tagIncest/TabooHappy Halloween

Happy Halloween


Note: All characters are fictional and over the age of 18 in their character world; the author does not condone incest in any way shape or form. The following story is a release of pent up sexual energy and should be interpreted as such.

Chapter 1

Marks' birthday was coming up and he was down in the dumps; all of his friends were going on a trip to Key West to celebrate Halloween and to blow off steam after the grueling mid-terms. Mark did not have the budget to go on an expensive trip and wouldn't ask his folks as he knew that money at home was also tight and he was already racked with guilt over how much his mom and dad had to fork over to him every month for living expenses while he attended school. His parents both worked hard and did without while he pursued his graduate work in marine sciences at university.

"Hey honey how's it going; did you do well on with your testing?" Marks mom asked while he was alone in his dorm room trying to figure out what to do for the long weekend after everyone had left.

"Yes mom testing went well." he replied glumly enough for his mom to pick up on it.

"What's the matter baby, is everything ok?"

"Everything is fine; I did good on my mid-terms and all my grades are As and Bs. I'm just bored and alone and the guys went away on a trip for the long weekend and I'm stuck in my dorm room."

She paused and contemplated the problem. "Well, your birthday is on Sunday and Saturday is Halloween; why don't you come home and see Shelly."

"That would be great but I don't have the scratch; my manager has cut back on my hours at the bar until business picks up after Thanksgiving when the snow birds come down." Mark replied.

"Money is pretty tight here but your father and I have saved up enough to fly you home for Thanksgiving; you can come up this weekend instead." She said cheerfully.

"No, that's ok, I'll just hang out here and come home for Turkey day."

"No, honey I'd much rather you come home now and have a good birthday with your girlfriend and we'll send you some turkey sandwiches for thanksgiving."

Mark thought about it for a minute, "I'll tell you what I'll call you back after I talk to Shelly". They hung up the phone and Mark started thinking about Shelly and how he hadn't seen her in the last few months and how horny he was getting.

"Hey Shelly, how's it going up north; you miss me?" Mark asked after calling her cell phone.

"Oh baby I miss you terribly and everything is good here. How are you?" She asked.

"I finished my mid-terms and my mom wants me to fly home this weekend for my birthday; how does that sound?"

Shelly squealed with delight "That's awesome Mark; are you serious?"

"Yeah, looks like I'm coming home." Mark replied.

They finished formalities and Mark got off the phone to make flight arrangements for the following day.

Chapter 2

The taxi brought Mark to his house around 6:00 pm; his mother wanted to pick him up but she was hosting a Halloween costume party and had to cook, set up decorations and get ready for the party. His parents were pretty conservative but tended to get a bit wild during the few parties they held every year with the neighbors and some old family friends.

"Oh Mark!!!" His mother yelled as she came running out the front door to give him a big hug. "My college boy is home!"

Mark leaned down and gave his mom a big earnest hug easily lifting her off the ground. He was genuinely happy to see her and hold her in his arms.

"Hi mom, great to see you, thank you so much for flying me home."

They went into the house and Mark warmly greeted his dad and the three of them sat at the kitchen table for a half hour catching up and enjoying some of mom's coffee.

Mark went up to his old room feeling really good to be home and unpacked and freshened up after the flight.

"Hey baby, guess who's home." Mark asked after getting Shelly on the phone.

There was an uncomfortable pause on the other end "Oh, hi Mark; your home already."

They talked for twenty minutes or so and then Mark laid back on his old bed crushed. Shelly had been dating a mutual friend of theirs for several weeks and planned on keeping it a secret from him but after finding out that Mark was coming home the guy told her that if she didn't tell Mark then he would.

"Hey honey?" Mark's mom asked through the closed door "The Wilson's will be here in a half hour and Mrs. Wilson wants to know if you'll still be home; she really wants to see you."

Mark opened his mouth to reply but no words came out just sobs as he started to cry.

His mom came in and she hugged him and held him close to her ample bosom as he sobbed and they talked about the break up. She felt horrible as she left his room to finish getting ready and to get into her costume.

Mark's mom Joan is a petite but voluptuous woman standing under five feet tall with short brunette hair, large breasts, small waist and a beautifully rounded and ample behind. Joan is usually conservative to a fault with virtually no vices but had a wild side that would escape every now again after a few too many wine spritzers.

Joan had tears in her eyes as she got ready and felt really strange to be dressing up in super sexy French maid costume with tight fishnets, a very short black skirt and a push up bra, but she was still proud of the seven or eight pounds she took of the last couple of weeks and though she looked pretty damn sexy in the costume. She hoped her husband liked it too because wearing it made her feel a little randy; she felt really bad about her son but still hoped to get a little action later that night after the guests left.

Mark tried his best to get his mind together and went downstairs; his folks were upstairs getting ready but there was a nice spread of food on the table and the corner bar was set up. He went to the bar and fixed himself a Jack and Coke and polished it off quickly, eager to refill his glass.

"Wow!" Mark said aloud as he saw his mom coming down the stairs in her outfit; he had always had a small infatuation with his mom like most guys do; peeping in her when he was a teenager as she showered or an occasional smell of her used panties when no one was looking but that was a long time ago. Now he was shocked at how good his mom looked in her costume; you would have to be blind to not visually enjoy it. Her breasts were perfectly pushed up with a large round cleavage that almost seemed to be smiling and tight fishnets accenting her shapely legs and ass.

"What do you think?" she asked already knowing the answer.

"Mom, you are going to drive the guys wild tonight; is Dad okay with that?"

"He better be; it's for him too you know."

Marks father came downstairs in his butler costume and they talked and joked about how good Joan looked and they tried to console him over his break up and assure him that there would be another girl to take her place soon. They were right as Mark is a fairly tall handsome college guy that took good care of himself. He didn't have too much time to socialize at school but knew a few girls that were very interested him though he stayed away from them staying faithful to Shelly while she was apparently not doing the same.

Soon the door bell started to ring and guests starting showing up.

Chapter 3

At first Mark was very uncomfortable that he was all of a sudden at a full blown costume party and he was the only one not in costume; but after a few drinks and talking with everyone he soon recognized who everyone was.

All of the ladies were dressed in sexy Halloween costumes like kitty cats a playboy bunny or two and another lady not as attractive as his mother as a French maid. The adults were having a great time drinking, dancing and playing games and Mark noticed that his mom was starting to get pretty wild, he saw her knock back at least three white wine spritzers and that was just what he saw. Mark smiled as he saw Mr. Wilson pinch her butt after he told her to go fetch him a drink. She was having fun.

A few hours of good cheer and good fun passed and Mark was feeling pretty buzzed; he noticed that his dad was also pretty buzzed and seemed to be dozing off and on sitting in his lazy boy. But mom was just getting started; doing her best to get guys or girls to dance with her and play games. She even got Mark to dance with her for a minute but he got embarrassed when she turned around with the beat of the disco music and rubbed her butt against him; it was her go to dance move that Mark had seen her do for his whole life at weddings and bar mitzvahs but never to him before, it gave him an instant erection and he pulled off and went upstairs to his room to settle things down.

Mark ran up the stairs in a great mood; he was having a great time and he liked to see his mom happy. Upstairs he went into the bathroom, washed his face and freshened up a bit. A couple of minutes later he opened up the door to go to downstairs but his dad was just coming up.

"Hey buddy; you having a good time?" His dad slurred.

"Yeah dad, great time happy Halloween."

"Happy Halloween and almost happy birthday, buddy. I'm drunk and am going to hit the hay; watch out for your mother she's on a tear." Mark's dad said as he stripped out of his butler costume, which was a fake coat, tie and white shirt that was all stitched together and some dress pants and fancy shiny shoes.

Mark looked at the costume "can I borrow this?"

"Sure, knock yourself out." his dad replied.

Mark took the clothes into his room; he and his dad had the same body proportions and the costume fit well. He looked at himself in the mirror through boozy eyes and thought that he looked pretty good.

Before heading downstairs he looked in the family closet next to the bathroom where his mom kept holiday decorations, party supplies and all of their old costumes. There was a classic devil mask hanging on a hook that his dad had worn a few years back; Mark grabbed that and checked himself out in the bathroom mirror. The mask had a red face, devil horns and the sharp beard with a menacing grin.

"Perfect." Mark said aloud to no one and headed downstairs where the music was pumping and the party going at full blast. Several couples had left already and only the real party people were still drinking, singing and dancing.

At the bottom of the stairs with his hand on the banister for support Mark watched his mother dancing with Mr. Wilson as Mrs. Wilson laid on the couch with her eyes closed. Soon Joan went to her go to dance move and started rubbing her butt against Mr. Wilson's crotch as they danced. Mark was semi-shocked but amused as Mr. Wilson obliged by really rubbing up on her nice big ass obviously with an erection.

Mom loved it and was having a great time flirting and having innocent fun but she was also starting to feel really randy.

Joan turned to see her husband standing at the bottom of the stairs; in her semi-drunken state she combined the devils mask from a few years ago and the butler costume into one costume and it all seemed normal. "There he is." She said to herself with a mischievous grin.

Mark's mom ran up to him and grabbed his hand "There you are you handsome devil, come dance with your wench."

He allowed himself to be pulled to the make shift dance floor without the faintest of ideas that she thought it was her husband. Soon they were dancing and then soon she turned around to rub herself against his crotch as they danced. What was uncomfortable a little while ago was now a little more comfortable; they danced like that for a few minutes and Mark had a full blown erection as his mom gyrated and rubbed her ass against his boner. They were both getting excited.

Chapter 4

Joan was having a great time and this dirty dancing with her husband's hard on pressed firmly between her cheeks, which were just barely covered by very thin silk panties and fish nets, was getting her hot. She grabbed his hand and pulled him through the kitchen and into the downstairs bathroom which was recently updated with new tile and floor to ceiling mirrors.

"Hurry honey, we have to make this quick." She said as she bent over the sink and pulled him close to her from behind. "Spank me!" she said as she slid the silk panties exposing her beautiful ass that was now being pushed up by the fish nets.

Mark said "No, mom I'm sorry you made a mistake."

Except he didn't say that; he looked down at his mother's exposed ass and looked at her in the mirror, she had her eyes closed and her breasts were fully exposed out of the top of her outfit and she was pinching her nipples hard. "Come on honey, spank me!"

Mark looked down and watched his hand as if he was floating above the two of them; he watched as his hand smacked his mother's ample bottom; once, twice then a third time really hard. Joan moaned with pleasure as her right cheek became red. He smacked her again and again as one of her hands reached down to her pussy while the other reached behind and started stroking his cock through his pants.

Mark reached down and started to rub his mothers pussy as she was firmly grabbing his cock; he soon had two fingers into her and was pumping like mad as her juices dripped down her legs. Joan unzipped his pants and Mark finished by taking them fully off; she turned around and got down on her knees and began sucking his cock very aggressively.

"Oh my god!" she thought as she grabbed and sucked his cock licking his balls and stroking his shaft she licked from the bottom to the top and then sucked on the head. "His cock is big, this cock is bigger than normal" she thought loudly to herself. Something is wrong alarm bells started to sound and logic was breaking through the booze and she knew something was wrong but this felt so good.

She looked up in horror as her husband took off his devil mask; She was sucking Mark's dick "OH MY GOD" I'm sucking Mark my son's cock. She stopped sucking but kept the tip of his cock in her mouth as she stared up at him frozen in horror; with his cock in her mouth.

Mark felt it stop, then realized he had taken off his mask; he slowly looked down to see his mother staring up at him wide eyed with the tip of his penis in her mouth.

She took his cock out of her mouth and slowly stood up while they continued to make eye contact. Oh no; what have we done she thought; did he rape me; did I rape him; what happened she thought as she backed away from him cautiously.

Mark kept his mind empty and stared at her; he was still very hard and very horny; he watched as she backed away from him but then stopped and looked down at his erection. For some reason she seemed hypnotized as she lamely reached out and touched it then let her hand fall to her side.

Neither knew what to do then Mark made a quick move and reached out grabbed her shoulders spun her around and pushed her over the sink. He kept one hand on her neck holding her down as he used his other hand to again start rubbing her wet pussy from behind.

Joan tried to get up and run but he was too strong and this felt too good "Oh My!" she exclaimed loudly as his cock entered her pussy from behind. Bam Bam Bam he started pounding her hard from behind again and again, she reached behind cupping his balls as he fucked her letting him know it was ok, ooooh here it comes and Joan had an incredible orgasm as Mark continued to pound her from behind.

Mark pulled his cock out of her pussy as his mother spent beyond belief slid to the floor with her back against the sink and her bare bottom and wet pussy plopping on the cold tile.

Mark reached down and grabbed her from the back of her head easily pushing her mouth onto his swollen member. He more fucked her face than her sucking his cock but neither was complaining. He pumped and pumped her mouth until he felt his cock swelling and bursting cum into his mother's mouth; she swallowed and swallowed again.

It finally ended with his mother staring up at him sitting on the cold tile with her juices dripping out of her pussy, her son's cum dripping from her mouth and his cock still dripping cum into her cleavage.

They were both exhausted and sweaty and staring at each other.

"Happy birthday honey."

"Thank you mom"

They really did love each other.

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