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Happy Ending


Skin on skin with nothing between but a thin film of oil. This is where I belonged; this is how I felt content. Her relaxed breathing, her gentle moans when my thumbs released another knot in her back. Miss had never allowed me such intimate touches before and a nice long massage like this would take around an hour. I felt so blessed. I wanted badly to caress her lovely breasts, lick her beautiful pussy, and such thoughts brought a blush to my skin, but I would never overstep the permissions she gave me. I would be content here with this, the rhythmic push and pull of her silky skin.

Sir watched attentively from his chair in the corner of the room. He was the only one who was dressed but I saw that he was growing aroused watching. I knew that look in his eyes, and it made my pussy wet. I tried to put Sir out of my mind for now, this was for Miss. She had been hesitant because she wasn't sure she wanted anything to do with Sir's new plaything. Miss was used to having separate toys. Sir suggested Miss enjoy one of my massages with no strings or promises of more. Miss agreed to give it a try, and it seems I'm doing a good job.

I slid my hands down her back one more time checking for any stray tension I missed, then moved to the end of the table and started massaging her ankles and calves. Kneading, digging, sliding, I worked the muscles in her calves before moving on to thighs and buttocks. I was very careful to avoid any area she might consider inappropriate because I wanted Miss to be pleased and I wanted to be allowed to do this again.

As I completed the task I'd been given I worked up some courage and asked, "If you're pleased with the massage this far Miss, I'd ask you to roll over so that I can do your arms and the front of your legs." She obliged with a smile that made me blush. Gazing over her body for a few seconds I realized I wasn't working yet and quickly grabbed some more oil for her arms.

Slowly I pulled out the aches and pains, working the muscles into a state of peace. I gently caressed her skin, making sure to get every spot in her wrists and hands. Then I moved down to her feet again. Digging into her soles and tugging gently on her toes I wiggled out any tension before moving on to her calves.

As I worked, Sir came over and gave Miss a deep sensual kiss as he squeezed her nipples. She moaned and squirmed and just as I was finishing with her legs Sir turned to me and said, "Kneel by my chair. Watch us." I hurried to my place and watched as Sir fucked Miss with his fingers and sucked on her nipples. She squirmed and moaned as he growled sweet words in her ears. Their sounds filled my head and my pussy ached to be touched. I knew I was not allowed to cum or even touch myself without permission, so I kept my hands still on my thighs. Miss came with a shudder and Sir pulled her to the edge of the massage table and lifting her legs in the air he unzipped his pants and slid his cock inside her.

Slowly at first and then faster, Sir pumped into her pussy and leaned over to whisper in her ear. I didn't know what was said but Miss liked it so much she came loudly and Sir released his cum inside her with a grunt soon after. Wiping his cock on Miss's thighs Sir called me to him.

Kneeling at Sir's feet I felt his strong hands caressing my hair and I heard something I'd never even dared hope for. Sir smiled said, "I'm told you've been a good little slave and deserve a reward. Now get your face in that pussy and clean up every drop of cum."

Suddenly my heart was pounding again and with a great big smile I said "Yes Sir", and crawled over to the massage table. Not rising higher than my knees, and keeping my hands behind my back as I had been taught, I found Miss's pussy was just at the right height. Gently, I licked the smear off her thigh and I heard her sigh. That sigh sent goosebumps along my skin and encouraged me to be bold. Enjoying the scent I gently teased around the outside of her pussy with the tip of my tongue. Rocking her hips and moaning I could tell Miss was wanting more. Gently I poked my tongue inside and was surprised to find Sir's cum tasted even better mixed with Miss's juices.

Miss got impatient. She grabbed my head pushed my face into her pussy commanding me to "stop teasing". Eagerly I sucked and licked her pussy lips, slurping up Sir's cum. I alternated between flicking her clit and probing her hole with my tongue. Grinding her pussy against my face Miss made the most wonderful moans and squeals I'd heard. Sir came up behind me, lifted my ass so I was bent over at the waist and unclasped my hands moving the right one forward. "Fuck her", he whispered and walked away. I eagerly obeyed and curling my fingers to hit her g-spot I finger fucked Miss so hard she came with a mighty gush that sprayed all over my face and chest. I hadn't been told to stop so I kept going and Miss came again. This time her squirting soaked me head to legs and she pulled my head away saying "Enough".

I returned to my place by Sir's chair he went to Miss and they whispered for a bit. When they finished they both stood in front of me. I looked up and Sir spoke, "It seems you've made an impression my dear. Lets go get you cleaned up. We have a lot to talk about if you're going to have a Mistress as well as a Master."

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