tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHappy Gays Ch. 03

Happy Gays Ch. 03


As part of their punishment from Fonzie, Richie, Ralph, Potsie and Chachi had to go to school without pants for an entire day! Fonzie met them at the door and made them hand over their shoes, trousers and shirts. He decided at the last minute just pants was not enough, and this way there could be no doubt that the men were in their underwear.

Richie and Potsie had picked the blandest underwear they could think of, white crew neck t-shirts and blue full cut boxers. Ralph and Chachi were a bit more adventurous, sporting sleeveless undershirts and checkered boxers. They tried to be as inconspicuous as possible as they made their way to the first period class, mens chorus. Needless to say, they got a lot of heckling and teasing, and Chachi had to hold on to his boxers as a few girls tried to take them down without warning.

Mens chorus was team taught by two new teachers who were in their mid twenties, Jay Dooley and Dave Peluso. Both men were well over six feet and quite thin. They wore jackets and ties everyday to work and always looked well turned out.

Richie and his three buddies tried to sneak into the back row, but Mr. Peluso noticed them.


There was a general chorus of tittering and giggling, and Richie's face turned beet red.

"Sorry sir, but we lost a bet to Fonzie, and we have to stay like this the whole day."


Potsie raised his hand. "It would be fair if the other guys got down to their underwear, too. How about it guys?"

There was hooting and hollering among the 18-20 year olds in the hot room. Eventually, the majority of the men nodded their heads in agreement. Mr. Dooley was furious!

"YOU CAN'T TAKE CHORUS IN YOUR UNDERWEAR, YOU JUST CAN'T!!" Mr. Peluso nodded in agreement as Mr. Dooley stood his ground.

"Lighten up Mr. Dooley!" Ralph interjected. Come on guys, strip off!!"

Jay and Davids' eyes popped out as the 45 men in their chorus class started to strip. Both instructors were gay and were very turned on by men in their underwear, especially boxer shorts and sleeveless undershirts. In a matter of minutes, Jay and Davids' jaws dropped. Just about all the men wore trim or full cut boxers and several sported sleeveless a-shirts. There were a couple of really geeky men from the chess club that looked out of place in their colored pocket t-shirts and white jockey shorts.

When all the men were clad in just their underwear, they sat down, wondering what would happen next. Chachi quickly raised his hand. "I think if you really want to be fair, we ought to be able to see our teachers strip to their underwear, too!"

A near riot ensued after Chachi's request, hollering and screaming, but Mr. Peluso motioned with his hand to calm down.

"W-W-W-EEEE CANNN'T DO THAT GUYS!!" His voice cracked a little. "WWEEE JUST CAN'T!"

Chachi wasn't giving up that easily. "If you don't strip to your underwear, we'll tell the principal you forced us to undress against our will!"

"YOU WHAT???" Jay Dooley was incredulous.

"Yep," Chachi nodded smugly. "And then your days are numbered!"

The whole class then started to chant loudly. "STRIP STRIP STRIP STRIP STRIP STRIP!"

Mr. Peluso raised his hands to shush them, as he was very afraid someone walking down the hallway could hear all the ruckus in the chorus room.

"Okay," he said in a meek voice, "we'll do it!"

Their students cheered and started to chant again, but this time much softer.

"shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes"

The two thoroughly embarrassed teachers slipped off their dress shoes.

"jackets jackets jackets jackets"

Then, two black jackets were hastily tossed onto the rug.

"ties ties ties ties ties ties ties"

Next, the two hapless men undid their ties and threw them on the floor.

"socks socks socks socks socks socks"

The ties were followed by two pairs of black dress socks.

"shirts shirts shirts shirts shirts"

Joe and David slowly unbuttoned their shirts, exposing very hairy chests and snow white sleeveless undershirts.

"pants pants pants pants pants pants"

The two instructors were practically hyperventilating as they undid their belts and lowered their zippers. Two pairs of dress slacks fell to their ankles at the same time. Jay was wearing full cut blue and white striped boxers while Dave sported a nice green plaid pair. With their long hairy legs and muscular chests, the two teachers looked exceptionally good in their underwear. There was a general cheering among the students as the two instructors tried to restore order. When everyone was reasonably quiet, Richie raised his hands.

"Say, do you guys keep your boxers on when you jack off?"

There was a chorus of guffawing as the two teachers nodded in complete shame.

"Some people don't," Richie continued. "Can you teach us how to do it your way?"

"T-T-T-EACH YOU????" Mr. Dooley was incredulous.

"Yeah, teach us," Richie was insistent. "Pull your cocks out of your shorts and stroke 'em!"

"You're crazy!" Mr. Peluso grimaced." We could NEVER do that!."

"Guess I'll have to tell the principal you made us jack you off through your boxers!" Richie smiled triumphantly.

"YOU WOULDN'T!!" Mr. Peluso sounded totally shocked.

"Oh yes I would!" Richie headed for the door.

"STOPP!" Mr. Dooley shouted. "OK, YOU WIN, WE'LL DO IT!"

"Good," Richie returned to his chair and sat down.

The two instructors sat at the edge of a long table. They reached into their boxer flies and pulled out very large pricks, about 8 inches. Then, they went in a little lower and hauled out their impressive meatballs. Gradually, all the students in the chorus followed suit, and in a matter of one minute Jay and David marveled at the variety of dicks and balls poking out of the various solid colored and patterned boxers. The chess club guys were a bit shy about taking their dicks out, so they just rubbed them through their white briefs instead. Then Jay and David started to jack their cocks slowly with their right hands while massaging their balls with their left. After about two minutes of increasingly faster jacking, Potsie shouted out unexpectedly.

"Now switch cocks! Jack a buddy off and let him do yours!"

The two teachers' jaws dropped as they watched men pair off and jerk each other off with enthusiasm. Not wanting to be left out, Jay curled his hand around David's huge prick as his co-worker returned the favor.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" David groaned. "That feels really good Jay."

"I love your hand around mine too, Dave!" Jay smiled at his best friend.

After about 3 minutes of frenzied jacking, most of the students were at the brink. Chachi startled everyone by letting out a hoarse yell.


His cock started shooting cream everywhere as Richie and Potzie grunted and followed suit. Then a chain reaction started, with rows of men howling with lust as they shot their seed on the music stands, rugs, t-shirts, and boxers. Jay and David groaned loudly as their cocks spasmed.


The veins in David's neck bulged out as his gargantuan fuck stick shot a good 9 healthy spurts of cum. Then Jay let out a loud scream.


Jay's cock exploded with cum all over David, who lapped up the seed on his face eagerly.

At the same time, there was a series of high pitched squeals from the chess club boys as they creamed their briefs. The other men giggled at the sight of their tighty whities dripping with cum. At this point, Jay and David had collapsed onto the floor. After taking a good minute to stuff their limp cocks back in their boxers and compose themselves, the door suddenly opened widely. It was The Fonz, fully dressed!


Fonzie took in the amazing scene in front of him. "How come I wasn't invited to your little party??!!"

to be continued...

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