tagErotic HorrorHappy Halloween Caitlin 02

Happy Halloween Caitlin 02


Dullichan: from Celtic Mythology; a headless black rider, death follows where he stops

That tongue swirling around her swollen clit was nothing short of heaven itself. As it twirled round and round so did her thoughts spin round and round cycling from pleasure to passion to pleasure again in Caitlin's expanding consciousness. She lay there breathing heavy, moaning, letting herself freefall deeper down the rabbit hole of ecstasy abandoning reason if just for a season...


Caitlin awoke that morning, struggling to rise from her exertion of the night before. 'It must have been one bad dream,' she thought. But would a dream leave her bed a wreck, or her body a wreck for that matter? The warmth which penetrated her body just hours ago had been replaced with an achy feeling this morning. An aching for the heat to return and somehow... Finish the job? No, Caitlin was not going to consider that this morning. There was too much work to do, and so she pushed those thoughts down.

No sense dwelling on it now Caitlin thought as she got up to fetch her coffee downstairs, and then headed back up to get in the shower. She started the water, letting it run to heat the small master bath. She stripped off her sleep-shirt, damp with the evening excesses. She welcomed the stream of warm water raining down on her and her aches. Running her hands over her breasts she noticed a bit of tingling from last night still lingered. They seemed more sensitive and responsive to her touch.

Caitlin noticed their sensitivity again as she was dressing for work. She went through a couple of different bras before finding one that was more comfortable than the others. It was the white bombshell push-up she got last year when she thought she might be adding a few pounds. 'It's supposed to be too big,' she thought, but being pressed for time, she decided not to finish up that thought too. Cait stuffed the thoughts down and finish dressing, choosing a white silk blouse, navy jacket, a matching pencil skirt, and black silk stockings.

She then had a thought and choose her black three inch stilettos, which she found complimented her stockings. She usually just wore pumps to work, or an inch or two of heel. These were social shoes, not business shoes, but she felt that a change would be nice. Then Cait had the thought that the shoes went well not only with the stockings, but with the non-business attire bra as well. She smiled with that thought.

Dressing, Caitlin noticed that the blouse felt a bit tighter. The silk of the blouse against her chest felt somehow 'tingly'. The tight fit of the blouse distracted her from noticing that the usually loose skirt was now visibly complimenting a firmer, more shapely backside.

She was never one to dress in any revealing or provocative manner. The choice of shoes today was just a small step out of character, but not noticeably. As a mid-level corporate attorney in the contracts department of a New York law firm, Caitlin was known for her professional attire, professional demeanor, and professional accomplishments. Because of this she served as a mentor to several of the young female law students interning at the firm. Hearing the mantle clock chime, she headed out to get to the train for her daily commute.

She often enjoyed the scenery on the trek down from her home in Tarrytown down to Grand Central Station while spending time getting a jump on the day with a bit of work on the train. Today, however, her thoughts drifted, trying somehow to make sense of last night's dream. She normally didn't recall any of her dreams besides a fragment of a thought here or there. And she certainly never recalled having a nightmare. Maybe when she was a kid, but she could not recall any as a grown woman. 'Nightmares! Must be a hallmark of the Halloween season,' she thought to herself.

It was not so much the dream that bother Caitlin as it was awareness of her nipples firming up at the recollection of the nightmare's Dullichan. The feeling of those powerful arms, strong hands, and oh! those fingers. No, it was rather her complete surrender to those limbs and the places within her to which they had taken her that Caitlin was actually distressed about.

Heading into her in office she strode past the large curved reception area on the thirteen floor of the building. Bill, a robust Englishman who managed the floor and its staff greeted her as she came in, "Good morning, Ms. Corey".

"Good morning ,Bill. Any news from our project up north?" She asked, checking the stack of recently delivered land surveys.

"Everything appears to be on target," he replied. "The architects will be sending the preliminary drafts by courier on Thursday. They said they would need your revisions by the fifteenth next month to stay on schedule."

Cait smiled as she headed to her office, Bill's English accent makes schedule sound like 'shed-jual', and for some reason, she just found it amusing. In her office overlooking Bryant Park, autumn leaves in the late stages of color stood firm below her office windows. One of the interns, Tina, delivered a large envelope of papers.

"Good morning, Ms. Corey," Tina said. "The contracts for the Ipswich project were just delivered." Tina was standing on the other side of Caitlin's desk wearing a white cotton blouse, navy jacket, and a somewhat matching pencil skirt. She strove to look every bit the professional as her mentor, but there was little Tina could do to downplay the distraction of her 34 inch D cup chest she supported on her five foot five frame. Curves were just the curse Tina was born to bear. Her skirt was strained taut by her firm heart-shaped ass and, 'yes, you could bounce quarters off that,' Caitlin thought, quite out of the blue, as Tina turned and swayed back to her cubicle.

After lunch Tina returned to Caitlin's office to deliver the afternoon mail and, as usual, get caught up on any afternoon assignments. Caitlin was seated at the chairs by the windows in an area of her office where she often conducted these informal meetings, her stocking legs tucked up under her as she gazed absently out the window, her mind drifting back to her dream. With a shake of her head she was back in the present and welcomed Tina with her customary warm smile.

Tina was one of Caitlin's favorite interns. Now that Tina was starting her third year with Caitlin and the firm, Cait looked on her as a protégé. In addition to her feminine appearance, Tina was bright, perceptive, and bookish. The round glasses that accented her dark eyes helped to foster her studious appearance.

As Tina came in to take a seat, she noticed the reddish tint in Ms. Corey's normally sandy blonde hair, and wondered why she hadn't noticed it before. She assumed that it might have something to do with the light through the windows.

"That shade of red is a nice color on you, Ms. Corey," Tina remarked. "May I ask what you're using on it?"

"What do you mean?" Cait asked unaware that anything was any different, outwardly at least.

"Your hair seems a bit redder, but it's probably just the light in here. So, what's on the agenda for this week?"

'Tina was always so focused on the here and now,' Caitlin thought as she untucked her legs. As the stocking legs came out from under Cait she crossed them, and the light reflected back at Tina catching her eye and catching her attention momentarily.

"I'd like you and Alexis to start going through the property deeds around that area we're looking into for the Ipswich project," Caitlin instructed as she reached down to rub the back of her leg. "Do inquiries on all the parcels in a three mile radius from our target. For the time being, this is to be our primary focus."

"Focus?" Tina replied as she caught her mind drifting and her focus was on Ms Corey's legs, or rather her stockings. "The project, yes, I'll grab Alexis and we'll get right on it."

Cait and Tina went over a couple of other points, but Tina felt her focus drifting towards Ms. Corey's stockings several times. She was used to keeping a careful eye on her mentor and making adjustments in her own wardrobe accordingly, but some how this felt different. 'She must be tired,' she thought and, as the meeting concluded, she took one more long look at the shapely legs in front of her. As she headed back out to her cubicle she was thinking she should get a nice pair of stockings.

As she dismissed Tina, Cait again was drawn to the sight of the young intern's ass swaying every so... invitingly? Cait wondered as her voluptuous protégé left. Somewhat flustered now she wondered where in the world these thoughts were coming from.

The day came to a close with Caitlin reviewing more of the project's requirements. Then after transferring a few files to her kindle, she left the office to head home. On her way out,she dropped by Alexis's cubicle to see that Tina had brought her up to date.

"Hi, Lex," Cait said as she approached the slender young associate with the curly chestnut hair. "Did Tina touch base with you this afternoon?"

"Yes she did, Ms. Corey," Alexis replied with her soft distinctive southern accent born of her Charleston roots. "I'm just reviewing the numbers on contract six now."

Caitlin leaned over her associate's shoulder with her arm around her to see one of the columns of figures, satisfied with the calculations so far. She lingered a moment then softly spoke to Alexis's ear, "Don't spend too much time here," and left her to her task.

The commute home was spent reviewing contract two's scheduled completion dates, but as she approached Tarrytown her thoughts were dwelling more and more on dreams and nightmares and Halloween approaching.

Caitlin could not recall a time when she was apprehensive about going to bed, but a recurrence of the previous night's dream was not something to look forward to. As she lay there drifting off to sleep, she thought she caught a reflection in the large bedroom window and, then, fell the mist of sleep.

A shiver went through her. Again the warm layer of covers that should have helped to keep out the chill where gone. She knew without opening her eyes that, as it was last night, she lay there exposed to whatever was coming for her, and she knew something was coming. The shadows were gathering, pulling themselves into a malevolent force, the Dullichan, and she felt her pussy wetting with new found excitement. As she slowly let her eyes open to reveal the sight before her, she knew, yes, she knew he would come. There at the foot of her bed loomed the powerful, chiseled, body of the Dullichan with his arms outstretched.

His hands reached out again for her shoulders and firmly pinned her to the bed. She shuddered at the touch and felt herself arching up to welcome more of him. She wanted more, wanted something... deeper. She lay there helpless, unable to move she felt somehow more naked this time in front of the Dullichan, because she had somehow hoped that he would return.

She was exposed to him, her heart pounding, her breath panting, her pulse racing. This! This, is what magic feels like. The Dullichan's hands were upon her once again, the fingers probing the pleasure points of her willing body. All along her flesh they crawled teasing and pleasing on their way. When they finally reached the junction of her legs, they snaked their way around her thighs and firmly separated them.

Exposed and aching Caitlin arched to receive the pleasure now awakened in her. But, the hands... she didn't feel the hands! Wait! The longed for fingers failed to finish their magic. She now lay there spread, unable to close those tensed thighs. Exposed in her need before that sinister smile of the Dullichan, sneering, leering at her, then she saw the hands again.

There they were hovering above her, drifting. Cait could barely make them out but there they were. They were moving, not to her waiting, weeping, exposed sex as she so desperately wanted, no, they were moving up towards the Dullichan's head.

She watched, transfixed, as the hands lifted the 'pumpkin?' off the Dullichan's powerful shoulders and brought it lower and lower. It was coming closer to her now. Caitlin watched with apprehension as the hands firmly wedged the pumpkin, with its sinister smile, right at the opening to her very being.

Caitlin felt the warmth emitting from the head placed firmly between her thighs. She was at a loss, how could a candle be so... hot. She looked down at the pumpkin between her legs and she noticed it. There was a slight movement behind that sinister sculpted smile. Then it emerged, a round shadow form, slick in its appearance and snakelike in its movements, a round black shadow tongue, wet and warm. Probingly the Dullichan's tongue emerged, like a snake sniffing its prey, it lightly flicked at her lips down there.

She desperately started squirming herself away, wanting only to put distance between her warm moist pussy and the hot wet snake, but the sinister force still held her legs fast and there was no escape for Caitlin. Not only were her legs pinned spread apart, but she was how aware her hands had wrapped themselves around posts in the headboard of her large brass bed, and she was unable to free them, either. Fear cascaded down her spine and then she felt them...

The fingers had returned. She forgot about the tongue hovering just outside her pussy when she felt the Dullichan fingers teasing her nipples. As they stiffened, the fingers moved over her breasts, massaging their heat deep into her... Her passion refueled and her wetness resumed, the tongue made a sudden lunge into Caitlin as she let out a gasp of shock and, then, a long, low moan as the tongue slid its way deep inside her and she began to understand.

Cait started moving her hips down, thrusting, trying to get more of the tongue deeper within her. Grinding herself on it. The tongue inside her grew wider, swelling her labia outward and, then, began to pulse rhythmically within her. She started groaning, then moaning, then crying out in pleasure as a wave of ecstasy flooded from her aching pussy straight to her captive brain. Thrusting in and out, Caitlin felt herself impaled on the tongue, setting her on fire and then drowning that fire in bliss. She climaxed with such force that her scream drown out the howling wind outside. The orgasm racing through her lust-filled mind broke her remaining resistance. As it crashed inside her, like a dam breaking, so forceful and all consuming, it carried her off on a wave of white bliss.

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