tagErotic HorrorHappy Ending

Happy Ending


"So would you like a happy ending with your massage?" Annette Brite asked in that sexy posh voice of hers.

"Uh, doesn't that involve you... uh... jerking me off?" Clive Little asked.

"Yes, Mr. Little," Annette laughed. "It is indeed a euphemism for hand relief."

Little was at a loss on how to respond. He was still trying to work out how he'd ended up here, in her little shop, at seven in the evening.


Little had been looking for a last minute birthday present for his wife when he'd noticed the New Age shop on the corner of Bachman Road and Matheson Street. He hadn't really noticed it before so he thought it must be new. He tried to remember what had been here before. Wasn't it a sex shop or something like that? Something boarded up and poky anyway.

The new shop was a complete contrast. It was light and airy with big wide windows. 'Crystal Soul' was painted on the glass door in bright pink crystalline letters.

It was a long shot, but Little was completely out of ideas at this point. Maybe he'd find something here. You never knew.

As he was debating on whether or not to enter he nearly collided with a tall, strikingly beautiful blonde girl. She was continuing a conversation with someone inside, looking back over her shoulder and not spotting Little until she almost bumped into him.

"I'm sorry," Little said, stepping out of her way.

The girl smiled back at him, brightening Little's day as her clear blue eyes flashed with a hidden promise.

Wow, now here was a stunner, Little thought, unable to look away as she walked down the street, long blonde hair swishing as her hips swung provocatively. Easy Clive, Wifey would not be amused if she was here now.

No harm in looking though, he thought, smiling as he turned back and entered the shop.

The girl behind the counter was also attractive. She had long black hair that cascaded down onto her milky-white shoulders in a waterfall of ringlets. Her face was so pale and flawless it might have belonged to a precious porcelain doll. Her dress sense was a little unusual though. She wore a heavy black velvet dress that looked as though it belonged to some other bygone age.

It showed off the creamy white expanse of her cleavage to good effect though.

"Hello, can I help you?" She spoke perfect Queen's English without any trace of an accent. Somehow she managed to pull it off without coming across as haughty.

Little was a little embarrassed to realise he was staring at her cleavage. He looked up to meet her eyes, hazel orbs that flashed with amusement.

"I'm looking for a gift for my wife," Little said.

"What kind of gift do you think she'd like?" the shopkeeper asked.

"Um, you know, I actually don't have the foggiest," Little replied.

"Men," the shopkeeper laughed, rolling her eyes.

When Little had first saw her face he'd been put in mind of a doll, perfect yet cold. He supposed it would be the same had he seen her face in a picture or photograph. It only took a smile to dispel that impression. Her face took on a real animated quality and radiated warmth when she smiled.

She seemed like fun.

"We're not very good at this type of thing are we," Little said, smiling.

"Let me help," the shopkeeper smiled, coming out from behind the counter with a swish of her long velvet dress.

"These crystals look pretty," Little said, looking at a shelf that glittered with shards of refracted light.

He immediately regretted his comments. He felt like the idiot who'd walked into Samuel L. Jackson's comic book art shop in Unbreakable, looking to buy a cartoon for his kid when Jackson's character was selling art. He tried to rescue.

"But I suppose they also have some other important function like... uh... healing or something."

Little suspected he was just making it worse. He didn't understand this New Age stuff at all.

The shopkeeper saw he was floundering and laughed. She picked up a crystal off the shelf and stared into its dancing depths.

"The crystals are many things to many people," she said. "To some they have healing properties. Others think they are just pretty. There is no harm in thinking that. Sometimes the healing comes from owning something beautiful."

To Little it seemed like the lights in her hazel eyes danced like the lights in the crystal.

"And then to some they're just rocks," she said, plonking the crystal back down on the shelf. "I don't think your wife would be impressed with a pretty rock do you."

Little's wife, Melissa, was a practical girl. It was what had attracted him to her in the first place, although sometimes he wished she'd show a more whimsical side, especially in the bedroom. The shopkeeper was right. She was unlikely to be impressed with a pretty rock. Oh well, it had been a long shot.

"Hmm, this isn't quite as flashy, but she might appreciate it more," the shopkeeper said, pulling out a flowery wrapped box set of bath salts and oils. "A good relaxing bath works wonders for rejuvenating the body."

Little took the box from her. Yeah maybe Melissa would appreciate this more, provided he got her to put the damn stuff in the bath first.

"You should treat yourself as well," the shopkeeper said. "You look a little tense if you don't mind me saying. Do you spend a lot of time in front of a computer?"

"Is it that obvious," Little smiled, visibly moving his shoulder joint.

"There's a certain tenseness that creeps into the shoulders from spending too much time hunched up in front of a computer screen. Here." She put her hands on his shoulders and gently began to knead the muscles beneath.

That felt nice, Little thought, feeling a warmth spread across his shoulder blades. His and Melissa's careers kept them both so busy they no longer had the time to be as intimate with each other as they used to be.

"As, I thought, all knotted up," the shopkeeper said. "We need to give you a good massage to work out all this tightness."


"Oh don't worry, I'm fully qualified," the shopkeeper said, handing him a card, "I work evenings, after the shop is closed."

Little stared at the card. The name on it was 'Annette Brite'.

"Tell you what, let's make the first session free. A taster," the shopkeeper said. "I could do with the business," she whispered behind her hand.

Little looked at the smiling shopkeeper -- Annette -- in front of him. She was very attractive -- damn it, stop staring at her cleavage, Little thought -- and the prospect of receiving a massage from her was very appealing.

"Now it just so happens I have a session free tonight, seven o'clock." Her eyes twinkled. "What do you say?"

"Why not," Little smiled. "It can't hurt to try."

"That's the spirit," Annette said.

And that was how Little found himself back at her shop later that evening.


"I'm not sure about the... uh... 'happy ending'," Little said. He wondered what he was doing here and why he'd felt the need to tell Melissa he was playing squash with one of the guys from the office instead of the truth. "It sounds a little too intimate."

"That's perfectly understandable," Annette said. "You can always change your mind later if you wish."

"It doesn't bother you?" Little asked. "Having to touch other men's... uh..."

"Penises," Annette finished for him. "Not at all. It's a perfectly natural way to release stress and tension from the body. Now follow me."

Little was a little hesitant. He knew he was in very murky waters here, but he followed the strange woman into the back of her shop anyway.

"What sign are you Mr. Little?" Annette asked as she took him back through a small narrow corridor and then up a narrow flight of stairs.


Oh, she meant star sign, Little thought. Obviously. What was he again? He didn't really pay much attention to horoscopes. What was late February, the fishes wasn't it?

"Pisces, I think," Little replied.

"A water sign, as I thought," Annette said. "That's perfect. The Asian soap massage will be ideal for you."

Asian soap massage?

Bewildered, Little followed her into a clean bathroom tiled with white tiles. The bathroom was a lot larger than Little expected. There was a shower cubicle in the corner and a large Jacuzzi bath to the left of the entrance. What surprised Little was the amount of floor area.

There was an inflatable blue mattress propped up against one of the walls. Annette picked it up and laid it flat on the floor.

The bath was half full and covered in thick heaps of creamy foam. Humming to herself Annette selected a small bottle from the confusing array of oils and lotions on the shelves and emptied the contents into the water. She ran the tap and a pleasing herbal aroma filled the room.

"Okay Mr. Little, I'm guessing you haven't had this type of massage before so let me tell you a little about it before we get started. The Asian soap massage is a very popular Thai technique where the masseuse uses all parts of her body to massage the client. It's a full body-to-body service and we'll both be naked. You will find it very relaxing and I daresay a little erotic. Don't be ashamed if you find yourself becoming aroused during the massage. It's perfectly natural. The build up and release of sexual energy is a healthy way for the body to get rid of stress and tension. If you would like any help with this release please don't be afraid to ask. It's what I'm here for.

"However," Annette wagged her finger at him. "Under no circumstances will I provide any form of penetrative sex. I'm not that type of girl." She smiled and her brown eyes twinkled. "So, are you ready to begin?"

Little was hesitant again. She'd used words like 'naked', 'erotic' and 'body-to-body'. While he couldn't deny he felt a little excited, he also felt he was steering perilously close to a line he didn't want to cross.

Annette saw his hesitation and smiled. "Mr. Little, there's no need to worry. Our relationship will be strictly professional. I am your masseuse and you are my client. There will be no sex involved. I assure you your fidelity to your wife will remain intact at all times."

Well so long as there was no sex involved he wasn't strictly cheating on his wife was he...

Little started to unbutton his shirt.

"That's the spirit," Annette smiled. "We'll have you properly relaxed and on the road to better energy-flow management in no time at all."

Annette unfastened a clasp behind her back and stepped out of her black velvet dress. Underneath she was wearing a sexy black teddy with white frills. Her flesh was pale, almost verging on alabaster, but her figure...

Wow, why would anyone with a body like that keep it hidden from view in such a voluminous dress? Her legs were long and nicely toned and her stomach was nicely trim. Her body looked in good shape, but she still had a womanly figure with very inviting curves.

Still smiling, Annette unhooked the teddy and pulled it up over her head. She was completely naked in front of him. Her breasts were large and full and Little had trouble taking his eyes off them as they swayed in front of him. He glanced down to the naked folds of her pussy and then hurriedly looked away.

This wasn't just close to the line; this was on the line and in danger of toppling over.

Annette had no qualms about being naked in front of him at all. She placed a plastic bowl in the bath and scooped out an even mixture of foam and scented bathwater.

"If you'll just wait a moment while I prep the airbed," Annette said, pouring the contents of the bowl onto the blue inflatable mattress. "We need to get it nice and slippery."

Little continued to undress as he watched Annette lie on the airbed and start to rub her body across the plastic surface. Gripping the sides she slid her body up and down and side to side across the surface, covering it in a sheen of soapy water. Little watched her slide, her legs splayed wide and her ripe breasts squashed against the bed. Very shortly she was going to be sliding across his body just like that. The imaginary line vanished to the back of Little's thoughts.

The mattress squeaked as Annette got off and crouched next to the side. She smiled and beckoned for him to lie down. Little removed his last item of clothing, his underpants, and lay face down on the soapy mattress. The mattress was soft and wet, but the water was warm enough that the sensation was pleasant rather than unpleasant.

Little didn't have long to think about the bed before he felt a weight on his lower back. The centre of the airbed pushed down as Annette straddled his lower back.

"Let's get you all wet and slippery Mr. Water Sign," she said.

Little felt a pattering sensation up his back as Annette squeezed a sponge and soapy water rained down on his back. She lightly rubbed the sponge up his spine and across his shoulders, covering him in a layer of soap suds.

Her hands moved in next, light teasing fingers that walked up his spine on spider legs and began to work the muscles of his neck and shoulders. Little sighed as he felt her insistent fingers hunt down and smooth away every knot, knoll and snag in his back and neck.

"That feels much better doesn't it," Annette said.

"Mmm yeah," Little murmured contentedly. He should have done this years ago.

It was only the prelude to greater pleasures as he felt the soft pressure of her breasts against his back as she lay on top of him. She began to slide her upper body across his back just as she'd done to the mattress earlier. She moved her breasts around and around in a circular motion, stirring Little's body to greater heights of contentment. He felt his cock harden as it lay between his belly and the soapy mattress.

She'd warned him he'd get aroused. Of course he would. What man wouldn't get aroused at the feeling of a hot woman rubbing her breasts against his back?

Now that she'd got him nice and slippery, Annette began to slide up and down his back. She slid over his buttocks and down his calves, letting her erect nipples trace lines down either side of his spine. She gripped his shoulders and slid back up. Teasingly she bobbed her hips down against his lower back, grinding his erection into the soft mattress beneath.

Little felt like he was melting beneath her erotic onslaught. If she kept this up all his muscles would run together into one big puddle on top of the airbed. This was fantastic.

She slid off him and then began to slide up and down next to him on the mattress, her breasts like cushions against his side. A leg slid under his and she brought her thighs together in a sheath that rubbed up and down first his left leg and then his right leg as she shifted sides.

She turned her attentions completely to his legs. She straddled his right thigh and her expert hands began to work up and down his calf, squeezing and kneading the muscles beneath his skin until they loosened and relaxed. She pulled his leg right back until his ankle rested in her cleavage, surrounded by the pillows of her breasts.

She really meant it when she said she'd be using all parts of her body, Little thought. He could feel the folds of her pussy against the back of his leg as she slid her crotch up and down his thigh, smoothing out the thick muscles beneath. Her breasts slid up and down his calf and her fingers, those wonderful fingers, worked first his toes and then moved onto the sole of his foot.

Little purred with pleasure.

"Does that feel nice?" Annette asked.

"Wonderful," Little replied, basking in contentment as she shifted her attentions to his other leg. "I don't suppose you give lessons. My wife needs to be taught how to do this."

"If I did that I'd lose all my customers Mr. Little," Annette laughed.

She went back to the bowl of soapy water and poured more of it onto his buttocks and between his legs until it puddled around his erect cock in a warm pool.

What happened next took Little totally by surprise as Annette pushed his legs further apart and then slid her lower body underneath his. She squirmed beneath him, rubbing his cock in the narrow space between their stomachs. The sensation of his cock moving against her slick lower belly was maddeningly erotic.

This was a little more than the professional relationship between a masseuse and her client, surely?

Annette folded her body up and over his buttocks until he could feel her erect nipples rubbing against his cheeks.

A lot more, Little amended as he felt her tongue dart around the rim of his ass and then dance down his perineum to tickle the back of his balls. He squirmed in ecstasy as she tickled the intimate parts of his body.

"Time to turn you over," Annette said.

She slithered out from under him and then up the mattress until she lay alongside him. She slid an arm underneath his chest, grabbed his other arm and then spun him around in a smooth movement until he was laying flat on his back, his cock swaying in the air like a pole.

She climbed back on his body and Little looked up at her, drinking in her beauty. Her milky-white breasts were covered in a layer of frothy white lather. She locked her hazel eyes with his and then lay down until her breasts rested on his chest. Then she began to slide up and down his body. Little's face contorted with pleasure as he felt her slick body rub against his cock. She slid right down until it slotted into the lush channel of her cleavage. Still staring intently into his eyes she slid back up and Little felt little explosions of pleasure detonate in his skin as her nipples brushed against his.

She continued to slide up and down, softly grinding Little's cock between their bodies. He lay back, his face twisted in concentration. It was all he could do to keep from exploding.

She slid up higher until Little's chin rested in her cleavage. She bent over and whispered softly in his ear.

"Would you like your happy ending now?"

Little wasn't in a position to refuse. The sensation of her body sliding over his had started a fire in his balls that threatened to rage out of control. His cock ached with a need to ejaculate so urgent it was painful.

"Oh yes please," he murmured.

Annette stared into his eyes before lightly kissing him on the lips. "That's it. There's no need to be shy. It's perfectly natural."

She sat up and gracefully swivelled on his stomach until she was facing his feet.

"Now you lie back and relax and let me flush all that tension and stress from your body with a nice healthy orgasm."

Little groaned in delight as he felt a soft hand close around his cock and lightly begin to pump up and down. Melissa's face briefly entered his thoughts, but he hurriedly shooed it aside. This was just a handjob. It didn't really qualify as real sex.

He wasn't cheating on her. Not really.

Annette played his balls and cock like a virtuoso musician. Her light touches sent fireworks zooming up his nerves. With a normal girl Little would have already cum, but with a little touch here and a gentle twist there Annette was able to hold him perpetually at the threshold of release, letting the pleasure build until it was a bonfire roaring through his flesh.

"Now it's time for something a little special," Annette said, turning to give him a naughty little smile.

She reached for something lying next to the mattress. The next sensation was of absolute bliss as she poured a warm, viscous liquid -- some kind of thick massage oil, he guessed -- over his cock. Her hand glided gently over the liquid with soft shlupping sounds as she pumped his freshly lubricated member.

Little gave a long drawn out moan of pleasure. That felt heavenly. The liquid sank into his skin until his whole cock was surrounded by a warm glow of bliss. Little was surprised he didn't cum there and then. Using the fingers of her other hand, Annette applied pressure to certain points between his balls and at the base of his cock that kept him from cumming.

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