tagLoving WivesHappy Marriage Ch. 02

Happy Marriage Ch. 02


Well, our marriage just keeps getting better. My wife and I love that I'm submissive and that I was bi-curious. I say I was bi-curious, because my wife set me up to realize I am truly bisexual. After begging her to use me like a sissy slut with a strap on, she not only treated me like a slut with her strap on, she happily watched me with another man.

She set me up with her best friend, Kathy and her husband Tom. On Halloween night, my wife watched as I sucked Tom's cock, swallowed his sperm and then got ass fucked while she made love to her girlfriend. The whole time I was dressed in slutty women's clothes.

We both realized that night how satisfying and enjoyable it was to have Susan and another man dominate me. We both got off on my being a sissy slut while Susan watched. We have had so many nights of lust and passion in our marriage since that night. After much discussion and more fantasy sharing, we agreed to continue with our experimentation.

I admitted to my wife that I really enjoyed being in female attire and sucking cock. I told her that I really loved feeling a cock spurt it's load into my mouth and all over my face. She said she had been fantasizing about going further.

When I asked her what that meant, she said, "I want to see you get gangbanged, eating many loads of cum and watch as you get a hard cock in the ass and mouth at the same time!"

She realized that I loved the idea because I instantly became hard. My wife envisoned me not only being a cross dressing bisexual, but a gangbanged gay slut. I was so turned on by the idea.

Unknown to me, Susan began setting up my gangbang. Meanwhile, I began wearing women's panties daily under my regular clothes. Susan was buying me silky thongs, lacy bikinis, tie at the hips, and all types of very feminine panties. I struggled throughout the day not to get hard in the sexy panties. Susan also continued to force her strap on cock down my throat and deep into my ass.

Two weeks after sucking Tom's cock in the limo and in our bedroom, I came home from work to find Tom and Kathy at our home. Susan told me that they were having dinner with us. After a nice meal of steaks, a few glasses of wine, Susan announced that we were all going to the family room for "dessert". As we sat around, my wife told me, "Honey, why don't you strip down and show our friends your pretty panties."

As I undressed, Kathy and Tom giggled when they saw the red satin panties. "O.K., Missy, (my wife calls me that when she treats me like a slut) why don't kneel in front of Tom and eat your dessert!"

So I kneeled down in front of Tom and began sucking his cock again as he fed it to me. My wife and Kathy watched as my own cock was rock hard and stretching out the front of my panties; while I sucked cock. Tom moaned and held the back of my head while I licked and sucked. After 10 minutes of sucking, moaning and slurping, Tom spurted his load into my mouth. My wife and Tom's wife watched in lust as I ate his creamy, warm after-dinner treat.

That night, Kathy and Susan made love while Tom and I watched and I was allowed to stroke my cock as I sucked Tom off again. After I swallowed Tom's cum load again, they all watched me lick my own cum from the panties.

That weekend, Susan had me dress in fishnet stockings, matching garters, black satin thong panties, and a black lacy camisole. I wore all of this under my khakis and oxford shirt. We went out for a nice, romantic, dinner. We kissed lovingly, held hands and had a wonderful romantic night out. To the average person, we appeared to be a normal married couple out for the evening.

What the casual observer didn't know was that I was wearing sexy women's lingerie, and my wife had a big strap on cock pushed down under dress. After leaving the restaurant, with my wife driving, she held my head down as I sucked her strap on cock.. As cars passed us, it appeared that a beautiful woman was driving alone – what they didn't see was the man lying across the seat with his head bobbing up and down on the large latex cock jutting from her lap. Susan drove us to a seedy motel.

When we arrived, I became nervous, wondering what she had in mind. She pulled up to door number 16. As I sat next to her, she smiled, and said, "Let's finish this in the room."

She handed me a key to the room. We walked to the door. I could hear voices and music in the room. Susan began kissing me passionately outside door number 16. She started stroking my cock through the panties and khakis. I moaned into her mouth. She knocked quietly on the door as we kissed.

Within seconds, the door opens and I look into room. There are two double beds, and four large men standing around the room. Two large black men and two large white men were staring back at us. It looked like part of a college athletic team. I stood there with my mouth open and looking at each of the men. Susan smiled and entered the room saying "Hi guys!"

She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the room, reached behind and closed the door. I heard her lock the door. "What's going on, honey?" I ask. "Tonight is homo night – I found these guys to gang-fuck you while I watch and I just might allow one of these studs to fuck me too." She responds.

"Now, get undressed, Missy, and show these studs, your pretty undies!" she directs.

I strip down to the stockings, garter, panties and camisole. When I've finished undressing, one of the guys says, "Damn, you really are some kind of a sissy!"

Then Susan says, "O.K., honey that is Maurice and Tony, Greg, and Rob. Guys, this is my husband, Michael, but you should call him 'Missy' while he is your slut tonight."

After the introductions, my wife continues with, "O.K., baby, go over between the beds and kneel down." I do.

"Now, Maurice, why don't you show Missy the package you have for him!"

One of the large black men approaches as I kneel. He begins rubbing his crotch as he approaches. Then he stands in front of me and moves his large hand to the top of my head. As he does, he pulls my face into his groin. I feel a very large bulge in the jeans against my cheek. Then he steps back and unzips his pants, and pulls his jeans and underwear down in one motion.

Immediately I am staring at a huge, black semi hard cock. I instinctively lick my lips and look over at my wife. She grins at me and says, "What do you think of the beautiful cock I found for you to suck? Go on, honey, suck it for me – suck that big black dick for me!"

I reach out for it and before I can touch it, Maurice grips the base, still holding my head and begins slapping his massive meat against my face. His massive, semi-erect cock is smacking against my lips, cheeks and all over my face. As he spanks my face with his black cock, it starts to get stiffer and stiffer.

Maurice stops slapping my face with his 10 inch cock and while gripping the base, pushes his pre-cum slick cockhead against my lips. "Open up bitch and suck my rod!" he demands. I open wide as he pushes his massive manhood into my hot mouth.

He holds my head and pushes about half of his tool in. I begin sucking and licking my first black cock. "MMMMMMMMMMM...damn that's good!" he moans. I look out of the corner of my eye to see my wife smiling lewdly as she watches her husband suck black cock..

As Susan watches, she pulls the strap on off from under her dress. The other 3 guys are getting turned on watching me kneel in my panties and stockings sucking Maurice's stiff cock. Tony the other black guy, comes to my wife and begins kissing her and squeezing her huge tits. I hear her moan as the muscular Tony manhandles her.

I am hungrily sucking black cock and occasionally stealing glances at my wife with another guy. Susan works Tony's belt and pulls out his huge cock. She begins stroking Tony's cock as he sucks her nipples. "MMMMMM...YES, suck my tits! OH! That's so good!" she moans.

The two white guys, Rob and Greg begin to undress.

"Go over and put your cock into that faggot cocksucker's mouth!" Susan tells Tony.

Maurice is still holding my head as I suck his cock. The next thing I know, I am kneeling between two black men as one feds me his massive cock, the other (Tony) begins rubbing his cockhead against my cheek. "Do it, Missy, be a sissy cocksucker to both of these studs – be a slut...suck two black cocks while your wife watches!" Susan demands.

I then pull Maurice from my mouth and begin sucking Tony's cock. I alternate between the two large, black cocks that fight for the attention of my sucking mouth.

For another 10 minutes, my wife watches her sissy husband being totally depraved, sucking two cocks.

Susan strips out of her clothes and is soon naked. Her feminine beauty cannot be ignored. The white guys, both sporting huge erections, sandwich my wife. I glance over and watch my wife sit on Greg's cock as he sits in one of the chairs. As my wife bounces up and down on his cock, Rob is sucking her hard nipples.

The room is filled with sounds of raunchy sex. Moaning, wet slurping, sucking, and slapping flesh fill the room. I am being mouth fucked by Maurice when I notice his cock begins jerking in my mouth.

Then the massive black cock in my sucking mouth pulses and a large thick, hot spurt of cum shoots down my throat, gagging me. Maurice is pouring his sperm load into my throat and mouth. His cum begins oozing out of my sucking mouth. I am swallowing rapidly as I drink a black stud's cum.

"Fuck yea!" Maurice groans filling my mouth.

"That's it, fill the cocksucker's mouth! He loves it – make the slut eat it! Cum on his face, Maurice – show that little bitch who's the man!" my wife cries out as she rides Greg' big cock.

Maurice fills my mouth with his load, then pulls his cock out of my lips and pumps another couple spurts across my face. Then he slides his still hard cock across my lips, smearing his gooey cum all over my face. I open wide and begin sucking his cock clean.

As soon as I've sucked his cock clean, he pulls his cockhead out of my mouth with a "pop". Tony then pushes his black cock back into my mouth, Maurice's cum is still dripping off my lips, cheeks, and chin. My own cock is throbbing in my panties.

Rob is now the only guy not getting some sex. He sits on the bed next to me, but before I can do anything about it, Tony pulls his cock from my mouth. "It's time this sissy bitch gets fucked!"

Tony kneels behind me and pushes me to all fours. I am now between Rob's open legs, his still hard cock inches from my cum dripping face. Maurice is sitting on the other bed resting – watching. Greg is still fucking my wife.

Tony slaps my pantied ass – hard, I jump. "Shake that ass, faggot! Show me you want my cock in your ass!" Tony demands.

I seductively wiggle my ass back and forth trying to turn on Tony. Rob gently holds my chin and brings my face up to his cock. I realize I am about to get fucked on both ends – Susan wanted this - and she was about to watch her homo husband get a stiff cock in both ends – mouth and ass!

"Oh, please, Tony, bury it! Fuck his sissy ass – make him your little bitch!" my wife moans. Tony pulls my panties off my ass, and slaps my ass again – leaving a bright red handprint on my right ass cheek. Rob pushes his erect cock into my mouth and moans as I begin sucking his cock. I feel his hand on the back of my head.

I feel Tony squirt a huge, cold spurt of KY into my asshole. Then I feel his hot, hard manhood slide up and down my ass. Then it happens. With little sympathy, Tony impales my ass on his pole.

I feel his hands on my hips as he forces more and more of his thick cock into my ass. I am groaning, but little sound is coming out because Rob's cock is completely filling my mouth.

Tony begins savagely fucking my ass as Rob holds my head on his cock. I am being ravaged by two cocks and I have no control. I am total slut sucking and getting fucked.

Rob and Tony work a rhythm getting off on my warm, wet holes. Another fifteen minutes of getting double fucked and both men empty their balls into me. I swallow and gulp another man's load as I feel Tony's cock pulse and spurt deep into my bowels.

After resting, I suck Greg's load from Susan's pussy. Then Maurice fucks her from behind while I lie underneath and lick their union.

I lick Maurice's large shaft and Susan's clit – Maurice pulls out and cums directly into my mouth.

Rob tit fucks Susan and I lick her cum covered nipples clean. The evening ends when my wife gives me permission to cum and I shoot my load into one of the hotel glasses and all the guys watch and call me names as I then drink my own fresh cum from the glass.

I can't get enough of cocksucking, cum eating, ass fucking and doing it all while dressed as a sissy in front of my loving wife.

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