Happy Hour


I would like to send a thank-you to DragonSlayer_OK for helping me with my very first story. Very quick to respond to my emails, gave very good constructive criticism, did not make me feel uncomfortable about my first story. Hope you enjoy!

It's a rainy Friday night and I'm out with a couple of my girls at this well-known bar in the city. We didn't want to do the usual club scene, so this place was our next option. As we walked in, we were shocked to see how packed it was. I guess everyone was escaping the rain.

We found an opening at the bar and placed our orders. We sat there and gossiped, checked out the guys we would like to take home but wouldn't actually have the courage to do so. I on the other hand was searching for someone in particular.

My friends didn't know the real reason behind my choice to pick this particular bar. The feeling of disappointment was almost overwhelming when I couldn't find him in the sea of drunken patrons. I turned back to my friends and continued to sip on my drink silently thinking that I've just been stood up.

As I listened to their mindless gossip, I didn't notice that someone squeezed in next to me to order a beer. The voice jolted me out of my daze as I recognize the face in the mirror behind the bar. There was no reaction on my face but our eyes met but not long enough for anyone to notice. He took his beer and turned to leave, at that moment I told my friends that I needed to use the bathroom. Naturally, they all needed to go as well. I led the way since I knew the layout of the bar.

It was quite crowded and it was not easy for the bartenders to keep up. I kept walking when I felt someone grab my hand. I couldn't see his face, but I knew who he was, so I followed. We cut through the crowd until we reached a secluded booth. The booth was placed wrong during construction so now they mostly used it as extra storage. No one seemed to notice us disappear.

Immediately he sat down in the booth and I straddled him. We kissed right away, furiously, not wanting to waste a single second. Heavy breathing and moaning ensued, I sucked on his tongue and moaned at the feeling of it, as if any part of him inside of me would bring me to the edge. I felt him grab my ass and squeeze. His hands move up underneath my shirt and I felt my bra come loose. He lifted my shirt and took a breast into his mouth. A moan escaped from my throat and then I pulled his head back and kissed him again. I could feel his hand fumble underneath me until I could feel what he was searching for.

I wasted no time as I grabbed his rigid cock, moved my thong to the side and slowly eased down, filling myself with him. I let out a loud gasp which was drowned out by the noise of the crowded bar. He slid further down on the seat so now I had both my feet flat on the floor. I began to ride him slowly holding onto the back of the booth for balance. I could feel him inside me.

After a moment, he took my breast in his mouth and bit my nipple hard. He knew just how hard to bite them and he knew I loved it. I moaned his name and he bit harder. I felt my nails dig into the wood on the seat. I felt his hands move to the back of my head as he pulled me close enough to feel his breath on my face, I felt his hips move upward and I inhaled sharply as I felt his cock drive deeper into me. As I exhaled, he kissed me. I almost couldn't handle it, as he knew how to make every inch of my body scream for him. He motioned for me to move to the floor. He handed me his jacket so I can lay on it. Then, he crawled in between my trembling thighs and entered me again. I gasped and grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer to me. I wanted all of him to fill every hole I had to offer. He touched my face gently and I found his finger and began to suck it furiously.

He fucked me hard and I loved it. I barely heard his body slapping against mine but I felt every inch. His strokes were hard and fast and he would make my body shake when he would push deep into me and stayed at that position. Both the feeling of him so deep inside me as he pushed hard on my clit caused my thighs to tremble uncontrollably. I couldn't hold back any longer, "Oh my god...you're going to make me cum." I gasped in between breaths.

He leaned next to my ear and I could barely hear him ask, "Why else are we here?" He continued fucking me, I tried my best to hold back. I didn't want him to stop, I cried out to god and cursed all in the same sentence, my whole body wouldn't stop shaking. I lost control of my entire body and mind as they were both overcome with the power of my orgasm.

His kisses brought me back to reality. I kissed him back with a satisfied moan. The kisses were soft and slow, the touches were the same. I slowly regained focus in my eyes and noticed that he was already dressed.

"Are we finished? Did you cum?" I asked him

"No, I didn't, this was all for you. But I think you should head back now your phone has been going off non-stop"

I got up quickly and fixed myself while I answered my phone. I could hear the panicked voices of my friends ask me where I went.

"I really had to pee, sorry I couldn't wait. I'm back at the bar now sitting here dodging perverts, come rescue me"

I heard laughter so I figured I was in the clear. I hung up and noticed him watching me. He walked up to me and I could feel my legs get weak. He smiled, placed a hand under my chin and kissed me. As much as I wanted to let him have his way with me, again I told him I had to go and then I turned around and walked back into the crowd that was very clearly clueless of what had just transpired.

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