tagIncest/TabooHappy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day



Ryan and his brother Luke stood naked in front of Ray with their hard cocks throbbing in their hands as they waited for their father to finish undressing.

"Gee, dad," said Ryan, "those shorts show that tight ass of yours off real nice."

"Yeah," added Luke, "and what's inside them, too," he continued as he eyed up the growing bulge in Ray's shorts.

"Thank you, boys," their father replied, looking over his shoulder and grinning impishly at his two horny handsome sons to show how pleased he was, "its nice to know I'm appreciated, just as much as I appreciate both of you."

Ray had turned forty-six a few weeks earlier but, thanks to constant work-outs at the gym and long runs through the woods, his body was still as supple and athletic as those of his sons while his eight inch cock was still in full working order which, happily, showed no signs of abating. And his ass was still as firm and muscular as a young man's, too.

"You always knew we'd be big boys one day, too, didn't you, dad?" grinned Ryan who was twenty-one years old, two years older than Luke.

"Sure fucking did, son," replied Ray, beaming with paternal pride as he feasted his eyes on his sons who, as usual, were sporting their impressive hard-ons, "I'm pleased to see you're both chips off the old block, so to speak. And your asses are out of this world. Turn round, boys, and let your dad have a closer inspection."

The brothers turned their backs on their father obediently to show him their tight naked butts, smiling as they did so. Ryan and Luke's asses were succulently round from all the workouts they gave their bodies at the gym, which like Ray they also visited regularly, while Luke was a keen footballer in his college champion team.

"Like what you see, dad?" asked Ryan, glancing over his shoulder and grinning as Luke did the same as they enjoyed showing off their bare bottoms to their father.

"Very nice," said Ray as his eyes surveyed the firm young fleshy mounds of his sons' smooth hairless buttocks, complemented by their long narrow ass cracks, "you both have perfect sexy asses, firm and round as male bums should be. Your mother and I knew from the start that you would grow up to be a couple of really fine sons and its great you've both inherited our love of sex."

"With a mum and dad like you, we could hardly do otherwise," said Ryan, grinning from ear to ear as he stroked his cock which, like most men's, had a mind of its own.

"Shouldn't we wait for mom to get home before we start, dad?" asked Luke as he and Ryan turned back to face their father, holding their cocks aloft in their hands and noticing that the bulge in Ray's shorts had grown appreciably bigger, "after all, it is Mother's Day."

"She won't mind," said Ray, "though it's a pity she had to work, to-day of all days."

Carol was a nurse at the local infirmary and worked all the hours sent but was never too knackered for sex and her husband and sons all knew that she would be only too keen to join them when she got home from her latest shift.

"Yeah, Luke," said Ryan, "you know how horny mom always is and she won't mind if we start without her. In fact, she'd probably be disappointed if we didn't."

"That's right," said Ray, whose fat cock was now straining his shorts as if about to burst through, "she'll really love coming home to a house full of sex, she's a right fucking slut as we all are. And you can bet your bottom dollar, or even just your bottom" -- here Ray paused and grinned -- "your mum'll have her clothes off before you can blink. Now, which one of you wants to be first for a nice hot fatherly blowjob?"

With that, Ray dropped his shorts so that his stiff pole sprang out like a Jack-in-the-Box. He stepped out of his shorts, kicking them across the floor and turned to join his sons in full frontal nude pose, the three of them proudly sporting their long pulsating hard-ons and three pairs of sweaty cum-filled balls. Ryan and Luke moved to stand either side of their father who crouched down with his sons' cocks stretched across his face, their knobheads touching. "Let Ryan go first, dad," said Luke, "after all, I can have a blowjob any time whereas Ryan only visits now and then."

Ryan had left home six months after Luke's eighteenth birthday to pursue his career as a trainee accountant in the city and now shared a flat with three girls from the same firm with all of whom he enjoyed a platonic relationship. That didn't bother him in the least when his sexy mother was the one woman in his life he cared about and even though the demands of the job were intrusive, he still managed to return home as often as he could to enjoy with his parents and brother some really hot forbidden sex.

Luke, on the other hand, was still at college and therefore continued to live at home. He had only been eligible to participate since just over a year ago but was now a fully-fledged member of The Sheldrake Family Sex Club and even when Ryan was not able to be there, Luke and his mom and dad did many threesomes.

Ryan was aware that the family orgies went on without him which was why Luke, who loved his brother dearly just as much as he loved his parents, was determined, now that Ryan was here, to let him be first for one of their father's stupendous hardcore suckings.

"Thanks, Luke," said Ryan, "it sure is great to be home again."

"Its great to have you home again too, son," said Ray as he cupped his eldest son's balls in his right hand while lifting his prick up off them and holding it in his left. "Your mother will be pleased to see you and your cock again, too. And what a mighty fine cock it is."

"Luke's got a mighty fine cock as well, dad," said Ryan who didn't like to think his adored brother was being left out of the equation.

"He sure has," said Ray, as Luke smiled his thanks, "but, like he said, we don't see you so often so you get first bite of the cherry."

Hot glossy pre-cum was seeping through Ryan's piss slit and Ray stuck out his pink paternal tongue, wet with saliva, and licked the head of Ryan's cock as though it were a lollipop. Ray savoured the salty taste for a moment or two, then he quickly allowed Ryan to slide the stiff fuck pole over his paternal tongue until the head came to rest at the back of Ray's throat.

"Oh yeah, dad," said Ryan, his eyes rolling in his head as his father started sucking as if his life depended on it, "that's fucking brilliant. You really know how to suck cock." Ray was on cloud nine, he always enjoyed blow-jobbing his sons and to consensually suck and taste the thick cocks that he himself had helped to create with his now forty-four years old wife. Luke resumed masturbating - he had hardly stopped since removing his clothes -- as he watched fascinated while his father and brother enjoyed some hot taboo gay sex ...


Ryan was in a world of his own as Ray worked his mouth on his eldest son's aroused prick. After five minutes or so of continued cock sucking, Ryan pulled back and held his balls out in the palm of his hand.

"Go down on these, dad," Ryan said, "get both of them in your mouth at once."

"No problem, son," replied Ray who had taken all of Ryan's scrotum -and Luke's - in his mouth several times since the family orgies began, usually with his wife egging him on. Ray loved licking balls just as much as he did sucking cock and Ryan gasped again as his father's hot wet tongue slurped around his tight sweaty nutsacs, both balls bubbling with cum. Although Ryan knew he was building up to a spectacular orgasm, he didn't want to blow his load just yet, after all, the fun of another family party was just beginning and he wanted his mother to be there when the time did arrive for him to shoot his spunk.

Luke was beside himself with excitement as he carried on masturbating while audiencing on the intense scene and let out a few minor groans. "Don't cum yet, Luke," Ryan said, "you don't want mom to miss our cumshots."

"That's right, Luke," said Ray, looking up from licking Ryan's balls, "save it until your mom gets home. I love watching you both erupting over her. I just know your mom will really enjoy your Mother's Day presents."

"Bet there's not many sons give their moms their pricks for presents on Mother's Day, eh dad?" laughed Ryan.

"Nor their assholes," murmured Luke as memories of the rimming Carol had given him the day before while Ray was playing golf and Ryan had yet to arrive flooded back. The prospect of another of his mother's fabulous tongue-lashings of his tight sweaty anus when she got home today was simply exhilarating.

"Incest is probably more widespread than we imagine," said Ray, giving Ryan's comment serious thought, "its just that its not spoken about so much. I'm sure we're not the only ones who enjoy keeping it in the family."

Ray went back to slurping his tongue around Ryan's nuts while Luke slowed down the pace of his wanking. After another five minutes or so of non-stop licking, Ray removed his mouth from his eldest son's sweaty cum sacs and smiled up at him. "I think its Luke's turn for a blowjob now," he said.

"Of course, dad," replied Ryan, moving away and signifying with his eyes for his brother to take his place.

"That's what's so nice about you boys," Ray said as Luke moved into position, "you don't hog everything to yourselves."

"Gee, dad," said Ryan as he once again started to fondle his prick in his hands, "what kind of brothers would we be if we didn't allow each other equal rights?"

"Quite," said Ray who was about to say something else but his words were cut off by Luke replacing Ryan in his mouth. Ray gagged as the equally elongated prick of his youngest son hit the back of his throat. Luke had slipped it in so quickly that his father had not had a chance to lick the head of its pre-cum but he could taste it now, seeping from Luke's knobhead into his mouth as the young man pumped his cock in his father's face hole while enjoying his long awaited turn for a paternal blowjob.

"That's it, dad," said Ryan, who was masturbating furiously but not so furiously as to cum, "suck Luke hard like you sucked me. Take all of his prick in your hot wet mouth."

Luke grunted with pleasure as inch after inch of his big teenage prick became swallowed up deep inside his father's experienced mouth. Ryan was sighing as he watched while Ray went to Luke's balls and then back to his cock, making little gagging sounds which rose to a crescendo, along with Luke and Ryan's moans. The room resounded to the grunts and groans of hot incestuous gay sex, so much so that none of them heard the front door opening downstairs ...


Carol was feeling tired after her latest shift at the infirmary but not too tired to forego some fun with her family when she got home and was really looking forward to slutting out with them. For one thing it was Mother's Day and, for another, Ryan her eldest son would be there, making the journey from his home in the city especially to celebrate, so it would be a real family sex party this evening embracing everybody whom Carol held dear to her.

Not that she loved Ryan any more than Luke, they were both loved in equal measure but now that Ryan had moved home, she didn't see him so often so that, when she did, the love and desire she felt for him almost overwhelmed her. All day, while trying to concentrate on her patients, the thoughts of the evening's activities had been uppermost in her mind and now, as she let herself in, she smiled as she heard the sounds of sex coming from her and Ray's bedroom.

Carol went into the lounge and dropped her bag and then went into the kitchen to put the groceries she had bought at the store on the way home in the fridge and cupboard. She giggled to herself at the memory of the brief conversation she had had with Mrs. Chalmers, the store owner who had served her and who was a very nice lady which was why Carol didn't mind stopping for a little chat with her every now and then, just to pass the time of day.

"Hello, Mrs. Sheldrake," Mrs. Chalmers had said, "are you having a nice Mother's Day?"

"Not yet," Carol had replied, "I've had to work but I'm sure I shall have a nice time this evening." You can bet your sweet life I will, Carol had mused to herself. "My eldest son is visiting," Carol had resumed, "and I'm sure he and his brother will have a little treat for me."

There had been a mischievous glint in Carol's eyes as she said this since she knew it would be more of a big treat than a little one as images of her horny adult sons in the nude with their big pricks, balls and bottoms all fully and willingly exposed for her pleasure appeared in her mind's eye.

"My sons are taking me to a show and then to dinner," Mrs. Chalmers had continued, "will you being doing anything special?"

"Oh, I'm sure we shall," Carol had replied as she paid for her purchases and swept out, smiling in the knowledge that Mrs. Chalmers would be shocked if she realised just how special her sons' Mother's Day treat would be for her, that in less than an hour after their conversation she would be on her knees sucking her sons' big pricks before taking them one after the other up her cunt.

Carol never stopped thanking her lucky stars that she and Ray had raised two loving sons who were as passionately interested in sex as their parents were. Ryan and Luke were always horny and always up for it and, just like Carol, really got off having sex while being watched and even when they were not, like yesterday before Ryan arrived and Ray had gone off to play golf.

Left alone in the house with her youngest son, and with the absent Ray's blessing, Luke had made love to his mother, long, hard and sensuous, fucking her with a cast-iron confidence that Carol had found truly amazing. But, best of all, she loved being fucked by her sons while her husband was in the frame and the boys, too, got an added thrill knowing their father was present and Carol felt a frisson of excitement run through her as she packed away the groceries, knowing that another full family orgy was only minutes away.

Now, safely ensconced in the kitchen and with the groceries piled away, Carol held a cup under the tap and partook of a long cool drink of water to quench the thirst that had been building up all the way home. She would have liked a cup of coffee but making it would have delayed getting to where the action was and, after a long day's work, she really needed plenty of sex to help her relax and unwind from the rigours of the day.

Carol had another cup of water after the first, then she rinsed the cup and put it on the draining board to dry. More audible grunting and groaning was passing through the ceiling above her head and she decided to creep up the stairs quietly to surprise her men folk with her presence ...


When she got to the landing, the door to the main bedroom was slightly ajar and from where she stood, Carol could see inside and her eyes widened with joy at the sight which greeted her. There was her tall handsome husband and her equally handsome sons, all stark bollock naked, with Ray on his knees in front of their youngest son, Luke, whose big prick was well and truly embedded in his father's mouth as Ray sucked him off, while Ryan stood wanking and watching. His right hand flew up and down the greasy shaft of his pole quicker, or so it seemed, than the speed of lightning.

Ryan had his back to the door so that Carol had a perfect unobstructed view of his attractive bare ass. The sight of her eldest son's smooth shapely buttocks really turned her on and she licked her lips as she gazed unflinchingly at the firm young cheeks and the long narrow cleft of his divine ass crack, not to mention an exceptionally fine pair of slim athletic legs.

Carol had always had a fetish for the male ass, like Ray she appreciated the ass's finer visual qualities, in fact it was Ray's decidedly muscular posterior which was one of the reasons she had first been attracted to him and both their sons had taken after him, not only in the cock department but in the ass stakes as well. All three men had incredibly sexy asses and as Carol continued to gaze at Ryan's, she felt herself getting wet. The scene was so intense that, instinctively, Carol's hand strayed up her skirt and she began to finger her fanny through her now quite damp knickers.

As she did so, Carol found herself pondering, not for the first time, how wise she and Ray had been to bring their sons up in the nudist way of life and to feel no shame about their bodies so that once they were old enough to become consenting adults, their graduation into incestuous sex was simply a natural progression of the family's unconventional lifestyle. She often thought back to the first time Ryan had joined in with her and Ray and they had made a man of their first son in one fail swoop, a process repeated on Luke when he was old enough to join the family sex club two years later.

The boys had both been only too keen to join their parents for sex, there had never been any coercing them into the illicit relationship they now enjoyed. If anything, it had been their sons that had pressed their attentions on their mother and father, pressed being the operative word, although both Ray and Carol had strict rules about incest and had not allowed them to participate until they were both officially consenting adults -- which they both now obviously were -- and which is why Luke had to sit on the sidelines for two years while Ray, Carol and Ryan enjoyed many threesomes.

Now, a year on, Luke was most definitely a valued member of the family sex club and they were all enthusiastic sexualists with each incestuous orgy better than the last. Carol always got a big thrill just seeing her sons in the nude - and her husband too, of course - and not just their naughty bits but everything about their naked flesh: their broad shoulders, tight chests, muscular arms and legs and, naturally, their handsome smiling faces. She and Ray were inordinately proud of Ryan and Luke, whom Carol still thought of as her boys, even though they were both now very obviously adults, and she never ceased to revel in the joyous knowledge that it was she who had given birth to two such fine-looking men.

Carol enjoyed her family seeing her naked too, the seeing and being seen uninhibitedly nude was, to Carol, just as important and exciting as the sex. The family loved being completely nude together and had no inhibitions whatsoever while Carol adored being the only naked female among three naked horny men, enjoying the sensation that it was her tits and cunt they wanted with no competition to worry about. Things just would not be the same with another female present.

Now, at this moment, however, and after two or three minutes ogling her first born's bum, Carol could control herself no longer. She pushed the door fully open and strolled in ...


"Well," Carol said, faking a stern voice though her eyes were dancing with merriment, "I can't leave you three alone for five minutes, can I?"

Ryan, startled by Carol's voice, spun his head quickly over his right shoulder, his eyes lighting up and his face breaking into a radiant smile as he beheld his mother standing in the doorway with her hand up her skirt, his excitement increasing as realisation dawned on him that she had been ogling his ass.

"Hi mom, happy Mother's Day," he said, turning to show Carol his aroused prick which throbbed even harder in his hand.

"Thank you, sweetheart," replied Carol, "you all look fucking fabulous in the nude."

Luke had his hands on his hips as Ray continued administering the blowjob but he turned his head too as Carol entered the room and smiled at his mother who had already started to take her clothes off. None of the men felt an iota of embarrassment at being caught in the act and were comfortable in their shared full frontal family nudity.

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