which resulted in me sliding another inch down, his cock apparently quite willing to surge up that distance, no matter what Ron might have implied.

"Bastard, bastard, bastard," I was muttering to myself, ungraciously surrendering to the force of gravity and sinking firmly down onto him. He had an awful lot of cock for me to sink on to I found.

"Well," he said, "seeing as you insist I suppose I can let this go."

He started doing something, I'm not sure exactly what, but the result was that I seemed to be bouncing on his cock. I was giving a little gasp with each bounce and it felt most peculiar. I'd certainly never had something like this happen to me before. (Similar, possibly, but not quite like this.)

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