tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHappy Gays Ch. 01

Happy Gays Ch. 01


Richie and his buddies were in a lousy mood. They had tried to have some fun by writing a phone number on the wall at Arnold's with the message "I give great head." Little did they know that by chance the number belonged to Fonzie's girlfriend! She was bothered by calls all hours of the day and night and the Fonz was getting really pissed!

Fonzie's parents were away for the afternoon, so he had invited the four men over to his house to "get their punishment." Richie, Potsie, and Ralph were 19, while Chachi had just turned 18. They drove up to the 20 year old Fonzie's house wondering what in the world he had in store for them.

Richie rang the doorbell with shaky hands and in a few seconds, Fonzie opened the door. He was dressed in his usual garb, leather jacket, jeans, and a crisp white crew neck t-shirt.

"Ah, I see the four stooges have finally arrived. Downstairs, men!"

The group descended the narrow staircase to Fonzie's finished basement. They found themselves in a large family room with two sofas.

Fonzie immediately sat down on the larger of the two, while the four nervous friends remained standing.

"Let me get this straight...no one, NO ONE messes around with the Fonz or his friends, got it??"

"Yes, Fonz." the 4 buddies responded in unison.

"For the next hour, you will do whatever I say, or I will paddle each of you 100 times!" Fonzie pointed to a large wooden paddle which was hanging prominently on the wall.

Now the four men were getting really scared. They didn't want to be paddled, but they had no idea what they needed to do to please Fonzie!

"All right, I want you guys to get more comfortable. Strip to your underwear!"

"Our UNDERWEAR?!" Richie let out a sound that sounded like the mixture of a grunt and a squeak.

"Yeah, what's the matter, haven't you men ever seen each other in your underwear before?" Fonzie smirked.

"Well, not really!" Richie looked at the ground. The four men had been in separate gym classes in school and only occasionally saw a glimpse of a boxer shorts waistband, accidentally of course.

"There's a first time for everything. Let's go....STRIP!" Fonzie blew a small whistle and immediately all four men took off their socks and sneakers. Then, four shirts were opened and fell to the floor. Chachi and Potzie wore sleeveless undershirts, while Ralph and Richie wore crew necks. Richie was the first to open his pants. He turned his back to the group as he lowered his trousers, revealing full cut white boxer shorts, his usual choice of underwear. Chachi kicked off his pants next. He had just started to wear boxers and sported a baby blue pair that looked really good on him. Potsie was extremely nervous as he lowered his nice dress slacks, exposing blue and white striped boxers. Finally, Ralph grunted loudly as his blue jeans fell to the ground, revealing blue plaid boxers with a complicated pattern on them.

"Not bad, not bad," Fonzie muttered. He was secretely bisexual and loved watching guys strip. "Now, take out your dicks!"

"OUR WHAT!" Potsie turned deep crimson.

"You heard me...your weenies....NOW DO IT!!"

Fonzie blew the whistle again and laughed as four shaky hands pulled out four soft cocks from four boxer flies.

"That's pathetic!!" Fonzie was getting more annoyed by the minute. "I want to see them hard. Richie and Chachi, stick your dicks in and out of each others' shorts until I blow the whistle. Ralph and Potsie, you do the same thing."

There was a lot of muttering and swearing after Fonzie's latest command, but the men knew they were completely beaten. Richie tentatively stuck his soft cock in Chachi's roomy boxers. Both men groaned loudly as their partial erections made contact. Then, Richie rapidly thrusted his prick in and out of Chachi's shorts. Potzie and Ralph did the same manuever and Fonzie tossed his jacket off and rubbed his crotch as he witnessed the incredibly hot scene unfolding before him. The men moaned and groaned as their cocks gradually hardened in each others' underpants. Finally, Fonzie blew the whistle once more.

"That's it! Take em' out!" Fonzie's eyes popped as the men slowly separated. Ralph and Potzie's wangs stuck out of their boxers like clubs. Ralph's was a good 7 inches while Potsie easily topped out at 8 inches. Not to be outdone in the penis department, Chachi's cock was long and thin, easily seven inches, while Richie's was a bit shorter but very fat, with a well defined mushroom head.

"That's more like it!!" Fonzie grinned. "Now, Richie , were you the mastermind of this little scheme?"

"Yes sir," Richie mumbled in complete shame.

"Then I want you to kneel down in front of Potsie and give him some good head!"

"G-GOOD H-H-HEAD!" Richie started to stutter and stammer. But I never...I n-n-nevver." Richie could barely talk at this point.

"Guess I'll have to paddle you raw in front of the other guys!" Fonzie reached for the paddle on the wall.

"NO NO!" Richie wailed. "I'llllll I'lllll do it!"

"Excellent choice meathead, now SUCK POTSIE'S COCK!!"

Potsie's jaw dropped and his eyes popped as Richie opened his mouth and slowly but surely sucked in his large prickhead.

"GAAAWWWWDDDDDDD"!! BBBBIITCHHHH" Potsie was in heaven as his cock was sucked for the first time!

Richie was surprised that Potsie's dick didn't taste as bad as he thought it would. He started to throat Potsie deeper and deeper, encouraged by his howls and screams of lust. After two very erotic minutes in which Potsie let out every swear word in the book, Fonzie blew the whistle abruptly.

"That was good practice Richie, now it's time for the real thing!" The four men gasped as Fonzie stepped out of his jeans. He was wearing full cut red and white striped boxer shorts and his 9 inch prick poked out of them, just waiting to be loved.

"Over here, Cunningham, time to get your mouth stretched!"

Richie started to cry. "I c-c-can't d-d-do it!"

"You have to do it Cunningham, no wheeling and dealing allowed!" Fonzie glared at Richie menacingly. Richie got on his knees in front of Fonzie and opened his jaw as far as it would go, marveling at the sensation of the older man's massive prickhead and wide shaft slowly spreading his lips...

to be continued.....

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