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Happy Endings


It had been a long stressful few weeks at work so as a way to unwind I had decided to treat myself to a massage. Spending ten plus hours a day sitting at my computer had done nothing to help my bad back. It got to the point that I couldn't stand up with out excruciating pain. I was looking forward to the massage as a release to all of my built up tension.

As Ellen came out to greet me for my appointment my first impression was trying to figure out how someone so plain was going to be able to provide me with the thorough massage that I had been looking for. Once in the room and the usual small talk Ellen left so I could strip down to my underwear and climb under the covers lying face-down staring at the floor. It seemed to take forever for Ellen to return and by this point I was getting a little restless.

Finally she returned and questioned; "Is there any particular area that you would like me to focus on?"

"My lower back has been quite tender of late but other than no major concerns."

Starting in on the massage Ellen noticed the six plus inch scar on my shoulder, "Do I dare ask what happened that left you with a scar of that size?"

Unable to think of a good story I caved and told the truth: "I had major surgery a couple of years ago as a result of a disorder I have."

Shortly after any conversation died down as the massage was getting rolling. As someone who has massages on a regular basis this one started out poorly. Grabbing my arm, shaking and twisting to loosen it up, she took my hand with hers and with her other hand was at work freeing up the knots. Having my face buried and only able to catch a glimpse of the carpet I was straining to figure out what was going on when I all of a sudden got and incredible sensation slowly moving down my arm.

As Ellen started to work on my shoulder and neck she was now standing at my head and leaning over me, looking the through the headrest all I was able to see was her Crocks. Being swept away by how relaxing the massage had become I was beginning to realize I could feel her long brown hair brushing against my back. The combination of her magical fingers and the way her hair felt against my back I could feel myself starting to get aroused. To add the mix I started to feel the same sensation on my shoulders that I had earlier felt on my arm.

Ellen soon asked: "Okay are you ready to turn over for me?"

Realizing there would be no way for me to conceal my arousal I shyly responded: "I guess so"

Failing at any attempt of small talk I kept my eyes clothes wondering what this stranger was thinking of the pup-tent I had erected on her massage table. Rubbing and moving her way up my leg I felt as if I was turning at least a dozen shades of red and that someone had turned the heat up to well over 100 degrees I remained speechless. Wanting to die from embarrassment I was shocked when I felt a gentle hand tucking the sheet into my boxer-briefs and shifted slowly when I felt a finger brush against my bulging penis.

Almost giggling Ellen apologized for the inappropriate contact. I chose to ignore the comment. Keeping my right arm fully extended, for a third time I could feel the sensation on my body. This time being face up I was able to catch a glimpse as Ellen was brushing her lips down the length of my arm. She must not have known I was watching because she jumped slightly when I asked: "Is this typical service?"

Flushed and trying to find the words; "Uhm – I – I am sorry!"

"Why what are you sorry for? You have the most amazing touch!"

As Ellen turned her back and headed for the door I was kicking myself internally for blowing this opportunity. When all of a sudden I heard a loud click and realized that instead of leaving Ellen was locking the door so we wouldn't be interrupted. She then changed the music from meditating to soft rock with a good beat. Looking towards Ellen I was overly impressed by how she transformed from a plain looking girl to a goddess by the slow process of removing her clothes. Staring at this beauty I was bowled over by her shapely breasts with the nipples staring out at me, to the shooting star tattoo on her right hip, not to be outdone by the rainbow tattoo with a pot of gold on her left inner thigh, and also the cleanly shaven pussy that had a slick glisten exposing the fact at how aroused she had become.

I tried to stand up to greet her but she pushed me back down on the table. Gently she climbed on top of me and greeted me with a warm & wet kiss. Her nipples feeling like erasers as they rubbed against my chest, I was longing to get one in my mouth. Reaching down with her left hand she eased my bulging cock into her juicy vagina. As I was entering she let out a curious sound as she bit her lower lip. Sitting up right she began grinding and swiveling her hips while trying to sit up I was finally close enough to one of her nipples to slip in my mouth and began to gently suck. Wanting to pay attention to both of her breasts I cupped the other one in my hand while continuing to suck and kiss from nipple to cleavage and back again.

Not able to contain myself any longer I released the built up tension that was residing in my balls. Unknowingly I groaned loudly which startled Ellen, she looked at me sadly; "I can't believe you finished before I could get a turn!"

Overcome with exhaustion I replied: "I am sorry is there anyway that I can make it up to you?"

"As a matter of fact there is. Meet me at my apartment at 7:30 tonight. And oh yeah! DON"T BE LATE!"

Flustered I sputtered out; "But whe-?"

She interrupted and quietly slipped me her address and kissed me and left the room for me to get dressed. Leaving the massage room Ellen went through the routine of needing to replenish with plenty of water and rest for the rest of the day and that I could talk to receptionist if I needed to make any other appointments.

Not wanting to be late I was outside her door right as the clock turned to 7:30. After a few anxious moments the door opened and I was greeted by Ellen standing in front of me wearing a blue silk bathrobe. Crossing the threshold I was drawn to the fact that there was not one light on in the room but instead the glow of what seemed to be 20 candles. In one smooth motion she went from closing the door to having her lips pressed against mine and wasting little time my pants were down to my ankles and her hand was grabbing my cock. Stroking feverishly it was soon evident that I was good to go.

Lying down on the floor I reached between her legs and could feel her warmth on her thighs, easing my way up I could feel the dripping from Ellen's wet love hole. Spreading her legs I was able to penetrate with the greatest of ease. Starting with a slow methodic motion I would plunge down and pull back, easing my cock out of her vagina ever so slightly and then with a thrust plunge back down. In matching tempo we picked up the pace until I could not hold back any longer and exploded with one final push. As my load of jizz rocketed from me Ellen pulled me closer at the same time her orgasm let loose.

Needing a few minutes to recover Ellen went to the fridge to get us a couple of cold Bud Lights and guided me to her bathroom where we spent the next twenty minutes in the shower lathering each other up and cleaning off the bodily fluids. Still horny and fresh out of the shower I carried her into her bedroom and dropped her on the bed. Jumping on the bed beside her our lips and tongues met exploring each others mouths. Gently pulling away, I began to kiss her neck, moving down her to shoulders, making sure to give plenty of time to both breasts and cleavage working my way back and forth. Sliding down over her belly and past her faded tan line I was soon licking away at her already swollen clit. Alternating between licking and nibbling I would be sure to move away and kiss the inner thighs just to drive Ellen a little crazy.

After a prolonged lapfest I soon ready for more action. Figuring that a third fuck of the day was about to take place I was pleasantly surprised when instead Ellen decided to give me a blow-job. Jumping right into the action Ellen started by gently kissing my ball sack, worked her way up the shaft and like a magic show my cock quietly disappeared into her mouth. Caressing the back of her head while she continued to bob up and down I hadn't realized that my hips were moving up and down and that I was fucking her mouth. What sent me over the top was when Ellen started to swirl her tongue on the tip of my penis with each thrust.

Blasting my load, like a trooper Ellen sucked up ever last drop of my cum. Pulling away Ellen licked her lips and just smiled. Needless to say I now have massages from Ellen on a regular basis but none of them take place at her office.

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