Happy Mother's Day

byL.A. Wicker©

He just looked down her, enjoying her beautiful face and that he was in her. He felt her legs release him and her words were like magic to his ears. 'Oh hell yes!' he smiled and started loving his Mom. His hard cock slid in and out of her like a fine-tuned machine. 'Oh Mom!' he moaned as her tight muscles kept squeezing him, giving him the most wonderful feelings he'd ever known. 'I love you! I love you!' he kept moaning with each gently thrust in her glorious body, the place he came from and he couldn't have been more happy.

'Yes! Love me!' Julie moaned as her trim hips moved in time with him, just as if they'd been doing this for years. His slender cock felt so good as it eased in and out of her tiny pussy. He wasn't too big and he wasn't small, it was the best thing she'd ever had in her body and she wanted him forever. 'Make your Mom cum, please,' she whimpered as his pace quickened.

Jim moved faster, wanting to please the sexy woman under him. 'Go Mom! I want this to be the best night of your life.' He said pumping her faster, hoping it would be soon. He felt his balls tightening and knew it was going to be very much longer until he'd be filling her with cum. 'Cum on me! Cum on your sons' cock!' he ordered and rammed in her, lifting her hips and ass from the bed. 'Cum for me!' he said in the same voice, ramming in her harder, enjoying her moaning and her pushing to him, wanting it hard.

'Oh Jim! Oh shit!' Julie yelled out as her tiny pussy felt as if a thousand volts of electric shot into it. 'Oh my Jimmy! My baby! My baby boy!' she screamed, enjoying her pussy cuming around a man. A spectacular man that would always love her, her son, Jim. 'Go baby! Go! Go!' she kept on screaming as Jim used her pussy hard and so fast and she didn't care. He could do anything he wanted, he was her baby boy.

'Come on Mom!' he smiled watching her face fill with pleasure. 'Go you sexy thing! Cum on me!' he said moving his hips, thrusting his hardness in her, enjoying her tight insides spasming around his hard shaft. 'Oh Mom...I'm cuming! I'm cuming...in...my...sexy,' he grunted and his cock blew. Shooting cum so deep in her it wouldn't come out for days. 'Mom!' he yelled louder, releasing years of love in her and at last, all his dreams of making love to her were complete.


The next morning Julie woke and walked down to the kitchen to make coffee. 'When did you get in?' she asked her husband, hoping she'd gotten home before he had. It would be a little tough trying to explain that she was on a date with their son and got her brains screwed out by him.

'Just an hour ago,' he replied and didn't even bother looking at her; he just kept reading his newspaper.

'I just wanted to say thank you for making Mother's Day so wonderful for me,' she said in a cold voice, wishing that he'd just leave her so she could get on with her life.

'You're not my mother, why do you always say this shit? Jim is your son; jump his ass for not doing anything for you,' he said in a hateful voice as he looked up to her and he noticed something deferent about her. She seemed to have a warm glow around her face.

Julie just smiled as she leaned against one of the kitchen counters smoking a cigarette and sipping her coffee. 'He did and we had the most amazing night,' she purred, hoping he wouldn't see just how happy she was.

He just looked at her and knew something wasn't right. Why did she look so happy and content? 'Why do you look like that?'

'Look like what?'

'If you must know, you look like you got your brains fucked out.'

'Maybe I did!' Julie smiled blowing smoke from her mouth, knowing this was driving him crazy.

'So, who'd you really go out with?' he asked.

'I told you. I went out with Jim and we had a great time,' she smiled taking another puff and blew the smoke towards him.

'Well, you shouldn't be so happy because he took you out. I'm not kidding; you look like you got fucked half to death.'

Julie couldn't help but smiling more, thinking of Jim and how wonderful his stiff cock felt inside her. 'Only if you knew,' she thought drinking her coffee. 'I just had a great time and I'm sorry if I don't look right,' she said remembering how good it felt cuming around his cock and hoped that it would happen again today. After last night, Julie knew she couldn't go on living like this. She needed a man, even if the man she needed was her son.

He just watched her, wondering if she was fucking someone. He knew he hadn't loved her in a long time, but he just couldn't stand the thought of another man fucking her. 'Just make sure he's the 'only' man you go out with,' he said lying down the newspaper. 'I'm going to be gone tonight. I have that big meeting over in Dallas tomorrow, so I'm leaving tonight.' He said and went to dress.

She just smiled and didn't care. Julie knew that she wouldn't be lonely tonight. She reached for the phone and dialed. 'Hey baby,' she whispered in the phone, feeling a warm fire building between her legs. 'He's going to be gone all night,' she said with a big smile, thinking of his nice, stiff cock back in her body. 'Do ya want to cum over and keep me company?' Julie said in a low and very seductive voice, thinking of him over her, giving her a good, hard fuck and filling her pussy full of his warm cum again. 'Great!' she moaned, imagining him in her mouth, sucking him off. 'I'll see you soon,' she purred, hung up the phone and couldn't help giving her excited pussy a tiny rub. 'He'll be here to love you very soon,' she smiled, hoping her husband hurried up and left. She needed Jim in the worst way and planned on fucking him the rest of the day and long into the night.


Julie was sitting on the sofa when he came in the house. She looked at him and smiled. She loved the way he was admiring her naked body and knew he had to be getting hard. She stood up, leaned to kiss him. 'I missed you,' she moaned reaching to squeeze his cock. 'Is all that for Mommy?' Julie asked in a low voice as she carefully stroked him.

'You know it's all for you,' he said reaching around to hold her ass. 'I can't wait to fuck you again!' Jim said with need, thinking of being back inside his sexy Mom.

'You can fuck Mommy all you want,' she whispered, stroking him as she rubbed him on her excited pussy and couldn't wait to get it back inside. 'Let's do it in your old room. I think that would be so hot. Maybe we can pretend I'm tucking you on bed or something,' she smiled as they walked towards Jim's bedroom.

'I always had this dream of you doing something when you woke me up for school.' Jim said with a big smile, watching Mom's face turn a nice shade of pink.

'I wonder what that would be?' she laughed remembering all the times she'd go to wake him and find his cock straight up in the air and how it always turned her on seeing him. 'I think we could do that,' she whispered. 'Lay down and I'll be back in a second.' Julie said giving him a tiny squeeze before she let him go and went to the bathroom.

Jim laid in the middle of the bed with his eyes closed, thinking of the lovely mouth that was going to be around his cock and he grew so hard. He thought of all the times he pretended to be asleep, hoping she'd play with him or even get the never to suck him awake, but to his disappointment she never did, until now.

Julie finished and made her way back to his room. She stopped in the doorway and felt her heart skip a beat as she remembered all the times she'd seen him this very way. 'You're beautiful,' she whispered making her way to sit on the side of his bed. 'Baby, it's time to get up,' she said in a soft voice, caressing his face, just like she did so many times. 'Come on or you'll be late for school,' she added, seeing his hard cock moving under the sheet. 'Oh my, look at you!' she moaned, running her hand over his thigh and to his wonderful, hard cock. 'My baby is a 'real' big boy now!' Julie whispered as her hand wrapped gently around him and she couldn't help but moaning.

Jim continued lying there, feeling her hand holding his cock and he could feel her warm breath blowing on it. He fought to hold still, wanting this little game to be as genuine as possible. 'Suck it Mom!' he thought, wishing that she was waking him for real.

She knew her baby had to be going crazy, wanting to be in her mouth. Julie started placing small, passionate kisses around his swollen head, as she watched his handsome face straining with lust. 'I love your big, hard cock!' she panted and couldn't hold out any longer, she needed it in her just as badly as he did. Her mouth opened, she took a deep breath and sucked him in. 'Oh my God!' she cried as her beautiful son filled her. She sucked slowly, but the burning in her pussy and the need to fuck him took over. Julie started sucking him as hard as she could.

'Mother fucker!' Jim yelled out, looking down to watch his sexy Mom eating his cock. 'That's it! suck it Mom, suck it hard!' he yelled again as he reached to hold her head, moving it up and down, driving it to her throat and lifting her back up. 'You fucking wonderful bitch!' he moaned as she sucked so hard it hurt, but there was no way in hell that he would ever think of stopping her now.

Julie sucked hard as Jim used her mouth and she didn't care. She was there for him and he could do anything he wanted. 'Fuck Mommy's mouth!' she thought as he kept fucking her nice and fast. 'That's Mommy's big boy!' she thought again, wondering if he wanted to cum in her mouth or up her burning pussy. Either one, would be good. Whatever her baby wanted, she was there for him.

'I need to fuck you!' Jim said with love and need for the sexy woman sucking his cock. 'Climb up and fuck me, Mom!' he begged and she quickly did as asked. 'My sexy Mom!' he moaned as she sat down on him and his stiff cock slid deep into her loving body.

She heard as cry of need and didn't hesitate for a second. She was over him and guiding his shaft up her pussy without thinking. 'Mommy's big boy!' Julie cried out as he sank deep in her. Back to the place he'd came from. 'My baby! Mommy's sweet baby boy!' she cried as he filled her with cock and she defiantly knew she could never live without him now.

He stood looking at his wife and son and couldn't believe what he was seeing. 'My God! How can you fuck your own son!' he yelled as they both turned to smile.

'It's easy with someone as beautiful as this.' Jim replied caressing Julie face. 'If you'd loved her the way any man in his right mind should have, this wouldn't have happened,' he added pushing his cock deep in her.

'I think it he's right.' Julie purred looking to her husband. 'But, I've wanted to do this for a long time. He's so handsome and,' she looked at the man she once loved. 'He can keep it hard for hours and he doesn't need a bunch of horny, little sluts to get it up!' Julie giggled, watching her husbands face turning red. 'He's moving in my room this weekend,' she said moving her hips in small circles, enjoying her son up her pussy. 'I have pictures of you fucking fifteen girls',' she moaned feeling her pussy was about to blow. 'You're giving me half of everything or I'll...' she whimpered as the fire deep in her pussy was ready to be put out. 'I'll clean you out!' Julie moaned as her hips moved faster. She needed to cum with her son and didn't care who was watching.

'Come on baby! Cum on your sons' cock!' Jim said with a big smile, watching shock and dismay on his fathers face. 'To fucking bad you didn't take the time to please her,' he moaned as Mom slid up and down his cock with burning need and love. 'I've never had anyone like her before!' he cried, releasing his hot seeds deep in her belly, deep in his mothers' pussy.

'My baby!' she squealed feeling his cum filling her pussy. 'Cum in Mommy! Make me feel good,' she moaned falling on him, but her slender hips kept moving all around. 'My baby! Oh my baby boy,' she whimpered when her pussy clamped around him and she came hard. 'Baby! Baby!' she cried as wonderful feelings tore through her body. She turned, seeing her husband still just standing there watching them. 'Would you get the fuck out of here and leave us alone!' Julie said with a laugh and felt better than she had in her life. She was at last done with him and hoped Jim wanted her.

'Please do. I plan on loving this hot lady to death and then I'm going to enjoy living with her,' he laughed watching his stupid, looking Dad turn and stomp away.

'Are you really moving in with me?' Julie asked as tears of joy ran down her pretty face.

'Hell yes!' he replied giving her a playful slap on her bare ass, turned over and started loving her again.

Well, I hope everyone likes this. I'm sure they'll be those of you wanting more, but sorry. You have to use your imagination. Thanks for reading it.

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A good read, but...

I've awarded four stars for what should have been a five-star story. The two things that held me back were: 1. The sloppy writing -- some proof reading and spell checking wouldn't have gone astray; andmore...

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