Happy Ending Ch. 06


"Hey 'Chele" Raina greeted her mentor thirty minutes early. "Hope I'm not interrupting anything!" she laughed, walking into the office to drop off her bag. She headed into the lab, figuring Michele must be there. They'd talked earlier, and Raina knew about the new 'hardware'. But the boss wasn't in the lab, so Raina went back out and headed for the house just as Michele came out the side door, waving as she approached.

"Hey girl." she said, glancing at her watch. "You're too early!" Michele giggled. "That's okay, I have some news to share with you before we get started."

"Uh... news you couldn't tell me on the phone?" Raina queried, a frown showing on her usually cheerful face.

"Oh don't worry sweetie. It's actually fantastic news, I just didn't want to tell you on the phone without knowing nobody was around." Michele told her.

"Must be big then." Raina replied.

"Yes, well just to start with, Doctor Cyrus knows about the project." Michele said.

"Oh my god! How did he find out?" Raina asked, hoping he didn't know about her.

"Not important, although there isn't a problem. He heard a rumor from a male acquantance who told him there might be a massage therapist on his staff who was providing 'extracurricular' services to her clients, and Gil figured it was probably me." Michele told her. "So he approached me quite discretely and asked."

"Um... so... does he know..." Raina stammered.

"No. He doesn't know about you. He does know pretty much everything else." Michele replied. "And I do mean everything."

"Oh shit. I mean... everything?" Raina was shocked.

"I gave him a copy of the project brief to read, and he did some online research on his own. Then he came over here yesterday, and..." Michele let her words trail off.

"Oh my freakin' GAWD!" Raina squealed. "You didn't..."

Michele held up her hand. "Yes, I did. And I'm going to leave it at this... he understands the therapy, how it works, and how it can help people."

"So... you..." the young woman stammered.

"Yep. I sure did. And it was very therapeutic - for both of us." Michele told her. "He asked for another session." she added. "And I'm going to schedule one."

"Really? Wow. So... does he... I mean..." Raina couldn't find the words.

"Need LSR therapy? Yes. But you have to make damn sure nobody hears about that. He has promised me he won't leak anything about us or about the project, and I promised him the same about him." Michele told her. "He's the first real subject we have to test our therapy regimen, and he's a good candidate." she added. "Mum is the word girl. Keep it zipped."

"No problem boss." Raina replied.

"Okay, so let's get to the lab so I can show you the new tool and we can get started." Michele suggested.

Raina followed her into the lab and listened carefully as she explained how the enhanced tool worked and how it would help them train. The idea was they could condition their reflexes so that when a client's organ spasmed inside them their muscles would respond correctly to either stop the release progression or to produce a release. The different settings of the 'pulse' generator would serve to simulate three different levels of excitement in the client 1) a 'twitch' is typically an 'early warning' that lust is growing. 2) a 'spasm' is a harder, more pronounced pulsation indicating close proximity to the final climb, and 3) a 'convulsion' signals release is imminent. The response to the first two would always depend upon the client and the session parameters, while the third would definitely mean 'go for it'.

"The first thing we need to do is to calibrate the sensitivity of the sensor and capture platforms." Michele told her. I discovered when I was doing the preliminary tests that a level 3 would saturate two or more of the sensor channels. I'm not sure if the saturation was caused by the pulse, or was my muscle response to the pulse, so we need to check that out and reduce the gain of the channels. The pulses felt about right to me, so I want your input on that as well."

"Um... okay, well I'm prepped. Why don't we start there. I'll insert the tool and you can control the pulses and watch the sensor channels." Raina suggested, stripping her shorts and panties off.

"Okay. Sounds good." Michele replied, preparing the tool with a coating of lube while the system fired up. She handed the tool to her protege, who looked at it as closely as she herself had earlier.

"Hmmm. Looks like it would feel good too." she giggled, reaching her hand down to insert the tool in her rear. "Mmmm... it does feel good." she said. Then she clenched her muscles and watched the capture display. "I'm live!" she laughed, then she laid back on the table, lifting her knees as she reached down to rearrange the wires and tube. "Okay boss."

"Alright. I'll give you a pulse on the lowest setting now." Michele told her. The cursor hovered over the 'Twitch' control and she clicked, watching Raina's face. There was a small response there, and the capture display reflected that. "So..."

"Oh I felt it; but there wasn't much." Raina said. "50% more oomph would probably be better." she added.

Michele elevated the level and clicked the mouse. This time there was a definite response on her face, and the capture display showed not only the stimulus; but an involuntary clench from her anal muscles. "Okay sweetie, that looked good; but there was an involuntary clench from your muscles after the stimulus. I would hope that won't happen every time; but we'll see." she said. "Let's just go through the three different pulse levels, adjust them based on your feelings, then leave them there and I'll take the tool."

They followed that process, Raina providing her feedback while Michele ran the console. Then they did the same thing with Michele using the tool and taking more notes. Then they sat together and reviewed both the notes and the captured data. They worked together to refine the procedure and identified a new set of objectives before saying their goodbyes for the day. They had another session scheduled early the following week, and Michele had some statistics to analyze before then.

Michele was in the office when the phone rang. "Foothill Therapy" she answered, using the newly coined name. It was a gentleman going by 'Michael', who had been referred by the APT group. She had reviewed his profile, and he appeared to be a good candidate for the LSRT program. Michele scheduled a preliminary interview with him for the following day, allowing three hours for the initial discussions with two hours of this for a first session - if that happened. Raina would be at the Wellness Center, so if it came about Michele would be the therapist. After a brief set of 'pre-screen' questions she was convinced the fit was good enough to have him come in. After she hung up she paid a visit to the APT profile database, looking him up by the 'reference ID' they had provided. Only one picture; but he was a pretty average looking guy. He'd been married for nearly twenty years; but the separation and divorce had taken it's toll. His ex had been particularly brutal with her public castration of him for some reason, and he was suffering badly from LS Syndrome. She spent some time adding to her interview question list, removing two questions and adding four new ones tailored to his situation. Then she closed up the shop and walked to the house for a nice, quiet evening.

Michael arrived right on time, walking confidently into the reception area. "Good morning." he greeted her. "Michele?" he asked. She nodded. "I'm Michael Richards" he said, holding out his hand.

Michele shook his hand as she stood up. "Come on in Michael Richards" she chuckled at the formality. "Yes, I'm Michele." she added, leading him into her office. She spent the next forty-five minutes learning about the man, finding out what drove him and why he thought he needed the therapy. He had all the right answers. She escorted him into the therapy room and showed him the attached shower room, asking him to take a quick shower, focussing on his genital areas, then put on the robe and let her know he was ready. Leaving him to that task, she went back to her office, selected the medium sized prep tool, lubed it and inserted it. She chose the medium based on Michael's response to her 'penis size' questions, and hoped he had been truthful.

Michael enjoyed the shower, being sure to lather up his cock and balls and the region around his anus. Michele had told him about the therapy, and he definitely didn't want her to be put off by odors down there. He rinsed thoroughly and reached out for the towel, drying himself just as thoroughly before he put on the robe. He opened the door just enough to poke his head through. "Okay Michele." he said.

"Alright Michael. Just lay face down on the massage table with the sheet over you and I'll be right in." Michele told him, returning his smile. She gave him a couple of minutes to figure things out, then walked over to the door and knocked. "Ready Michael?" she asked. She heard his mumbled response and opened the door. She walked over to the table, resting her hand on his shoulder. "So is there any area in particular you would like me to work on today?" she asked.

"Uh... well..." he stammered, unsure about the question.

"Other than that Michael. I mean muscle aches." she laughed.

"Oh... Um... no, not really." Michael responded, recalling that she told him this whole thing began with a full-body massage.

"Alright. Just relax now Michael." Michele told him, her expert hands working his muscles. She took a bit of extra time with him, since it was his first real massage in a very long time. She found several 'hot spots', kneading his flesh to work out the knots. Then when she worked on his legs before he turned over she let her fingertips drift up to tickle his balls, getting a low moan from her new client. Once on his back she made quick work of his shoulders, neck and arms before moving down to his legs and feet. On her final pass up his right leg she let one hand roam all the way up to his loins, her fingers wrapping around his penis to give it a gentle squeeze. He moaned at her touch, and she felt a very weak pulsation from his organ. "Mmm... let's see if we can help him out here..." she said softly, lowering her head to run her tongue from his testicles up to the still-soft crown of his organ. She took one of his balls into her mouth, suckling gently on the sensitive orb as her fingers fondled his penis, switching to the other orb to give it some attention. She sensed another weak twitch He wants to respond she thought.

Michele took the base of his meat between her fingers and lapped at the shaft with her wet tongue, blowing alternate cool and warm air on the organ before wrapping her lips around the head. She worked her soft lips all the down to the root, swirling her tongue around the soft flesh as she began sucking gently. Michael moaned, and she sensed another weak pulsation in his organ. As promising as that may have been, she fellated him for fifteen minutes before there was meaningful response. She recalled a technique that was recommended by a 'sex therapist' in a paper she'd read, and she gently lifted her mouth from his dick. "I'm going to try something I think will help." she told him, reaching down for the bottle of lube. She coated her middle finger and pressed the tip against his anus. "Just relax now Michael. Let's work this out together." she said in a soothing voice, her lips taking in his penis as her finger eased inside his butthole. She curled the finger slightly and wormed it around in his rectum, giving his prostate a nice massage as she sucked his cock. Now we're getting somewhere! she thought, feeling his organ grow in her oral cavity. Her finger continued it's rectal stimulation as her lips worked up and down on his stiffening dick.

Michael was enjoying the feel of her mouth, and the addition of her finger up his ass was a big change. He sensed his cock was getting hard now, and tried to do as she told him and relax. She'd told him what the 'full' therapy consisted of, and wanted to try that at least once; but he knew his dick had to be hard for that to work. "Ohhhmmmm..." he moaned as he felt the second digit sliding into his rear. Her mouth was warm around his meat, and now he could feel her tongue teasing at the sensitive spot under his cockhead. Then her mouth and fingers were withdrawn...

Michele reached back to pull out the prep tool and grabbed the lube. Her fingers gripped his shaft as she poured on plenty of the special oil and distributed it along his length. Then she climbed up onto the table to straddle him. "Relax now Michael. Let's see if we can help you here" she whispered, easing her hips down until the tip of his organ pressed against her moist ring. "Easy now.." she said, clenching her outer ring at his crown. Another inch down and he was in! She focused, relaxing her rectal channel to engulf his penis completely. "Here we go Michael. Reeelaxxxx." she told him, letting her well-trained muscles massage his cock. A few minutes in and she felt a Spasm - a level 2 - and immediately relaxed her chute, letting his meat savor the warmth and velvety smoothness of her asshole. "Easy Michael" she whispered. "Come on down for me, nice and slow."

Michael thought he'd died and gone to heaven - a heaven where a woman's place was to keep him happy and make him feel good. Michele's oral skills had moved him to a level he hadn't been in years, and now she was using her bottom - and skills he never knew about - to keep him on that path to feeling great. "Ohhh... Michele... Ohgawwwddd" he groaned. His hands wanted to touch her; but she'd made it very clear that was forbidden. This is NOT sex she'd said. But it sure felt like it.

She gave him several minutes, waiting until there were no twitches for at least two minutes. Then she resumed her 'penile massage', gently working her rear channel around his penis. She caught three more 'signals' from him, easing her butt up and down on his meat, then there was a much stronger pulsation - a convulsion, and she knew it was time. "Okay Michael... here we go... Reeeeeleeeease" she whispered, gliding her chute up and down on his cock as he let go a torrent of pent-up semen into her bowels. "That's it Michael... that's it... let it go..." she said softly, feeling the sticky warmth coating his shaft to ooze out of her ass. She kept clenching, easing off on the strength as his dick softened and finally slipped free. Then she gently climbed down, wiping herself before using a fresh towelette to clean up Michael's genitals. She covered him with the sheet, retrieved her shorts, and moved toward the door. "Just relax and take your time Michael. I'll be out in the lobby whenever you're ready." she told him, going through the door and closing it behind her. IT WORKED! she thought, suppressing the urge to jump up and down and scream it to the world. She went to her office, pulling on a clean pair of panties and shorts before going back out to the reception desk to wait.

He laid there for a good five minutes, his cock still tingling from the first real climax he'd had in several years. He was so pleased that the help he'd sought through the Association website had lead him here. This LSR therapy was exactly what he needed. He pulled himself up, shook his head clear, then put his street clothes back on before heading out to see Michele. He smiled warmly as he approached.

"Michael. I would like to spend a few minutes with you before you go if that's okay." Michele said.

"Sure, no problem." he replied, following her to the office. She sure does have a cute one! he thought, staring at her taut bum as she walked. He felt his cock twitch - again. Michele sat behind the desk and motioned for him to sit as well, then she pulled out a file and prepared to take some notes.

"Okay. You've had your first LSR session. Can you please tell me what first what your expectations were, and now what your impressions or conclusions are?" Michele asked him, pencil at the ready.

"Oh... uh... well, I guess my expectations were pretty low. I mean it's been so long... up to just now... since I really felt a meaningful - um - climax." Michael began. "My experiences with women had been... uh... unsatisfactory to say the least." he added. "I couldn't even get a hardon watching porn... it was that bad... and the doctors couldn't help." he told her, opening up.

"Mmm... sounds like you were hurting." Michele said. "So... what do you think now?" she asked.

"Well... clearly the therapy - at least your techniques - worked... in a physical sense anyway." Michael replied. "I guess time will tell..."

"Now Michael, I want you to understand something here." Michele said. "Today isn't the end of your LSR program. In fact, until I am satisfied that you can handle your own syndrome, we will continue these sessions." she told him. "And I am not the only therapist." she added.

"But.. will other therapists know how to..." he stammered.

"Yes. Our other therapists have exactly the same training that I have. What may help you is that they are definitely different - physically - than me." she responded.

"Oh... okay." Michael replied, pulling out his wallet.

Michele held up her hand. "Are we ready for that Michael?" she asked. "I would like to schedule your next session before we wrap things up for the day, if that's okay." she added. "Let's go out to the reception desk." she said, rising from her chair to head out to the lobby. She could feel his gaze on her backside And that's progress! she thought, smiling to herself as she added some extra wiggle to her walk. They agreed on the next session date, and she watched as he pulled out a sizable stack of bills. "Oh Michael... really..."

"No no Michele. It's the least I can do." he said, holding the money out to her. After she took it he smiled. "Okay Michele. Thanks so much. I'll see you next week." Then he turned and walked out.

She counted the money. It was six hundred dollars! He had paid her for the 'session', and given her almost five hundred as a gratuity. She smiled to herself and put the money in the lock box. It had been a very good day for Libido Stress Relief Therapy.

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