tagErotic CouplingsHappy Hour at McCool's

Happy Hour at McCool's


She smiled to herself as she logged off the computer and shut off the desk light. Everyone else had gone home and the office was quiet as she gathered her belongings and searched for her keys. Maggie decided to forgo the sneakers she usually changed into for the long walk to the car, feeling sexy in the black stilettos she was wearing. She wasn't in a hurry anyway. Smoothing her skirt over her hips, she brushed her hair and quickly reapplied her lip gloss. She had no plans for the evening, but she'd spent the last hour flirting over email and was feeling very sexy.

As she closed the door to her office and headed out to the parking lot, she played back the conversation in her head. Maggie knew she had crossed a line somewhere in there, but had she gone too far? She hoped that she hadn't. She always pushed her limits, and that's what she liked about him – he was the first man she'd met who really pushed his. They had joked around as colleagues for almost a year, but mostly it had been sarcastic commentary back and forth, with no more than a healthy dose of innuendo. But something about that day was different, for each of them. They stepped farther over the line than they ever had before and it had gotten personal.

Just as she was getting into her car her phone rang. "Hello?" It was him.

"Hey Mags. After I hung around so long chatting with you, I missed my train. A buddy of mine on the watch offered to drive me home since I don't have my car here, but he's on a crappy shift schedule and doesn't get off for another couple of hours. I thought maybe I'd take you up on that happy hour invitation, if you're still interested?"

"Right now? Sure! Where can I meet you?"

"How about McCool's? I'll walk over and Tony can pick me up there when he's off."

"Sounds great. I'll see you when I get there."

Her heart had started beating faster. This was it – they'd talked about going out for a drink for months but it had never materialized. He had a wife and kids and a train to catch everyday, and she wasn't the kind of woman to mess with that. But today things were different. Nearly giddy with anticipation, she headed to the pub.

He saw her when she walked in and immediately waved her over to a tall booth in the corner.

"Hey! Thanks for meeting me. I just couldn't stand the thought of staring at that computer until Tony got off and I besides, I knew you had already left and wouldn't be there to entertain me."

"Well, I'm here now! …And always happy to entertain!" she smiled.

"Yeah, I'll bet you are. So… you had to leave just when our discussion was getting interesting…"

She sighed and smiled that deviant grin, "Well, you know Jack, there's some things that are just too hard to explain without a drink."

"Oh, indeed. Let's do something about that, by all means!" He ordered a pitcher and smiled, "I'm thinking you'll have plenty of explaining to do."

He had picked a rounded booth in the corner and sat along the back wall, so no matter which side she picked, she would be next to him, instead of across from him. She sat down with little distance between them and the feel of him so close to her was intoxicating.

"So, where were we exactly? What was it that you had wanted to know?" she asked.

"I was asking about your type of guy… until you threw me that curveball with the sorority girl comment," he said.

"Ahh. Right. Well, it's not too complicated, really. And for the record, I do like men. I like smart guys. I like men that think, that laugh, and that wonder. I'm not sure there's anything sexier to me than intelligence, humor, and confidence. That's key. I hate wimps. I don't know what to do around quiet people and indecision drives me crazy."

"I can understand that. So you like guys that are smart and funny and have balls. Okay. What else? What does your ideal guy look like? What does he say? What does he think?"

"I'm not too picky actually, the other stuff is more important to me…"

"BUT???" he prodded.

"But if it was totally up to me," she conceded, "He would be full grown, in every sense. I can't stand guys that have no life experience… that don't know who they are or what they want. They have to have lived a little and been around the block. It makes them more interesting," she smiled, "…and I want him to be tall enough for me to wear heels and still be no more than eye level – I like to play rough sometimes and I don't want to worry about throwing him around. And he shouldn't be too pretty, or too perfect. I like a guy that's not afraid to get dirty."

He raised his eyebrows as he poured more beer for each of them. "Dirty huh? I agree," he grinned, "Something tells me that you could probably be dirty as me."

"Oh, I bet I could give you a run for your money, that's for sure," she said, leaning a little closer and flashing that same devilish 'I dare you' smile that told him she was up for anything.

He had known he was on dangerous ground when he called her. She already invaded his thoughts and he hadn't ever gotten to spend any time with her outside of work, and now he was sitting just inches from her, talking about how she liked her men, her drinks, and her sex… all straight up, with a twist.

"So… what did you mean when you said you had a rule against sorority girls?" he asked.

She smiled, "I meant exactly that. As a general rule, I hate everything about every one I've ever met. They turn me off."

He paused and then prodded, "So… that means other women…turn you on?" he asked quietly.

"Well, you said once that you thought I was fun. You said that I had a great capacity for joy, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember."

"Well, I have a great capacity for a lot of things, actually. I think of myself as a very reciprocal person. Whatever I get from anyone else, I give back 110%."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"If someone is an asshole to me, then I will make them miserable. And trust me, I'm good at it. Better than you might imagine and you probably want to know. But if someone is good to me, then I am very, very, good to them. So if I'm with a man who is generous, sexually, then I will do everything I can to please him… and most men I've met want to be with, or at least watch, two women having fun together more than anything. ...Besides, sometimes they can be a lot of fun!"

"So…" he sat there, transfixed, unable to finish his thought.

"Don't get me wrong, I don't have 'relationships' with women. But attractive women are attractive… period, and I enjoy playing with them if they're fun and not too hung up about it. Just no sorority girls. Like I said, they piss me off and kill my mood."

"Hmmm..." He took a deep breath, feeling the effects of his drinks as blood was rushing away from his brain to other parts of his body.

"Surely that can't be such an unbelievable thing, can it?" she asked.

"Well, plenty of people profess to be 'open-minded' but you have to know that it's not really a common trait, right Maggie? And even if they are, they're usually not so upfront about it. Or so un-manipulative. I've dated a lot of women and I've been married twice, I've certainly never come across that kind of blanket offer before. Not really. Just teases, or worse… women that bring such things up, hoping I'll be the one guy who says it doesn't interest him and calling me a pig when I tell them it does."

"That's a shame," she said, lowering her voice to add, "'Cause I would certainly have tried anything you cared to suggest."

With that, she emptied her glass and he stared at her smooth neck as she swallowed, watching the delicate muscles in her throat and getting harder wondering what they would feel like. He snapped back to the present when he felt her hand brush his as she reached for the nearly empty pitcher.

"So, what about you? You know more about what I like, now it's your turn to spill," she said.

"Well, we're going to need some more drinks if it's my turn!" He caught the bartender's eye and held up the empty pitcher. "I like women that can let loose and have fun. I can't stand people that are uptight, that get offended over stupid little things, or that can't laugh at themselves and the world. I like women that have personality, that have interests, and that interest me."

"So… what kinds of interests interest you, then?" she asked. "What strikes you as fun in a woman?"

He paused; he could feel her leg next to his under the table, pressing against him. Looking directly at her, he dared her to take things one step further. "I would love a woman that got physical with me in public."

"Oh really?" she asked, a sly smile touching the corners of her lips. "How physical?"

He felt her hand on his thigh, squeezing him, pulling him a little closer to her. He flushed and tried to steady himself with several deep breaths as she stared wickedly, daring him to go on.

"Um… well…" His breathing got harder as she reached into his lap and ran her fingernails along his stiffening cock, under his pants. "When I was in college I used to fantasize about having sex in the library."

"Wanna know what I fantasize about?" she asked mischievously, grinning as she felt his hand working it's way up from her knee.

"Is this really happening?" he thought as he worked his fingers under her skirt, trying to ruin her composure and wondering how far she'd let him go. He didn't need to encourage her much.

"I have always fantasized about having sex in the bathroom upstairs here. They're clean and they have great mirrors, above the sink and beside the door."

"So you like to watch yourself get fucked, huh?" He watched her eyes narrow and her mouth open, just slightly, as his fingers found the damp lace of her panties.

"Mmmhmm…" she mumbled, biting her lip and spreading her legs just a little to give him more room. Her head reeled and she tried to steady her drink as she felt him pull aside the meager fabric and tease her aching pussy.

"Well," he said, unable to believe it as it came out of his mouth, "What are you waiting for?"

He slowly withdrew his hand and squeezed out of the booth; thankful to be able to turn his back to the rest of the bar and hide his erection, and headed up the stairs at the back of the room. Unable to move at first, she regained her senses and quickly ducked out after him and headed up the stairs. She felt him grab her as she opened the door, pulling her inside and pinning her against the wall, crushing his lips to hers. Months of flirting and innuendo had built up the passion that now burned as they pawed at each other's bodies and struggled to free each other from their clothes.

Kissing her deeply, Jack lifted her skirt and quickly removed her flimsy panties, stuffing it in his pocket. She leaned against the wall and wrapped a leg around him as he ground his throbbing cock against her hungrily. Unable to get enough of him that way, she kissed him hard, and pushed him back toward the sinks. She dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants, freeing his erection. He leaned against the basin, bracing himself as he felt her hot, wet lips encircle him.

"Oh FUCK. Yeah! Ohhhh!!! FUCK!!!" he yelled as she worked her tongue around his cock. She began to massage his balls and he instinctively wound his fingers through her hair, holding her steady as he began to thrust his hips, fucking her face. The feel of her tonsils against his head and her nose in his pubic hair was too much and he had little time to warn her before shooting streams of hot cum down her throat.

She relaxed her throat and slowly began to remove herself, licking the remaining cum from his shaft as she went.

"Oh God, Maggie, shit! That was fucking incredible!" he panted. She smiled up at him, licking her lips as he helped her onto the countertop. "Now it's my turn!" he grinned as he held her feet on either side of his head and kissed his way up her thigh.

Her skirt was around her waist and she was breathing hard, with her mouth open and her head back, as he began to lick around her wet lips. He snaked his tongue up her slit and began to circle her clit, making her moan with pleasure.

"Mmmm… Jack… Ohhhh FUCK…yessss!!" She squirmed and bucked against him as he ravaged her with his tongue, thrusting it inside her and making love to her with his mouth. He brought her legs up over his shoulders and grabbed her hips, pulling her closer to him, grinding his face into her hot flesh.

Her blouse open and bra lost somewhere in the process, Maggie squeezed her breasts, tugging at her rock hard nipples. Jack assaulted her clit with his tongue and she locked her legs around him as her orgasm rocked her body. "Aaaaa!! God!! Shit!! JACK!!! Aaa!! AAAHHHH!!! FUCK!!!!" she screamed.

Unrelenting, Jack slid her still shaking body off the counter and turned her around, pinning her between his body and the sink, as he slammed his dick into her slick pussy.

"FUCK!!!!" she screamed again as she felt him thrust inside of her. With his hands on her hips he continued to pound her mercilessly. "Oh FUCK!! FUCK ME JACK!!" she yelled.

With her arms bracing her on either side of the sink, she looked up into the mirror to watch as Jack thrust deep within her, feeling his balls slapping her ass with every stroke. She could see his face, watching her breasts bounce as she pushed back to meet his thrusts.

"Oh Shit! Fuck Maggie! FUCK! Yesss!!! GOD!!! OHHHHHHH!!!" he tried to restrain himself as he felt another orgasm rip through her body but as her pussy contracted around him, squeezing and milking him, it was too much. He grabbed her, squeezing and pulling her closer as he buried his cock farther than he thought was possible and sent streams of hot, sticky cum deep inside her.

"Wow," she whispered as his rigid body began to relax against hers. "That was amazing."

"That was fantastic… You felt…un...fucking...believable…" he panted.

She turned to face him, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him deeply. "Thank you," she said, "Now let's get some dinner. You'll need more energy for dessert…"

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