tagMatureHappy Halloween, Professor

Happy Halloween, Professor

byBig Gunz©

Alexandra Lovell's Halloween costume was nothing short of fantastic. She told people she was a "zombie nurse", but really the "zombie" part was of little consequence to what made the outfit look so good. The "nurse" element of the get-up consisted of a tight red and white one-piece candy-striper's uniform she rented at a local shop. It hugged her shapely body brilliantly and plunged deep in the neckline, nicely showing off her black bra clad 34C bosom. The skirt portion of the zipper-front costume was incredibly short, barely covering her tight ass, and stopping several inches above the tops of the fishnet stockings (complete with garters) that clung to her curvy legs. A pair of black stiletto pumps on her feet and a little nurse's hat resting on her long blonde hair (curled this evening) finished off the look. The "zombie" portion of the costume was created by nothing more than a little dark make-up around her eyes and some fake blood on her neck.

The drop dead gorgeous 18-year-old college freshman was in fine form at the Halloween bash that night. The costume party she was attending was at a frat house on campus and within an hour of getting there, she was already feeling pretty buzzed. Alexandra, or Alex to her friends, had consumed several beers and no less than four shots of tequila since she and her sexy cop outfitted friend Vanessa had arrived at the shindig. Both girls were quite appreciative of the attention their provocative costumes elicited from the horny frat boys, as well as the amount of free alcohol the guys were plying them with.

Dancing and drinking, the pair of beautiful young ladies enjoyed flirting the evening away with their numerous male suitors. Eventually, Vanessa found herself in the company of one specific frat boy friend of theirs, grinding up against the muscle-bound hunk and making out with him in a shadowy corner. Alex was not without her opportunities either, with numerous drunken jocks plying their pick-up trade on her throughout the duration of the party. Even in her increasingly inebriated state, she still managed to maintain a degree of sound judgement, passing on all of the come-ons and propositions. It was not that she was completely uninterested in "hooking-up" with a guy for some tawdry one night stand, it was just that she found most of these horny frat boys far to immature for her liking.

As the evening became early morning, Vanessa disappeared with her new-found paramour, presumably to a bedroom upstairs to continue with a private party of their own. Alex, trusting that her friend was in safe hands, decided to head home before facing another onslaught of college boys looking to score some action with anything with breasts at the party. Slipping out of the frat house unscathed, she decided to walk back to her dorm, seeing how it was only a few blocks away and that the campus would be fairly safe with all of the people out and about celebrating Halloween that night.

Still half in the bag, the fresh air was doing its best to try and sober her up a bit as she walked across the college grounds. As she strolled past the English literature building, she remembered the paper she had due next week for Professor Stewart's class. He was by far one of her favourite instructors, a very engaging lecturer and always willing to take the extra time to help his students full understand and appreciate his lessons. It was while she was reflecting on her appreciation of the man's teaching prowess that she noticed that the light was on in his corner office in the English building. Almost as soon as she saw that, the light went out and the professor himself emerged from the nearby exit. Always one to be friendly with her teachers (and to kiss up for potential extra marks), Alex called out to him and stepped off the sidewalk to make her way over to him.

She only made it a couple of steps onto the grass when her stiletto heel abruptly sunk into the soil, which coupled with her boozy state, easily caused her to loose her balance and come crashing down onto the ground. Seeing his student taking a tumble, the good professor rushed over to help her up.

"Alexandra, my God, are you alright?" He asked, genuine concern in his voice.

Embarrassed and wobbly, she made her way back up to her feet with his assistance.

"Yeah, thanks." She replied, her cheeks flushed red. "Damn heels..."

Brushing some dirt and grass off her costume, she suddenly remembered the way she was dressed and began to dread what this man would think of such an outfit. Before she could even fathom an idea of his opinion of her attire, a jolt of pain shot up her leg as she took a step.

"Ahhh..." she groaned, favouring her right knee.

"Oh dear," the teacher countered, bending down to take a look at her leg. "Looks like you landed on something sharp." He quickly pulled out a handkerchief and dabbed at the wound on her knee. "C'mon inside, I think I've got a first-aid kit in the office. We'll get you fixed up."

Even more embarrassed than before, Alex limped beside her professor towards the English building, her right leg not nearly as damaged as her ego. Once inside, he had her sit on his desk as he grabbed the first-aid kit and sat down in the chair in front of her.

"It doesn't look that bad," he said, pulling out a gauze pad and pouring some disinfectant on it. "This might sting a bit."

She breathed in sharply and bit her bottom lip as he cleaned the cut. Her stocking was ripped at the knee, the gash about two inches long.

"At a costume party were you?" The professor asked, making small talk as he grabbed a small bandage from the kit.

"Yeah," she replied, feeling increasingly self-conscious about her appearance the longer she was in his presence.

"So you're a nurse I take it?" He followed up as he applied the bandage over her injury.

"A zombie nurse actually." She answered with a slight giggle.

"Oh..." He said softly, his hands still lingering on her shapely stocking-clad leg, her high-heeled foot resting on his thigh.

Seated in front of her, his hands resting on her leg, and his head nearly at her crotch level, Alex could not help but feel a bit turned on. It was at that moment that she suddenly looked at him in a different light.

Geoffrey Stewart was in his early forties she guessed. Still in pretty decent shape, he was just under six feet tall with an average build. His brown hair was sprinkled with a bit of grey throughout the sides as well as in his goatee, revealing his age a bit, but his otherwise smooth face offered very little evidence of his years. He was definitely a handsome man, and his calm and pleasant demeanour made it very easy to be comfortable around him.

She had never thought about him in any way other than as her professor, but in this intimate setting, and in her tipsy state of mind, she now found her imagination churning out numerous scenarios in which she envisioned him in a very different manner.

"Do you like my costume?" She asked him, surprising herself with the boldness of her question.

"I, umm..." He muttered, his hands leaving her leg as he attempted to stand up.

Feeling a bit empowered at the level of awkwardness her query had raised in her teacher, she pushed forward with the foot lying on his leg, her heel pressing into his thigh and preventing him from rising to his feet.

"Do you like my little nurse's costume?" She asked again, a sly little smile coming to her lips.

"I, I..." He was clearly flustered, sweat forming on his brim. "It's very nice, I suppose." He finally stammered out.

Alex leaned forward, her heel pushing harder against his leg. She bent her head towards him, getting close enough so he could smell her perfume. The angle allowed him a bird's eye view of her cleavage.

"You suppose?" She whispered, feigning a pout on her lips. "That's disappointing."

Professor Stewart's eyes slowly roamed over the shapely leg holding him in the chair for a moment, then made their way to her highly visible cleavage.

"It's, ah, very nice..." he said hoarsely, swallowing hard.

Her pout turned back to a devilish little smirk. She was becoming increasingly turned on by the position of power she found herself in over this older man.

"And what would you like to do with me in this little outfit?" She breathed in his ear, her confidence and arousal both growing by the second.

He coughed and turned away from her, blushing. He could not help but immediately imagine a wide variety of things he would like to do with the gorgeous student in her sultry Halloween costume. Seeing her like that and hearing her speak to him in that manner definitely had him turned on, and he could barely picture the prim and proper young lady sitting in the third row of his class. Even without looking at her, all he could see was her in that sexy nurse's outfit.

"Ms. Lovell, I... I don't think that's..." he tried to regain his composure -- and control of the situation.

"Alex," she whispered softly. "Call me Alex."

"Alex, I..." he stammered, desperately trying to do the right thing before things got completely out of hand.

Reaching forward, she grabbed his hand and slowly brought it up along the fishnet covered skin of her thigh. His mind told him to resist, but his body was having trouble complying, especially as she led his hand in between her legs and under her skirt, letting his fingers brush lightly against the thin lace covering her smooth shaven sweet spot. His hand trembled; sweat forming on his brow as he breathed out heavily.

"You like?" She glared at him, an animalistic lust swelling in her eyes.

Not able to open his mouth in either agreement or protest, he just stared back at her. He was not even sure if his head nodded up and down or if that was just his imagination answering the question in silence.

She removed her foot from its resting place on his leg and with a devilish smile, stood in front of him. Silently, she turned around and leaned over his desk. He watched with rapt attention as she hiked up her skirt, giving him a nice view of her black lace panties. Slowly, one of her hands reached behind her, making its way in between her legs, and gently pulled the thin fabric to one side. She looked back at him and smiled wickedly as she watched his eyes widen at the sight of her smooth, hairless snatch.

"Eat my pussy." She whispered.

To her surprise he moved quickly, zero hesitance in his action. In a second he was on his knees, his face less the two inches from her wetness. He inhaled her scent slowly.

"Lick it." Alex half told, half begged him.

Closing his eyes, he placed his hands on her thighs, spread them apart, and thrust his tongue into her. He ate her out savagely, hungrily lapping at her love juices, sucking on her and savouring every moan and gasp of pleasure that came from her. She pushed back with each dart of his tongue, grinding into his face as he probed deeper.

"Ohhh..." She moaned, her breath ragged. "Do you like that baby? Does my pussy taste good?"

"Fuck yes! It tastes so sweet." He answered, his reply muffled by the wet cunt his face was still buried in.

She groaned and threw her head back, grinding against his face even harder.

"Oh, God..." she squealed. "Fuck me! Fuck me right now!"

Without a second of hesitation, he was on his feet and fumbling with the button and zipper on his pants. He got them undone and dropped his pants and boxers down to his knees like a horny school boy getting his first piece of ass. Moving into position behind her, he took his hard cock in his and slowly guided it into Alex's pussy.

"Ohhh..." she moaned spontaneously as she felt his prick enter her now soaking wet snatch.

Grabbing hold of her hips with both hands, the professor slowly but surely began to build some rhythm in his thrusts. Her body began to rock back and forth in concert with his movements, his hips smacking against her ass with each lunge forward. He soon began to pound in and out at an ever quickening pace, her hungry cunt taking every inch of his dick with each stroke. The couple's heavy breathing and the smacking wet sounds of his pelvis striking her ass and pussy filled the room. Now pounding balls deep into her young fuck-hole, he increased his speed as he sensed that she was nearing an explosion.

"Ohhh fuck..." she let out in a low, groaning moan, her body shuttering at her orgasm.

Slowing his pace as his young lover came down from the high of her sexual release, he leaned forward and rested his spinning head against her back, burying his nose in her blonde curls. She moaned and leaned back against him.

"Your turn." She whispered, pulling her ass forward, causing his still rigid cock to fall from her dripping snatch.

Turning around to face him, she playfully shoved him, easily sending him tumbling back into the chair, his feet tangled in the pants now resting around his ankles. He watched as her hands feverishly worked to unzip her nurse's costume, exposing the black lace bra that matched her panties. She tossed the outfit aside, her bosom heaving with each breath. Unclasping the back of her bra, she watched his gaze lock onto her breasts as she pulled off the lacy undergarment and tossed it aside. Cupping her supple young tits, she slowly lifted one of them up to her lips and gently brushed her tongue across her own nipple. He groaned as she watched his penis throb with anticipation.

"Do you like my tits professor?" She asked, her tongue still darting out to pleasure herself.

"Oh God yes..." He growled in response, his manhood standing at full attention.

"Do you want to suck them?" She teased.

"Fuck yes..." He groaned, barely able to speak.

Alex moved towards him and lowered herself onto her lap, hovering above his pulsating dick for a second before sitting atop it, forcing his shaft to rub lengthwise against her wet pussy lips. He groaned deeply as she leaned forward and shoved her left nipple into his eager mouth. She moaned as he nibbled and sucked hungrily on her flesh. Gradually she began moving her hips back and forth, sliding her slick cunt back and forth against his prick. Her lips near his ear, she whispered to him as he feasted on her breasts.

"You like that professor?" She asked softly, her hot breath on his ear. "You love eating my hot young pussy and sucking my tits, don't you? You want me to ride your big hard cock, don't you?"

He did not really want to tear himself away from her nipple, but he did desperately want to feel her on top of him, his fuck-stick buried in her horny young hole. Finally, he pulled himself from her dripping wet tit and looked up at her.

"God yes," he admitted eagerly. "I want you to ride my cock."

Not quite satisfied with his answer, she leaned back slightly, pulling her breast away from his lunging mouth and slowed the pace of her grinding on his throbbing penis.

"And?" She questioned, glaring at him sternly.

Sensing what his sexy young student wanted to hear, Professor Stewart was more than willing to give her what she wanted.

"I love eating your hot little pussy. I wanna see those young titties dance as you bounce up and down on my cock. I wanna fuck the shit out of you like the dirty little slut you are."

He could hardly believe the words that were coming out of his own mouth.

A look of wild passion in her eyes from his thorough response, Alex sat up quickly, reached down and grabbed his throbbing dick and impaled herself on it, shooting pleasure through both of their bodies simultaneously. He groaned as she grinded her pussy onto his cock, her hips moving up and down in wanton lust. His prick ramming into her, her tits bounced with each thrust. He stared at her as she rode him, her curly blonde hair flinging wildly from side to side, her lithe young body covered in a light sheen of sweat.

"Ohhhh..." she cried out. "Your cock feels so good inside my pussy!"

He still could not quite believe how dirty this beautiful young student of his was.

"Oh, fuck me!" She continued, her eyes clenched shut in ecstasy. "Tell me how much you love fucking me."

"Oh, God!" He bellowed, fucking her harder than ever. "I could fuck you all night! You're such a good fuck! Such a dirty little slut!"

She bounced up and down faster on top of him, leaning down to kiss him in an almost violent lip-lock, sucking and biting his lips nearly uncontrollably. Then suddenly she slowed her pace and pulled away from their heated kiss. He watched as she slowly slid her hand down in between them and stroked her fingers against her sticky clit, rubbing it furiously for a few seconds as his cock slowly continued to push in and out of her. Bringing her hand back up, she moaned as she slipped a wet finger into her mouth a sucked their fuck juices off. Their pace immediately quickened and she pulled her finger out from between her lips and brought her land over to his mouth. Her breathing becoming quite ragged, she watched as her older lover licked their combined flavours off of her fingers. He could tell by her movements that she was on the edge of another orgasm, and he knew he would not be far behind.

"Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me" She repeated softly, her eyes shut and her face a mask of concentration as she headed toward a second explosion.

"Oh fuck yeah..." he growled, his own release fast approaching.

"Tell me..." she sighed, almost unable to catch her breath. "Tell me how much you love fucking me."

"Oh, God, baby..." he too nearly incapable of a full breath. "You're so good... such a dirty little whore... so good... such a great fuck."

"Call me a slut!" She begged, the filthy talking pushing her even closer to the threshold. "Tell me how slutty you think I am."

"You're a fucking slut!" He screamed. "Such a dirty fucking whore! Such a little slut in your little nurse's costume! A fucking whore who loves to be used and fucked like the fucking slut she is!"

He felt Alex explode on his cock, her juices flowing out onto his balls. Coupled with their dirty dialogue, it was too much for him to take. His hands grabbed hold of her hips and he drove his prick into her as deep as he could. He groaned and shuddered as he exploded inside of her, as she collapsed against him, out of breath and exhausted.

After several minutes of laying there, his come slowly leaking out of her ravaged fuck-hole, she rose off of him gently. Still wearing his own now sweat soaked, shirt and with his pants around his ankles, he watched in silence as the young beauty moved away from him. She was still in her heels and fishnets, her black panties on, but still shoved to one side from their fuck fest. The curls of her blonde hair were almost completely gone, another victim of the intensity of their lovemaking. He watched as she retrieved her nurse's costume and dressed, all the while not looking at him. Finally, as she made the final adjustments to her outfit, and as she made her way to the door, she turned back to him, still sitting cock-out, his pants around his ankles.

"See you in class tomorrow Professor Stewart. Oh... and Happy Halloween."

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